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  • [April] [Updated] Confessor and Svipul Balance Tweaks in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Cleanse Serce wrote:
    I noticed that as well.

    I simply stripped my fit, and readd the guns. You don't need to repackage. :D
    I noticed a -30 dps with the same beam fit (with a mid slot empty due to PWG nerf).
    and a -24 dps to my pulse fit on which i can't put a 400mn meta4 anymore....

    Which quite funny actually, cause my Beam 10MN AB seems to be more flexible to fit (with downgraded guns), than my Pulse fit leta 4 400mm plate (with 1mn MWD) and Focused Pulse....

    Thanks CCP. Roll

    And i forgot to mentioned that on each fit i have a Small Ancillary Current Router T2. :p
    I'll need to put 2 of those... *sighs*

    Thanks for the tip!

    Mine showed a reducting in DPS aswell (according to the Fitting panel), might be because skillbonusses or something aren't applied to the role bonusses. -12 DPS difference here.

    Ohh ffs, I keep finding bugs. I can't even Quote your edited post... wth?

  • [April] [Updated] Confessor and Svipul Balance Tweaks in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I think I've found a bug on the test-server, while trying to test out tuesdays changes.

    While checking my Confessor, which is set up in the form of "gun gun gun empty gun gun gun" highslots, I noticed that the last gunslot has just disappeared.

    Yes, the slots have been reduced from 7 to 6, thus removing the last highslot, but in turn the actual gun seems to just be invisible.

    When I removed all the guns (the 5 I can see), and I try to readd the 4 I'm allowed, I can only add 3 as the 4th brings up an error that all my turret slots are filled. Even the circles underneath the turret-icon are all 4 filled, while I only added 3 guns.

    This is not a bigproblem on the test-server as I can simply repackage and readd rigs, but I prefer not to waste money on something so silly when released to TQ.

  • phpBB 3.x API Registration Mod v6+ in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Yes, it's really me, I'm still alive..

    Support for phpBB 3.1 is going slower than expected.
    It seems that every time I set a date and time to have it finished, something pops up making me overshoot the deadline.

    Few months ago I've started uploading semi-finished code to Github (was a populair request) for the seperated phpBB 3.1 extensions.

    Unlike the mod, the extensions will be seperated to simplify updates and promote faster development;

    1. EVE Online BBcodes
    2. EVE Online SSO
    3. EVE Online SSO-Buttons
    4. EVE Online Entity-Authentication
    5. TeamSpeak and OpenFire integration

    1,2 Working but beta version
    3,4 Coded but not uploaded to github yet (requires some formatting Blink)
    5 Requires phpBB to add more 'hooks', process to solve this has been started

    EVE Online BBcodes
    This will add the BBcodes to your forum just like the mod did. The codebase has been updated to avoid weird behaviour, and should now show the correct slot layout for the tech 3 ships based on their subsystems.
    At the time of writing it uses EVE's last expansions database information, so it's only outdated by a few weeks.

    EVE Online SSO
    EVE Online SSO integration is its more basic form. This extension extends the SSO integration phpBB uses by adding EVE SSO functionality to it. This extension only adds the ability to link your EVE account (character + account combination really) to your forum account, allowing you to log in to the forum using your EVE account. That's it, nothing more.

    EVE Online SSOButtons
    Changes the weird text-based "Sign in with whatever" options with proper images. Downside is that the text for all non-EVE SSO buttons is also removed (as I override some css), it provides suitable buttons to the other 4 default options aswell.

    EVE Online Entity-Authentication
    This holds the basic functionality as the mod. It checks the users corporation / alliances and does some magic to make grant / revoke his rights on the forum, teamspeak and/or openfire. This is at the time of writing still a private project, as I'm not confident enough in its abilities to release it to the public just yet.

    TeamSpeak and OpenFire integration
    This extensions holds the basic functionality of connecting to teamspeak and/or openfire. The EVE Online Entity-Authentication-extension will require this extension to work properly. This is at the time of writing still a private project, as I'm not confident enough in its abilities to release it to the public just yet.

    Hope this answers some of your questions.
    And ofcourse a big thank-you to all those that were able to answer other users questions while I wasn't around.


  • phpBB 3.x API Registration Mod v6+ in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Suun Ablehart wrote:
    Hi guys,

    We've got this set up using:
    phpBB + Prosody (using custom login script)

    However, when eveapi_cron.php runs every 30 minutes, sometimes it deactivates users that have a totally valid API. Over a few days around 10 people were deactivated, if I don't pay attention for a few weeks at least 30-40 people were deactivated and had valid APIs. I verified this by mass-activating all deactivated accounts, and running eveapi_cron.php again manually, which then only deactivated accounts with legitimately incorrect APIs.

