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  • [June Release] Combat Booster Legalization in EVE Technology and Research Center

    March rabbit wrote:
    Does 'giving license to X-Sence' mean that drugs BPCs and drugs itself will be available in that corporation LP store too?
    If it does not then i don't see any harm to drug manufacturers actually. This change can only make demand bigger thus increasing prices and profits for manufacturers.

    ... or i'm missing something here?

    It removes the human element to the sale and delivery of drugs. But yes, as far as production goes provided they don't just provide the BPCs etc via NPC stations the production will see increased demand.

  • [June Release] Combat Booster Legalization in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Very sad to see a niche area of the game disappear, though I understand the benefits to the users. My absolute favorite aspect was the human to human nature of the drug trade, it wasn't just another min-max 0.01isk station item. There was a human chain from raw material to gibbering addict that very few other areas of the game have.

  • AIA Pharmaceuticals Bond - 5B 10% Bond - FILLED in EVE Gameplay Center

    Drugs are amazing money on paper but the difficulty comes from selling the product fast enough or you'll rapidly find yourself sat on a huge pile of unsellable drugs. To be able to compete with Es and Whizz, or even just remain active and profitable and build a corporation around it, you NEED customers. We have an old reputation which helps facilitate that, newer entities don't and the market hubs just don't have nearly enough movement to facilitate what can realistically be produced.

    Don't let this get you down, i'm just offering advice, customers customers customers. Good luck o/

  • 2015-02-25 - Unscheduled Downtime Extension in EVE Communication Center

    If downtime had gone as planned I probably wouldnt have logged in today.

    But now i know its down and I have no choice to play, im sat here refreshing this thread and twitter and reddit etc just waiting for it to come online...

  • Es and Whizz - Seeking new **drug dealers**, explorers and gas miners in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    Come live the shady life!

  • Potential Idea for Discussion: Delaying signature appearance for K162s in EVE Gameplay Center

    I'd say, hidden from sensor/probes for 2-4 minutes. UNLESS, someone warps OFF the grid (IE came through hole, is now warping off the grid of the K162 side towards his target. OR the hole has gone through a stage change within the initial 2-4 minute "hidden" period.

    So, this allows a scout to jump into the hole within the 2-4 minute hidden period, Do a bit of D-scanning without warping, maybe get a quick and simple initial "feel" for the system.

    Once that scouts warps away from the WH, the site becomes "Active" regardless of the current timer status.

    If nobody warps off the WH, BUT enough ships enter through to cause a stage change, I'd also make this trigger the signature/overlay as active.

    I'd say this gives some room for manoeuvre without making it unreasonable on the prey.

    2-4 minute timer forces the aggressors group to be quick and proficient to secure a successful ambush, any **** ups on their part and the signature becomes active for the prey to discover, either by a hasty scout, too large of an initial ambush team, or delayed reactions on the aggressors side.

  • [Rubicon 1.3] Corporation Member Cap Increase in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Now take this idea and apply it to corp BMs tied to the member skills.

    Corporation Management will provide +20 members (and corp bookmarks) per level.
    Megacorp Management will provide +100 members (and corp bookmarks) per level.
    Empire Control will provide +400 members (and corp bookmarks) per level.
    Sovereignty will provide +2000 members (and corp bookmarks) per level.

  • Cant' get the patch. in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I got an error today here: http://pastebin.com/UMtcbmrR

    I've run the repair tool and it seems to run fine.

    I was online prior to DT, went to bed feeling ill and my launcher was running when i got back up and without thinking i just logged in. Obviously the launcher threw an error and tried updating then wouldnt launch.

    I ran the repair tool which worked (ran it twice all good both times)

    And now launching eve I get the above error.

    Win 8.1 64bit

    HD7970 with 14.1 drivers.

    i7 4770k.

  • Display Driver stopped responding in EVE Technology and Research Center

    same here, amd 7970 running 2 clients on win8, catalyst 14.1 drivers.

