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  • Update regarding Multiboxing and input automation in EVE Communication Center

    So I use Synergy to connect 3 computers to a single KB/M. I run 5 accounts at the same time. I have to send commands to each client separately. Most of the time each character is using a different kind of ship. This is still allowed correct?

  • Dev blog: Coming in Crius in EVE Information Center

    So fitting modules without the required skills: How will that work with rigs that cannot be onlined / offlined?

  • [Kronos] Freighters and Jump Freighters Rebalance [Updated] in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Tippia wrote:
    Told you so.

    e: Dammit!! Missed by one post again. Cry

    Why the hell are you telling me this? I didn't ask for any freaking changes to my Rhea I liked it the way it was.

  • [Rubicon 1.1] Omnidirectional Tracking Links in EVE Technology and Research Center

    CCP Fozzie, I think most of us are fine with these changes, but for the love of all things in New Eden, can you change all scripted modules to have the scripts BUILT IN TO THEM?!

    I hate having to find and buy all the scripts to make a module work like it was designed to in some back woods null sec. Just make the modes selectable. I hate getting into batte and then realizing I forgot the other script when I need to change....

  • Would this work to convert PSN gift cards to ISK? in EVE Communication Center

    DaReaper wrote:
    have then get you an amazon gift card, which you can get at most stores, then go to amazon and buy an eve time card. Then convert to plex and sell in jita. Problem solved

    THAT sounds like a solution! Thank you!

  • Would this work to convert PSN gift cards to ISK? in EVE Communication Center

    Azami Nevinyrall wrote:
    OR....people can just buy you PLEX?

    You can't buy PLEX in stores. I can't asked an 80 year old woman and other family members that are equally computer illiterate to find the EVE online website or any other one that sells PLEX and email me the codes....

  • Would this work to convert PSN gift cards to ISK? in EVE Communication Center

    So I am trying to think of a way that people can get me ISK for Christmas. I am thinking they can get me PSN gift cards as those are available in most stores and then I cna use my DUST account and buy a bunch of AURUM with that PSN money. Then I can transfer the AURUM to my EVE character and buy AUR items and sell them for ISK?

    The only thing I don't know what will work is if you can transfer AUR from DUST to EVE.

    Any other ideas?

  • Scanning UI issues and POCO issues in Rubicon in EVE Technology and Research Center

    First thing is that POCOs are not warpable by any menu in the UI. This would be a problem if the POCOs aren't zero on a planet.

    Next thing is that while scanning I noticed a few UI changes. One thing that might have slipped throught he cracks is you can't double click celestials anymore to center the star system map on that object. That is annoying. Also I have a screenshot here of a site I cannot scan down at all. I have my probes on .25 AU in a covops with scanning rigs and am still getting 0%


  • Scanning in 1.1 - this is how it should look like? in EVE Technology and Research Center

    CCP Paradox wrote:
    Ok, so from a few reports and confirmation. I have currently two further issues that will get fixed:
    Initial scanning of the system will not show the location of signatures (0m, 0% and nothing visible on map.) Probe hits after this will be fine for signatures.

    Combat probing, no red dots are being displayed during this process.

    If there is anything else, I'm watching here. I am scanning myself all day today, but so far these are the two issues that people will run into.

    YES! Please fix this ASAP! Kinda hard to probe people down In missions or safes if we don't know where to re-center our probe group....

    EDIT: Also found a workaround for Combat probes: recall and relaunch probes and move them around on the relaunch. I don't know if this is what started to get a scan to work but it did a few times. vOv However, the time to do this scares off your prey unless they are so noob they don't even know you are scanning for them....

  • Issue: Can someone please explain this for me in EVE Communication Center

    Wow... disables the safety and expects a reimbursement.

    The LOL is strong with this one...

  • EVE Launcher update on May 21, 2013 in EVE Information Center

    You know what? Screw all the work arounds I'll wait until the damn launcher is fixed. We shouldn't be expected to have to figure out work arounds on a product we have been paying for for 10 years now. (personally 5 accounts for 6 years for me)


  • EVE Launcher update on May 21, 2013 in EVE Information Center

    come on guys why did you have to break the launcher?

