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  • [Summer] RLML and HML balance pass in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I'm honestly not sure if this is a joke or not, if it is then it's a poor one, ditto if this is a real post.

  • [March] Balance Tweaks: Fighters, Supercarriers & Burst Projectors in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Sub Starasque wrote:
    Notice how all of the people "liking" this change are the TURN LEFT and other assorted picogang whatever dudes. Your kitey gang of 4 dudes was never meant to be able to engage a capital and win.

    They get upset if people don't feed ships to their kitey gangs and feel obliged to whine when the first thing they catch lights a cyno and they have to beat a hasty retreat from space they don't own.

  • [March] Balance Tweaks: Fighters, Supercarriers & Burst Projectors in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Juvir wrote:
    If you think a group of 20 battleships getting wasted by a single carrier is not supposed to be right, you obviously haven't flown caps since the BoB days. No they shouldn't have impunity, but they should be able to rat. And whoever is getting 100m ticks is exploiting somewhere. Average tick in a carrier is ~50m. Try it sometime before you talk about it?

    Pretty sure the top end of a completely faction and DED fit hyperspatial ratting carrier is going to be about 90m at the bleeding edge of efficiency, but it's going to be worth an easy 5-6B and have little in the way of tank and rely mostly on blapping everything as quick as possible. Seems pretty balanced to me as to how valuable it is and how much time you'd need to invest in the skills and micromanaging the fighters.

  • [March] Balance Tweaks: Fighters, Supercarriers & Burst Projectors in EVE Technology and Research Center

    progodlegend wrote:
    JITA Char2 wrote:
    The patch has a big problem.

    Cause the problem is that a lot of T1 fighters are already randomly diyingin a lot of anos.
    (Also if you use best way of killing all npc's)

    Which means actually that if they die faster the fighter will cost more than the npc payout will bring.

    Which makes Carrier Ratting useless.

    Dude literally 0 important people care if carrier ratting is useless. No one useful gives a **** about whether you can carrier rat or not. Get a different ship. who cares.

    I hope you like more dictors, cheap HACs, and light tackle because that's what you're going to see your fleet comps have a decent bit more instead of mainline T3 dps and CS/Recon support. Since carriers probably fatten your line members wallets and corp wallets and in turn SRP funds. But who am I to know.

  • [March] Balance Tweaks: Fighters, Supercarriers & Burst Projectors in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Not sure why all the fighters were nerfed so hard when they're already easy to counter, and support fighters are especially screwed. Could've at least given them a slight tracking/application bonus to compensate for having to pull them every 4 seconds against anything with a web.

    Back to support fighters, anyway to reduce the m3 to 1000 per instead of 3000 so I can carry more when they die as soon as they hit the field?

  • [December] Module Tiericide - Warp Disruption Field Generators in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Do not support change as it stands, reasons.

    RIP interceptors, they'll have to be dual prop to tackle things with HIC support since the scram will be as long as their point range but they'll be within scram range and once scrammed, they just explode.

    Better change would keep the scram, but give it a falloff into a point instead of scram after a certain range so you don't remove specialty tackle ships like inties and recons. I feel like 15km scram that falls off into a point past that is fine.

  • [December] Balance Smorgasbord in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Dato Koppla wrote:

    Maybe 2-3 month olds shouldn't be able to farm C3s so effectively because a certain ship is unbalanced? You want to retain your PvE farming ability at the cost of balancing the game?

    You must not read because this hurts PVE more than PVP, I gave an example of how to retain the tank while lowering dps, which is rhe obvious goal of this to make PVP fits sacrifice a dps mod in the lows to bring them down a notch, which I can agree with, but in a way that doesn't smash the PVE aspect.

    There aren't many ways to make money as a newbro in a wormhole while still being in the wormhole for content, short of huffing gas (boring and slow), scanning lower class holes for explo sites (no local here, even more dangerous than K space), or heading out to space to look for explo/DEDs (well now they're not very close to home). You could do PI but that's a good bit of effort to set it all up and running it daily. Our newbros have access to a C3 all day right next door, means we can come help them if they get caught and there are fewer deaths because some people won't mind scouting holes for them while watching YouTube. I'm not getting anything out of this besides newer pilots saying "I'm not in hole because I need money so I went out to NS and still can't find anything" then miss out on fights because they're not home and don't have steady income to start building their supply of ships.

  • [December] Balance Smorgasbord in EVE Technology and Research Center

    ArmyOfMe wrote:

    Use a dual rep ishtar for c3's then. Works fine, does 730ish dps and tanks quite a bit.

    3/4 of C3 sites neut and most web, the site that doesn't neut starts off at 7k alpha (undodgable in a cruiser) and the last wave alphas for 9k. Any other ideas that don't involve 2-3 month olds trying to fly HACs?

