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  • Mangala Solaris for CSM 8 in Council of Stellar Management

    Mangala Solaris For CSM!

    As a long standing Eve Player and a player that has seen "Mangs" in action over the course of the last 9 months. I can fervently endorse him as a candidate for CSM.

    A vote for Mangala is a vote for continued prosperity and valued content for the Eve community as a whole and a real boost to the new player experience!

    Mangala Solaris for CSM!

    Ganked Fleet = Best Fleet!

  • Veto Corp Presents - EVE London - Saturday, February 9th 2013 in EVE Gameplay Center

    I'm in! I promise i will actually show up this time!

  • POSes: I am a small portion of the community in Council of Stellar Management

    Please take a long hard look at this CCP. We appreciate all of your information and the willingness on your part to discuss this topic, so thank you for that. I would not propose that POS changes could be effectively implemented within the next cycle, this is a project that needs a dedicated team, with dedicated resources, it will take a long time to be done right. POS's affect too many game mechanics and too many aspects of player activity to be changed quickly, but I strongly agree that they need to be changed.

    so +1 from me, do it, but do it right. Not this summer, but get started on getting it ready for next summer!

  • An Eve Memorial: The Ring of Fire in EVE Communication Center

    Rixx you have my vote. for VR for Rags, for all our fallen brothers.

  • PLEX Drive For Vile Rats Family? in EVE Communication Center

    I only spoke to VR once, and it was acrimoniously. But I know of his actions and his contributions to our game and, by extension, to all of our lives. His contributions were significant, his presence will be missed.

    Whilst donating PLEX may not bring him back, and a memorial in an internet spaceships game might seem trite to some. I cant help but think that, regardless of how they might be seen objectively, these actions are the actions of a community of like minded, motivated and caring people. That we want act shows that we are human and that, regardless of how damning the media is of modern internet culture, we share a common bond in our love of this internet spaceships game.

    The objective reality, is just that, objective.

    If you are able to look at everything that happens arround you in life and remain dis-passionate and objective, then fine, I cannot ask you to change. But do not think less of those of us who would honour his memory by helping his family, or by erecting a monument to him. These things are what make us MORE human, and are the reason I love this community and this game.

    We lose people everyday in EVE, My friend and ex-CEO Albatheron was taken from us, and I wish everyday that we could honour his memory by putting up a statue on the Fensi Hi-sec gate with some witty inscription to let every player who goes through that they do so only because Rags isn't with us any more. He served his country with distiction and he left behind a family who miss him very much.

    This is an opportunity for us as a community to express our gratitude for all of our lost friends, including VR and Rags, who contributed in very different ways to our joy and our passion for this game.

    For my sake, my prayers will be with his family, and my isk will be used to support this cause.

  • New Dev Blog: My OCD said fix this so I did... in EVE Information Center

    RvB says 'Yes' to CCP FoxFour!

    Lovely graph,

    good work!

    see you in space!


    Srsly? First RvB non-alt post? BUT THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE!Shocked

  • Veto Corp Presents - Eve London - Saturday, September 29th, 2012 in EVE Gameplay Center

    + 1 here, never been looking forward to it!