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  • [Aegis] Missile balance package in EVE Technology and Research Center

    CCP Rise wrote:

    Small update for you on the new modules.

    First of all, the first build that went to sisi with the new modules has several incomplete pieces, one of which was the absence of stacking penalties on the explosion radius and explosion velocity bonus for new modules. That should be fixed in the newest build.

    Second of all, after some really great feedback from you guys (and from the CSM) we are going to tune the initial numbers for these modules down a bit from what was proposed in the OP. There's a few problems with the numbers proposed originally but at the end of the day it would have meant Missile Guidance Modules were substantially stronger than their tracking counterparts (around 50% stronger for the enhancer and around 33% stronger for the computer).

    I'm going to just update the OP with the new numbers and you guys can let me know what you think. If you notice any other problems or bugs on sisi be sure to point them out.

    Thanks for all the feedback so far!

    There is actually a logic flaw in this approach because of how turrets work in oppose to missiles.

    As soon a target is far enough away, the transverse speed becomes irrelevant for turrets, the damage is exclusively decided by the question if the target is within optimal range.

    The same situation does not occur for missiles, because the damage application is based on speed and not on the direction of the ship. A ship will speed tank missiles at 1km as good as at 249 km. This requires for the same application of damage to counter the effect of the speed tank AND extend the range to reach the target. Additionally the limit of missle flight time means that a fast traveling ship is able to reduce the application further by reducing the effective range orbiting the target at a high range to increase the missile flight path.

    You can of course adjust the modules so it allows comparative application of damage on range, but this will create a disproportional advantage in close range.

    The idea that you can make missile modules work comparative to turret modules is simply not working. I am a bit too lazy to do this right now, but you can solve the turret damage equation against the missile damage equation to proof that it wont be possible to solve the equation to the same damage applicability for turrets and missiles on all ranges, because of the effect that the vector of the speed has to the damage application of turrets based on distance. It is just in the nature of the damage application formulas to make it impossible to be comparative unless you want to change the engine substantially.

    Essentially the formular comes down to (when in optimal)

    Signature * SpeedTracking / SignatureTracking * Speed
    Signature * SpeedTracking / SignatureTracking * TransversalSpeed

    The only realistic solution that you can implement on the short term is to separate the modules for long range missiles and short range missiles (Module that only affects LM, HM, CM and another set that affects R,HAM,TORP).

  • SOMER Blink - Microlotteries that Finish in Minutes! 1 QUADRILLION ISK Won! in EVE Gameplay Center

    The fact alone that BLINK mentions that they got stuff from CCP directly equals an endorsement to the average player that comes to the page. The fact that some CCP representative said different ways on some thread with soon over hundred pages does not change that.

    CCP knows that because no one in their right mind would be dumb enough to be oblivious to that fact. They effectively endorsed the service and no other service, making it the defacto official gambling page for EVE Online.

  • POSes: I am a small portion of the community in Council of Stellar Management

    it is very disappointing to see the big promises that are put out there, about how things will be done
    and then watch the entire implementation process by a backpedaling from what was previously said

    i wont bore you with examples, this just starts looking like blizzard when it comes to promises and implementation of it
    and the excuses are even worse. it was known how many people would be affected by pos mechanics, just get the fracking job done as it was promised and then think twice before saying things you do not see through

  • [Retribution 1.1] Combat Battlecruisers in EVE Technology and Research Center

    pretty unimpressive minor tweak
    still kinetic bonus that was said to be abolished, still the same issues with most ships or old issues replaced by known issues

    very underwhelming

  • I dont wanna to be "THAT" guy but... in EVE Communication Center

    yes, why not offer a number to speed up petitions
    i can see absolutely nothing that could go wrong there

  • Cultural elitism and the war against Pubdom - is this is the future of EVE? in EVE Communication Center

    Den Arius wrote:

    I've given up the fight as per your own rules. I'm just going to cater to people like me - I'm not waging a war against you. I just wanted to start a discussion on the forums....

    Well, there are no people like you, there is just you.

  • 100k ship spins. Look mom, I made it! in EVE Communication Center

    sounds like you work in a government somewhere - parliament even

  • CCP reimburses player for atron loss because 20 accts? in EVE Communication Center

    yea, didnt you know, once you have 20 or more subs, you get a extra button in the necom "request repayment for being really stupid"

    but it has a cooldown of one day so ... people are probably still loosing money

  • Raising mass awareness in EVE Communication Center

    i agree, there is much too less awareness about mass.

    the mass of ship and in particular of certain objects (such as exotic dancers) needs to be reviewed and corrected

    i am glad this was brought to the public attention - it can not continue like this

  • Nerf Moaning Null Bears PLS in EVE Communication Center

    highsec is essential "newbie island" gone wrong

    newbie island is a place where people can learn how things work, reduced risk, reward is only the experience you and some currency to prepare you for the rest

    if you make newbie island to attractive, people will stay there, slay the "dumb enemy who cant defend himself" again and again because there is no point to leaving it. fighting bigger enemies at more risk with same reward just seems .. wrong and there you are, it is.

    the state of high sec is the reason for people staying there, because the rewards are almost the same and the risk next to non-existent.

    just outsource the newbie island to some special wormholes where they learn **** and then push them into the cold water.

    remove concord entirely and buff faction police a bit.
    instead concord puts bounties on people who break the " highsec law", making it a player profession to hunt "criminals down"

  • Less attractive to play everyday. in EVE Communication Center

    You are SO right. There needs to be an expansion solely on improving game play for blobs.

