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  • [Odyssey] Ship Resistance Bonuses in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Extending armor and shield repair bonuses to apply to remote reps would bring them much closer to balance with resist bonuses, but would also further empower the current remote rep tactics that are as strong as we feel we can allow them to be.

    Given Fozzies statement that we cannot expect remote reps bonuses to be extended to non-resist bonus ships because it is too "strong" then at least trying to spread the resist bonuses more evenly among the races so any race can have a few ships that can fly fleet doctrines. Gallente, for example, has only one damn ship, the Proteus, that gets resist bonus that can get those remote reps.

    That is one of the most glaring imbalances of the game.

    If you aren't going to fix remote reps then at least balance the ships that have the bonus among the races.

    The truth is this is not a big enough nerf to balance the strength of remote reps to bonused resistance based tanks. Also it's an indirect and blanket nerf and as a result will hit some weak ships too that didn't have great tanks to begin with like the loki. The eagle and nighthawk seems weird to be nerfing too. On the other hand it's not a strong enough nerf to stop the dominance of certain carriers.

    Nerf is trying to address a real problem, however it's indirect (problem is really that only some ships benefit hugely from remote reps and those are concentrated in two races) and it's blanket (nerfing some ships that are already weak and not nerfing some of the strongest enough).

  • [CSM8] Ripard Teg for CSM8 in Council of Stellar Management

    Best wishes, finally logged in and commented on something that was worth it.

    Jester's Trek blog rocks.

    We do need some representation from people not in the large and powerful null alliances.

    Smaller null PVP, RvB, Wormhole Space, Industrials, Pirates,Hi-Sec all need some kind of a voice that is not being covered right now by anyone in either CSM or CPP.

    I don't agree with everything Jester says, nor should anyone. However at least he tries to look outside the big blue donut and has some serious experience outside it.