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  • [June] Fighter Damage Reduction in EVE Technology and Research Center



    thanks for not listening to a ******* word anyone said.

  • [June] Fighter Damage Reduction in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Jenn aSide wrote:
    El'geherg wrote:
    Jenn aSide wrote:
    The amount of BS in this thread is amazing. People talking about some kind of plex conspiracy.

    You all know that people rat and mine even now without Supers and Rorqs right? I use My Machariel and My Rattlesnake (and sometimes a Gila and/or Ishtar) to rat and do fine. I can fly a carrier, but i knew those were going to be nerfed so i didn't get hooked (also, Carriers can NOT use MJDs, FoF missiles or do DED 10/10s like my mach and snake can).

    I'm sorry all of you fell for the FotM and didn't know better than to tie yourself down to something that a brain damaged monkey who paid attention to how CCP operates knew would eventually be nerfed. But you should not act like it's some kind of conspiracy, it's just CCP fixing their mistake over putting overpowered stuff into the game. Again.

    "The amount of BS in this thread is amazing." You win the award for unintentional irony by saying this following post after post reminding anyone who cares (and nobody does) that you are a self-styled expert in ratting and near prophet when it comes to all things Eve related. There are lots of legitimate concerns being raised in these comments in addition to the threats of rage quitting so instead of congratulating yourself for how prescient you are, perhaps you can shut up and listen.

    There is nothing to listen to (other than the concern about PVP capability). People are being dumb about all this, mostly because they don't know enough not to.

    It's going to be ok. It will take a while to deplete some stockpiles of dead space gear, blueprints and built pirate ships. it will take some time for the lessening of the isk supply to be felt. But after it does ratters will be in a better place than we are now.

    All of which is moot. Almost none of you are actually going to quit, almost all of you are going to benefit from this change in short order, and CCP is not going to pull back from this change no matter how many times ISD has to clean this thread of profanity (lol).

    TL;DR this is yet another 'blowing off steam' thread that CCP puts up to let you get it out of your system. Nothing you say is going to change anything.

    you being in shime thus likely never having flown a carrier or ever actually pvping says everything anyone needs to know about your opinion on the matter

  • [June] Fighter Damage Reduction in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Tara Read wrote:
    I stated back when the December 07 show came out and saw Guards comments on changing all of pve to make it a sort of "group" experience that this was just a way to force players to spend more real money on Plex. That's all it is at this point. How can you fly doctrines without isk Income? How can you PVP without PVE income? Simple. Eve turns into a pay to play system of Plex. The silly thing is that CCP wanted more involvement in the space groups held and boy they sure got it.

    My prediction was CCP would nerf individual PVE streams such as Rorquals and Super ratting which are some of the highest income streams for individual players and had been for years. What CCP fails to realize is that people don't pve for fun in high end groups, we pve to pay for our PVP. When you lose a doctrine ship or a dread or something of that nature in a big brawl (that CCP sort of markets to Bright eyed new players who they pray have a Credit Card and will inject and buy Plex to reach a level veteran player have)

    You naturally need to replace it. What CCP fails to realize is in their greed ridden pay to win system of BUY PLEX NOW and ridding Eve of it's pve streams gradually is that now you are truly killing content for players. You give us less targets to hunt, you give us less big ships to destroy because dumb people like to fly big shiny ships, and you further alienate the concepts talked about during the release of Citadel when Supers and Titans were reworked and retooled to give then a new role with very big nerfs to hp and ewar immunity.

    Odd how this isn't a dev post on the PvP ability of such ships but rather a economc view. Eve has trillions of isk in it's economy and has for over a decade. Why now the sudden shift towards killing individual income streams?

    Because all CCP wants is for you to buy Plex with real money period. First they'll nerf Rorquals and Supers. Then theyll nerf anom repawns. Then they make it where capitals cannot run anoms or level 5 missions and instead encourage "group" pve like those stupid Blood Raider sites that can be ran in frigates as "high end pve" as a way to finally kill individual income. Welcome to the new Eve. Better whip out that credit card.