    FWIW, we're using crontab with curl to run the cron job every 30 minutes.

    Run eveapi_cron.php every 2 hours at minimum.

  • phpBB 3.x API Registration Mod v6+ in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Go0fBall wrote:
    Hey guys, ran in to a problem I was hoping you could help with. I have a corpie who is having issues with getting connected to Jabber due to having an apostrophe in his name. I've searched this thread for a solution, and came across someones post who mentioned:

    "Also, if people have apostrophe's in their character names, you will have to hack /xmlrpc/forum_side.php to translate jabber users to forum names/Eve Character names."

    I am an epic nub when it comes to this stuff, and would def appreciate some help in getting the php file setup to accept and allow players with apostrophes in their names to be able to connect to Jabber.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Next version should automatically translate ' into |

    Abbaddona wrote:
    cargo dont work. any idea ? Ugh

    I am unable to access that post, so I can't check what's wrong.
    My guess would be that you do not have a double empty line between the rigs and cargohold/dronebay

    Labrena wrote:
    Will this be updated to support the new 3.1 version of extensions?

    Looks like release will be in the near future.

    I'm working on splitting the mod in 3 different categories. (Lynx for general TS / Jabber integration, BBcode for EVE Online based BBcodes and API for EVE Online API stuff). Once those are properly split and recoded, I'll look into transcoding them to phpBB 3.1 Extension system.

    Expect to have it in the future, but not at the initial release of phpBB 3.1 as I prefer 3.1 to have its bugs ironed out first.

    netai wrote:
    Is the eveapi_cron.php file supposed to be accessible by anyone?
    I don't want anyone to be able run it themselves at random.

    When I designed the mod years ago it was meant to, yes. However, I'm planning to change this behaviour in the future by coding a proper cronjob script.

    For now you can just rename the eveapi_cron.php to any filename you'd like without anything breaking. IlikecookiesandIcannotlie.php for instance.

  • phpBB 3.x API Registration Mod v6+ in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Sharker2k3 wrote:
    As a note to people, if you integrated this with an openfire server the passwords for the openfire accounts are emailed to the users.

    Had a quick question. I have this integrated with an openfire server, working fine. My concern is that when I enabled integration it created a jabber account for EVERY user in phpbb. Is there a way to configure it so that only accounts which belong to a certain group are created?


    Go to each forum group (including the default groups liek Registered Users) and remove ANY input from the OpenFire group inputbox and save that group. For some reason phpBB sometimes decides to input values that shouldn't be there.
    Rerun the cron script after making those changes and it should remove those /extra/ users.

    Der Pinator wrote:
    Hi all!

    It`s only for me items with dot in itemname like [eveitem]Eifyr and Co. 'Rogue' Evasive Maneuvering EM-701[/eveitem] don`t working well?


    I'll check it out.

    Khaleesi Izia wrote:
    Im having an issue with the TS UID, whenever myself or my members enter it and press submit it will dissapear and nothing will have happened, no erorr message or anything, it just says profile changes updated then when you go back to the profile the ts uid IS GONE.

    Rather Annoying and ive been trying to figure out all day, some help would be much appreciated

    Running the eveapi_check.php will give you an error message (as its meant to debug errors).

    Jack Pritchard wrote:
    When I am adding a new group to my forum and it ask what Teamspeak group it wants to be part of:

    adm cntrl pnl -> users and groups -> manage groups -> new group

    It only allows me to have 4 digits for the teamspeak 3 GroupID, meanwhile my ID is 5 digits, any way to sort that?

    I'll make sure it'll allow more digits in the next version.

    Over the Top wrote:
    How do you use this with Open Fire?

    In the admin panel for openfire http://serverip:9090 I went to Server -> Server Settings -> External Components and Enabled External Components to connect on the default port 5275, and set a shared secret.

    In the PHPBB ACP, I provided this password to the EVE API Jabber page.

    What next? I am not sure what I am to expect or how this is to work. I still can't log in with my Forum credentials.


    Please read my previous post for a very small guide.