    Has been fine running up to 3 accounts for the 14 months i've been playing.

  • EVE Online: Revolution (0.0 THEME FOR WINTER EXPANSION) in EVE Technology and Research Center

    pretty much spot on.

  • API checker - Simple tool to do background checks. (No longer simple!) in EVE Technology and Research Center

    This is an extremely nice tool, thank you very much!

  • low FPS - any comment ccp??????? in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I run a 7970 and play 2 maxed eve clients fine without this issue (1 on each screen)

    I've not had this issue in eve but i did have it in another game, I cant remember what it was.

    The problem was that the graphics card was switching between 2d and 3d clocks. and naturally when in its 2d clocks (desktop mode) it doesnt have the power to do, well anything.

    Can you perhaps try MSI afterburner and check what your current GPU/Memory clocks are at when the issue happens?

    To be fair your framerate graph looks relatively consistent sure there are differences in camera angle, I thought most people had issues with the nebula performance in the past.

    Its not like you're getting low FPS spikes down below 30 fps. it doesn't appear to stutter at all.

    Try MSI afterburner set it to monitor GPU usage, Vram usage, and clocks for both, as well as FPS.

    also keep task manager running, split the CPU graph into logical cores (so you can see if maybe a single thread is being maxed out)

  • Tech 2 Venture in EVE Technology and Research Center

    A better tech 2 profile would be increases resist against nullsec cloud damage, perhaps with an extra turret but maintain bonuses.

    Or perhaps a per level % reduction in cloud damage received. with level 5 being none.

    Otherwise its fairly perfect. A tiny bit extra tank against the clouds would go a long way.

  • Walking in Stations as a Social Hub: Business vs Pleasure in Incarna in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I want to deal boosters in a seedy shady smokey rusty middle of nowhere dark dank minmatar station bar. Pirate

  • EVE Online: Revolution (0.0 THEME FOR WINTER EXPANSION) in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Well presented good ideas.

    I like the broad direction this is going.

  • Jump Tethering - A replacement for the jump portal in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Jumps would also be perfectly synchronised and look absolutely epic on the incoming! And if you dont look good while doing what you do. you're doing it wrong :P

  • Import/export of settings! - How do you want it to work? in EVE Technology and Research Center

    New chat channels and new private conversations should remember your damn chat settings. (Compact member list, text only, highlight my chat, timestamp)

    Please just......please do this. please.

    Otherwise full overview settings
    chat channels
    all settings that are none hardware specific basically (So not the graphics options obviously)

    As for exporting. I'd do this in a similar manner to how you make an API key, where you click "export" and you get a list of areas you can add to the exported file. You click them up. click "export" and it will make a file with those settings. When importing you do the reverse obviously.

  • Smuggling love in EVE Technology and Research Center

    By approaching every aspect of the game as the whole, what you end up with its lots of poor content. Every time they release an expac. It doesn't update every aspect of the game. You focus modular on separate aspects of the game. Naturally these can mutually influence each-other and are better for doing so.

    You could for sure (and i hope this happens) expand on the smuggling with other items, new ones perhaps or reclassifying current items. But for drugs? Think about how they are perceived in real life. In legal terms at least. It doesn't make sense that they appear in the market and to remove them and add some slight tweaks really impacts that focus of the game. Now granted it doesn't make it more popular. And to get a serious development change it needs to be a big thing.

    I'm talking smaller scale, something that might actually be achievable and make a noticeable change with minimal effort. Don't get me wrong I'd love for CCP to go the whole hogg and make something mind blowing but its unrealistic to expect/ask for a miracle every time.

    I feel my suggestions above make sense and are achievable and can be built upon over time.

    As for someones POS module suggestion. I think that really boils down to POS changes themselves than smuggling in particular. Something cool to consider particularly when CCP starting looking for solid POS changes/feedback.

