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  • Pew4Reps update in EVE Gameplay Center

    Feiryred wrote:
    Sixth Empire will try and be there! Can I ask a personal favour to mebbe have Lyme disease awareness in there somewhere-its crippled me and taken me to the edge and is my B4R today as there's a protest I'm involved with today-I can't be there as I'm not well enough.
    LymeFleet? Fly with a lime? I dunno, it'd help :)

    IF I can make it (this weekend is getting full, but I'll try) I'll be sure to spam your FB link for ya :D

  • Pew4Reps update in EVE Gameplay Center

    I'm doing up a quick article for the Spam 4 Heals site, and I will get it blasted across social media today! Full Metal, you need to get your butt on our discord channel and PM me -- I need to get you plugged into our marketing side so Havox can make sure we're helping get the word out proper for you!!!

    I appreciate you doing so much with the Pew 4 Reps roams, they are a ton of fun!!

  • Broadcast For Reps (Talk to someone before you hurt yourself) in EVE Communication Center

    eddie valvetino wrote:
    TigerXtrm wrote:
    Amazing initiative that just shows how great our little community really is. I hope many people find at least some of the help they need in this.


    I have struggled with depression and a Bi-Polar disorder for years... I even named a corp in "honour" of the condition..

    this is an utterly epic idea.

    Well worth the sticky and.. well if there is anything I can do to help. It would be my genunine pleasure

    I appreciate the support and for sharing your struggles! When more people like ourselves open up and talk about mental illness, depression, and suicide we help strip more of the stigma away and make it easier for our brothers and sisters to come forward when they need help.

    We exist because of the passion of our volunteers, and I'm never not amazed by how much our gaming community, the vast majority being EVE players, give their time and headspace to helping out. And everyone helps out in different ways depending on their time available, talents, and drive. The most obvious is hanging out in the ingame channel "Broadcast4Reps" and in our Discord server ( https://discord.gg/0cnYsRRYYg3QtoTM ), and just chatting with fellow players.

    Naturally, some capsuleers come up with unique ideas for spreading awareness, raising RL money towards our nonprofit or other charities such as Care 4 Kids or PLEX 4 Good, or even want to lend their RL talents to managing B4R and Spam 4 Heals (the RL nonprofit that umbrellas the B4R program these days). If you or anyone reading this is interested or has an idea they wish to pitch, put a rough outline together of what you wanna do and send it to info@s4heals.org. o7

  • Pew4Reps Fleet : Sat 16th April in EVE Gameplay Center


  • Broadcast For Reps (Talk to someone before you hurt yourself) in EVE Communication Center

    Alann Watts wrote:
    I have to say something... I ask that if it has not already been done that someone immediately make an api exception too the broadcast4reps channel. Nobody should ever be recorded by their alliance or corp as having been or said anything in that channel. That place must be a safe sacred space. Thank you.

    So far, I have never heard of any corp or alliance ever looking into a member's chat logs in the channels. I would encourage you to submit this suggestion to CCP Karkur's "Little Things" thread.

    If anyone is ever worried about in-game shenanigans in the public channel, you can always ask to speak to someone 1v1 or go out of game to our Discord channel.


  • Broadcast For Reps (Talk to someone before you hurt yourself) in EVE Communication Center

    Iso47 wrote:
    I cried when the video came up as suicide. Cause I struggle everyday
    with Schizophria and it's really hard to make social connections and feel
    any pitty, I also have crippling depression from this mental illness.

    I was in mental hostipals many times to deal with this disease. My fellow
    space capsuleer's it is without a doubt the best action that can be taken
    to prevent suicide is the making of awarness.

    Thank you for all the patience and virtue that come's in helping another

    Fly Safe / Live Freely

    I'm glad you are here to fly with us, friend! Stay strong. o7

  • Broadcast For Reps (Talk to someone before you hurt yourself) in EVE Communication Center

    Alujari Corvus wrote:
    I want to thank Coffee Rocks and everyone else involved in Broadcast4reps for being a support to the capsuleers who need a listening ear and shoulder to lean on. I admire that the Eve community has pulled together to emphasize the importance of being there for one another despite everyone's game play.

    This is something very real for me. The past year I took partial leave from Eve to focus on the emotional and mental health of my daughter who suffered from depression, self harm, and suicide. Was a rough time but I can say we both came out of it survivors and with hope for a better tomorrow. I've also battled depression, addictions, and suicidal thoughts over the past 12 yrs so this was a harsh awakening for me to see someone I love suffer through the same nightmare.

