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  • CONCORD / Police in EVE Gameplay Center

    Noragen Neirfallas wrote:
    Concord is an esential in this game. We would never police effectively enough to keep eve's ecconomy running. That said Fac Po are kinda ****** and could be replaced by players in areas but I think there needs to be more too it than simply switching them off and thats the end of the mechanic. If you wanted players to police a system they would need to feel like it was theirs somehow and be ready to defend it

    Currently, if you align yourself to an empire via faction warfare, the only enemies of your chosen empire that you can shoot at are opposing faction warfare players.

    But imagine if faction warfare players could legally shoot at any player with -5 standings or lower towards their chosen empire? There would likely need to be some overview buffing so that you can tell who has low standings and who doesn't, but I think this could open up a lot of interesting gameplay options and maybe increase interest in faction warfare somewhat.

    This wouldn't be a replacement for the FacPo, and especially not for CONCORD.

  • Acceptance Speech in EVE Gameplay Center

    I'm dying for a tl;dr over here.

    I get the general sense that monies were won and prizes given. Is there more Thunderdome going on or what?

    Help a slacker out.

    Also, weren't you about to quit EvE? Or did you pull a Bronson?

  • CONCORD / Police in EVE Gameplay Center

    Jacques d'Orleans wrote:
    Ro Fenrios wrote:
    I think all of empire space minus maybe rookie and career systems should Be low sec. Now that would Be fun. Imagine JITA for one :0

    There is no storage facility big enough, on this planet, to store all the salt and tears.

    I've long been a proponent of making 0.5 - 0.7 systems accessible to capital ships* via gate travel** to pilots with high enough empire faction standings***.

    Can you imagine the volume of tears shed by the first anti-tanked, carebear capital pilot to get suicide ganked in hisec? It would be glorious.

    *Non-supers, so Carriers, Dreads, or Fauxs only.
    **No cynos in hisec but can jump out to losec, no hisec production.
    *** 1.0 standings for 0.5 systems, 3.0 standings for 0.6 systems, and 5.0 standings for 0.7 systems. No capitals in 0.8 and up.

  • Orca - Safest possible solo high sec miner fit? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Punisher Ofara wrote:
    Yeah the problem is when I'm gaming I could be interrupted at any given time by family obligations, for an unspecified amount of time (kid: "Daddy, I cut my finger and now my brother is hitting me with a sword!" Me: "Shut up!! I need to fill this damn ore hold!!!)

    Welcome to the club brother. This is why my latest bout of EvE Online has primarily been lived out as "Stupid Station Games Online"; I can dock pretty much any time I want, and even if I can't, I'm only undocked in cheap ships so no big loss.

  • Orca - Safest possible solo high sec miner fit? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Punisher Ofara wrote:
    Grand, so no point in fitting-anti-gank modules then? Just max mining yield and hope for the best by "watching local".

    Pretty much, yup. The best way to defeat a suicide gank is, always has been, and always will be, to not be there when it lands.

  • Orca - Safest possible solo high sec miner fit? in EVE Gameplay Center

    The best fit has nothing to do with modules.

    The best fit is to fit your behind into a chair in front of your computer and be alert while mining.

    With that fit, you should be as close to invincible as you can be regardless of what modules you have equipped.

    (EDIT: I mean, if someone really wanted you dead, they could land a fleet of non-criminal bomber pilots with no ganking history, cloaked, 20km off of you and have some random guy tackle you while the bombers had their way with you. In that situation, you're humped no matter what, even if you are alert and at-keyboard. But...you get the idea.)

  • The Crow. in EVE Gameplay Center

    The Crow should still make a good scram kiter with rockets, but I haven't flown it as such.

  • [MERC] Public-Enemy in EVE Gameplay Center

    Mike Adoulin wrote:
    *sends check via fedo*

    If these guys are cutting into my Fedo racket, we may have to have words.

    Never stand between a man and his favorite meal....

  • Why warp from and to 0m/s velocity? in EVE Gameplay Center

    There are three "states" for a ship to be in when it is undocked and not undergoing a session change: in warp, pre-warp, and normal.

    Normal is just that, the state your ship is normally in when it's maneuvering, stationary, or doing anything else, where you have full control over your ship.

    In warp is also just that, the state that you're in after you enter warp and before you land where you have no control over your ship.

    Pre-warp is that weird state that only exists from the time you command your ship to warp until you actually hit warp. Your ship is automatically aligning and accelerating to your destination and you can't manually navigate, but you can still stop the warp, activate modules, etc. if you act soon enough.

