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  • Red vs Blue: Never ending PvP at your disposal! in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    Just a friendly bump from an ex-RVBer, hell what am i saying? im still an dirty RED at heart.

    just wanted to add that the almost 4 years i spent in rvb were some of the best of my eve career and that the new leadership is really doing a good job of bringing rvb back to its roots of non-stop, no B.S. pvp and i really recommend pilots new and old to give rvb a go, you wont regret it.

    ad astra per aspera

  • ***R-v-B -- The MOST active PVP community in EVE in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    dat double poast

  • ***R-v-B -- The MOST active PVP community in EVE in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    The next rvb tournament is scheduled for sometime this summer! join up and take part in the largest player organized tournament in eve!

  • ***R-v-B -- The MOST active PVP community in EVE in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    RvB: No sov, no hassle!

    join the eternal battle today!

  • Literal Fire Sale in EVE Marketplace

    Stephanie Panala wrote:
    So, these are existing POCOs or just empty sites?

    We are burning down every poco held directly or indirectly by a russian alliance known as "PIRAT" , most of which are in close proximity to amarr. At last count this is near 150 planets, 40ish having already been delt with. we will be taking the most lucrative or convenient planets and leaving the others empty for any and all to take. If you have some particular planets in mind owned by these guys or their alt corps(or just want planets in general), and wish to have the opportunity to drop your poco's before anyone else, contact ShenanigansBus and im sure something can be worked out.

    otherwise, come by and warm your hands in the glow of domain as we burn it to the ground :)

  • ***R-v-B -- The MOST active PVP community in EVE in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    Ilandrin Yona wrote:
    So, I've come back to Eve after a break of at least a few months. Been playing since January 2007, but have been an industrialist for all that time. I always lose at PVP so I would like to get better at it.

    I'm thinking I'd like to join the Red team. I read you don't have formal classes but do you have people who help mentor those who are just learning the ins and outs of PVP?



    we have several newb resources. These include: starter packs with free ships and mods to get you on your feet, dedicated noobfleet channel that is populated by experienced veterans (and other newbs) that are ready to answer any questions you may have regarding any aspect of the game and provide fitting and piloting advice as well as honorable 1v1s to practice and a dedicated sub forum where you'll find all kinds of info about fitting/flying/ect.

    we have plenty of resources for newbies, but we dont do any hand holding, trial by fire is the rvb way.

  • [Video] Clash of the Empires (Empire PVP) in EVE Communication Center

    video was okay, the whole zoomed way out thing is pretty boring to watch without commentary.

    anyways this post is to addressee the gross inaccuracies in last couple of minutes of the vid where you talk about the end of the war. You state that we cut a deal with GSE for some sort of mutual defense pack or whatever 'future help' is suppose to mean. Now why would we have done that? we were winning the war handily, all our pocos were successfully defended and we took the GSE pocos we were after, we were also way ahead in the isk war. And best of all we were finally getting good fights out of the highsec mercs, (compared to the usual bait and gank on jita undock)

    this is what actually happened. We had scouted out the substantial amount of POCOs GSE had around Amarr aswell as their WH, and after our success taking our objectives around jita, we threatened GSE with on all out assault on the rest of their poco's unless they surrendered, RvB has no interest (yet) in overextending and holding poco's near amarr, our turf is caldari space. GSE leadership clearly saw the wisdom in this, and accepted the terms. In no way did we agree to anything else. Now i dont know what you were told, but sounds like your leadership tried to save face, or there was some confusion with the fact that one of the GSE corps dropped before the end of the war and we bashed there pos after we received intel from a disgruntled officer of GSE that the pos was full of goodies. turned out it wasn't, but this event was in no way related to the poco's war or the terms of GSEs surrender.

    do your homework yo.

    ps. GFs all around tho, twas a good war, most entertaining.

  • RvB Turns 5!! in EVE Communication Center

    RvB has been my home for nearly 3 years now, and what a 3 years its been. i love the pew pew but i love the community even more. Ive made many friends and acquaintances during these past three years, and a few enemies. I love the feeling i get when i head out into low every once in a while and get waved down in every other system by ex-rvbers that want to brawl or chat, becasue that's what rvb is at its core, a community of pvpers and laid back dudes (and gals :) ), and no matter if you're currently out of corp doing something else for a while, your heart always stays in josameto.

    So heres to another 5 for the most awesome community in eve.

  • Fellow capsuleer Vestor Suhth (John Box) has passed in EVE Communication Center

    from the stars we come, to the stars we return.

