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  • Caldari Epic Arc - any looting? in EVE Gameplay Center

    This is the updated EVE wiki page:


    Draw your own conclusions. Please note that LS travel will be needed, as well as possible NS if you so choose. I think an interceptor would be needed more than a Noctis for the beginning, a Marauder could shoot and loot at the same time.
    Good Luck!

  • About the omnipresent Citadels ... in EVE Communication Center

    Do Little wrote:
    A lot of people built them hoping to generate enough revenue by selling services. Some succeeded but I see a lot shutting down. I rented for a while but, when my landlord let the structure run out of fuel for the 3rd time, I decided to build my own - my business is big enough so the rig bonuses more than cover the costs. I setup a holding company to own the structure so it isn't at risk if the operating company gets wardecced and I use an Alpha character as CEO of the holding company because CCP allows me to.

    ok, that explains what I was seeing in my home system. Overnight, a one man corp drops 4 citadels all close together and I was wondering how in the heck he was able to pull that off both financially and logistically. Shell company; what could be more EVE?

  • Unscheduled Downtime - 2017/06/15 in EVE Communication Center

    The one time i get up way early in the morning and decide to play EVE, this happens! I should have gone for a run, but with my ship and loot stuck in limbo, my HR and BP appears to be getting a workout anyway. Ugh

  • Autothysian Lancer Aggro, salvaging your wreck in EVE Communication Center

    Their behavior varies upon where you encounter them afaik. Around gates,stations, or whatever, unless you agress them first or have in the recent past, they will ignore you. Possible exception (I cannot verify) is if you have a corpse in the cargo bay. Around the observatory they are much more territorial; they seem to give you a short time to look and then they arrive to kill you. Of course attacking the lancers anywhere also triggers a chance that their big brother shows up to ruin your day. As long as you have the descan up, at the proper range, and spamming the scan button, you usually have enough warning to warp off before he arrives, just make sure you are already aligned and moving.

  • Zydrine,CSM, and You in EVE Communication Center

    Could someone please explain the current questions being raised pertaining to Zydrine, the current CSM, Dev blogs, and strange market fluctuations? What exactly are the issues/concerns and how much of it is merely "tinfoil hat " trolling? Thank you.

  • Solo? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Since you have trained missiles (with the Drake). I suggest you should now train for a Rattlesnake. "snakes hit hard (over 1200 dps easily) and can have an insane amount of tank (150k+). You would have to increase your drone skills to fully utilize all the dps potential fully, but if you would have to do that if you wanted to go the Domi route anyway. Pirate BS, at the moment, are relatively dirt cheap and the snake can be utilized for far harder chores than level 4 missions. Please remember that level 5s spawn in Low Sec and solo pilots tend to run into problems around level 5 mission hubs. The Mach is also a good choice, but you would be failing to utilize all the missile skills you already have trained. If just running level 4s is your goal, then a Golem Marauder is you ship of choice, since you can fit for any NPC faction,use missiles, and generally create a one size fits all mission running boat that you don't have to swap out any modules. Marauders are the champs in running any level 4 mission and contain plenty of cargo room space as well as tractor beam bonuses that allow for easy looting/salvage while missioning.

    Hope this explanation helps and welcome back!

  • New Stars no sunspots? in EVE Communication Center

    There's a little dark spot on the sun today...................


  • ❤️️💖💛💔💙💗💜💓 CCP Loves Trolls 💚💕💖🖤💞💘💝❣️💋 in EVE Communication Center

    Apparently the middle schools are out for summer.

  • Quick question on blitzing Dread Pirate Scarlett in EVE Gameplay Center

    If your talking about the room where Scarlet can actually be killed (the first room allows her to shrug off any attempt), then I burn toward her with mwd and either Scourge (if Paladin) or faction AM (if Kronos). Usually I can kill her before she jumps, which allows the dropping of the 8m+ implant and completion of the mission. You can always stay and go through the entire missions for bounties and loot, but if you want to blitz it you need something that can apply instant damage (ie, not drones or missiles). So, your answer is, once you jump through the acceleration gate, burn at her with your mwd as you start to target and have already hit your guns to fire on lock.

  • EVE Survival in EVE Gameplay Center

    I've been trying to tell my kids of one of the Family's mottos for years: No good deed gets unpunished. Perfect example. At least the domain owner has been offered free hosting site by reddit poster; we can only hope he takes them up on the offer.

  • angle 10/10 in EVE Gameplay Center

    Is this some type of geometry problem?........