    I think that the dip in speed that the OP is mentioning is a result of the server moving your ship from "pre-warp" to "in warp". I don't know if the dip is real or just a result of server mechanics. I have seen it hit zero before, but rarely; usually it's more like one half or two thirds previous speed.

    Also, I too find it odd that when you land out of warp, your speed is near zero. I've always kind of figured it should stay at max speed (or maybe 75%) along the direction of travel, rather like a MJD.

  • High Sec structure grinding in EVE Gameplay Center

    True story, my corp's first dedicated POS shoot involved a pilot in a Procurer.

    Towards the end of our active career, our platform of choice was a gank-fit laser/drone/torp Geddon. Quite handy. It was pretty much the most DPS you could squeeze out of a T1 hull with minimal reloads, and it had just enough range to hit small and medium towers with their shields up. (Most of our targets were offline, but not all of them.)

    When we do bash structures anymore, we prefer to give up some DPS in favor of mobility and fly Oracles, VNIs, or Bombers instead.

    The fixed damage type of lasers is kind of a drawback (unless you're operating in Amarr space like we were), but that will be going away as the new structures have balanced resists.

  • High Sec structure grinding in EVE Gameplay Center

    As a former small-corp structure-basher, I appreciate seeing new outfits hit the scene. Rest assured that our kinds of corporations can still operate against the new structures, and in some ways will have an easier time against them.

    If I may offer a friendly piece of advice: you will have a much easier time both logistically and effort-wise if you train your pilots to use lasers and/or drones. Less reloading, less volume needed for ammo, etc.

    Good hunting.

  • I've finally figured out how to fit a Talos in EVE Gameplay Center

    Soel Reit wrote:
    yea but i mean...
    let's suppose he travels half solar system to reach the peak speed,
    let's suppose he finds a target and hit approach.
    let's suppose his cap last enough time to do all these things.

    try to hit something at your speed of 8k m/s, something small...
    like a frigate, with a transversal of 3-4k m/S....


    the other half of the solam system is required to turn and stop xD

    If you want to ram a moving frigate, use a frigate. Nothing else will be both maneuverable and fast enough.

    But for bumping freighters or ships sitting on a station undock...well, just try it and see what happens. Pirate (Hint: for lulz, try bumping station-hugging cruiser-sized targets into the station. All manner of weird things can happen.)

    (I prefer a Nomen for it's higher base speed and agility, plus it also has a cool battering-ram style bow. But that's kind of drifting off topic, so I'll save it for later.)

  • I've finally figured out how to fit a Talos in EVE Gameplay Center

    Vexor Marstolt wrote:
    But, so the fact of the matter is, if we really wanted to make a battering ram, we need to get rid of those ABSOLUTELY USELESS Neutron Blaster Cannon II...

    [Talos, Ramming Talos]
    Republic Fleet Overdrive Injector
    Republic Fleet Overdrive Injector
    Republic Fleet Overdrive Injector
    Republic Fleet Overdrive Injector
    Republic Fleet Overdrive Injector

    500MN Digital Booster Microwarpdrive
    Warp Disruptor II
    X5 Enduring Stasis Webifier
    X5 Enduring Stasis Webifier

    [empty high slot]
    [empty high slot]
    [empty high slot]
    [empty high slot]
    [empty high slot]
    [empty high slot]
    [empty high slot]
    [empty high slot]

    Medium Auxiliary Thrusters I
    Medium Auxiliary Thrusters I
    Medium Auxiliary Thrusters II

    Warrior SW-300 x5

    This ship is an incredible ramming ship. Here is the key. First, you put your Warp Scrambler II, and your 2 Stasis Webifiers on the target, and click "Approach", while activating your 500MN Digital Booster Microwarpdrive. Your ship will accelerate to 8,848 m/s (Without Boosters or Implants), and then ram the target, dealing a full total of 0 damage due to the great collision physics, and knock their alignment way off, just in case they break free of your Warp Scrambler. From there, you just hope your Warrior SW-300s can kill them somehow...

    A few things:

    1. Why ditch the guns? It's a friggin' Talos, the massive guns add to the terror factor. Twisted

    2. You have run squarely afoul of stacking penalties. Adding more than 3-4 items boosting your ship's stop speed is rather fruitless. You've got 8 items boosting your speed, so half of them are more or less wasted.

    3. You have not accounted for the extra agility necessary to maneuver or accelerate. Sure, you may break 8km/s, but you'll need a 1000km of approach to realize that speed.

    4. You also have not accounted for the cap drain of accelerating over that distance. You may well cap yourself out before you ever hit full speed.


