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  • Dev Blog: Coming in Kronos: Introducing what's in the Kronos release in EVE Information Center

    chaosjj wrote:
    The new Typhoon redesign is not listed, is it delayed?

    It will likely make it in, but if it's not in Kronos it will come out soon after.

  • Dev Blog: Coming in Kronos: Introducing what's in the Kronos release in EVE Information Center

    Klarion Sythis wrote:

    That was already confirmed by a Dev to be a no go. Fozzie, I think.

    Can't find anything on the Blockade Runner/Deep Space Transport changes though. Did I miss something?

    A forum thread is on its way.

  • Testing the New Eden Store in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Freelancer117 wrote:

    May I remind CCPgames about this dev blog:


    "We have expressed our deep concern about potential grey areas that the introduction of virtual goods permits, and CCP has made a commitment to discuss any proposals that might fall into these grey areas in detail with CSM at the earliest possible stage."

    Hope that awareness has not dissipated over the years.

    Regards, a Freelancer

    Nothing has changed in our approach since that blog - the same principles still apply, and we will still discuss all new plans with the CSM.

  • Hi Resolution Texture Pack - Show Your Support!!! in EVE Communication Center

    Hey all - thanks for all the input in this thread!

    I just want to clarify that while we have higher resolution textures for our ships, delivering them to you is not as trivial as putting the files on the interwebs and be done. We are looking into how to best do this, and we are not holding back because we think no-one wants this! It is just not trivial to do, and we need to both investigate and weigh various options for how to deliver it, that require involvement from multiple aspects of how we develop EVE - such as the rendering engine, game settings, launcher and server operations.

    We have heard you loud and clear though that this is something players would appreciate - and we are investigating if we can do it and when. You’ll see a devblog about it if we decide to go ahead.

    /CCP Seagull

  • CREST experimental access for the Alliance Tournament in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I'm super excited to see this in motion, and I keep working to get all the other bits in place for Single Sign On and authenticated CREST access for 3rd party devs. (Developer pages and the Developer License). As you know it is taking longer than planned at the start of the project, but we are steadily working towards getting more and more of this in your hands.

    /CCP Seagull

  • CSM Guest Blog: "Reasonable Things" Crowdsourcing in EVE Information Center

    Hey all.

    Big thanks to the CSM for organizing this effort.

    We will look closely at the result of this process, and we will likely have bandwidth for taking on things from the resulting list for the winter expansion, and we will then continue to use this list to either build up groups of sense making features to bring in as bigger beats in expansions, or to fill out our existing plans with individual items from the lists.

    I'm going on vacation for the rest of July so I will not be reading or posting more in this thread, but I will work closely with the CSM to integrate this list into our planning process once it is done.

    Thanks in advance for all your suggestions!

    /CCP Seagull

  • SDE for Odyssey 1.0 + conversions by yours truly in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Great stuff! We will try to be even earlier with releasing the SDE in the future.

    /CCP Seagull

  • Devtrack at EVE Fanfest 2013 in EVE Technology and Research Center

    The devtrack will be streamed to its own Twitch channel here:

    Discuss on twitter: #devfleet

  • Devtrack at EVE Fanfest 2013 in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Peter Powers wrote:
    CCP Bracari wrote:
    Peter Powers wrote:
    uhm, no dev round table this year?

    Each devtrack, with the exception of the Overview, includes both the presentation and a subsequent Q&A session and it will take place in the same room as the presentations.

    i'll read the evasion of the question as a "No there is no round table discussion planed on 3rd party developer subjects"
    Is it so hard to give a direct answer?

    No, there is no session called "Roundtable" on the topic of 3rd party development - because we think more time is needed for discussions and questions and in relation to each topic - so we have provided plenty of space for just that as part of the devtrack program itself - which is just what CCP Bracari was explaining.

    I will include a point about this in the original post.


  • Devtrack at EVE Fanfest 2013 in EVE Technology and Research Center


    The devtrack is back at Fanfest this year, with 5 sessions on various aspects of our developer tools.
    The devtrack will get you up to date on what our plans are for 3rd party developer tools, and give hands-on information about new stuff that we are getting closer and closer to releasing.

    We have not been able to release CREST or Single Sign On to 3rd party developers as planned and announced at Fanfest last year, but we have made steady progress internally on both our new site for developers, and the CREST and SSO technology itself. We are also picking up development on the EVE API, since this will be around for a long time still, and we have also made progress on code for embedding our WebGL starmap and shipviewer components - so come along and hear what we are at, and what we are planning for the future!

    The devtrack will be streamed to its own Twitch channel here:

    We will also record all talks and publish them on the CCP Youtube channel after Fanfest. (We have a much better streaming and recording setup than last year.)

