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  • Christmas is coming soon, prt 5 2016 Event in EVE Gameplay Center

    I know the person who is Santa Spirit in real life, and I can tell you that he would likely not say anything about some of the comments unless he wanted/needed to make a point, I on the other hand have absolutely no qualms whatsoever saying what I think.

    Santa Spirit took more than a day off from his job and spent a ton of his game time since October to make final preparations and to host the event, in fact, he was there from 7:00 am his time, until he said good night in local and thanked people for coming, that was around 15 hours at his computer with the exception of the real life issue that pulled him away for almost 2 hours.

    The first time he did this, he and a few friends donated their time and assets to the event, the second time was the same, the third time, CCP helped out some as did other players who donated isks and/or ships, the 4th time and this most recent one had CCP and many players giving to the event.

    Each and every time there have been folks who complained about one thing or another, each and every event had it's share of grinches who for the most part entirely miss the whole point of the event.

    This year, there was someone complaining that Alphas didn't stand a chance against omegas, ect ect ect, yet, there were several "Alpha" toons there that were born as far back as 2005. That person further went on to make statements regarding implants and skills, yet, I personally doubt they are aware that if an omega account goes alpha and has implants in their head at the time, those implants stay in.
    Aside from spouting rhetoric out of their rear end, they offered no way to do a check and balance to ensure "fairness"... Would they have expected Santa and his helpers to require API keys to see who has what, how about the omega toon who just started and paid for a subscription?, should they be considered an Alpha instead just so someone's panties wouldn't be in a bunch?
    How about the person who didn't read the forum post for the event time and then complained that things were over when they finally got there, should the entire event have been delayed even further because someone went to bed or someone didn't show up at all and their spot had to be filled from local just so there would be some sport?

    How about the Gallente Pilot who complained that there were too many other Gallente pilots who had signed up and there wasn't a spot for them in the battle because they were Gallente.... I guess Santa and crew were to blame because lots of people decide to be Gallente and they stole the other pilot's chance to join in?

    Oh and I loved the one about "by the time i got a ship to do the scanning, the item had already been found" really, that's Santa's fault too i guess. I mean, no one is expected to actually be prepared for an event when they come to it are they?

    I saw things going on the whole time I was there, I never saw no huge lapses in things aside from the time that was taken to get the battle pilots setup and battling, this is without even factoring in the pilots themselves chatting, laughing and talking while the two guys were setting up the fleets. (the one guy had to ask them multiple times to hold the chatter while he got the fleet setup)

    Anyway, this is just what I saw and how I view it, I appreciate Santa's efforts (and everyone who helped & donated) and his restraint because i would have told some of the folks where to get off the bus if I were him.


  • EVE Online: Ascension - General feedback (PC) in EVE Information Center

    so several BIOs that were built over years of playing and I can't recover them?
    any chance you guys will fix that?

  • EVE Online: Ascension - General feedback (PC) in EVE Information Center

    Dominique Aideron wrote:
    Okay this is the only account I seem able to actually get onto.

    All the others are stuck in the loop you need to authorize in email, you do that and by the time it gives you the number it says it's failed.

    Pathetic, incidentally this is an alpha account the others I'm trying to get in on are paid.

    Stupidest crap ever.

    Seems you have to do one at a time and wait for the auth code, even if you have 2 factor turned off in account management.
    also, there's the thing about alphas not being able to be online when any other account is from the same location.


    just in case that helps.

  • EVE Online: Ascension - General feedback (PC) in EVE Information Center

    CCP Phantom wrote:
    The huge expansion EVE Online: Ascension has been deployed on November 15 during an extended downtime. Please use this thread for general feedback.


    so 2 factor auth is not enabled in my account settings, but the system says it is and I can't log in without going through the hoops...

  • [November] Rorqual Astrahus citadel docking fix in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Siede Dunham wrote:
    Orca, Freighters and Jump freighters aren't true Capitals to begin with see the restriction of using highsec-gates. They were always an exception to Capital rules.

    I wholeheartedly disagree with that, if it takes capital parts and construction skills to build to build, namely:
    Time per run 17D 08:40:00
    1 x Orca
    Capital Ship Construction Level I
    Mechanics Level V
    Advanced Industry Level V
    Industry Level III
    Industry Level V
    4 x Capital Sensor Cluster
    9 x Capital Capacitor Battery
    38 x Capital Cargo Bay
    7 x Capital Computer System
    16 x Capital Construction Parts
    7 x Capital Ship Maintenance Bay
    4 x Capital Corporate Hangar Bay

    Then it is in fact a capital ship, whether it has a JD or not, and whether it can go into high sec or not, is irrelevant, same goes for the F and JF.

    just saying... :)

    Siede Dunham wrote:

    Now let us look at the Rorqual... Yes that's right, not the same rules apply here.