    The support I got from family, community, and space friends was crucial to my survival during some dark times, for this I am grateful. It has now become my RL mission to help others, so if I can support this cause in any way.. just let me know.

    I can't imagine the worries you must have, Alujari. I don't know how old the daughter is, but you are both very welcome to join the Discord channels for B4R (https://discord.gg/0XwsHe8maCdvEPt7) or the parent non-profit Spam 4 Heals (https://discord.gg/0cnYsRRYYg3QtoTM) whenever you need to chat.

    I'm currently working with a RL friend who is having a hugely difficult time with her own anxiety and history of abuse, whilst her 10 year old is now having severe troubles with her own depression and self worth.

    It sounds like your daughter has a wonderful mom. Keep up the good work! You should PM me on the Discord channel or email me (info on the contact page above) if you are serious about helping. o7

  • Pew4Reps Pub Fleet in EVE Gameplay Center

    Bumping for the fact that I'm gonna be there! (pls dun shoot me)

    P.S. I STILL have an outstanding bounty on my corpse - if I should get all blowed up and podded at some point tomorrow, I'll pay 100 Million ISK for the brave looter that trades me my corpse!

  • Pew4Reps Pub Fleet in EVE Gameplay Center

    Outstanding! I'll do my part to get the word out and assist where I can. Posted already to the announcements section of the Discord Channel. Thanks for giving me the heads up, too!


  • We have an EVE player in need! in EVE Communication Center

    Johan Civire wrote:
    Wow this is not the first threat i have seen with this kind of uhm scam? 200 lol sounds like you want that nice video card for your pc.

    Remember this forum is not eve online in game so you get banned for this on the forums. If it is a scam not the mention what happens with your eve account.

    To be honest, I'm not sure if this is allowed or not. OP asked me where to post this and I kinda went "shrug - GD?".

    I'll confirm it's not a scam. Most people that deal with me for various EVE projects know my RL information (I don't hide it that hard, a quick googling will find it), as well as numerous contact details. He approached me due to that trust factor, as it seemed the most prudent way of ensuring safe handling.

    I'll try to remain as transparent as possible with anyone's requests to verify, within reason.

  • We have an EVE player in need! in EVE Communication Center

    Solecist Project wrote:
    200 bucks?
    Are you serious?

    That's not worth the effort.
    Why not raise at least a thousand?

    Seriously, what use would be 200 bucks?
    And what would be next month when it's used up?

    That would be pretty amazing, to be honest, so this person won't feel burdened by financial stress over the next few months. I believe the OP underestimates the giving power of EVE players, and is attempting to be realistic about what he can raise. I guess we'll see :)

  • We have an EVE player in need! in EVE Communication Center

    I can confirm the above as well. If you've ever spent time in Slack, or Twitter, or god - any of the other social media - you've definitely chatted with this person. They spend a lot of their time helping others, so I was pleased that someone wanted to do something nice for them.

    I have taken a screen shot of my *snip*Link removed*snip*~ISD Buldath (I never use my personal one, so it makes this easy). After the 30th, I can post the total if needed/wanted, too.

    I also appreciate that these players trust me with RL money. I'm happy to help, considering I know both the OP and the person who he is raising this money for.

  • Broadcast For Reps (Talk to someone before you hurt yourself) in EVE Communication Center

    Herzog Wolfhammer wrote:

    Unfortunately, a very jarring statistic that I'm too aware of (comes with the territory). If you're a veteran, reservist or active duty, don't forget there is also the channel "Best of Us" (see OP) created by, and for, military like us.

    As more of our brother and sisters return home to find broken promises, we need to carry our battle buddies a little while longer until they can get on their feet and get the help they need. If you need help with VA, want to vent - ANYTHING - those guys at Best of Us are outstanding.

  • Broadcast For Reps (Talk to someone before you hurt yourself) in EVE Communication Center

    Zimmer Jones wrote:
    The EVE community helped me get over some very tough times, times where nothing was really wrong, but my mind hated/hates me. I received overwhelming support from my corpies, and driven to tears by their kindness. I was not aware of this B4R, and it might not have been there, these troubles started many years ago, and i went without treatment for a very long time just thinking that i should HTFU, Man up, and other overly macho crap.