    TiDI was a nice start but there are way too many inconveniences about it still.

    And i could not agree more about there is still little space for solo or small gang PvP. This must change. Solo PVP and small gang PVP is fundamentally wrong and should be removed from the game.

  • EVE Online: Inferno 1.3 deployment announcement in EVE Information Center

    Allus Nova wrote:
    IIshira wrote:

    I too demand compensation!

    Here is my list of demands,

    1. 1,000,000,000 ISK

    2. 100,000,000 SP for each of my pilots.

    3. All my subscriptions extended indefinitely

    4. $1,000,000 deposited in an offshore bank account

    I am willing to negotiate on the first three demands Big smile Please contact me ASAP regarding this important matter!


    They should give everyone double SP during extended DT, and for those who aren't queued (but are still the active character), average their sp/hr and give it to them unspent.

    or you just fix your stuff before downtime

  • EVE Online: Inferno 1.3 deployment announcement in EVE Information Center

    Panhead4411 wrote:
    Citrute wrote:
    Panhead4411 wrote:
    I hate to say it, but nice "weekly inventory updates until it is fixed" that you don't have in there....

    Can i has corp hangar and deliveries buttan please?

    Sry, when that question was initially answered (months after it was initially asked) the response came saying it would take more than 6 months to add the corp hanger button back to station services. (and now they are saying it will never be on station services panel) Sad to think, that this was initially on SiSi, the "corp hanger button" was one of the main complaints within the first couple of days.

    Update at 11:25 UTC: Downtime will be extended until 13:05 UTC.
    Update at 12:23 UTC: Downtime will be extended until 13:45 UTC.
    Update at 13:45 UTC: Downtime will be extended until 14:05 UTC.
    Update at 14:00 UTC: Downtime will be extended until 14:45 UTC.


    Seriously, why not just ballpark a longer figure and get it done quicker, instead of all this "maybe in 5-10 minutes...oh that didn't work....maybe 20 more minutes....oh that still didn't work...ummm 10 more minutes..." Its not like you don't have experience patching things, learn from each patch.


  • As long as there are logistic ships, ECM should remain viable. in EVE Communication Center

    Oh, it is that thread again. The only thing new is that now ECM haters even make sucky ECM support threads to make "CCP's ears bleed"

    Would not read again.

    Let's just play the game instead of freaking whining about it all day long. I can imagine how you play monopoly.

    "I dont think that street should be worth that much."
    "Hotels need to be nerfed"
    "This Start Field is creating too much income."

    Just goddamn play the game already.

  • Gallente Ice Interdiction Resumes in EVE Communication Center

    MatrixSkye Mk2 wrote:
    Touval Lysander wrote:
    baltec1 wrote:
    Touval Lysander wrote:

    Ganking CAN'T be done in Eve anymore.

    Mackinaws are INVULNERABLE.


    Not invulnerable, just not cheap to do.

    No way man. I've been reading for days and days about "Eve is dying" because of the Mack buff. yaddy ya....

    And if...errr... "not profitable".... what would be the errr..... reason..... for.... the.... errr... interdiction?

    Lies. All lies.


    After all the whinage and crying that suiciding miners is no longer profitable I find it hard to believe that miners are being suicided to increase... profits.

    lets just get this straight

    miners were whining until CCP freaking ears started bleeding and they buffed mining ships, selling it as "changing them so they all have their place"

  • Fix the jita spam allready in EVE Communication Center

    scale msg limit with player in system?

  • Server Status: Unkown ... for the second day now. in EVE Communication Center

    Did you try turning your computer off and on again?

  • EVE THE LAST HARDCORE MMO in EVE Communication Center


    also, 26 years of games, what did you start at?

  • Remove T2 BPOs in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Come on guys, you are overreacting. It is not like CCP members were actually going around and giving these BPO away. It was a fair distribution with proper oversight, nothing shady was going on there.

    No reason to be bitter just because you started playing later or just had bad luck back when.

    Now if there would be evidence that the system would have been rigged and there was no guerrante that the "lottery" was ever fair or unbiased, that be an argument. But that is not the case so ... shhuu shuuu go away.

  • C'Mon CCP give logi some Acknowledgement in EVE Communication Center

    I am pretty sure if you talk with any CEO or recruiter worth their ISK, he will check your skills, ask how many and what kind of engagement you flew and accept anyone who has an idea what he is doing with a hand kiss.

    Logistic pilots are always in demand and it is often frowned upon if they focus on kill mail whoring instead of doing their job - the less kills the better.

    But probably it is less about recruitment then about being shallow in general and wanting to show off?