  • phpBB 3.x API Registration Mod v6+ in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Backbone666 wrote:
    Is there a way to add Virtual Server ID to the TS3 intergration or am I missing something?
    I keep getting Error code: 110 - Error message: Connection timed out when running eveapi_check.php with all the settings being correct (Serverquery username and all that)

    The TeamSpeak PHP Framework automatically translates the client-port of the virtual server into the virtual server id.
    If the connection is timing out, it means that no connection can be made to the TeamSpeak serverquery section at all, which has nothing to do with virtual server id.

    Laurent Jay wrote:
    hey !

    thx for this module ! Big smile

    primary, sorry for my English ^^

    I have a question:

    What sort of API KEY i need for "standing" in module and accesmask ?

    (Character's keyID (Corporation level) - Character's vCode (Corporation level) )

    I test with a full api key of my director and cron say :

    EVE API Key error: 106 -> Must provide userID or keyID parameter for authentication.
    Wrong accessMask

    thx for ur answer^:)


    It's probably failing because the character itself needs to have an account with valid character-level API details.
    That character requires the accessMask you set in the ACP AccessMask section, as well as the StandingsList options.

    Go0fBall wrote:
    Managed to install the forum update just fine, but ran into issues with getting OpenFire to work. Is there any chance of a simple write-up to help us newbs get Jabber integration to work with OpenFire?

    Edit: I forgot to mention that I am running this on a Windows 2008 machine. Any help getting the configuration file/OpenFire server to work on Windows is greatly appreciated.

    Here's a small list;

    1. Install Java
    2. Install OpenFire
    3. Open required OpenFire ports to allow outside Jabber-client access
    4. Using the OpenFire plugin manager, install and configure the UserService plugin
    5. Use the same password as set in the UserService plugin on your forum and add url
    6. Should be working now :)

    Carlito Erquilenne wrote:

    Is there a way to use this mod without the whole API verification part and rather just for use with TS3, PHPBB and the Jabber integration?

    Yes, you could use Lynx (work in progress) at https://github.com/Cyerus/phpBB-mod-Lynx

    ZANARIAN wrote:
    Can you add the ability to link characters,corporations and alliances?

    I could, but its very risky. Each linked character/corporation/alliance requires an API call to determine its ID to be able to be linkable using the IGB. That means that if an /unfriendly person/ wants to ban you from using the EVE Online API, he/she could create a post with a lot of none-existing char/corp/alliance names.

    I decided against implementing it for this reason.

  • jEveAssets 4.1.2 (2017-06-07) in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Golden Gnu wrote:
    Kronos 1.0.0 static data is now available (restart jEveAssets to update) .

    This is the first static data update released via auto-update,
    your feedback would be very much appreciated!

    Me again Cool

    I really like the new dialog showing which version you have, and which version you can update to.
    Worked fine for both the jEveAssets update, as well as the static database update to Kronos 1.0.0

    tl;dr Me happy! Lol

  • Faction and Corp Logos as svg in EVE Technology and Research Center


    Make this happen please Big smile

  • jEveAssets 4.1.2 (2017-06-07) in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Golden Gnu wrote:
    Thank you very much for your feedback! :)

    No problem.

    Just updated to 2.8.2 without a problem.

    Maybe an idea for future version; have the updater show the current user's version and the latest version available, something like;

    I've found an update, just for you!

    Your version: 2.8.1
    Latest version: 2.8.2

    Would you like to update to the latest release?

  • jEveAssets 4.1.2 (2017-06-07) in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Golden Gnu wrote:
    jEveAssets 2.8.1 Released

    Bug Fixes:
    -Possible fix for BugID: 3, 4, 5, 6

    You do not need to download this if you have 2.8.0, it will auto update (just restart jEveAssets).
    Feedback about the update process would be very much appreciated.

    As requested;

    Update process worked fine. It managed to download the new version without a problem.
    Slider for download-process is a nice touch.

    Thumbs-up from me Blink

  • API Questions about Limits, Errors and suggestions in EVE Technology and Research Center

    3. Not able to answer the question, but general information; Error 124 - Character not part of FW can now be circumvented by using one of FoxFour's awesome updates, as FW information is now part of most calls (see full list of changes here)

    I'd also suggest to use PhealNG as the backbone for project, as that would save you from a lot of hustle. I've been wanting to create such a thing for a while now, and willing to help out if you are willing to make it opensource.

  • Development Request: PHPBB + TS3 in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I've been working on splitting my mod into seperate pieces, your request being one of them. Currently still in beta, but I'm getting close to the final product. Hit me up if you'd like to get a copy.

    Response to the Extra needs;

    1. Between easy and impossible; really dependant on the API of /other game/
    2. Gender-icon, interesting proposal. Requires an external Gender-mod though, as core phpBB doesn't support Genders. Which would make my implementation a mod for a mod, and that can be tricky.

