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  • Looking for Amarrian Orgy in EVE Communication Center

    More evidence needed. Please send holoreels.

  • Looking for Amarrian Orgy in EVE Communication Center

    Claudia Osyn wrote:
    Callie University Nymphology Team
    My property got bombarded from orbit in a "mining incident" and Amarr officials keep insisting it didn't even exist in the first place. Sounds like Callie University is the next stop for me and my corpse container.

  • Rogue Swarm Accelerators INCREASED training time in EVE Communication Center

    Confirmed. It shows no change to my 100 day queue but actually sheds off several hours of training daily.

  • Goodbye forums in EVE Communication Center

    I understand you, sucks to get kicked out of the forums and having to play the actual game Sad

  • 2017/06/17 - PLEX VAULT & PURCHASING ISSUES in EVE Communication Center

    CCP Falcon wrote:
    issue affecting the PLEX vault
    The vault itself is the issue (insert Inception trailer music).
    AAaaanyway, gl with hunting the bug.

  • Rogue Swarm - Kill Thieves in EVE Communication Center

    Sensor boosted, alpha strike, hyperspatial rigged ships have close to 0 combat ability and you both gonna be 2 km from the can, trying to loot it. Well into scram and web range, too close for an arty ship to be.

  • Maybe and the worst event i ever see in online game in EVE Communication Center

    Sophia Aiderone wrote:
    Therefor its not an option for a newbro. He would have a better chance of getting struck by lightning 10 times in 1 hour. Lol
    Yyyeees.. But it proves SP, isk and having omega account doesn't matter that much at the subcap level.
    In that regard eve is better than most mmo's (or worse?) , where a 2 day old, lvl 5 account would die from damage reflect from a lvl 100, 6 month old guy that's just standing afk, and no amount of skill, watching tutorials or gear changing would help.

    I see your point tho, and yea, newbros are at a disadvantage. My advice would be to get socialized and do those sites with 2-3 people. Not only you can find beacons faster, the chance of ninja'ing loot and killing thieves also increases dramatically.

  • Maybe and the worst event i ever see in online game in EVE Communication Center

    Sophia Aiderone wrote:
    Every single friend I have brought into EVE has quit because of how ****** up "high sec" is. Tbh they should rename it
    Yes it sucks. They should rename it to "tutorial zone" and reduce the number of HS systems to 20.

    Sophia Aiderone wrote:
    dont listen to ppl telling you "oh a frigate can **** up a faction cruiser"... Yea they can, but as a new player, alpha, and in T1 ships and poor modules you wont be a fight for anything other than anoter newbro. But yeah... GL HF anyway! What?
    Incorrect. Sort of. A new player lacks the skill and knowledge but a 2 day old smurf alpha account flying something it earned doing lvl 1 missions (I don't want to leave any traces to my main, do I... xP) can kill a 8 month old toon in t2 fit faction ship. It might take 50 minutes, but it's doable.

  • Rogue Swarm - Kill Thieves in EVE Communication Center

    You can always ask what you did wrong after getting loot stolen/ losing the engagement after shooting the thief. Most of the time pvp'ers will teach others how to get better (tougher targets- better content).

  • Cheap initial fit for a Stratios in EVE Communication Center

    You can start killing bombers, hacking interceptors and badly fit asteros in t1 exploration frigates as they have a nice drone bay and slot layout. Magnate good armor tank, Heron can fit 2-3 ASB's.
    People will run away from an astero or strat, t1 frig they mostly stay on grid with you and continue hacking :3

  • [deleted] in EVE Communication Center

    Idk how this poll works. 30% of people who voted are interested in space mmo's, and out of those 30, 60% tried eve and didn't like it?
    Is EvE the only spaceship mmo? The questions suggest so... Also was there "I tried eve and played for x years" option?

    This should have been 2 or even 3 separate polls.

    Surprisingly low amount of "oh this is too hard for me" quitters. I was expecting 70%, not 30%. Unless it's the poll itself that's messed up and need to multiply it by log 2 raised to minus pi and subtract a banana to get the actual number.

    The progression system is both bad and good, from real life iskies perspective for the developer very good, from new player perspective good as well. Even if a ship takes 2 or 3 months to train, it takes a newbro months to learn the game. Better to do it losing t1 ships than t2. For old peeps who "know" how to fly something and don't want to wait there is skill injectors.

  • Looking for Amarrian Orgy in EVE Communication Center

    Ameriya wrote:
    So, I've done plenty of things in my life, but the one thing that I've not done is the proper Amarrian Orgy; you know, like the ones in the holos. So, I thought to myself, "Self, why don't you just post? Surely some Amarr holder will see this and slide you an invitation." So, here I am!

    Like I said, looking for a proper one: decadent, luxurious, and elegant.
    Not sure which holos you watched and what you consider decadent but I throw a party every month in Amarr VIII underground palace.
    Attractions include: 1000 crates of liquor and Strong Mindflood boosters, Fedo, hangar full of corpses (male and female, FC's, streamers etc.), 200 janitors, 1000 tourists.
    At the end we sacrifice the tourists to BoB and bathe in their blood.

    It's quite casual and lasts only about 3 days. Tourists and doll fetishists welcome.
    Of course the most extravagant and luxurious orgies you will never hear about, mine is just a little extravagant and might get you in touch with some of the community.

  • What's Powering The Ship's Capacitor in EVE Communication Center

    It's powered by the power of friendship.

  • Dearest Liara Enith, in EVE Communication Center

    I still need clarification. Were those eggplants unsatisfying to the boyfriends, or the boyfriends eggplants unsatisfying to lady Veikitamo?

  • Rogue swarm event in EVE Communication Center

    So far got several capital/ super skins and dozens of accelerators, 0 plex.

  • General Warning: Two way authentication is useless in EVE Communication Center

    Damn. It might have been your network or even google that got compromised.

  • Can You Fly Above A Sun? in EVE Communication Center

    Get a dramiel and fly for several hours :3

  • Rogue swarm event in EVE Communication Center

    Lulu Lunette wrote:
    I think the design of the site is perfect for it's real intent, getting people to undock and steal/fight with each other. Twisted
    Yes! Finally some praise to the event. It has it's flaws but it's 99% enjoyable.
    Less QQ, more fun!

  • Oi, Oi, Oi - CONCORD Ships in EVE Communication Center

    CCP_Falcon wrote:
    Yes, these are per account, it's intentional :)

    Thx for making me understand what salt feels like. I needed this experience in my life.

  • eve online game in EVE Communication Center

    Corey Fumimasa wrote:

    Skill injectors are pay to win.

    Something is wrong with faction warfare, although the op does not have much knowledge of that.

    Sov is broken; there is no point in "owning" a system if anyone can come in and hang a structure.

    Eve is dying.

    Hmm, that's 5 minutes I will never get back. Well played OP.


    There was character bazar since.... forever? skill injectors are just a more refined version of that.
    Idk whats wrong with FW, as OP, I have no clue about low sec, but unlike OP I won't talk about something I got no clue about.
    sov and structures are getting updates, slowly but surely. the goal is to make everything player controlled including gates
    It's dying much slower than other mmo's thou. Most of those released in early 2000's are not around and people have no idea they even existed. A lot of those released around 2010 too. "300k players box office hit!!!!111" at release and couple months later its a ghost town and company goes bankrupt. I prefer 30k and for the game to last 20 years.

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