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  • Need to redrop mobile disruptos to restart timer? Last drop... in EVE Communication Center

    Difficulty level cranked up to 2 (from 1 out of 10)

    Just anchor the right number of bubbles and don't cry. You probably caused this change anyway.

  • Low-sec Hopes and Changes in EVE Communication Center

    Gregorius Goldstein wrote:
    Is low-sec really that bad? I am just moving through most of the time so I can't tell myself.
    I got that staging citadels and stabed farmers are what some FW people are mad about.

    It's not bad. It's not good either. It's .. pointless.

    As said above, just make +0.0 Empire High Sec and -0.0, Lawless Null sec.

    Pointless 'gray' area is one of those 'No Mans Sky' optical illusions of 'deep meaningful content'.

  • War decs : not achieving objectives in EVE Communication Center

    ... wowzers 12 pages.

  • thank you to all the veterns advice finally the penny dropped in EVE Communication Center

    I feel this story would be more appetizing if you rapped it to music

  • CCP Mystery Code in EVE Communication Center

    Every 15 days, you enter the mystery code and get 10 geckos...

  • War decs : not achieving objectives in EVE Communication Center

    How does a mechanic you can avoid successfully portray "Acts of war"? I don't see any such success here. You can log out for a week to avoid it.

    Not really possible in real life. You really have to fight or jump ship to a neighboring location.

    Additionally, wars are "location based".

    If "War decs" are to succeed they need to mutate.

    What we have right now is exactly this: "concord, here's a very trivial amount of money. Please look the other way". It progresses by promoting the opposing side logging out. That's suicidal from a business pov.

    Basically, the cost of war needs to increase as so must the result of successful operations.

    The victor should be rollling in money of the loser. This promotes the desire to actually "progress by aggression". This promotes better chances for "meaningful content". You're not going to stay out of the war if you're going to start losing money to the victor

    You're going to fight :-) note the smiley face as unless you're a "science is an alternative truth" sort, you're going to be having a "oh I see now" moment about now.

    What we have can remain, but it should not be called a war dec. it should be called what it is. A "7 day, Selective, forced alternative mechanic event" sponsored by the person handing you it.

    Good to see the white knights for the status quo are well. We may actually need you soon for something that you actually won't want.

  • War decs : not achieving objectives in EVE Communication Center

    https://zkillboard.com/wars/ I'll offer you this data for the bassis of the following statement:

    War decs are failing to achieve objectives of a war.

    If you could tweak war dec mechanics (be bold, all options are on the table), what would you tweak?

    P.S. if you are unaware of the *point of a war,* I still want to hear what you think. It might offer insight as to why the malaise continues.

    My offering: winner of the war receives 1% war loot from the tax of all activities the entity beaten takes after the war ends. If this entity is war dec by another entity, the 1% money goes to the last war dec to win.

  • Give us a "battle recorder" in EVE Communication Center

    I'd just like a dscan.me killmail grabbed centered on the victims location.

    If that's "too much effort" time for fresh faces at CCP.
    Hint: should be super simple and no additional computation required

  • Glitch in the Matrix in EVE Communication Center

    ISD Max Trix wrote:
    Did you make a bug report from In game?

    Was having issues pressing that button... EBR-111665

  • Glitch in the Matrix in EVE Communication Center

    A fun logging entry

    Ballpark::RemoveBall trying to remove non-existing ball -8000000000000000011.

  • Glitch in the Matrix in EVE Communication Center

    So who stole all the gates?


  • Deployment Issues - 2017/02/14 in EVE Communication Center

    CCP Falcon wrote:
    Ncc 1709 wrote:
    no alliance logo updates?
    been waiting 4 months without any update on them

    Alliance logo updates are not tied to feature releases. They occur when we have a large enough group of logos to warrant an upload.

    The next group will be uploaded at some point in the next two weeks, they're currently being processed.

    Oh please link info on how to do this :D

    I really can't find it. All links I've discovered pipe to /dev/null

  • Deployment Issues - 2017/02/14 in EVE Communication Center

    Margret Putnam wrote:
    Industry tab is blank, not loading either ran jobs or new blueprints.

    Just a spinner .. same deal ..

    Also, did the event start yet? #WheresAllTheSigs?

    Found them! Not bad and thanks!

  • Real life is like Jita 4-4 in EVE Communication Center

    This thread, on V day .. epic (with a small e)

  • Hints and Tips V.4 in EVE Communication Center

      Citadel tips
    • Point defenses do not hurt tethered pod pilots / ships
    • If you can use the Citadel, you get a full overview of what's outside
    • If you can NOT use the Citadel, you get a cool screen saver :-/
    • Citadels do NOT auto attack. If you have no one manning the Citadel, it's going to sit there and do nothing
    • You can not tether with weapons agro
    • Best place to do a Cyno on a citadel is central and 'over it'
    • You can and WILL get bumped off of a Citadels tether. This is by design. Just dock up and don't waste supports time when you come back to your computer PODDED
    • Citadels are a bit naff until you get to Keepstars.
    • Takes about 15~20 people to destroy an Astrahaus in Battleships. You can bring more, but you'll reach the damage cap. Just use DRONES as they don't consume ammo (magical powahs!)
    • Knock, Knock, ANY BODY HOME? - There's a counter of people docked in the citadel (doesn't always show. Not sure what the deal is here. Might be a setting in the Citadel controls). It's the value in the [ ] squared brackets when you click on the citadel.

    * I think you have to have docked here one time for the counter to show. After checking a citadel with no [9] counter by docking at it, it [Counter] now shows. This appears to be the mystery solved.

  • Jump Fatigue? in EVE Communication Center

    I'd sign up for it [fatigue] being removed if:
    - Contents of ship is locked. You can not access it for 5~7 days after last jump.
    - Ship and contents explodes if it undocked or attempted to use an offensive / defensive module for 5~7 days after last jump.
    - POD pilot is free to leave ship and contents and go do something else for 5~7 days after last jump.

    Anything else = you have no idea how this will be abused at all and you have no business suggesting changes.

  • Why does every character get to see everyone else's resume for free in EVE Communication Center

    OP, post this in the 'Features & Ideas' section.

    It's not a terrible suggestion tbh

    Free intel is 'FREE' and that's "upside down and backwards EVE"

  • Bye... and good riddance. in EVE Communication Center

    I wouldn't deploy even a keepstar at this point.

    These things are too much ISK for their very short little lives.

  • MUH CHIMERA! in EVE Communication Center

    Access to scontent-ort2-1.xx.fbcdn.net was denied

    You don't have authorization to view this page.
    HTTP ERROR 403

    Booo .. I'll just have to wait for 'Bobby DROP Tables' to finish off with the patching to see it for myself.

  • What do you think is wrong with EVE? in EVE Communication Center

    Clearly they have too many 0s and not enough Xs

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