  • It's time to add a new kind of PVE missions (With smart AI) in EVE Technology and Research Center

    stoicfaux wrote:
    This is EVE. The NPCs need to be controlled by players.

    Let's call it a Player Controlled NPC or PCNPC for short.

    The PCNPC is presented with an anonymized interface (no location info, no mission runner names, no local, etc.) and control of either an uber-ish NPC (think burners,) or general control of a swam of NPCs, think RTS like interface.

    The PCNPC would be rewarded with LP (e.g. pirate faction LP) for winning, whereas the PvE runner would get enhanced standard rewards for winning.

    Something like this could scale up with gangs and could encourage PvE players to taste PvP since the PvE player would have better control (i.e. risk management) going into it, i.e. it minimizes a discouraging instant-WTFBBQPWND-one-jump-into-low/null-sec encounter.

    The PCNPC could loot a PvE player wreck if the PvE player deliberately chooses a more difficult risk/reward PCNPC encounter (e.g. PCNPC Level 5 mission.)

    It could also be turned into a faction warfare thing, where the success of PCNPCs advance a pirate faction.

    Finally, if you still have doubts out PCNPCs, imagine if Sansha invasions were controlled by PCNPCs...

    Unfortunately, this would be highly gamed by large corps and alliances using alts to "throw the match" and allow higher pilot rewards for fellow members. I like the idea of random opponents each match and with a player not learning who they are until they use the first gate (which then locks for 1 hour if someone leaves the mission area). Eliminates tanking/weapon damage specialization , mission blitzing in specialized ship, and the same old mission memorization (ala EVE survival). Use some version of Battle Value (like BattleTech) to calculate NPC opponents, add a randomness in difficulty (Chance: 20% easier,60%normal, 20% tougher), and throw in more variety missions (escort a supply ship and protect from pirates or hostile environment by either force or shield/armor repair or perhaps attack a complex, then hack some cans to find a blueprint, and finally build the item)

    The new AI will be useful in the future, but all the current PvE needs is a program to generate random missions with random rewards (based on BV fought) against random NPCs. This should be based on solo play, but I do like the idea of being able to ramp a mission up the more players you add. As Jenn mentioned, you turn level 4 missions to being a group activity only and EVE will lose a surprising amount of players.

  • What to expect when doing lvl4 combat missions? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Using cap booster and charges in PvE seems a waste: 1) the added cost and hassle to use decrease profit/mission and 2) the cargo bay on a 'snake is pitiful; those cap 400/800 eat up a ton of space if you plan to loot and that lowers profit/mission. A well designed passive tanked Rattlesnake doesn't have to worry about cap or shield boosting., maximizes cargo space with no need for booster charges or mobile depot, and is well tanked for all factions. I know that the OP doesn't have the skills atm, but this fit gives him one form of the Rattlesnake that is (over) well-tanked and gives him 1200+ damage:

    Cruise Missile Launcher II
    Cruise Missile Launcher II
    Cruise Missile Launcher II
    Cruise Missile Launcher II
    Cruise Missile Launcher II
    Drone Range Augmentor II

    Pithum -C Adaptive Invulnerability Field
    Pithum- C Adaptive Invulnerability Field
    LSE II
    Pithum -B EM Shield
    Pithum -B Therm Shield
    Large MJD
    Omnidirectional Tracking Link II (script)

    Shield Power relay II
    Federation Navy Drone Damage Augmentor
    Federation Navy Drone Damage Augmentor
    Ballistic Control System II
    Ballistic Control System II
    Damage Control II

    3x Large Core Defense Field Purger II

    Now I know it both falls somewhat along the lines of both guigui lechat's build/suggestion, as well as needing way too much in skill needs and build costs for the OP. RHML IIs add 100 more dps, but shorten range. I tend to waver between both weapon systems. The resistances for me are 85/88/84/87 with over 183k EHP. Yes, way over tanked and blingy; only used in HS However, I've fallen asleep too often doing missions and woke up a bit later to see a full cleared room. Using either Kinetic or Thermal (or in the case of a Gecko/omni), I am always both correctly tanked and weaponed and don't have to worry about either cap ,shield boosting in mission, or forgetting to switch hardeners between mission. Being cap stable (short of BR mission neuts) means that the cargo bay can be used for ammo and whatever loot he can cram in per mission. I do agree with Chainsaw that the Rattlesnake just has too many flaws to be used on a regular mission basis for me; I prefer either a Paladin or Kronos for rapid NPC reduction and full looting for each mission (the Golem is also used, but Caldari LP for faction ammo is tighter for me). I'm also too lazy to multibox/account, so my Marauders do the heavy lifting. Any build for PvE that keeps management simple and costs down greatly increase the chance of profit and minimizes risk. Whatever choices you make, try to remember to keep any build simple for PvE.