    It is no shame to ask for help, and i see it as no shame to weep with relief or frustration when your own mind is your enemy and your tank is breaking. As soon as I'm no longer homeless I'll be rejoining my corp if they'll have me, and i will certainly be haunting B4R, because even those on crutches can offer a shoulder to lean on.

    Our best volunteers and moderators started as someone that came to the channel for help. You'll be welcome, friend!


  • Broadcast For Reps (Talk to someone before you hurt yourself) in EVE Communication Center

    Lelira Cirim wrote:
    A question,
    It is often said that a Stuck petition is the best way to report an immediate threat of self-harm, however I don't know how to do this in-game. Logically one might be in game when one's character is stuck (as with other MMOs that allow /stuck), and certainly when seeing someone talking publicly or chatting privately in game.

    On the support website it very clearly gives a second category of Stuck, but in-game I only know of the bug report form, which doesn't give Stuck or any choice of any second category.

    Basically if this is only an out of game reporting feature, and only ever will be possible out of game going forward, I think that should be crystal clear along with mentions of using the petition for this purpose. :)

    One of the things that led me to post this question is the locked Evelopedia page which states:
    "...then you can make a petition in-game, using the stuck category..."
    Hopefully a GM/ISD can tidy it up.

    This is correct. In the event you have a player that any reasonable person knows to be imminent danger of hurting themselves or others, file a ticket with the "Stuck Character" category, with the words "suicidal player" in the heading (or whatever is relative). CCP's system will flag it.

    I've passed it up through CSM for something more clear to use and debated it over on the other F&I forum, so we'll see if CCP comes up with a better way. For now, yes, this is the correct procedure.

    I'll add it to my ever growing 'to-do' list to do a quick "how to" and throw it up on my site.

  • Broadcast For Reps (Talk to someone before you hurt yourself) in EVE Communication Center

    JFKen Imperia wrote:
    All this Broadcast4Reps project is an excellent initiative, thx a lot to Coffee Rocks and all the volunteer and participants for that Big smile

    Already in our MOTD btwCool

    FYI, the video now has French, Russian and German subtitles! Just added ze French today! Please, let your corpies know!


  • What do you want CCP to give out for a Christmas Gift this year? in EVE Communication Center

    Alternatively, I'd love to see something for Broadcast 4 Reps - maybe a Broadcast Node module skin that reads something like "Capsuleers all over New Eden use this transmitter when they need to be reminded that good still exists in the harsh black of space."

  • What do you want CCP to give out for a Christmas Gift this year? in EVE Communication Center

    I'll never stop begging until I get my "Coffee Rocks' Patented Rapid Light Corpse Launcher" . if they ever show pity and add it to the Christmas giveaway, I hope the description simply reads "What kind of sick mind would think to use this?!"

  • Capsuleers! Declare Your Loyalty! in EVE Communication Center

    Coffee Rocks - Loyalty to The Servant Sisters of EVE.

  • Erika Mizune (aka Yumene) Running for CSM XI in Council of Stellar Management

    Erika has been active with Broadcast 4 Reps since... well, since before I can actually recall. A truly sweet and kind player, through our interaction in the different B4R channels she has also shown that she is passionate about the game and knowledgeable about a many different mechanics.

    In regards to B4R, she is a moderator in all the channels we manage: the IG channels, Slack and Discord. She always shows respect and a selfless attitude to those that reach out to the channel. When less serious things are going on and it's general BSing, she's humorous and communicates very well: two traits I would believe to be imperative to dialogue with Devs ;)

    Regarding knowledge of the game, Erika appears to have intimate knowledge of most mechanics I can think of. I'm also a huge supporter of her comment regarding the POS "little things" (**** me, how many times have I unanchored a damn silo cause i'm mashing buttons too fast...). AND OMG, I DIDN'T REALIZE HOW BADLY I WANTED INDY NOTIFICATIONS UNTIL NOW.

    Although I focus most of my time talking PvP as a leader in Brave, I secretly am a big fluffy carebear that still enjoys mining, manufacturing, and import/export markets on all my accounts. Industry is the backbone of this game and I'd love to see it get some tailored love. With all the new changes being planned with EVE, it would be nice to have someone who will be looking at upcoming Dev plans whilst keeping the industry-minded folk's gameplay and experience in mind.

    So yes, I am endorsing Erika Mizune for CSM XI (one of only two I've officially backed so far). Good luck, Erika!

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