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  • STAR WARS 8: The Last Jedi Trailer (2017) in EVE Communication Center


    The regular hardcover is still out there and available for pre-order, but limited editions are now few and far between Smile

  • How has EVE Online help shape your REAL LIFE? in EVE Communication Center

    I started playing EVE when I was 18.

    I was the quietest guy in the world, and the thought of even having to give a presentation in front of five people, or do an interview absolutely terrified me. I was a serious introvert.

    I started playing in 2002 during beta, then after release in 2003 I was like "spaceship game made by a group of nutjobs on a volcanic rock in the middle of nowhere? I'll play it for a bit, it's only going to last 6 months." At that point in time the only thing I knew about Iceland was volcanoes and Bjork.

    EVE lasted into 2004, so I joined ISD as part of CRC (that's what the forum moderators were called back then) and had fun pirating and forum moderating.

    In 2005 I was like "Well ****, it's still here." my confidence had grown a little bit as I'd started talking to people a little more, so I thought "Screw it, I'll form my own corp. I'm not the leadership type so it's only going to last 6 months." Yeah, right.

    2008 rolls along and I've got a notorious 100 man pirate corp only my hands - suddenly I'm flying to Iceland for Alliance Tournament 4. I'm still pretty introvert in real life other than being a big mouth in EVE, because hey, it's on the internet.

    I remember being on the set of AT 4, absolutely shitting myself, fifteen minutes before we were due to go live, shaking like a leaf.

    30 minutes into that broadcast I didn't look back.

    I believe I missed AT 9 and 10 if I remember right, but have been involved in every one of them since 4 in some capacity or other - it just became a thing I've loved. The last 4 have been with CCP as a member of staff.

    Fast forward from 2008 to 2017, and from a shy introvert it's now pretty hard to shut me up. I've presented on stage in front of thousands of people, live streamed in front of thousands, and interviewed for EVE media and press from all over the world.

    That's all been thanks to EVE Online, CCP, and more than anything, this community.

    So yeah, EVE basically changed who I am as a person, from a quiet, introvert, fast mouthed smartass nerd who really needed to get to know people before he'd open up to them, to the person I am today (a noisy, loudmouthed, extrovert smartass nerd who never shuts up).

    EVE and this community have given me some of the biggest opportunities of my life, and both have been with me on a fifteen year journey of self discovery that, while it's had its rocky moments, has defined who I am and changed me in more ways than I can list.

    TL;DR - Yes. P

  • CCP Reykjavik!! in EVE Communication Center

    Yourmoney Mywallet wrote:
    Hamul Jinn wrote:
    Ask and you shall receive!!

    You just know that sign really says "LOL!"

    Sadly not, it says "Lokað", which is Icelandic for closed.

    The landlord of the building we're in has been doing basement renovations recently, preparing to open something down there, so there's been signs and barriers up all over the place.

    Also, OP, drop us a line next time you're in town, I'm sure we can arrange a tour.


    There are differences in VAT, State and Federal Taxes between the US, UK and EU.

    This makes the price different. There's also differences in shipping and logistics costs, which makes the price differ a little.

    Hope this helps.

  • Multiplexing/Input Automation : Take 2 in EVE Communication Center

    If you feel someone is breaking the rules, please report it via the proper channels.

    Don't complain on the forums about it, as this won't solve anything.

    Typically, this is investigated thoroughly before any bans are issued, so bear with the security team and they'll look into it.

    Also, don't re-open locked threads.

  • Dev Blog: A New Deployable From The Upwell Consortium in EVE Information Center

    Over the course of the last few weeks you’ve heard more about the ever growing range of Upwell Consortium Structures that are on offer, as well as a little more about the next generation of structures, Refineries, which will also be arriving soon™.

    Today we bring you news of a new deployable structure that will be arriving soon, as the Upwell Consortium branches out into the field of deployables with a view to cornering the market.

    Check out all the details in the latest Dev Blog here!

  • Dev blog: The EVE Fanfest 2017 MegaBlog! in EVE Information Center

    vet wrote:
    So the fanfest beer is only available at Prikið once uncasked? Or it just starts there and spreads like the Andromeda Strain to other bars in Reykjavik?

    It'll be available in somewhere near a dozen bars in downtown RKV during Fanfest week.

    Will see if I can get a list together tomorrow Big smile

  • 2017/03/22 - UNSCHEDULED SERVER REBOOT AND DOWNTIME in EVE Communication Center

    Kaivarian Coste wrote:
    So rumours abound on the Help channel about a rollback. o.O

    Rumors - nothing more Smile

  • 2017/03/22 - UNSCHEDULED SERVER REBOOT AND DOWNTIME in EVE Communication Center

    Hey guys,

    We've been monitoring Tranquility since today's downtime, and will need to take the cluster offline for a little maintenance soon.

    We'll be shutting down Tranquility at 13:30 UTC (in roughly 30 minutes) for a short downtime in order to make a few changes.

    We expect this downtime to last roughly fifteen minutes, plus a few minutes of VIP time for testing once we bring the cluster back online.

    Tranquility should be back online and accepting connections before 14:00 UTC.

    Apologies for any inconvenience this might cause.

    - F



  • Dev Blog: PLEX Rework - Follow Up in EVE Information Center

    Hey guys,

    Since the release of the PLEX Changes blog a few days back, we've been monitoring feedback, looking at suggestions from the community, and discussing internally what the best course of action is as we move forward with the changes that are coming to PLEX.

