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The last one is a typo, isn't it? Should =0% Effectiveness. Or is Falloff not linear?

  • AT multi-ship sansha skin in EVE Communication Center

    It's a tad annoying that every week there's an announcement about some new skins in the cash shop.

  • [December] Navy EWar Frigates in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I love to do frigate combat in Novice Plexes so for me these are an absolute dream!

    Looking forward to my blaster griffin, my anti-farmer maulus, my double tracking disruptor cruci and my kitey rocket vigil.

    Can't wait for these, take my LP!

  • Any update on the AT skins? in EVE Communication Center

    It's been a while now.

  • On cheating, negative wallets, and good people doing dumb things. in EVE Communication Center

    I think it's very important about this that we are precise in our terminology.

    First off teams working together. Teams love working together and there's tons of cooperation that is explicitly allowed. Scrimming, sharing setups, sharing resources and prize ships this is all legal.

    Prohibited collusion is basically match fixing and that's what is not allowed.

    The match fixing was done pretty subtly. If you refer back to DHB's original post. he doesn't become sure that it's going on until Kadesh explicitly confirms it in a private skype chat.

    If DHB wasn't sure (and remember he never liked or trusted Kadesh) then it's reasonable to assume that ordinary squad level grunts would not necessarily know. Only they themselves know for sure but it's reasonable to give them the benefit of any doubt because frankly it's unlikely people like Suitonia or Chessur knew and it's perfectly plausible that they simply didn't guess.

    In fact I asked Anope if he suspected anything on reddit and he and Lord Carlos gave me perfectly reasonable answers which I accept personally. https://www.reddit.com/r/Eve/comments/3ns14n/ama_hi_i_am_a_non_leadership_member_of_the_camel/cvqym2e

    So with that in mind I don't like the terms "intentionally stupid" or "willfully ignorant." These players were fooled and part of the issue is that the collusion rules are so murky. It was absolutely allowed for Kadesh and Bob to be chatting about games together, sharing resources and asking for advice. (In fact PL themselves have advised teams how to play against the Hydra teams in various ATs).

    How does a squad member know that these two were crossing the rather vague lines? No one knew for sure until Kadesh told DHB and he doesn't seem to have shared that with the others on the team during the AT itself.

    I do support confiscating the ships and negative isking the wallets. Cheats should never prosper, even if the cheating was unintentional and unknowing.

    As far as I'm concerned the reputation of players like Mawderator, Suitonia, Anope etc is intact but it's also absolutely right that the assets are taken off them and if someone blew it all on plexing their account or whatever that's a hole they'll have to dig themselves out of. Morale: if you suddenly come into 50 billion isk don't rush out and spend it all.

    The good of the tournament is that players become very averse to anyone shady as captain. Kadesh was a lowlife but he was only empowered by decent high quality players accepting him as captain. If these guys had gone **** that guy, he's got no integrity they would have made different teams, used different captains and certain lines would not have been crossed.

    It will be interesting to see what happens in 2017 when Bob Shaftoes has served his one year ban and is back in the AT. Will good players flock to him as a brilliant captain or avoid him like the plague as someone who doesn't know were the boundaries are?

    It's for the ordinary team members to decide who they will be empowering in the future, if you think someone's sketchy find a different alliance.

  • Succession Trials Candidacy – House Kor-Azor in EVE Communication Center

    Monsters have murdered the Empress.

    Has humanity ever faced a darker time in all the long years since our ancestors passed through the Evegate?

    We face a time of conflict, a time of turmoil, a time that will test our resolve and our faith.

    One nation will lead the fight - a nation targeted so tragically by the enemies of us all, these Drifter filth.

    There is but one Imperial candidate fit to lead humanity through the dark times ahead. His Highness, Aritcio Kor-Azor.

    There is but one capsuleer fit to be his champion.

    I am the fire. I am the flame that burns in the hearts of warriors, I am the blaze that will burn heresy from the skies.

    I am the wind. I am the whisper in a billion ears, the promise of victory, the turner of heads.

    I am the earth. I am the rock upon which a great Imperial Family may rest, I am the promise that will never be broken, the faith that endures.

    I am the sea. I am the Changer, the wave to sweep away the impure and cleanse the Drifter menace for all time.

    My Lord Kor-Azor, I am your servant, Callduron. Let me first make you Emperor, let me next lead your war.

    Amarr victor.


    Following a series of roams in your honour, Lord, I present proof of my valour at arms: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7BUZyW6EWNY&feature=youtu.be

  • ATXIII Collusion Investigation results in EVE Communication Center

    Davis TetrisKing wrote:
    CCP Logibro wrote:
    Current Habit wrote:
    What about the skins the two teams received? They fixed at least one match and received skins for it.

    Skins have not been distributed yet, and in this case, they will not be receiving any. The number of match wins (and thus skins) for other teams will not be adjusted.

    Icarus Narcissus wrote:
    What does this do as far at the top 16 guaranteed to be in AT14? Will it now be top 14 or will two more teams have something to celebrate beyond victory for the greater good?

    The teams previously placed 17 and 18 are now placed 15 and 16, and as such will be offered those positions (assuming we stick with them for next year)

    Just curious, how are you going to determine who got 17th and 18th out of the teams that were knocked out in the same round (17th to 24th I believe)?

    As Captain of a team that finished in the top 32, I'd be very interested in knowing if 2 teams will be bumped up to top 16 and therefore become seeded for next year's competition.

  • Data Site Improvements in EVE Gameplay Center

    COSMOS materials really need to be sellable on the market.

    Usually now when someone loots one of these obcsure items they just leave it in their hangar.

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