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  • Eve = Safe in EVE Gameplay Center

    Completely remove the ability to store items and ships in NPC stations safely. Also add the ability to loot citadels and other player owned structures as others have mentioned.

    No more hoarding safely = More risk for all

  • Carebears in EVE Communication Center

    A person who doesn't really pvp, or perhaps only rarely does, and yet joins a pvp game. Sadly this is me. Pvp literally makes me shut down because I get so nervous. When I lose it literally makes me feel like I have no self-worth, which oddly enough perhaps is a more honest reference to my situation in real life as well. Pvp has serious psychological effects on me which can be paralyzing.

    There is also in me this ambiguous nature. I want to be good at pvp and be respected for it, but I also again hardly ever pvp due to my risk averse nature. Every loss seems far too important to me, and I frankly don't learn fast enough to correct my mistakes. Yet at the same time I will risk it all and head out and try, try, try again. Perhaps that is my one and only strength: Persistence.

    It seems there is this unending battle within me that I must always fight when also trying to fight others in a video game.

  • My never ending addiction. in EVE Communication Center

    I have no idea what keeps bringing me back since 2014. Maybe it's the fascination with being hunted like a wild gazelle strolling through the open plains while knowing danger lurks around any corner. Adrenaline is a crazy thing!

  • Please Remove 100% Target Jams From the Game. in EVE Communication Center

    Sometimes I wish I was like Jenn and had a time machine where I could go back and correct every mistake. I could sit there and analyze every possible outcome and give myself the correct one where I win. There would be no frustration, no loss, and no need to come to the forums to give feedback to those with mortal limitations. Maybe we could even go back in time and ask CCP what they were thinking in regards to the OP's topic and then change history. If only we could have our own perfect little realities where we never make mistakes.

  • What are your thoughts if there would/could be an EVE 2? in EVE Communication Center

    I genuinely think that Eve doesn't have enough sandbox elements to it. So, if there were ever an Eve 2.0 I would want more sandbox and far less hand holding in the game. There would be no empire space, no already placed stargates, and you would perhaps have even more control over how you want to build your own ship. The only thing that strikes me as a true sandbox in this game are the economies, alliances/coalitions, and their military doctrines.

  • Alpha 30 day plex in EVE Communication Center

    Piugattuk wrote:
    Got it, in my re-yard state I didn't make the conversion, thought 4.99 got you 500 plex cred, got it...looks at mirror applies to goonswarm and sends millions in application fees.

    Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo, you don't want to join them they are evil. Join Horde and we won't charge you anything ;)

  • Single Sign On Issues After Deployment of 119.5 in EVE Communication Center

    I am now seeing 'an error occured' on the same screen that used to say Connection Reset.

  • Safe spots compromised? Explain! in EVE Communication Center

    Jenn aSide wrote:
    Chewytowel Haklar wrote:
    I love this guy. I don't think you're gonna have much trouble enjoying this game your way sir/ma'am. Please carry on!

    Asmodai 3
    Jenn 0


    I do notice that you two have a lot in common though, aren't most of your threads complaints about stuff as well?

    I'm really not trying to pick on you two, but like I said there is no nice way to say it. Some people are misfits who bring troubles and frustrations upon themselves when they don't need to, even in a video game. It boggles my mind, because isn't the point of all this to have fun? I play EVE most nights (same game you two are playing) as a rat shootin, loot gettin PVE player and I'm having a blast, and have been for a decade (the 21st of next month makes 10 years).

    I don't get why people play games that frustrate them so much.

    Well that is simple, I play Eve because it isn't fun.

  • Safe spots compromised? Explain! in EVE Communication Center

    I love this guy. I don't think you're gonna have much trouble enjoying this game your way sir/ma'am. Please carry on!

    Asmodai 3
    Jenn 0


  • Scavenging Advice in EVE Communication Center

    Then again I for some reason thought the Noctis required more training time, but anyway it is still more expensive. The benefit to training into the Exequror is that you can now fly various Gallente ships as well as a Vexor if you decide to join a nullsec corporation later on.

  • Scavenging Advice in EVE Communication Center

    James Cameron Hyland wrote:
    Chewytowel Haklar wrote:
    I wonder if it'd just be a good idea to have an alt in a ship with a decent cargohold and capable of using 5 salvage drones? Just set the drones out to automagically salvage while you keep on blitzing. When MTU is done and drones are done warp into next room and repeat.

    THAT is a good idea I might try that. What ship would you suggest? And what do you mean by alt( I am a new player)?

    An alt character would be a character in a second account that you can use at the same time are your mission running characters account.

