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  • [Citadels] Capital Q&A in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Caleb Seremshur wrote:
    Why have we heard so little information regarding supers and carriers? We know very little about fighters and fighter bombers also. In regards to having just spent the better part of a year training for capitals I would appreciate some more info and I'm sure many thousands of others would too.

    In my experience this is usually when something is either: Not ready to ship, a rework is being done, or (most likely in this case) there is going to be a big reveal at fanfest.

  • [Citadels] Capital Q&A in EVE Technology and Research Center

    If there is going to be turret-like mechanics involved, does that mean we will finally get EWAR and Triage hardpoints?

    Crazy Idea but .. can armor and hull reppers be missiles then? With a nanite payload? It would add an interesting mechanic and an ammo requirement with all the drawbacks thereof. How about Energy and Shield use a turret similar to strip miners but with tracking and falloff?

    Edit: speaking of Bastion: Why is Triage not getting a cycle time change? I had suggested some time ago siege style modules get scripts, and the response was something along the lines of "that's a good idea!" but nothing ever came of it. Maybe we can get a script that reduces cycle time by a 1/3 but also has a 25% resource penalty? Sort of an overheat script?

  • Can we have loose fitting clothes in game? (for the guys) in Council of Stellar Management

    No takers?

  • Can we have loose fitting clothes in game? (for the guys) in Council of Stellar Management

    Link to pic of "loose" style stonewash jeans.

    Wouldn't mind seeing some more leisurely clothing options in game. Sweats and open button-down shirts, etc. But mostly I don't get why stonewashed jeans aren't in game. They may lack "future-ness" but frankly I think that they would be practical enough that even centuries later something similar would exist. I have some more "ideas" but I wont press my luck.

  • [December] Tech Two Logistics Frigates in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Fozzie has CCP ever considered splitting logi [cruisers] into 2 hulls? I would love to see the removal of split role logi tbh. We have racial remote preferences to use for assistance mods. ( see previous post.)

    Doing this would be very much in line with tech 2's directive of specializtion, I think.

  • [December] Tech Two Logistics Frigates in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Please add utility hull!

    Remote cap for Amarr

    Remote sensor booster for Gallente

    Remote tracking links for Minmatar

    Remote ECCM for Caldari.

    Edi: Again SECOND SHIP, separate from OP.

  • Adding Sound to DScan in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Iain Cariaba wrote:
    Bob Niac wrote:
    But also .. cloaking. Cloaking has this weird thing where it bends/absorbs EM radiation. In real life, this is actually something that we can measure. We can't see INSIDE of the bend, but we know that things like black holes and large suns can (and do) bend light going near them.

    You could've saved yourself a lot of typing and simply posted your idea to nerf AFK cloaking.

    Reported for redundancy.

    Grats for not reading the whole thread. This has more repercussions than just akf cloakers. Active cloakers, like stealth bombers, for instance. This also adds an intuitive user interface for actively scanning and hiding from scans.

    Consider as well that it's an audio cue, and not an actual coordinate in space to warp to. "There is something there, maybe I should have a look." Or "there is something weird there, maybe I should stay off grid in that area."

  • Adding Sound to DScan in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Sound has been used for a while now to interpolate radio signals. (I think. See: Contact; IMDB)

    But what if we could use sound to D-Scan for aberrations in background radiation, much like one can see in the movie? There are some very interesting possibilities.

    Particle Acceleration Probe: generates / enhances background radiation. Produces a "white noise" effect. Distortions or drops in volume indicate something is in the scan window.
    Possible counter: Racial probing. Probes can be placed defensively if the player is highly skilled. One must be careful not to create their own "shadow."

    ECM Burst: ECM Burst would be ideal as a counter to this type of scan.
    Possible counter: Since it cycles, there would be a very slow and nearly indistinguishable wob wob wob. (Yes, like dubstep, but with different pitches.)

    Doppler Effect: Moving object could have a Doppler effect placed on them. This would be dependent on their speed relative to the scan size. For instance, something 100km away in a 90º scan would have a highly distorted Doppler effect when going 2km/s. An object 1au away in that scan would have a very small one with the same scan.

    Why do this?

    Two reasons, really. To challenge the very talented sound team, of course.

    But also .. cloaking. Cloaking has this weird thing where it bends/absorbs EM radiation. In real life, this is actually something that we can measure. We can't see INSIDE of the bend, but we know that things like black holes and large suns can (and do) bend light going near them.

    So since there is a basis of this in nature, why is there no game mechanic?