    How so?
    is it not a capital ship as well?, maybe it can't go into high sec, but then again it still takes the same type stuff and same type skills to build.
    You might notice the emphasis on the phrase "can't go into" because that is the key, there are in fact at least 1, if not more capital vessels that cannot "go into" high sec from low or null that are already in high sec currently, should they leave high sec, they would not be able to return, because the restriction is not the "use" of high sec gates, it's the destination of the ship using the gate, "those" capitals cannot travel through the gate "if their destination is another high sec system", but they are able to use the gate in the same way that any other ship in the game can aside from that.

    but that's for a different discussions...

    Siede Dunham wrote:

    It would have been complete logical if it was like that from the beginning. I get that ppl who threw down Astrahus now are annoyed but we are talking about Null-sec alliances. You can't tell me you aren't able to place a Fortizar in the next 2 months when you plan to use a Rorqual after the Booster changes...

    In this part, I agree somewhat, however there are places where some folks live in null that are in fact unable to put down a fortizar because the sov holders won't allow it, so while there is some validity in your statement, it's not a blanket "be all, end all" answer to the problem that those folks might face


  • [November] Rorqual Astrahus citadel docking fix in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Nevyn Auscent wrote:

    But frankly if you can afford to be using Rorquals you should be able to afford a L. Otherwise use an orca and accept that your budget costs you a couple of percent.

    I do apologize my friend, but your statement is flawed badly.

    med citadel 1.4b

    rorqual 1.2 to 2.0-ish billion

    That's nothing compared to the fortizar's cost.

    Fortizar 14.489 B median cost

    Celly S.

  • [November] Rorqual Astrahus citadel docking fix in EVE Technology and Research Center

    additionally (if i may be so bold as to mention it) a titan can go through a stargate now and that's considered a normal part of the game, yet, as shown in this meme (linked below), there's a huge disparity between the size of the gate and what can pass through it.

    Titan - Stargate - meme

    warning, the meme contains a four letter word that might be deemed inappropriate by some.... It also accurately describes the issue/feature/ect.

    Maybe there could be a way factored in to allow the rorq to be used in a medium citadel, a rig that adds an industrial docking port which only lets industrial ships dock and undock in that port, or a mod, or maybe a tweak to the austrahus itself that gives it the one industrial port... kind of like a big company's loading dock around back?

    just a thought.


  • [November] Rorqual Astrahus citadel docking fix in EVE Technology and Research Center

    CCP Fozzie wrote:
    We're fixing this bug at some point in the future which means that Rorquals will no longer be able to dock in Astrahus citadels.

    This is an absolutely horrible idea, (yes, I saw that you're delaying it, but still) That will be the death of the rorq and will likely be the deciding factor in smaller alliances and/or corps deciding NOT to bother with the medium citadel at all and for costs or building incentives, no citadel at all in some cases if it can't be used as a semi-portable base of operations for industrialists...
    Granted I'm referring to low and null-sec space where a small corp or alliance won't be able to afford to have 14B sitting there on the line in the form of a fortizar along with the fuel, ships and other things there, that's just too much isks and too much risk for a small group, whereas a 1.4 billion investment would be easier to come up with and easier to overcome in the case of a loss...

    Now, this is just my humble opinion, but that's a great way to "kill two birds with one stone", and I'm not talking about doing it in the good way.

    Celly S.

  • 118.8 - General feedback (PC) in EVE Information Center

    Corbulo Typhonius wrote:

    I don't mind that they mine the same, its more the fact that the Mack is useless as no one in the right mind would take something so weak in tank just to get alittle extra cargo. Atleast when it came to Ice mining the Mack had a slight edge over the Skiff but now there is no contest, Skiff is just better.

    Too often, I've seen people mine in macks because it has a larger ore hold even when told and shown that the skiff has better survivability than the mack, just look at all the macks that die on an almost daily basis to gankers vs the skiffs that are still mining and alive because the gankers pass them by for the most part for the easier Mack kill instead.

    Just a thought.

  • EXEFILE Login To Be Discontinued On September 20th in EVE Information Center

    Nakaara Adahsa wrote:

    There are also plenty of us around that believe you can enjoy playing EVE and still be civil. Just because the game mechanics allow or perhaps encourage you to be a complete ass doesn't mean you have to be.


  • EXEFILE Login To Be Discontinued On September 20th in EVE Information Center

    honestly, I wish they wouldn't remove that, it has gotten me into the game on many occasions when the launcher did not work.