    Also, I don't feel every feature in the game needs to be a primary feature. Sure everyone should have a chance at it, but niche aspects of game play are not a bad thing. Its not a failing of design when something is a niche (well not always :P) In my mind, smuggling is a niche business just as it is in reality. If smuggling was mainstream it would be... hauling...

    See currently on TQ the actual physical act of smuggling is Hauling-cloaked. Its not very involved and well... yeah... hauling cloaked is exactly what it is. Not that amazing really!

    But what makes the current iteration of smuggling good is the... I guess you'd call it "Meta" In that a player will come to me (as a returning customer) or our sales channels. He/she will speak to a dealer in private, there is a rapport and a reputation you have to uphold and a certain level of conduct you must adhere to, you negotiate quantity and location, perhaps haggle price in some cases and come to an arrangement. Then the planning kicks in, choosing routes and methods, ships and fits for the job. Coordination with your drug cooks to have the drugs ready. It is THIS aspect of the game which would be bolstered through a removal of highsec narcotic market listings as it encourages the social and personal person or person level of contact and business. Don't get me wrong either, I want BOTH aspects to be overhauled for sure! But most of all I don't want to lose that excellent aspect of smuggling and to hurt that would be a crying shame. Sure not everyone wants to do that stuff, not everyone wants to risk death. Not everyone wants to fight against blobs. Not everyone wants to mine. Attempting to appeal to everyone wont work and shouldn't be done. That is my angle here.

    And finally (mostly this was a reply to Adunh) I was tired yesterday when i snapped back. I apologize, its easy to misinterpret tone through written word.

  • Smuggling love in EVE Technology and Research Center

    The market isnt the only tool to make something visible. People don't buy supers on the market. Researched BPOs?

    Also, again as i said before, remove it from HIGH SEC markets. This way Lowsec markets will form for drugs (much like the capital ship trade)

    it does make sense for smuggling. If you want the item in highsec, you'll have to arrange for someone to smuggle it in. As for lowsec/null anything goes so its fine to put them on market there.

    There is no help for you mate, regardless of whether you agree with me or not ;)

  • Smuggling love in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Adunh Slavy wrote:
    Let's see ... a couple points that are new ... market visibility of illegal items, boosters primarily.

    This stuff should absolutely be on the market. It may not make 100% "role play" sense but until there is some fat bastard of an NPC surrounded by body guards in some dank comer of a station for us to walk around in, we're kinda screwed.

    "Hey yo, you want some bostahs?"
    "Yeah, got some?"
    "You got some money, punk?"

    Why should it be on the market? They are illegal (in highsec anyway, put them on lowsec markets for sure).

    If you want drugs you need to speak to a drug dealer. You need to find him from a mate of a mate of a mate who knows this one guy. Just like in real life.

    You don't walk into walmart and ask for an ounce of dope. You shouldn't do that in eve either. Illegal Narcotics (standard+ Combat boosters) should be removed from HighSec station markets.

    This encourages the PERSONAL level of trade and negotiation. You need to have contacts. There are several well known and high profile drugs sales channels ingame already where you can communicate with a reputable drug dealer and negotiate flavor quantity and location of drugs (and cost of course!)

    Removing the highsec listings would help bolster activity in the drug world. But to go along with that, boosters need to be brought more to peoples attention to raise demand/awareness.

    This is as a step (one of many) towards bringing in an age where smuggling is a legitimate career choice. This isn't the only fix, it wont make it perfect but it is a step towards it. Not only will people deal in low/null, but with a change to highsec customs too (and a lack of highsec market listings for illegal items) a demand will increase for it to be smuggled into highsec.

    I also feel this would be a relatively small, quick and simple addition to smuggling. Its a niche area of the game and I don't expect huge development time put into such a niche. But its nice to once in a rare while get some acknowledgement and a slight change here and there. I feel this could be one of them.

    Thats my take on things anyway. As someone who actively deals drugs and smuggles in eve today as mentioned above.