    Side note: I can already see some interesting clandestine ways of using this. a) Homing beacon: spy using ECM burst in fleet to signal opposing fleet. b) "deaf ping" setting up 3 - 4 squads in the system to saturate the area, denying the use of this form of D-Scan.

  • EVE HPC? in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Did CCP ever go forward with Windows Server HPC, etc? Or did that die out?

  • "Minimize" main camera? in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Bump & done

  • Dev blog: Where we stand in EVE Information Center


    Would you be able to add engagements to to those stats? Kills are all well and good, but battles are better, yeah?

    ie: How many large engagements were there on a week to week trend?

    Actually something easier to track:

    How many kills were involved in where the deceased was less than a full squad? A wing? More than 2 wings?

    How about metrics for the inverse as well?

    I am interested in seeing where the metrics are

  • Allow Jump Bridges to select any destination jump bridge within 5 LY in EVE Technology and Research Center

    personally I would rather have them act like jump portals. cyno up, jump through.

    less afk Titan-ing.

  • "Minimize" main camera? in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I ask that CCP consider an optional feature: Enabling the main view-port as a "managed" window in the client. This window can be minimized, re-sized, or closed.

    We already know this is possible. The ship fitting window, 3D previews, etc have been stated to be a "secondary view-port" in a dev blog.

    This way we can move it out of the way, or resize it so that the main camera is on one monitor whilst the market and chat is on a second.

  • Dev blog: UI Modernization - Icon Strategy in EVE Information Center

    Really cool but it is a lot of added complexity for little gain. You could easily trim 1/3 if those and get a better / same result. Also.. Just say no to that many drone icons.. Damn.

  • Celestial Bodies and Symbolic Presentation of Objects in Space in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Real quick and then I will leave this be.

    I envisioned that because the systems would be perceived as huge, players' behavior would change accordingly. Instead of claiming entire regions, alliances might instead focus on only a constellation. One might assume that constellation hubs might pop up.

    Making systems bigger would open up things like more resources in a system, more anomalies, etc..

    Also, this idea is a bit exaggerated. What would a 10% bump in system size do? What would pushing the outer planets out 15% instead of 10% do? Gates would likely be near habitable planets, so you have gates near planets in the 1-3 AU range.

    Let's not forget the ORT cloud ideas floating around.

  • Celestial Bodies and Symbolic Presentation of Objects in Space in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Anhenka wrote:
    Ok... correct me if I'm wrong here.

    A: You want to scale up the size of solar systems and planets to more realistic proportions.

    B: My ship travels at a speed typically measured in multiple AU units per second, with an AU being the median distance between Earth and the Sun.

    Given that, you somehow think that a big standard solar system that is say 60 AU across (and there are normal system of 120+AU), is somehow unrealistically small? Keeping in mind that the farthest planet in our solar system from the sun is at general range of 35 AU.

    And the big reasoning behind this, is that if it takes ******* ages to get anywhere, strategic movement and route planning will becomes important, because the alternative is the game being so insanely boring that people will not play it?

    Got to say, as reasons go, that has to be the absolute worst serious proposal I have seen this year so far.

    We don't always travel at that speed. That is speed limit of your ship. Granted they changed it so if you are smaller then a battle cruiser, you are more likely to be at that speed for a good portion of your warp.

  • Celestial Bodies and Symbolic Presentation of Objects in Space in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Because that annoyance means effort is expended to get where you need/want to go. Effort expended gives value to an action. High sec warps are (even in a battleship) 15 to 45 seconds with a skilled pilot. This diminishes the value of a solar system.

    I'm not saying make it painful. I'm saying that maybe its time to look at why EVE can be so vast and yet feel so small at the same time.

    How do we get around slow warp? For one, we have the building blocks in place.

    Micro Jump Drives (add mini JD?)
    Jump portals and capitals come to mind.
    Acceleration gates, so scanning.
    Warp acceleration changes.

    Let's do a hypothetical:

    What if you have a scout scan ahead of you for "Pirate shipping lanes"? These are D-scan-able sites that pop up in systems. Resistance is proportionate to security, etc. When you scan these down, you can clear it out to get a key. The lanes send you from one system gate to another, with stops along the way. I would think that these are common.

    So your scout scans one out, clears it. He gets a key and has you warp in. There are 3 acceleration gates, pointed at various locations. You are traveling to the next system, so you take the accel to the system gate. Your scout squad warps you and .. low and behold you warp all at 'ceptor speed.

  • Celestial Bodies and Symbolic Presentation of Objects in Space in EVE Technology and Research Center

    tl;dr: Stretch and scale up EVE to make it bigger.