  • A few question about the HISEC POCO Wars... in EVE Communication Center

    Pix Severus wrote:
    What tax rate do RvB typically set on their POCOs?

    the RvBee community sets its tax rate for all pocos at 10% (with the skills trained). the RvBee community controls 98% of the pocos in the forge, all the pocos within 3 jumps of jita and loads more pocos across the rest of caldari space. we plan to keep expanding to include most of the lucrative HS areas.

    an added bonus to using our pocos (at a very competitive and fair tax rate you'll agree) is you fund rvb. all proceeds go directly to the rvb community. we use it to fund events, noob aid programs, SRPs and the FC loyalty points program among other things. this steady source of income has turned rvb into a completely donation (the vast of majority of which came from a few vets) reliant community into a self sufficient entity able to organize robust pilot welfare programs for its members.

    edit: ****** up the numbas

  • Community Spotlight: Red vs Blue in EVE Information Center

    btw nice spotlight
    much purple love

  • Are there any corps who wages war on cowards, who wages war with new player corps for easy kills. in EVE Communication Center

    Ruger St1pe wrote:
    I still say that people who wages war with a new corp are cowards. who want easy kills. Nothing impressive there,

    All I get for trying to help my corp, is threats of wardec in here, and people telling me I can go **** myself and my corp cause I am a new player. Well wow impressive, advice. Well sure if I get 10 wardecs for making a thread about it sure im gone. Fck it. I am just pointing out something EXTREMELY unpopular and true. Also I didnt name any corps in here, at least im not a scared kitten who wont make a post on something to help his members. It is a lame mechanics that you can gimp new players for fun.

    i gave you the solutions to your problem, but you just ignored those and instead decided to rant about what you think is an attack on your person, when really people are just telling you how it is. Adapt and survive or die, if you dont get that about eve, then might as well quit becasue you'll only run into this kind of thing over and over again. Try and see past your ridiculous pretext of 'honorable conduct' in a in an internet spaceship game and you just might have some fun.

  • Are there any corps who wages war on cowards, who wages war with new player corps for easy kills. in EVE Communication Center

    two things:
    first, stop calling people who wardecced you 'cowards', its a game, taking things on such a personal level makes you look like a complete social ******. The only thing your gonna accomplish talking like that is making yourself a target for trolls and greifers, in fact i expect you'll have a couple more wardecs at the end of the day becasue of this thread.

    second, what your looking for are called mercenaries. Join the merc channel or look in C&P subforum. These guys aren't cheap though so i doubt you can afford them. your best course of action is to drop corp and make a new one, that is if you dont want to resist. If you dont want to be a pushover then do everything you can to deny your opponent kills, they'll lose interest soon enough.

  • Looking for specialized high sec POS basher squad - multiple jobs - no time waste in EVE Gameplay Center

    post in that thread, the contact info is in the there as well. Dragon Venom (red CEO) is the guy you want to talk to.

  • Looking for specialized high sec POS basher squad - multiple jobs - no time waste in EVE Gameplay Center

    my esteemed colleague forgot to mention that we also do pos cleanups around the forge. If you need a pos somewhere else (that isn't in the ass end of the galaxy) i'm sure we can reach some sort of agreement......

    check this thread out for more info: https://forums.eveonline.com/default.aspx?g=posts&m=2876503#post2876503

  • Happy Birthday RvB in EVE Communication Center

    all you need to do to join the fun is drop an app into red or blue, and proceed with shooting up some space bros for the weekend! who knows maybe you'll like it so much you'll want to stay! :)

  • *Long Over Close* in EVE Gameplay Center

    confirming we only had a small number of people shooting the pos.
    at the same time id like to confirm there was a 100man ganked fleet out in 0.0 during the pos bash.
    oh and i wouldn't hire ivy league given thier history with pos defense :)

    ps. love you e-uni, lets pewpew again soon <3

    edit: you killed ten huh?

  • Mangala Solaris for CSM 8 in Council of Stellar Management

    I Was There wrote:

    "Having exploded Mangala more than I can remember"
    How does that make you know he's more than qualified to be a part of the CSM?

    If you really believe in Mangala Solaris, please stop posting so much **** and spam in this thread. It really kills it.
    A lot of you see Mangala as a good CSM because he FC's the GANKED fleets. It tell us nothing about Mangala or what he'll do in CSM.

    I think your ****** attitude kills this thread, lighten up a little. Its an internet spaceships election ffs.

  • ***R-v-B -- The MOST active PVP community in EVE in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    confirming violencing mangs spaceships is a RvB tradition.

  • Mangala Solaris for CSM 8 in Council of Stellar Management

    Having exploded mangala more times then i can remember, i can say without hesitation that hes more then qualified to be part of the CSM, in fact he may be the only candidate that "gets it" and isn't out to make a name for himself but simply trying to make the game better.

    The Hero we Deserve!