    Sessions are currently scheduled for Thursday and Friday just after lunch, exact times will be available in the Fanfest programme.

    Note: There is no roundtable on 3rd party development this year - instead each devtrack session has plenty of time for questions and discussions.

    Hope to see you there!

    /CCP Seagull

    Here are the sessions:

    DEVTRACK: Overview
    CCP Seagull presents future plans for 3rd party development for EVE and an overview of the tools we have available and where we are taking them.

    Hands on with CREST and the EVE API – the programmers working on CREST and the EVE API present plans and features.

    DEVTRACK: Licence and policing
    An update on the Developer License and how CCP will handle 3rd party applications in cases of malicious or misleading applications.

    DEVTRACK: Single Sign On and authentication into the EVE Universe
    An introduction to CCP’s Single Sign On service. The SSO is a service that unifies authentication into the Eve Universe, it is also a service that allows 3rd party developers to write applications that use EVE authentication. This session will go over what SSO is, how to sign up as a 3rd party developer and use it.

    Discussing recent work and future plans for use of WebGL in representing 3D objects on the web, including the shipviewer and starmap widgets

  • Dev Blog: No Brakes - Ship and module Balancing in Retribution 1.1 in EVE Information Center

    CCP Fozzie wrote:
    Ranger 1 wrote:
    Thanks for all the hard work Fozzie.

    It was probably wise to emphasize that there will definitely be further balancing passes based on feedback and need. Not that I think much will be needed (if any) but that should calm down the crowd that likes to panic based on theorycrafting untl they actually have a chance to use these things live.

    I'd like to eventually reach the point where everyone just assumes that we'll keep iterating as needed, but I know that kind of trust takes time to build.

    I'd just like to confirm that the ship balancing effort is a fully supported long term project that I see as core to developing and caring for our game.

  • CSM December minutes: EVE Online - The Next Decade in Council of Stellar Management

    When calling out Solo players, and calling them "lurkers" - I don't do it because I see them as a problem - I do it because I believe it's a style we must support and cultivate - but as a part of the sandbox. Solo actions and activities should still have meaning as a part of the EVE universe, but through for example indirect interactions with other people, like the market, or like depleting resources that are gone when someone else shows up too late, and through interactions you can seek out when playing solo - like solo piracy - not through forced social interactions, that require time and organization and syncing with other people and dealing with them and their schedules and wishes and troubles before you can play EVE.

    I believe we should not be building activities in EVE that you could just as well do in a single player game - and that solo play does not mean immunity from all effects of other people in the world - but I also believe that forcing people into direct social participation is just the wrong strategy.

    I hope that clarifies my approach a bit.


  • POSes: I am a small portion of the community in Council of Stellar Management

    Hey all

    Thank you for your participation in this discussion.

    First, let me spell out what we agree on in CCP:

    • The current starbase system has a number of usability problems and design issues that cause pain for pretty much anyone who uses a starbase.
    • People use starbases for a number of different purposes in the game, and many of the areas of the game where they form a key part, are ones we haven't iterated on in a long time - or the starbases are so fundamental to a type of gameplay, that the shortcomings of the existing system are felt daily.
    • Lots more people are affected by starbases and starbase-related mechanics in the game, than just the people that manage them - and there are many cases where they are managed and used by "Enablers" and "Instigators" who use the capabilities of the starbase in the schemes of a larger group.
    • Structures that players create, own, build and do stuff with is a very cool thing. We can see tons of potential in how a re-vamped system could both fix the stuff that's broken about the existing system, and open up for all kinds of exciting new things for both new and old players to do in EVE.

    For all of these reasons, we wanted to create a new and better system, and started work to design and prototype an approach dubbed "modular POS:es" last release - the system you have heard about in various places.

    The result was design work and a prototype, where the prototype and art requirements were centered on stuff that was very cool for the person creating the starbase. This was not the entire ambition of the design, but it was where the prototype and art requirements were focused. Because there were too many open questions around the functionality outside the features for starbase creation, we could not responsibly green light the design to go into production for the summer expansion. When we talk about "the POS system" only affecting a "small portion of the community", we are referring to the focus of the prototype, not to the current starbase system or the concept of the full "modular POS system" - but this does not come across well in the CSM Summit minutes.

    The potential for player created and owned structures in EVE is great. But just like both me and CCP Unifex talked about in our recent devblogs, and in the summit sessions, we need to work out how we can realize each piece of that, using our new processes. One expansion worth of work won't be able to address all the problems with the current system, while also giving us all the new possibilities. While we weren't ready to commit to implementing the prototype we have at the moment, we are not abandoning either starbases or their potential.