    A: Drop one or two of your overdrives for iStabs. You'll lose a little top speed, but you'll actually be able to achieve your top speed without needing to traverse a solar system to do it.

    B: Consider dropping your rigs and/or or your non-MWD mids for cap mods.

    C: Keep the guns (downgrading if necessary). Because...terror....

  • Dual purpose Ratter for Sansha LS. in EVE Gameplay Center

    Blood Raiders look great for PvE on paper because they're easy to perma-tank with their NOS bonuses, but in practice you're much better off going with a higher DPS ship.

    I'd consider a Nightmare: more DPS, more mobile, better tracking to help offset the long range web. Plus, you always get style points for killing 'rats in one of their own ship. Also, if your drone skills are up to snuff, a vanilla 'Geddon is never a bad choice.

    But, if you're intent on sticking with the Bagglehorn, I do have some thoughts:

    1. MJD isn't for GTFO, it's for tactical positioning. If you're in a position where you have to GTFO, chances are you're scrammed and your MJD is useless. Sure, you can use it to GTFO, but relying on it for that is kinda foolish. It's still a viable choice, but plan accordingly.

    2. If you go with the MJD, I'd swap the MWD for an AB. Use the MJD for long transits and the AB for everything else. Your cap won't get gimped, and you'll retain mobility even if scrammed.

    3. I'd consider dropping the second web for something else. Options would include a cap booster, a grappler, or maybe a cap battery.

    4. Drop one of the ANPs for a Nanobot accelerator. Yes, you'll be less cap stable, but you'll tank much better overall.

    Your highs and lows generally look good, but I'd try to fit another NOS in that last slot, even if it's undersized. Also, mind your explosive hole.

  • I've finally figured out how to fit a Talos in EVE Gameplay Center

    Soel Reit wrote:
    Vexor Marstolt wrote:
    Kathern Aurilen wrote:
    that has no armor or shield, that's a one trip for that ship. Plus you can't even kite it out because it's blasters.

    Is that a battleship warp drive, bet your you move like lightening, but no caps. Maybe swap that for a 50nm warp

    I would feel a lil better with a lil armor.

    Damage Control II
    Magnetic Field Stabilizer II
    1600mm Steel Plates II
    Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane II
    Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane II

    You see, I don't think you understand. This is a truly quickfast talos... This thing goes the speed of actual light, reaching top speed of 8581 m/s with a full 2m36s of capacitor life. If I were to put armour on it it would be slower.


    snakes implants and quafe + skirmish link+ max skills: 10448 m/s
    14949 overheat

    Put that ram bow to good use I say!

  • I've finally figured out how to fit a Talos in EVE Gameplay Center

    Soel Reit wrote:

    why blasters and not cruise missiles?Shocked
    what am i watching Shocked

    for rigs cargohold optimization!
    i recomand triage t2 in the high

    leet fit Cool

    I swear to Bob, if CCP ever switches the Naga from a railgun platform to a cruise missile platform, I will throw a fit of epic proportions* the likes of which have never been seen** or will ever be seen again***. Don't touch my railgun sniper!

    *very moderate proportions

    **have almost certainly been seen

    ***will certainly be seen again

  • I've finally figured out how to fit a Talos in EVE Gameplay Center

    Needs more hull tank.

    Yes, I'm being serious.

  • Does podding players in NPC corps still incur a standing hit? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Tipa Riot wrote:
    AFAIK ... yes (haven't podded such a player for a while). The criminal/suspect status or where you kill the pod do not matter.

    The status hit in losec when you're the aggressor is pretty well known. The status hit when shooting flashy pods in hisec is much less widely known.

  • Best way to manage sec status?? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Ryder 'ook wrote:
    As long as you leave the pods alone (where concord keeps records), the sec status losses are small.

    Pods are the sec status killer. Stay away from them and you can have quite a lot of fun without doing too much damage to your sec status. I always managed to keep my sec status between -2 and 0 by 'PvP-ratting' in between looking for fights in losec. Find a ship that works both in PvP and against the local 'rats, and you should be golden.

    Also, podding pilots who are in NPC corps delivers a standings hit to you relative to that corp. This applies even if you're shooting them under non-criminal circumstances (i.e. killing flashy pods in hisec, killing pods of people who aggressed you in losec, etc.). Not really a big deal, but it's something to be aware of if you ever plan on doing missions for said corp.

  • [Summer] RLML and HML balance pass in EVE Technology and Research Center

    ProTip: With a longer reload time, you'll have more time to repair the heat damage to your RLMLs.

    If you aren't overheating your RLMLs and repairing during the long reloads, you're doing it wrong.

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