    I'd suggest maybe the Exequror with cargohold expanders in the low slots, it's a faster train for a new player to get into and will cost less than a noctis (you're also going to need to buy the salvaging drone skill). Try recruiting yourself for an alt account and get 250,000 skill points on that new alt character. Then to get Omega status for cheap and a nice skill training boost (Comes with a cerebral accelerator that boosts training for 14 days or you can sell this for around 250 million isk) for training buy a 'Core Starter Pack' and activate that on your alt account (look at G2A.com imo for a much cheaper code to activate on the account). Train Cybernetic's skill up to 3 imo to be able to buy and install 2-4 +4 learning implants (willpower, intellect, memory, perception). You can also just use +3's if the +4's are too expensive for you at the moment.

    You now have an alt that you can use to help you salvage and do whatever else you want to do with it. Remember to also Remap for long trains based on the skills that are primary and secondary in the attributes for that skill. Those skills you later wish to train that take days can be significantly shortened by moving all attribute points into two skills to maximize training time (for a new character you have 3 Remaps available, it can take 1 year for additional Remaps to become available). The primary skill you get a 100% train for, but the secondary you get 50%, so always try to increase the primary more than the secondary in most cases to max out skill training per hour (might require a little math to figure out how to min/max it based on your remap and implants). Best SP/minute is 45 with +5 implants, and with +4 implants it's 43.

    Hope this helps a tad more, sorry if it's a bit confusing but I hope it helps you out if you want to setup a new alt.

  • Scavenging Advice in EVE Communication Center

    I wonder if it'd just be a good idea to have an alt in a ship with a decent cargohold and capable of using 5 salvage drones? Just set the drones out to automagically salvage while you keep on blitzing. When MTU is done and drones are done warp into next room and repeat.

  • Safe spots compromised? Explain! in EVE Communication Center

    Dracvlad wrote:
    Haven't you lot got something better to do in game then troll a player who is at least going out into dangerous space and playing the damn game. Your need to prove yourselves as master posters to bolster your own egos is pretty lame at the best of times but shite'ing on a player actually taking risk is especially lame. Roll

    EDIT: Some people have actually been reasonable, and to my amazement I actually agree with Jenn on something again, Eve combat is not supposed to be fair, you stack the cards in your favour, but it can be especially galling to people who have a scrammed bang podded experience in very short order. I can say it is not always like that and it depends in what you are in, your skills and most importantly your fit.

    I don't think anyone's been trolling, but simply trying to offer their own version of help or insight.

  • Safe spots compromised? Explain! in EVE Communication Center

    Asmodai Xodai wrote:
    Maxim Corvinus wrote:

    What you're stating is the equivalent of "well blasters have high dps so I removed 2 of my 5 blasters to make it a more fair fight"...

    Nope, that's not the equivalent of what I stated. I stated "mechanics X, Y, and Z don't seem to be fun mechanics for many people."

    Listen, I don't judge. If your idea of fun is boiling every encounter down to "already predestined to win/lose - outcome is already decided" have at it. Even better if you are on the winning side and can just perma-jam the other guy so he doesn't even attempt to waste his time on a lost/futile cause.

    Perhaps we could ask for a feature where the game client automatically judges the outcome of the encounter so it doesn't have to play out. Actually, I'm not opposed to that.

    This thread has derailed, but since I already got my answers, I'm okay with it.

    I know this thread has derailed Asmodai, but I just wanted to bring up Red vs. Blue. It's something I've never joined but always wondered if I should give it a shot since it might show a player how to be better at small gang. As you can see from my KB I am absolutely terrible at pvp. I have a few solo kills here and there, but most of the kills were gang/fleet related.

    It does suck to be out played and out skilled by so many pilots. Yet, there is probably a way to turn that around and learn to be better. I sympathize with your idea that loss of control sucks cause it does. There are ways to get better and control a fight somewhat however. I'm nowhere near being an elite solo pilot but maybe someone here might take you up under their wing and show you a few things.

    Oh and besides cloaking, there are ways to also make it far more difficult and less likely to be scanned down. The closer you get your Target Size down to 1(sensor strength/signature radius) the more likely you are going to see combat scanner probes near you . Use 1/2 ECCM's to increase their need to move their probes in closer. I think this info is still current if you like being the camping harassing type.

  • A woman's complaint about character creation... in EVE Communication Center

    I'd honestly like to look like I'm seriously packing while also showing off buns of steal that would make most weak in the knees.