  • Full clears: Marauder > Noctis? in EVE Gameplay Center

    The Larold wrote:
    Tanuki Kittybeta wrote:
    i just kill everything in my golem and mtu stuff in, i dont even salvage much anymore :(

    "someday when I have time" (20 years), I've been wanting to keep a simple table containing the size of wreck I have killed, the loot value it contains, and the salvage value it drops. If I can determine that salvage value is like less than X% of the overall mission value once turned in, I could probably turn off the full-clear OCD switch. I think X would need to be somewhere less than 10 but maybe above 5.

    Well, a quick check of my main mission hub hanger shows over 5 Billion isk worth of Contaminated Lorentz Fluid and 3 Billion isk of Burned Logic Circuits sitting around. That's after lots of industry use and selling. Add the Billions more in other salvaged odds and sods and you have some idea about what it takes to start considering yourself OCD P Let me know if you arrive at a practical formula.

  • Few questions from returning player in EVE Communication Center

    "Recon" is a specific security mission in 3 parts. Each part is a quick go there and report mission; 2-4 minutes to complete. Parts one and two have combat if you so choose, but most people just grind the three as fast as possible.

  • The Ultimate Guide to Defeating CODE in EVE Gameplay Center

    This thread is going to go places..........

    Seriously, though, wouldn't this be better up in the New Citizen Q and A area? Anyone who has been in this game for more than 30 days should be both well aware of CODE and all the myriad ways to either avoid or reduce their chances on being ganked. Not saying the OP doesn't have useful info for the newbros, but this discussion/info has been covered ad nauseum in GD for years.

  • Full clears: Marauder > Noctis? in EVE Gameplay Center

    I agree with hmskrecik, dropping MTUs in each room is just ringing a dinner bell for those pilots who love to kill "abandoned" MTUs. In fact, in my area of EVE, we have several industrialist who make a living going around and destroying mission MTUs and then selling replacement ones. Those slow and scrunchy Haulers are also targeted all the time by those looking for an easy and perhaps profitable kill.

    I prefer either a Paladin or Kronos Marauder and drop a MTU as soon as I enter a room. Bastion up,release a wing of salvage drones, and destroy everything. As I munch through the NPCs, I tractor all Loot filled wrecks as well as the choice large wrecks and use my ship's salvager to target the hardest/most valuable wrecks. By the time the last enemy ship drops, my drones have plowed through the majority of the lesser wrecks, loot and re-ship the MTU as I get out of bastion, and move to the next room. If someone scans me down in my mission, I just ignore them and wait to see if they are dumb enough to go suspect in my presence (after I check local and d-scan, of course).

    Both of the above Marauders have large enough cargo bays that only a few missions like "Going Berzerk" or "The Mordus Headhunters" exceed its capacity (and even then, not by much). I always pack a wing or two of lights for those pesky elite frigates if I screw up the distance when bastioning up. Dropping MTUs in each room may work in your area of EVE, but it would become crazy expensive to mission run in mine. Sure my way may take some actual concentration and effort to do, but if I wanted to completely veg out I would either mine or ship spin in station.

  • Marauder quick positioning for Gone Berzerk? in EVE Gameplay Center

    If I remember correctly, you warp in at around 70-90km. If that is correct, then I see no problem with MJDing to 10-30km (ie.going past them) and setting up shop. My blaster Kronus does this every time and it has no problem with full aggro and rapid full clear. Remember that it is only the last wave (Death Lords) that will try to extend distance from you; everything else comes right at you. A MWD is an ok alternative fit, especially if you fail to nail the Death Lords early and they head out in three separate directions at range and you have to chase them down. Like you mentioned, I think the use of a MWD to get into position adds maybe 30-45 seconds to the mission's running time; I wouldn't sweat the extra time you spend by using a MWD instead of a MJD.

  • Call to Arms! in EVE Communication Center

    Bringing RPG to EVE Forum?.... What could go wrong?



  • Death by my own stupidity, help me understand it. in EVE Gameplay Center

    Interesting! Thanks for posting a followup explanation; something I'll have to keep in mind for the future.

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