    You will see the first results of our new way of planning expansions towards the end of February, and you can follow the process through the CSM participation and also some updates I'll be giving. I can't and won't promise that specific features or fixes will be part of the summer expansion until we have gone through our pre-production phase.

    Thanks for reading this, and for engaging in this discussion.

  • POSes: I am a small portion of the community in Council of Stellar Management

    Both me and CCP Unifex are following this discussion, and will respond when we've had a chance to catch up on all of it and can address and clarify some things properly. Please see CCP Gargant's post: https://forums.eveonline.com/default.aspx?g=posts&m=2475724#post2475724

  • Dev blog: EVE Online development in 2013 and beyond in EVE Information Center

    Karbowiak wrote:
    Seagull, it's all fine and dandy mentioning the well being of 3rd party devs, and then say CREST.

    But how about fixing the current API.

    - Implement a proper cache, so we don't have to look at 119s on the killlog for example
    - Add missing end points (Indexes, FW Progression, Incursions, Faction Info, Alliance Info, Station Details)
    - Making it less unstable, maybe add an extra server or two to power it

    And on the CREST side of things

    - ability to interface with the CHAT system (as in, sending and recieving chat messages from channels and people live, so we can build an IRC/JABBER/WHATEVER gateway)

    Oh and, come onto IRC in #eve-dev and stay around. Esp. if you actually mean you want to help the 3rd party devs give more tools to the players.

    Anyway, you'll probably never read this, so why am i even bothering.. *sigh*

    We are indeed adding a cache to the API, but I know it is not getting the love it should. Before I was working on the pure tech side and could not directly influence these priorities, but calling out "Enablers" in my new job is one way of putting real focus on people who do this both in and out of game, and make priorities accordingly. Can't promise overnight miracle change, but I organized the Devtrack at Fanfest and made sure CREST took the path it did because I do believe 3rd party developers are a huge value to the community, and I want to support that. Now I am in a better position to do that.

    (I'll try and drop by IRC every once in a while to say hi and listen to feedback, but my productivity is destroyed if I am online all the time, so I have to turn of my irc client most of the time)

  • Dev blog: EVE Online development in 2013 and beyond in EVE Information Center

    Solosky wrote:
    we are going into a pre-production phase for the summer expansion of EVE Online, where we establish what the theme will be and what features and changes will be part of that theme. We will involve the CSM in this process

    TL;DR no new content for hi-sec.

    We listen in many places and to lots of data, and no single stakeholder (including the internal ones) gets to define the agenda.
    The CSM notes from the "Second Decade" session from the summit will have some more detail on how I see what we should do - keep an eye out for that one.

  • Dev blog: EVE Online development in 2013 and beyond in EVE Information Center

    Marcel Devereux wrote:
    Congrats! Now first order of business for this week: release CREST! Next week's agenda: port over all the current feeds in the API to CREST and release them!


    Working on it! :) At least on releasing CREST. Have some legal dragons to slay still, we're taking those source code requirements out of the license for example.

  • Dev blog: EVE Online development in 2013 and beyond in EVE Information Center

    Rees Noturana wrote:
    How is this different from the "Jesus Features" that CCP vowed to never do again? Just smaller stuff under one common theme? What if a theme needs a really big change to make worthwhile?

    Nice to see you supporting the Enablers, although I prefer the term Makers and Breakers. Cool

    We can still do big things and long term things that take more than one release, because we can have a single theme run across multiple releases - and ship the "big" thing in the second or third release on a theme - or just silently work on shipping preparation features for a bigger change, like how the refactoring of Crimewatch was done, before we made any real changes to the related features.

    I think a "Jesus feature" means some single huge feature that is believed to be THE solution to either growing or fixing the game - and that's what we want to never do again. But we can still do big changes to the game - just with a clear idea of what we're trying to achieve with them, and a realistic set of expectations for what they will bring to the game.

  • Dev Blog: Introducing The Free Developer License & CREST API Beta Test in EVE Information Center

    Just a note to say that work is in progress to address many comments and issues from this thread - and also that DUST joining Tranquility today means CREST is now in full production - which is a big big technical step on the way to making it available to 3rd party developers. (CREST is how DUST clients communicates with Tranquility)

    More soon!

    /CCP Seagull

  • Dev Blog: Introducing The Free Developer License & CREST API Beta Test in EVE Information Center

    I'm monitoring all the questions in this thread, and will work with our legal counsel to come back with answers after the holidays. So far the three main topics we need to clarify/address is how and what you can charge for, the source code access question, and the bits about hiring, but I'll also make sure we answer other questions that have come up. Thanks for your feedback and input so far!

    /CCP Seagull

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