  • "PLEX can no longer be used for Character transfer fee payments" in EVE Communication Center

    I thought April was last month? This has be a joke right? Shocked Feel bad for the character bazaar sellers right now. This surely is a soon to be drama filled thread.

  • Wars in EVE Communication Center

    Salvos Rhoska wrote:
    1) Go NPC
    2) Hire Mercs
    3) Cooperate with other corps
    4) Join alliance
    5) Re-locate
    6) Fight back
    7) Reform as new corp
    8) Awox

    Did I miss any?

    Join CODE. ?

  • Wars in EVE Communication Center

    Aaron wrote:

    Yes, some good points chewy. I can help feeling that the thunderstorm is already here and reached it's climax. This very thread is about a corp who has suffered at the hands of a wardec and lost 500m in ships in 1 day. It seems they are not newbros and one of the corp members talk about being a 13 year vet. They must realise that they can't continue as they are and something must change.

    I believe that people need to endure the current wardec system as best they can before they revise their play style, it's human nature. I've grown to accept that people have their way of doing things, as a result of this acceptance I have developed a patient attitude.

    I am a rebel by nature and I am more than happy to help fight any imposed system or set of beliefs anytime, anywhere from a role-play point of view. My position is clear I am on the side of the little guy, I'm the little guy's biggest fan in fact.

    I think this is wishful thinking if I'm understanding you right. They need to continue to endure wardec's, and in learning to do so they will then be in a better position to revise their playstyle and make changes. Maybe it was the way it was worded, but I'm not getting it. Why can't they make changes while they are being wardecced? And how is anything going to change after all of these years by keeping things as they are? If they haven't changed their behavior by now they likely won't at all.

  • Wars in EVE Communication Center

    Aaron wrote:
    Honestly, I think anything that changes to the current war mechanic will be bad.

    My reasoning is that this is a well thought out game where everything is linked. People actually want to be in corps so this creates an opportunity for PVP by using the wardec mechanic. Most games real life or virtual thrive on the ability to freely compete against others with some minor sanctions (like 24 hour wait for legal war and paying for the war). War drives the economy which will make the miners and manufacturers happy.

    The only thing ABLE to interrupt the delicate balance should be ........player choice...... and not a change of mechanics. The trick is to find a way to box clever and make it so that the wardeccers are the ones crying on the forum. Analyse the mechanics with some buddies and come to the most logical conclusion to keep your assets safe. Don't get too caught up in this elitists way of thinking (being in a corp) Remember this is a virtual world that you can manipulate to an extent.

    If you and your buddies are struggling to fight a wardec...put the corp on ice for a while....chill out, become NPC, get some beer with your buddies and work out a plan, talk to other people about it gain interest, go back to your corp and fight the good fight.

    CEOs, I havent forgotten about you guys....GOOD GOD MAN!!!!! (tries to talk like the old skool Dr mccoy in star trek...DeForest Kelley) IGNORING YOUR FELLOW CEO IN ANOTHER CORP IS NOT THE ANSWER!!!!

    You hi sec CEO's have major things in common, link up and talk to each other man, back each other up because youre fighting the exact same fight. Listen, I will create a voice channel in my up and coming venture just for the CEO's of hi sec, use it, go in there and make friends, talk about your plans, help each other on gate camps even if you only got 10 minutes to spare. Lets get some serious gameplay going.

    I like your attitude and ideas there Aaron, but getting a bunch of self-centered carebear corps to work together like you propose would probably be like trying to heard cats during a thunderstorm. These people seem to generally only care about their own ventures. Sometimes I wonder if half of these 'buyback' corporations are merely just nullsec/lowsec players that run multiple highsec corps to farm ore for them on the cheap (and benefit from the tax income as well of course). Maybe there are some that are pretty good out there though that can and will fight back and are true corporations with people working together. The real trick here is making them realize it is in all their best interests to partner together, learn to pvp in fleets, learn to use scouts and intel (mark various groups as terrible standing to make it easier to spot them), and learn to use dscan as well obviously.

  • Wars in EVE Communication Center

    Zanar Skwigelf wrote:
    Chewytowel Haklar wrote:
    What if you could bribe Concord by paying a fee to them to cancel the wardec? Say something like 1 billion isk (or a % base of the corp wallet), so that way obviously it costs quite a bit for the wardecee to stop the war. At the same time that could perhaps help make the corp immune to further wardec's by the same corp for longer? This wouldn't stop ganking at all obviously so that could continue to occur.

    Why pay Concord when you can drop corp for free? Something like this would force people to stay in their corp for the duration of the war.

    That would definitely still be an option as well.