    Today we have a follow up blog from Team Size Matters for you guys, with a little additional information and a some key changes to how we intend to roll this out.

    Once again, thanks for the candid (and sometimes colorful) feedback and discussion over the course of the last few days. We're always open to listening to the concerns and suggestions of our pilots, and looking at ways we can continue to improve the EVE Universe with your help.

    Check out the Devblog here, and feel free to leave your feedback in this thread.

  • EVE_NT London - Saturday, November 18th 2017 in EVE Gameplay Center

    Should be there Blink

  • Dev blog: PLEX Changes On The Way! in EVE Information Center

    Hey guys,

    Just a quick update!

    Thanks for all the feedback so far - it's clear that there's been some pretty active and somewhat vigorous discussion of the proposed changes.

    Team Size Matters and the community team are running through this thread, looking over the feedback (both positive and negative) as well as the suggestions that all you guys are putting forward.

    We'll be taking a look at it, discussing it internally early after the weekend, and will be looking at how best to incorporate relevant feedback into the changes that are coming.

    Thanks again for all the feed back, and remember - Let's keep it civil here and within the realms of the forum rules Blink

  • Aurum balances <1000 not being converted to pico-plex in EVE Communication Center

    If you'd like to give feedback or discuss this, please do so in the appropriate thread.

  • THE FINAL RESISTANCE | Null Sec Corp is recruiting! in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    Unlocked on request of OP.

  • What happened to EVE Updates? in EVE Communication Center

    Burlinton wrote:
    When the website EVE Updates was rolled out a few years ago it was billed as the place to go to catch up on past changes, and view a road map for the future of Eve. Now it seems to be barely maintained with little or no view of the future except for one dusty idea that got kicked down the road last year. Some fairly significant changes have been announced for March 14th any yet nothing on EVE Updates. CCP have you given up on having a developmental road map? Are you purely in reactive mode with development until further notice and the site is no longer needed, at least as a forward looking tool? Let us know so we can delete the bookmark.

    It generally gets updated as we have more features to announce.

    Right now, we're off the back of a major expansion (Ascension) and we're planning to talk about a lot more in the coming weeks in the run up to, and at Fanfest.

    Stay tuned for more in the coming weeks Smile

  • Longest distant traveled by Sublight? in EVE Communication Center

    I once put 8 microwarpdrives on a scorpion back when you could.

    It emptied my cap in three cycles and I ended up travelling at 147 km/sec

    It was great Big smile

  • 重要な通知 - アカウント管理および言語サポート(日本のプレーヤーの方向け)に関する変更について in 日本語フォーラム


    CCPとNEXONの契約は2017年3月31日をもって終了となり、NEXON IDに紐付けられていたアカウントはその日からCCPの請求システムに移行され、アカウント管理をすべてEVE Onlineセキュア・ウェブサイトから直接行っていただくようになります。

    NEXON経由でEVE Onlineを利用していたプレーヤーの皆様のメールアドレス(検証済みのもの)に、近日中にメールが送られます。そのメールからNEXON IDとの紐付けを解除し、通常のEVE Onlineアカウントに移行していただくことで、CCP Gamesのアカウント管理サービスをすべて直接利用できるようになります。

    NEXONとの契約が終了する2017年3月31日をもって、EVE Onlineセキュア・ウェブサイトを通じてCCP Gamesが直接すべてのサービス、アカウント管理、それに関連するサポートを提供するようになりますので、ご注意ください。それにより、プレーヤーの皆様が未使用のNEXONポイントをお持ちの場合でも、その日からポイントを使用することができなくなります。

    そのため、NEXONポイントが残っているEVE Onlineユーザーの皆様は、2017年3月31日より前にポイントを使い切ることをおすすめします。

    また、この2017年3月31日の移行完了後、日本のプレーヤーの皆様がEVE Onlineセキュア・ウェブサイトを通じてパッケージやオメガ・サブスクリプションを購入した場合、すべて米ドル建てで請求されるようになります。支払方法の詳細についてはEVE Onlineヘルプセンターをご覧ください。

    また、アカウント管理に関する変更に加え、CCPはEVE Onlineクライアントの日本語化を2017年3月31日に終了いたします。それにより、クライアントの日本語化が行われるのは2017年3月のリリース(119.3)が最後になります。日本向けのカスタマーサポートや日本語のウェブサイト、サポートの日本語化については、この変更に関わらず今まで通り継続していきます。

    日本語を母国語とするプレーヤーの皆様は、2017年3月31日の移行完了後から、アカウント管理に関するサポートをお求めの場合はサポートチケットをEVE Onlineヘルプセンター経由で入手し、必要なサポートを受けるという流れになります。

    同様に、移行に関してご不明な点がございましたら、サポートチケットを使用して直接CCP Gamesにお問い合わせください。当社のカスタマーサポート・チームがよろこんでサポートいたします。

  • CCP Biomassed Empress Catiz I in EVE Communication Center

    Recycling event characters Big smile

    Don't worry people, she's very much still alive P

  • Deployment Issues - 2017/02/14 in EVE Communication Center

    Ncc 1709 wrote:
    no alliance logo updates?
    been waiting 4 months without any update on them

    Alliance logo updates are not tied to feature releases. They occur when we have a large enough group of logos to warrant an upload.

    The next group will be uploaded at some point in the next two weeks, they're currently being processed.

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