    FYI CCP I've always paid for my 7 accounts with actual money. I hate the idea of having to pve for my subscription and my pve time is spent fueling my PvP for PL and my own endeavours. Keep this up and I think a few of us will just get so sick of the EA like way this game is headed and go find something else to play. Which is pretty sad. Don't make us buy Plex to PvP.

    not empty quoting.

    I understand that you dont want unlimited isk faucets, but you're doing it the wrong way. if you want to limit rorqual mining, then find a way to make it ******* aids to multibox, like supercarrier ratting is. the problem with rorqual minining isnt that it pays 200m an hour, its that i can run 10 accounts easily making 200m an hour. find a way to stop that, and youll solve your problem. We finally have ways for individuals to make good money in this game and you ******* nerf it. You made it possible for newer/more casual players to be able to effectively grind for their money, and now you are **** canning it. We actually had a way to combat the war chests of ******* PL and NC. and other groups who have corps with trillions of isk that can just passively **** money, simply by actually playing the game. I actually feel like im getting something from grinding in this game, same with my corp mates. if you nerf these income streams itll just feel ******* worthless, and ill just buy plex because i cant be arsed to ******* rat for 45m an hour.

    But thats what you want, isnt it? me to buy ******* plex.

  • [June] Fighter Damage Reduction in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Suitonia wrote:
    Lightbringer wrote:
    April was 2 months ago. bit late for a joke.

    I do wonder if CCP even play their own game.
    We also think that Carriers and Supercarriers are a bit too effective in PvP now., so now they do no damage before instantly dieing because of the previous nerf? :D RIP.

    How do they go from overpowered to no damage if they lose 20% DPS. Seems reasonable to me.

    i know you hate carriers because you cant fight them in your t1 frigates, but this is a terrible change for people who actually fly these ships.

  • [119.6] Standup Hyasyoda Research Lab in EVE Technology and Research Center

    so all it does is use less fuel and PG now?

    no bonus to ME or TE research speed?

    thats.. underwhelming.



  • WTS Ahremen's Modified Large EMP Smartbomb in EVE Marketplace

    sent in game mail

  • [WTS] Officer Modules in EVE Marketplace

    Opus Congelatio wrote:
    For sale:

    Ahremen's Modified Large EMP Smartbomb x1 (5.250b)

    contract me the smartbomb please


    looking to pay around 3.75-4. Willing to negotiate if you can come within reason .

    2nd edit because i only need 1 now

  • WTS Chelm PDS and Selynne Large SmartBomb in EVE Marketplace

    Looks like you've been holding onto that PDS a little while, would you let it got for 3.75? Willing to negotiate

  • WTS Officer mods in Jita 4-4, cheaper than Jita! in EVE Marketplace

    I'll do 3.5 for the Chelms PDS. Willing to negotiate

  • [Summer] RLML and HML balance pass in EVE Technology and Research Center

    How about we work on missiles systems that actually need a buff, like XL torps? The application on these is still god awful. losing application on archons that are moving more that 35m/s is just frankly unacceptable. I realize that NC/PL don't use missile capitals, but they still need fixing.

  • [119.4] More improvements from Team Five 0 in EVE Technology and Research Center


  • [MAY] Blood Raider Capitals in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Mr Rive wrote:
    Ncc 1709 wrote:
    @mr rive
    Your math is off.
    maxed skill the capital nos will get 2000 capacitor per 20 seconds. so its actually 100 cap/s

    Yes but the Dagon gets a 150% bonus. My math is terrible, but either way, the nos cannot be used to run the remote reps at all reliably, given the cycle time bonus the Dagon gets.

    0 cap stability is nothing new to fax machines. You still have mid slots just like the apostle does, and you get the nos bonus

  • [MAY] Blood Raider Capitals in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Why is a 90% PG reduction for remote armor reps necessary for the fax machine?

