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  • This Week in EVE #155 - Week 23/2017 in EVE Information Center

    Next weeks headlines:

    Player count halved
    CCP still know best
    ISK from bounties near nonexistent
    Excavator drone price in the ground

    Profits still going up

  • WTA Molok blueprint 1 run in EVE Marketplace


  • Forming the Strategic Cruiser Focus Group in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I have no experience with T3s whatsoever but am willing to learn. I wish to train into one someday and so think my input would be crucial in offering this view point. The closest I have come to flying one before is when my corpmate helped me do an 8/10 complex which is harder than a 10/10 with a proteus and I was in a vexor navy issue.

    This is why I would be a perfect candidate for these focus groups which attempt to incorporate all walks of life, Including those completely irrelevant.

  • Blood Raider Shipyards from Team Phenomenon (YC 119.4) in EVE Technology and Research Center

    So you're saying it has a reasonable reinforcement mechanic?

  • Proposed rule changes for Alliance Tournament XV in EVE Communication Center

    allow nestors because refitting is dead

    risk vs reward own your choices

  • 119.3 - Issues (PC) in EVE Information Center

    Old D scan doesnt show anything that isn't on grid.

  • [March] Rorqual and Mining changes in EVE Technology and Research Center

    This is the only time you've ever posted that i like the post.

  • 8 Golden Rules for EVE Online in EVE Communication Center

    CCP Phantom wrote:

    Consent to PvP

    * You consent to PvP when you click "undock".


  • Open letter to Mr. Pétursson / ピエトルソン氏への公開状 in 日本語フォーラム


  • MrT's Third Party/Acquiring/Movement in EVE Marketplace

    Bought supers through this man before and plan to again in the future.

    Hasn't scammed me yet.

  • CLOSED in EVE Marketplace

    Ill pay forty eight million inter stellar kredits.

    you will still profit.

  • Opus's Third Party Service in EVE Marketplace

    Sold a nyx to this man with him as the third party, Didn't scam me but he did harass me until I posted this comment.

  • [March] Damage Control Tiericide in EVE Technology and Research Center



  • [December] Command Destroyers in EVE Technology and Research Center

    CCP Rise wrote:
    Lord Jasta wrote:
    Yet another item that can't be used in high sec, :( why not have this with a criminal timer?

    We really wanted to but even with a criminal timer you would pretty easily be able to destroy incursion fleets, which seemed over the top :(

    Sure would be a shame if a fleet comp like one from an incursion would have to stick half its dudes into anti-mjd ships to counter this exciting new gameplay.

  • [December] Command Destroyers in EVE Technology and Research Center

    CCP Rise wrote:
    Please do not release this without there being a competent counter because this will honestly kill all fleet combat which isn't cerbs and ishtars.

    If this kind of tactic becomes really common it is always an option to either defend your logi/fleet with long range scrams to use on the incoming Command Dessies or, if you don't have another option, simply scram your own fleet. Smile

    Do you really think the only counter to this should be sticking 3 dudes in proteus with the express purpose of tackling MJD dessies so they dont **** up your world?
    Because I guarantee you that you've killed BS fleet combat for all but the most dedicated which doesn't sound like you're helping the sandbox become more sandboxy by removing an entire class of ships from use. Who knows, Maybe BC fleets will die again too.

  • [December] Command Destroyers in EVE Technology and Research Center

    CCP Rise wrote:

    More than any module/mechanic I've worked on, this is an attempt to expand fleet sizes and tactics, not limit them. I believe (as long as the numbers end up somewhat balanced) this is one of the most promising 'sandbox' module/ship additions we've done recently and the fact that we have no idea what players will do with it feels really great and exciting.

    The problem that I'm seeing is that anchoring in a fleet doctrine which isn't specifically a fast moving/kiting doctrine is pretty much dead now as this new AOE MJD has the ability to remove your ships from logistical rep range and with the addition of RR falloff you have a much tighter bubble to where you can turtle with a doctrine meaning its easier than ever for a single person to MJD all your dudes off and force them to warp off and back to the fight. Rewarping to the fight is a moot point if its your logistics who get blinked as everything will be dead by the time they return.

    The point I'm getting at is there needs to be a counter to this which is not just killing the ship attempting to do this as the simple counter to that is to fling 5-6 of these at a hostile fleet and watch them scatter while not being able to do anything about it.

    Please do not release this without there being a competent counter because this will honestly kill all fleet combat which isn't cerbs and ishtars.

  • [December] Command Destroyers in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Please tell me I'm not the only one who sees this as another way to attempt to limit fleet sizes/tactics?

  • [Focus Group] Capital Ships Signup in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I'm game.

    Head FC for OSS and major jump drive capable ship user in NPC-Null and Lowsec. Experience in Sov null and the smaller to non blob sized group side of things too aswell as having owned multiple supers and moving and using them through both null and lowsec pre and post phoebe.

    My game is using caps and fighting against caps on a daily basis, be it over timers or attempting to gank ratting carriers/moving supers. I have extensive experience in multiboxing capitals/supercaps also.

  • A small boost to the Syndicate LP store in EVE Technology and Research Center