    Just saying

  • Update on Shadow of the Serpent Event in EVE Technology and Research Center

    purulegion21 wrote:
    90% of top list and the 1t one is a highsec ratters OMG !!!
    but what about higher risk brings higher profits ?
    why such a boost in profits highsec ?

    To be fair to your comment, the risk and availability of these sites in null is much different than in high sec and I do agree with you that based on the EvE building block of "Risk vs Reward:" there is a huge disparity in this event between the sec statuses and the norm for each of them.

    with that said, no one has to miss out on the event and the rewards in general because the flip side of the coin is that as long as someone hasn't ruined their sec status, they are able to run these sites in high sec just the same as anyone else, and the team skills built in null sec give those folks a decided advantage over the (quote) high sec carebears (end quote).
    *why do people act like the term "carebear" is such a derogatory term? oh well....

    people forget that actions have consequences, even if those are actions from a time long past.
    I run these in high sec currently on a neutral (to most folks) alt, when I'm done, I'll go back to null.

    anyway, back to the point...
    go to high sec, run some sites, if you arrive on site and someone's there doing it, help them complete it and you'll both get rewarded for the completion, if someone comes to your site, tell them they are free to stay and help for the points (guard the loot can from thieves though), get some friends together and form a fleet as you would in null or low, each with their job, and go knock them out, some (most sites) if done right take less than 5 minutes to do, have fun and maybe even make some new friends along the way and I recognize a null bear name or two on that list.

    this of course is just my opinion, so have fun and good luck to everyone.


  • EVE IPH Industry Calculator Version 3.3 - Now with Live Market data! in EVE Gameplay Center

    Alfred Kotura wrote:
    deinstall 3.2 and install 3.3


  • EVE IPH Industry Calculator Version 3.3 - Now with Live Market data! in EVE Gameplay Center

    Just wanted to say thanks for this.


  • [Upcoming] Force Auxillary Skill Reimbursement in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Unconspicous Alt wrote:
    Celly S wrote:
    and lastly, it's not "MY" place to tell you (CCP) how to approach any given situation, but, in this particular case, I'd at least urge you to consider it.

    You are right, it is not your place. Read the EULA. CCP owns your char, your ships, your items, your plexes, the time you have spent in the game and everything you have achieved during that time. The way that they handled the fighters issue ( where they simply forced everyone to buy 100mil isk skillbook + 45 days training time just to be able to use the same fighters they used before ) made this very clear to everyone involved.

    If you dont like it, there are plenty of "can i haz your stuff" players around.

    it seems to me that you either did not read my entire post, or did not understand what I wrote, so please allow me to clarify for you and anyone else who may be limited in a similar fashion.

    1. I am not affected by this particular issue.
    2. I never said I didn't like it, in fact, I never expressed a like or dislike of their decision in any way outside of a comment advocating for other players a resolution that "I" thought would be the fairest one.
    3. I understand the eula in it's entirety.
    4. See number 2 above, my suggestion was done so in an advocate's position for those who had expressed a concern regarding the decision CCP had made.

    And lastly, I hope this clarifies your obvious misunderstanding of my previous comment.

    as to the "forced" fighter skill issue, I think that was something that was likely done offhandedly, but my cap/carrier pilots have already been training those and when the changes came, it was an easy transition to the different loadouts and use.

    I do sense much butthurt in your comment over that, maybe you were one of the folks who didn't prepare for that?, or maybe you were simply making a statement as an advocate for others?

    In any case ty for the reply

    Celly Smunt

    Of course I'm right... I'm always right. :P

  • [Upcoming] Force Auxillary Skill Reimbursement in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Cochrann OCallaghan wrote:
    That's kind of a bummer. I bought 1 skill book. When it was announced they were not going to implement the skill, I left ihe skill book in my hanger. Since then my corp/alliance has moved way across the universe. I never thought to bring it with me because I figured CCP wpuld handle a simple refund. Now I have to risk going back to where we used to be in space, then move the book up to empire space and potentially pay sales tax/brokers to get reimbursed? This plus the time I'll need to physically invest to retrieve the book makes me want to just walk away from it shaking my head.

    Hopefully CCP will be willing to consider a workaround for all us who have books seeing as they have been holding our ISK interest free for what several months now?


    While "I" am not personally plagued by this particular issue, I do agree that the current FA skill books should be reimbursed rather than converted

    Some folks did buy them to make a profit off of and some just bought them to have them in a book can for folks who were training that route, but to be fair, since they were released and then squashed by CCP, the fair thing to do is approach it the way the rorqual BPOs were approached.
    ISKS to the wallet of the hangar of the corp or pilot and isks to the pilots who have the skill injected along with the reimbursement.

    and lastly, it's not "MY" place to tell you (CCP) how to approach any given situation, but, in this particular case, I'd at least urge you to consider it.