    "This model is not to scale...."

    This phrase is often used in maps and info-graphics because presenting information to scale has several major hurdles. One is usually you run out of space. Showing the 8(ish) planets of the Sol system at regular intervals allows them to fit on a page or screen. Another is perception. For instance, the measurement of hurricanes is not a flat gradient. There is a larger difference between the strongest class and the next one below it than the weakest class and the one above that.


    If you have taken any classes that have involved learning (specifically) about maps, then you have likely been told something to the effect that "maps are a symbolic presentation of the real thing" and that "if you have accurate shapes, then the distances are likely not to scale, and vise versa." This leads into ...

    When you are in space, you are flying through a map.

    Your internet spaceship is "floating" on a map. We have X,Y, and Z co-ordinates. We have a boundary that limits motion. And there are systems in place to discourage movement beyond those boundaries. D-scan has a vertical limit (or at least it did.) Anomalies and planets are on a horizontal plane, +/- a "small" variance.

    The main point is..

    The Devs have control of this map. They can change the size of the map itself, as well as the symbolic objects in it.

    The idea being...

    Let's say the size of your ship stayed relatively the same. But the planets and stations got larger. Much larger. We know the art dept has the resources to do this. The texture maps pretty much can support it. Also stars are more in line with what they should be in size and brightness.

    Lets also say that the distance between these objects were tweaked to more realistic proportions. Warping from the star to planet XI would actually take time and have a meaningful strategic reason for doing so..

    Ok.. great times sinks... but..

    There are reasons for and against something like this. Literally every system would be affected in some way. The most obvious would be warp times and placement of structures (gates, POSes, stations, outposts.) NPC stations close to gates become extraordinarily important. Intra-system FTL jumps may actually become a thing for jump freighters and other capitals.

    Jumping inside a system?

    Interesting side effect if that is true: lowsec would be a really desirable place. When you have a freighter that takes minutes to get from gate to station, why not dock at the closest station? Because of scarcity. If I can to a point to point jump and get to a station with cheap (and open) slots, I'll do it, personally. Cyno Gens (and jammers) on a POS have a tactical advantage that gives you force projection inside a system. Jammers have the potential to deny the service and refueling of POSes.

    OMG That Titan is Titanic!

    OK yeah, Some ships could use a size rebalance. Titans are amazing to behold, but they are sort of limited in size by POS's shield bubble. Ideally, large POSes would have to get larger for a number of reasons. Also, iirc the size of a titan (showinfo) is off when looking at a POS bubble. Please correct me if I am wrong.

  • New industry skills discussion (connected to Advanced Industry) in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Corp Skill: Workflow Management & Adv Workflow Management

    Corp management skills get a role bonus +n (static) corporation industry slots, proportionate to the skill. Empire control would get more then corp management.

    Skill allows addt'l corp only jobs to be created. Jobs can only be launched for corp and skill tied directly to the CEO. This is a shared pool for all people with the role to use it.

    Workflow is ~5% per lvl and Adv is ~15% per level. Mind you this is a pooled resource.

  • Adding Racial Tacking: Amarr vs Matari in EVE Technology and Research Center

    First, A visual reference.

    Short version:

    To add flavor to tracking and allow for some interesting bonuses in the future, I would ask that the tracking "penalties" of Laser and Projectile be mitigated and a new, type specific tracking variable introduced.


    Buff radial tracking. To offset this, the faster the object is going relative to the point of origin (You), the less damage the object takes. So think about this for a minute.

    I am using large guns
    My target is going 5Km/s directly towards me
    radial tracking is not an issue, Falloff would be the variable, but....
    the relative speed of me and my enemy is 5Km/s
    Ooh! I hit for 20 dmg!

    The inverse of this could be Minnie guns. In short, like projectiles today, it is best to have a stable platform to shoot. So, the faster a ship using Minmatar guns is going, the less accurate it is. ACs tracking gets a decent buff and Arties get an alpha boost, slightly slower ROF, and no tracking buff.

    I am in a Tornado with Howitzers. (Work with me here for a sec, it's an example.)
    In order to get into optimal, I have to burn 20km out
    pop my ab, and haul ass.
    at max speed with howitzers, I would do next to no damage.
    but when I slow to nearly stopped, I can alpha for a world of hurt,

    The idea is that Minmatar's cornerstone of tanking is speed. So the risk vs return should reflect this in their play style. If a matari ship goes fast, it does less damage, but receives less damage from their racial counterpart. If they stand tall against the amarr, they can do a great deal of damage up front, but are likely to be ripped a new one unless they get moving.

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