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  • PI Setup, Will this Single Planet setup work? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Kira Sunseeker wrote:
    So, which of these setups is better (in lowsec):
    Run 4 P0->P1 planets that feed a single P1->P3 factory planet
    Run a bunch of P0->P2 planets?

    Assuming you have found a nice low sec system with low tax (seeing as it doesn't have that extra 5% to 10% high sec tax), the 4 P0->P1 planets feeding a single P1->P3 factory may be better.

    The main advantage of P0->P2 is that it doesn't have to pay any extra tax.
    On the other hand, you have to pay extra export and import tax to move those P1 mats to the P3 factory.

    In theory, the extra tax you need to pay to make the P3, is what keeps the profitability of P3 in check to make it competitive with your P2 factories.

    However, a low tax rate from your low sec system means that any extra tax you pay will be low enough that it shouldn't hurt your profits too much.

    This makes the tax, in theory, low enough that you are almost circumventing the extra cost meant to keep P3 profitability in check, so you enjoy better profits for P3.

    But this is in theory. There are still other factors like market prices for the P3 item you are making, the actual tax, etc.

    The only way to know for sure is to do the calculations.

  • PI Setup, Will this Single Planet setup work? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Devon Greenbank wrote:
    Well said bugsy, I feel like I understand my case much better now. Thank you.

    I no longer have any intent on aiming towards a T3. As it wouldn't be possible to support all of this on a planet, in combination with the resources being insufficient.

    One last question if I may, its continually mentioned I need a set amount of m3 to keep my factories going.
    Is this simply to keep it efficient, or would I manually be required to turn the factory back on as it would stop without the required input?

    Yes it is simply to keep it efficient.
    No you do not have to manually turn factories on. If there are enough mats, the factory will use it and run. If there are not enough mats, it will stop. Everything is auto.

    Also, lets assume I stop at T2 as best as I can.
    Would you recommend returning the final product into the previous Launchpad or into a new one?

    I think 1 Launch Pad is enough. If the Launch Pad gets full, simply export it.

    The total volume of T2 produced is less than the total volume of T1 to make it, and the total volume of T1 produced is less than the total volume of T0 mats required to make it. The mats always take up more volume than the final product (the exception is for T4 products, which can take up more volume than the mats).

    What this means is the volume will always decrease, if you have 100% efficiency with no bottleneck.
    The Launch Pad will never get full from too many T1 or T0 mats. It will get full from too many T2 products.

  • Two extractors, one storage in EVE Gameplay Center

    Lean-Juc Partwik wrote:
    TL;DR: In PI, do outgoing routes from storage facilities share a common pool of resources?

    I'm running some planets for S&G (read: moolah). I'm trying to get the maximum efficiency, fully aware there's a serious bottleneck at T1 processors. But I figure if I put a storage facility between my extractor and as many processors as I can fit on-planet, I'll still come away with my queue fairly close to 100% efficiency.

    My question is: if two ECUs feed one SF, is each outgoing route from the SF only fed from the incoming route associated with the outgoing route at the route's creation? Are incoming resources pooled in an SF and then that common pool feeds all outgoing routes?

    Much appreciated for any insight!

    I'm confused by your post, but I am assuming that you are creating a direct link between the 2 ECU and 1 SF.

    And if you are asking whether the resources extracted by the 2 ECU are "stored" somewhere while waiting for the SF factory to finish its cycle, then I would say no. Those resources are actually lost.

    Think of it like a drinking water tap pouring water on a plastic cup, while waiting 30 minutes for the plastic cup to be used by you.
    The excess water will flow out and be lost and wasted. The water won't go to your other plastic cups.
    Tap being your ECUs and plastic cup being your SF.

    If I am wrong, it doesn't matter, because for the best optimization, do what you were planning to do. Put a storage facility and link the ECUs and processors to it. This way the excess T0 products you mined from your ECU will not be lost and be stored.

    There should be no bottleneck for your SFs. If there are, build more SFs and maybe less ECUs.

  • PI Shortcuts in EVE Gameplay Center

    Cyniac wrote:
    Double click can be your friend at times though (I hope you knew that already)

    I probably already know what you mean, but please explain.

  • PI Shortcuts in EVE Gameplay Center

    Hey all,

    Normally when I set up PI, I will only have 1 Space Launcher for efficiency purposes.
    And all the input and output will come from that 1 launcher.

    But it can be tedious setting up every input and output for every factory to that 1 launcher.

    So is there a shortcut to select all factories, and make all of them get and send stuff to that 1 Space Launcher?

  • Will upcoming industry changes have an effect on the trade hubs? in EVE Communication Center

    I don't understand why trade hubs will be affected.

    Isn't the point of Jita being the main trade hub, due to its location? Something about Jita being the system that is closest to 3 different regions.

    Regardless of the effect on the economy, Jita will still be the main trade hub due to the convenience of the location, and the convenience of trading a large selection of items in one place, due to its reputation of being the main trade hub.