    Thanks guys and gals

  • POSes: I am a small portion of the community in Council of Stellar Management

    So, we've gotten Citadels, new graphics, definitely an isk sink at the moment and pretty much useless outside of the "epeen" factor.

    We got some new ships, while on sisi the roles still aren't right on the citadels based on what I recall hearing.

    some of us have billions of isks tied up in books that we aren't sure when we'll get those funds back now that the books are defunct.
    some of us have much time into training our fighter skill only to have it basically rendered useless and relegated to being nothing more than a prerequisite to silly changes that affect all of us who fly carriers, the much time and expense put into making/buying our fighters moved to the category of "FU players" for those of us who've spent the time and money on our carrier pilots only to have them pretty much having to figuratively start over again in order to be effective.

    Don't get me wrong CCP like many of the folks here, I do love you guys and gals and I am appreciative of the things you do for us at least in the effort you put forth even when I'm not happy with the result of that effort, however with that said, there's 153 pages here spanning time back to January 3 years ago: (IE)
    From and including: Thursday, January 17, 2013
    To and including: Tuesday, May 3, 2016
    Result: 1203 days

    It is 1203 days from the start date to the end date, end date included

    Or 3 years, 3 months, 17 days including the end date
    Alternative time units

    1203 days can be converted to one of these units:

    103,939,200 seconds
    1,732,320 minutes
    28,872 hours
    1203 days
    171 weeks and 6 days
    329.59% of a common year (365 days)

    In not one single page do I recall anyone asking for "this" particular mess you've given us.

    Sadly you would have made more of us happy by simply re-skinning the existing POSes than what you've given us so far, especially since it's nothing more than a bit of expensive, glorified eye candy at the moment without any real functionality and substance.
    Honestly, my POS (stick in space) with it's modules, arrays and defenses is much more valuable as a tool and a place of production than the current elephant in the room is.

    Just my opinion.


  • [Citadels Release] Capital and Fighter Transition in EVE Information Center

    Michael Bone wrote:
    PAPULA wrote:
    What about light fighters skill ?
    I have fighters to level 4, but after the patch i will not be able to use fighters ? if i understand that correctly ?

    Now i have to buy the skill first, earn 100 million isk and then train it to level1 to be able to use the same item as i was before ?

    That's just wrong.

    This. Exactly. What happened to training Destroyers or Battlecruisers skills ages ago and being awarded all the faction skills when that change was made? I try to stay far away from the pathetic "Ohh noooooes ccplease gief us sp because extended downtiem!" but seriously, you owe me Light Fighters V. And everyone else who you screwed over with this bull.

    I mean, clearly this is a cool way to see if people will drop some extra USD on skill injectors to get the skill back up after you nuked it. Right on there, and please let me know what percentage rise you see in plex sales, and how many accounts who buy the plex end up injecting sp to cover the new skill needed to fly our decade old ships. That would be an interesting metric.

    GabrielFyre wrote:

    As has happened many times over the past decade...this doesn't seem like something experience should let you be surprised about.

    Naturally. Well, since CCP has taken a dump all over us before, we shouldn't get butthurt about it now. Thanks for your insight.

    While I likely wouldn't phrase it and/or speculate as to the reasons behind it in the same way, I do agree with the spirit of the questions and I am curious in this instance what happened to the "if you could use it before the patch, you'll be able to use it after the patch" aspect of things that has long been the standard when changes were made to things, or to the skill requirements for them.

    it seems to me that these changes would have followed the same deployment path or refactoring path that previous similar changes have followed.

    just my opinion though.

  • [Citadels Release] Capital and Fighter Transition in EVE Information Center

    Lyron-Baktos wrote:
    Can't be too difficult to give us our isk back.

    You should also give us some interest as well, say 10%

    nawwww, remember all the free game time we get each month, 15 hours or so?
    That should more than compensate for not having the use of a couple billion isks for a bit.


  • [Citadels Release] Capital and Fighter Transition in EVE Information Center

    Jadefire Reynaldiz wrote:
    Do drone damage amps still affect fighters?

    How can we track and compare carrier damage? Currently my fitting window shows 0 dps.

    "The Drone Damage Amplifier projects a multi-node quantum entanglement onto the ship's drone or fighter communications net, creating a bridged processor link that allows for better real-time trajectory projections."

    not sure about the other part yet


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