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DJ Accy

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  • Erika Mizune/Yumene for CSM 10 in Council of Stellar Management

    WOOOT go for it. I wanna see you up on CSM 10.

    In all fairness, you love this game and Daymn you can express an opion. You gotta fight, for the people's right, TO PARRRRRRTAAAAAY!

  • [SERVICE] New referral system (5% OF TICKET PURCHASES!!!) --EVEGames in EVE Gameplay Center

    Faction BS given away - Well done EaglePoint Dragon - enjoy your Navy Armageddon!!

  • [SERVICE] New referral system (5% OF TICKET PURCHASES!!!) --EVEGames in EVE Gameplay Center

    Astraea Zena wrote:
    Accurus wrote:

    DJ Accy's Alt

    petitioned for impersonation

    Is this Impersonating enough for you?



  • Featured Fansite: EVE-Radio in EVE Information Center

    Ranting is good for the soul. So is the REV's rock show on Sunday. Or, if you like it more dancy, angry or upbeat you have The-Dark-Traveller with his live midi-mixing sets, Auger getting his Harsh Generation on, DJ Hangedman with the lovely Saucy MIso giving you underground industrial.

    Then there's the odd DJ like me, playing more random than a box of Jelly beans. We do this to give back to you guys. We love playing eve online and giving you guys some music to accompany your mining / missioning / tear-generation / whatever else it is that you do in the sandbox.

    I even like to provide some extra entertainment for people who think I should buy permits to mine. If you have never listened, tune in some time. If you have listened before, come back and catch up with us again. To the regulars out there - see you wednesday, where I should have nothing to rant about!


  • Sothwest England Exeter Devon Meet in EVE Gameplay Center

    I will be bringing the DJ along :)