    Or am I missing something?

  • Drone DPS dropped, have i missed something? in EVE Communication Center

    When will patch notes be released? It still says to be released.


  • Old Armor Compensation Skills in EVE Communication Center

    Hey all,

    I came back to this game on 6/6/2014, and I thought I lost my armor compensation skills somehow.
    CCP claims that I injected these skills in 2010 but never trained them.
    Now I am very confused and I really need someone to clarify something for me.

    Before I came back, I last played this game on 10/11/2012.
    I know that they changed armor compensation skills since then. They changed something like renaming or requirements, but they changed something.

    Q1. Now for the people who have played in 10/11/2012, I remember that T2 armor hardeners had such steep skill requirements that I had to use the more expensive faction hardeners that didn't require such high skill requirements, while training the skills needed to use T2 armor hardeners.
    But I cannot remember what the skill was.

    So my question is, what was the skill needed to use T2 armor hardeners back in 10/11/2012? Was it armor compensation skill or something else?

    Q2. Were the old armor compensation skills the same as what we have now? Skills for passive tanking and not for active tanking?

    Q3. Is there a 3rd party site that tracks my skill learning?

    I could have sworn that I had trained these skills to level 5, but now I am not sure. I know I trained something to level 5 because back then I had to squeeze every possible resistance in order to do null sec havens and sanctums. Something increased the resistances for active armor tanking. But I am not sure and I hope someone can shed some light on this.

  • Returned players... can they really be welcomed? in EVE Communication Center

    I came back last week and I am currently in high sec doing stuff.
    The first corp that tried to recruit me wanted my API because they were afraid that I might be a spy.

    I'm like gone for over a year, and there is no way to prove that I am not a spy. It's incredible.

  • Come back veteran/younger player! Be a prick or... be a prick! in EVE Communication Center

    Why didn't I get such an offer? I was away for over a year!

  • Full API to join Corps in EVE Communication Center

    My primary concern is that giving Full API will give people information to exploit me or somehow make my life miserable.

    If it is very unlikely to happen, then I don't mind giving it.

    The API page did warn me about giving this information, so I am just wary by default.

  • Full API to join Corps in EVE Communication Center

    Sher Rayet wrote:
    If you give away full API they read your mails and transactions etc. Go ahead...

    But is it standard practice?
    Would you do it if you wanted to join a new corp?

  • Full API to join Corps in EVE Communication Center

    Hey all,

    I just came back to the game after being away for over a year.

    There is a corp that talked to me about joining, but before I could join, they requested my FULL (not partial) API.

    I want to know whether this has become standard practice nowadays for corps recruiting new members.

    Back in the day, I just joined a corp without such need for an API, and the only time they needed my API was for teamspeak, and even then a limited API was enough.

    So is it safe to give my full API?
    Is it now standard practice to give your full API to corps that you want to join?

  • Leaving Eve after almost five years. in EVE Communication Center

    Good luck to the OP in real life.

  • Barge Fairy Tale in EVE Communication Center

    For once the miners get the rare moment to say to gankers: your tears are delicious.

  • What keeps you from PvPing? in EVE Communication Center

    PvP is a money sink.

    I play by PLEX and not subscription, and PvP means losing ships, which costs money, money which could have gone into next month's PLEX.

  • Why Goonswarm needs to go in EVE Communication Center

    What is currently preventing the other alliances from teaming up against Goons?

  • EVE would get so many more subs IF...? in EVE Communication Center

    Ghost of Truth wrote:

    1.Make High Sec as easy and safe as possible, but without any serious ISK prizes.Not even what it has now.Not even LVL 4 missions or any serious profitable mining.A character after 3-4 months will have to move on to get on higher Incomes.Add a really epic arc to get people on the game mechanics and UI and story.Use high sec for Story Arc Missions and Industry.

    2.Move any profitable thing from High sec to Low sec.Even war decs.This should be the main playing area for the majority.

    3.Nullsec switches to massive ,obscene (yes, even bigger) amounts of income in comparison (not idle cash cows like TECH) , but more dangerous and costly to keep sovereignty (example, one timer for all structures, maximum reinforce 24 hours).

    Forcing people to PvP when they don't want to won't get you new players. It will chase them away.

    People PvE to make ISK. PvP is an ISK sink and asking a carebear to go to low sec and get his ship blown up is very contradictory to his nature. PvE and PvP are almost mutually exclusive.

    A way to encourage people to go to low sec would be to make a PvE ship able to hold its own against PvPers. But that is not possible because you need a specific fit for PvE and a specific one for PvP.

  • EVE would get so many more subs IF...? in EVE Communication Center

    Expand on PvE through better missions.

    Someone made a good thread about how the lore of Eve Online is pretty good, but it is never fully explored.

    Missions can be one way to explore that lore.

  • ASB is BULL. in EVE Gameplay Center

    What in the world is an ASB?

    Ancillary Shield Booster? The X-Large one?