    Unable to download remote build number
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "lib\update.pyo", line 597, in run
    File "lib\update.pyo", line 654, in IsUpdateRequired
    File "lib\update.pyo", line 215, in __init__
    File "lib\decorators.pyo", line 18, in __call__
    File "lib\info.pyo", line 182, in GetRemoteBuildNumber
    RemoteBuildNumberUnavailable: Unable to fetch build number from server

  • "King of Low Sec" - Fly your flag over CCP HQ by blowing stuff up! in EVE Gameplay Center

    I quite enjoyed this thread.

    Thank you

  • Increase server ticks to 2hz+ in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Sergeant Acht Scultz wrote:
    colera deldios wrote:
    How about if you are gonna gate camp you drop cans around the gate to prevent cloacking ?

    This is considered as an exploit, if you get petitioned this might end bad for you. (of course depends on the number of cans/drones and GM mood)

    Well according to the petition I did of this about a year ago, the GM said it ISN'T an exploit as long as there is no excessive server lag from it.

    I got caught in Aunenen by some pirates in a cloaky T3. I got away but I petitioned because I thought it was an exploit. Then I was told it was not. Then PL does it and we get our drones removed. vOv

  • TOO MANY MAILS!!! in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Caps make it important.

    I propose not sending out notification that our ihub/sbu/pos guns etc are being shot until they hit 95% shields. I hate getting mails because some scrub take a pot shot and leaves.

    Easy fix.

    Or make it an adjustable setting like when you get warnings on capacitor/shields/armor on your ship.

    I little more complex coding wise but more flexability.

  • Petition - Full ban of multi boxing programs which duplicate clicks. in EVE Communication Center

    I use Synergy because I only use 5-7 accounts at once and they are all different ships. Also because I'm cheap and Synergy is free. I have no problem with these 100 character fleets using one person on ISBoxxer and neither does the GMs at CCP. Good for them.

    All you people asking for this to be stopped are derping.

  • Welp in Council of Stellar Management

    I endorse this man. He is intelligent and would represent low sec very well

  • Dev blog: Corp Hangars on ships and You in EVE Information Center

    CCP Habakuk wrote:
    Grideris wrote:
    I assume that the immunity to cargo scanning is not being extended to Deep Space Transports? (The other class of T2 industrial ships)


    Oh what the hell? Blockade Runners get decent use as is since they are very speedy and very safe means of small volume transport. DSTs are UNDERused because

    a) the +2 WCS does nothing against a HIC or bubble which are very common

    b) They are REALLY slow (not freighter slow but still need a 10 sec align with MWD cycle)

    c) they can't tank (EHP smaller then freighter and active tanks suck on them because of fittings)

    d) they don't haul that much

    So giving them unscannable cargos would HELP moving larger volumes in high sec without fear of scanning (still might get ganked for lulz but cant ever stop that)

    Or give them lots of CPU and PG and more fitting slots and let them tank like a dual ASB Mael.

    That would give them a unique role. Tankiest tanks of any haulers.

    Right now they are crap...

  • Dev blog: Introducing the new and improved Crimewatch in EVE Information Center

    Warde Guildencrantz wrote:
    CCP Masterplan wrote:

    This is not just oddly intentional, it is very intentional. If we didn't want to penalise T3 death, we simply wouldn't have the skillpoint-loss mechanic in the first place

    I really don't get why losing an 800mil ship is not enough of a penalization.

    Also, what is the point of ejecting if you can't do it when there is an emergency. Isn't that what an "escape pod" is for?

    Perhaps you should just make T3s not have this penalty, their cost is already huge, losing them is already penalty enough when you pop.


    TDG tears because they can't engage in thier riskless PvP anymore. Boo hoo hoo!

  • What might have kept me playing EVE in EVE Communication Center

    Ginger Barbarella wrote:
    Hiro Ceffoe wrote:
    Reicine Ceer wrote:
    Eternum Praetorian wrote:
    I have been inactive for almost 8 months and as my finger hovers over the button of no return, I find myself wondering what might have kept me here indefinitely. When I first started that most definitely was my intention, and now I have more SP then..(snip)

    Stopped reading here.

    This is why.

    Because some people just dont get it.

    Wow, I pity you.

    And I, like many others, choose not to read posts if people don't have the basic knowledge and consideration to form sentences correctly.

    Your a idiot!

    (see what I did thar?) P

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