  • [December] Balance Smorgasbord in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I recommend you go on SiSi and try to run sites with our Gila first then try to run it in a drake, then a tengu, then a rattlesnake. Then look at the site value and time to completion for each. You'll see why it's the hull we choose.

  • [December] Balance Smorgasbord in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Probably my first post because I feel very strongly concerning the Gila. Probably wall of text with wandering subject.

    First off the loss of a lows combined with less cpu is a horrible nerf, current fits are already CPU limited if you try to fit launchers and a full t2 tank and damage mods. A common fit for fleet PvP will by a DCU and 3 DDA's and then we buffer tank it and fix holes in the mids and choose whether we want an AB or utility mod, neuts/RLML and DLA in highs. In a fleet setting this allows the Gila to punch well above it's weight and is also heavily anti-t3 since our tank isn't cap or speed based and our dps cannot be stopped.

    Solo you get a lot of variation, you can drop a DDA and a LSE + invuln for a cpu augment in low and micro/point and some HM/HAMs for blistering dps to cruisers and still being able to stomp frogs who can't outrun mediums. It's a very dominant ship in it's class.

    Alright now for PVE it's pretty simple. It gets a hull resist bonus per racial cruiser level with a dps bonus on missiles to prop up it's dps. You can buffer fit it with specific hardeners and it can solo DEDs and combat anoms pretty handily with 500-600 dps and an almost magical resist profile. The other way is to passive tank it and you find it becomes a bastion of death to most PVE in the game at cruiser-BS level. 4 shield relays will have it pushing 800 dps passive tank with resists factored in on a broad resist tank, if you fit it for a specific race it will be even higher.

    Ok now some checks and balances. Price is one, it is the 2nd most expensive faction cruiser. Drone based, kill/cripple/outrun it's dps and it's no better than a brick. In the same note I do believe the drone HP is rather high and could use some balancing since they get near cruiser . Fitting is a pain, you cannot fully t2 fit this ship without sacrificing dps since it it cpu limited, a passive tank will see you using meta 4 shield relays in the lows with meta 4 launchers in the highs since to fit 4 DDA's you will run out of cpu. For site running Class 3 wormholes it's balanced for the fact that while it tanks every site, it requires you to actually spend money to make money amd can take a while to make back due to the constant threat of being dropped and because sleepers will focus your drones and cut your dps in half or completely during this due to webs/killing drones. Also for the sites the constant dps isn't a problem, battleship alpha is what drives your passive down as you can lose close to 10-20% shield in a volley while fully passive fit, if you like to be edgy and tank at 30-40% this could see ypu losing your ship if you overestimate your hull (I am guilty of this on a few ships). One of the benefits to running sites in a gila compared to say a drake or a gila is that you are a target that is hard to actually kill, a drake is big and slow with laughable application compared to what will be dropped on you, any tengu you find in a wormhole running C3's will be active tanked and you just have to fit an AB and a neut and you mitigate a majority of it's dps while it caps itself out (short of being blingy with a pod fit for active tank). Both the drake and a tengu are harder to get into than a Gila, drake requires heavy missile skills and if you want to actually clear sites you need to train the supports, the tengu is a t3 and as always will be a minimum of 400m to purchase and require months of trainning. Gila on the other hand, train t2 shields (important train for anyone), medium drones a bit so your dps is worth using, and the hull to 4 for resists and it's ready to roll out and run sites. It's a very newbro friendly train for people just starting their WH career or daytrippers trying their hand at something new. I've owned at minimum 6 of these specific hulls and given them away to newer members of my corp so they can join us as dps for site running as they are very forgiving in terms of being focused by waves and I lile to see them actively participating in fleets. Loss of a low slot makes them unusable for all c3 sites, period, there is no replacement unless you want to train into a drake which is worse in every way

    Alright now a better solution to balance the PVP dominance of the Gila compared to other faction cruisers (ignoring t1 cruisers beacuse this hull costs exponentially more than a t2 fit t1cruiser).

    1. Separate the drone HP and damage bonuses, then lower it's dps bonus to drones to 450%/400% and give the drones a slight nerf to hp at 400% so they can be killed a little easier.

    2. Remove a launcher and then the Gila doesn't have as much issue with the -20 CPU hit but can still be able to fit for HM/HAM and do reasonable dps for the cost of it's hull but still separating us from a slot and giving us 4 highs (3 missile 1 utility), while not killing the passive Gila.

    Closing statments

    Just because a hull is better at something at its hull level than anything else doesn't make it broken, it makes it unique (please don't mention the orthrus, quit engaging linked and snaked hulls or bring a sebo'd celestis/maulus). Removing a ship's viability in an entire section of PVE because you didn't realize not everyone flys a t3 or rattlesnake for a 30m site is rediculous, you're also lowering newer pilots ability to build their wallets when they are just trying to do something new and exciting. I like finding a Gila in my chain, you can't simply solo it mid site and encourages cooperation to kill.

    There's other stuff but it's already a wall of text