  • Vote Steve Ronuken for CSM 9 in Council of Stellar Management

    You've got my vote. Cool

  • TEA (v1.3.1) - Member Management Mod for SMF 2, TeamSpeak 3 and Jabber in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Demitrios wrote:
    I wouldn't touch a thing, TEA worked fine for the past 4 years with no issues, ignoring the big change to CAK, no reason to change it now when they are going to fix it.

    By "they" you mean the actual TEA developer I hope? If not, you are an idiot and please stfu, and here is why.

    Like some posts before you, its clear that the "old" way of parsing xml TEA is using is error prone, as it can easily be broken by even valid xml documents. A proper way would be to use SimpleXML to parse it (and catch it for invalid XML results), and grab the values from the returned object. Even better would be to use PhealNG, as PhealNG uses SimpleXML internally while also providing checks for cache and valid keys (based on requests).

    For the last couple of years we (the 3rd party developers, mainly located on Coldfront IRC channel #eve-dev) have been requesting updates to the EVE API, mainly to remove annoyances and limitations because of outdated code. Where most CCPers made only small changes (some good, some bad), we haven't really had any big updates. True, CAKs came out making it easier for people to share api keys, but in the end no big changes were made to the data itself.

    Since the introduction of the CAKs CCP started to monitor API errors even more closely. By that, I mean that if you try to get the characterId with a nonexistants characterName, you'd get an error stating that the 'character doesn't exist'. Errors are logged based on IP. If you get too many errors (like if you try to find all characters in EVE), you'll get temp/perm-banned from the EVE API.

    This however did not make sense as you had to query some API endpoints to figure out certain information (like killmails and if the character was part of FW), which would return an error. Killmails in particular was an annoying call, as per character you could only get the killmail list once per hour in total (not dependant on IP). So if zKB would query the killmail endpoint, Battleclinic and others would receive an error. Imagine that happening to the thousands of API requests per hour, and yes you can guess it....*poof*...killboards were banned by CCPs strict policy. PrismX saved the day by removing such bans until a new killmail API was built and released, allowing killmails to be checked by multiple killboards.

    Things slowed down after this though. We were hoping for more conversation between CCP and 3rd party developers, but unfortunately the API is only considered a side-project by CCP which has to make way for more important stuff. In short, PrismX doesn't have a lot of time to invest on it.

    Luckily, FoxFour was able to save the day. Even though the API is not his project, he was able to introduce small tweaks which we've been waiting for for a long time. Most noticeable is the CREST killmail endpoint allowing players to easily post killmails to killboards in a verified way. But also small changes like adding factionId and factionName to most character-based calls so you don't have to generate any errors anymore to figure out if a character is part of FW. Or the new OwnerId call where you can actually see what the ownerType is you are requesting (figure out if Cyerus might a character, corporation or alliance), effectively making CharacterID obsolete.. (more information can be found here).

    And yes, you are correct in saying CCP should fix this small bug, and they certainly will. However, I'd like to point out its not their fault for you not helping to test the new changes. Yes, you, the person who has been using TEA for over 4 years without a problem blaming CCP for every small glitch, while you could've set up a test forum pointing to the updated Sisi API server to see if everything would be working correctly..

    After all; CCP FoxFour went far and beyond to make those API changes, I guess a small "thank you" is impossible to say.

    ps. Vote Fuzzysteve for CSM, as he's the only CSM candidate whom I've seen contribute in the CCP / 3rd party developer scene.

  • phpBB 3.x API Registration Mod v6+ in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Hereby I'm releasing version 6.3.1

    • Fully integrated OpenFire support! Can be used on EVE entities, as well as groups. Uses the self-built PHP OpenFire UserService class.
    • Forum should now properly ask to be set as trusted again when using the ingame browser.
    • AccessMasks should now properly be verified if AccessMask is set higher than default.
    • Made the api key link from eveapi_update.php page listen to the AccessMask set in the ACP.
    • Updated the database to Rubicon 1.1.

    Default installation/upgrade instruction apply.

    Download can be found in the first post of this topic as usual.
    Let me know if you come across any other issues.

  • [SOLD] 8.7mil SP Bomber Pilot in EVE Marketplace


  • [SOLD] 8.7mil SP Bomber Pilot in EVE Marketplace


  • WTB SB pilot in EVE Marketplace

    And looking Smile

  • WTB SB pilot in EVE Marketplace

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