  • [November] Rorqual Astrahus citadel docking fix in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Well thank God we got this game breaking bug fixed. I mean, who needs citadel bumping fixed, or bumping in general, or capital resizing when we had roquals docking in astra's?

  • [Citadels] Carriers in EVE Technology and Research Center

    CCP Larrikin wrote:

    Amarr Carrier Bonus (per skill level):
  • 5% bonus to Cenobite Neutralization optimal range

  • Chimera
    Caldari Carrier Bonus (per skill level):
  • 5% bonus to Scarab Jamming optimal range

  • [/list]

    Gallente Carrier Bonus (per skill level):
  • 5% bonus to Siren warp disruption range

  • Nidhoggur
    [i]Minmatar Carrier Bonus (per skill level):

  • 5% bonus to Dromi Stasis Webification range

why would you give a bonus to range and not a bonus to strength? unless this takes you out of smartbomb range, which im pretty sure none of these orbit in smart bomb range to begin with, this bonus is worthless?

the only worthwhile one is MAYBE the point range from the thannatos.
25% extra range on jams or webs or neuts really means nothing. a bonus to strength would actually give you a reason to fly these particular support fighters with their racial carrier, as it stands now, this range bonus does nothing to encourage you to use your races support fighter.

  • [Citadels] Capital Q&A in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Oskolda Eriker wrote:
    Ncc 1709 wrote:
    Amazing how many people are complaining about the dps drop on the 'low dps high tracking' dread weapons.... heres a hint, there supposed to be low dps compared to regular guns that dont track as well

    Caleb Seremshur wrote:

    You are talking to people who don't know the difference between electron and neutron blaster.

    Please dont post, if you dont read topic, ccp talking about 2k-3k dps in siege with high-tracking guns, from a ship with 2+bill hull
    i can have same dps from a vindi or rattlesnake for better price without siege problems.

    I don't know much about dreads admittedly, but from what i can tell these high angle guns will allow you to apply that 2-3k dps to a cruiser at 50-60km. I know for a fact that a vindicator cant project that kind of dps that far. Also, if your dreads gets killed, you're out around 4-500m after insurance, as opposed to a bling fit vindicator.

  • [Citadels] Capital Q&A in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Nevyn Auscent wrote:
    Creecher Virpio wrote:

    Wanna know how I know you don't know what you're talking about? That button doesn't work when undocked. You must manually drag and drop each module when fitting in space. Please leave this discussion to people who actually fly these ships and have experience with them.

    Please actually read the thread about the new modules which will give you most of what you have been whining about without the need to refit anyway. But that would require keeping up to date and not whining in an old thread.

    I've read eveythings thats been posted and all of the slides from all of the presentations at the meet ups. Changing your resist profile really doesn't do much unless you go from fighting a hybrid turret fleet to a laser fleet, or are fighting something with drones like say Ishtars w/ sentrys. Most fleet doctrines, at least that i fight, right now are multi damage type. While yes, they would be handy, they won't be as strong as a regular t2 specific hardener. These aren't going to be as useful as you think. When people mean refitting in triage they typically mean fitting from tank fit to capacitor/remote rep fit, which a scripted hardener can't do.

  • [Citadels] Capital Q&A in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Estella Osoka wrote:
    Creecher Virpio wrote:
    You want to remove one of the last abilities that an individual pilot can truly make a difference with if he has the skill. combat refitting when you are getting primaried by a 75 man fleet is not easy, despite what some people think.

    Oh please. It's super easy if you have the fits saved. One saved fitting for shields, one for armor, one for hull, one for cap, one for escape. Will take about 5 clicks.

    Wanna know how I know you don't know what you're talking about? That button doesn't work when undocked. You must manually drag and drop each module when fitting in space. Please leave this discussion to people who actually fly these ships and have experience with them.