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  • Dev blog: Thera and the Shattered Wormholes in EVE Information Center

    I need a cloaky ship and oceans of popcorn.

  • [Rubicon 1.1] Sisters of EVE Battleship in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Thaddeus Eggeras wrote:
    Do you all not understand? We need more, More, MORE! It needs a covert cloak, 15+ to exploring bonus, bonus to shield repair, and I think breasts.

    People you are all nuts, but don't worry so am I. I'll still reading and commenting on this post aren't I? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

    This man has F&I poisoning and is in critical condition. Prepare the antidote.

    Mournful Conciousness wrote:
    Onictus wrote:
    Mournful Conciousness wrote:

    ... snip ...

    From a WH perspective:

    The Astero is a wormhole scout that can gank other scouts.

    The Stratios is a gank ship that can decloak next to some poor bastard in an anomaly and say "hi, you die now", in a way that previously, only a T3 could.

    The Nestor is useless, unless in a group - in which case they will shine like a heavenly beacon, luring wormhole pirates from light-years away. Christ, we'll suspend our normal free-for-all WH wars and join forces just to destroy them. They are just so shiny, they beg to be destroyed. When we do, we'll just bring a bhaalgorn and a couple of guardians. It'll all be over very quickly.

    This ship will be dropped quicker than a radioactive potato when the kill mails start rolling in.

    EDIT: fixed ship names

    Thank you, exactly my take.

    Let's get together and make Nestor pilots cry beautiful multicolour tears...

    Picture yourself in a fleet in a wormhole / with tangerine sigs and marmalade skies / a hostile on grid; you target quite slowly / Nestor with kaleidoscope eyes...

  • [Rubicon 1.1] Sisters of EVE Battleship in EVE Technology and Research Center

    CCP Rise wrote:
    Hi hi

    I haven't been in the office today so sorry for the break in communication. I'm still not in actually, so I don't have time to go into tons of depth here but I wanted to address a few of the trends I see so far in the feedback.

    First, I think we should get some kind of range bonus on the reps. 100% sounds about right, but we need to talk about this as a team before anything gets committed to. I'll get back to you once we can figure out where to go.

    Second, It's really not getting a covert cloak . This is an extremely powerful capability and it's possible that it should stay off limits for battleships completely. On top of that, if there was going to be a covert battleship, black ops is where we need to start. We will be looking at them for a balance pass eventually, they are one of the remaining classes that haven't gotten their tiericide pass yet, and we can approach this topic when that happens.

    Last, I'm seeing some complaints or concerns that it feels kind of all over the place. This is definitely intentional. In the posts for the Stratios and Astero I think I mentioned that one of the designs we are trying to emulate is the Gnosis. Ships capable of doing many things but being the absolute best for few. The hacking and probing bonuses are a good example of that here. We didn't choose them over something else that would make the ship a powerful fighter, we just included them to give the ship more options.

    I'll be back in the office tomorrow and I'll catch up on the thread fully and try to cover anything big that I missed here.

    The Gnosis didn't seem like its bonuses were fighting each other. A battleship, especially a deliberately slow battleship, shouldn't have bonuses that play up its vulnerabilities (uncloaked scanning, moving from can to can to hack/analyze things). The mass reduction on the Nestor isn't worth it for what the ship does now. I'm not bringing it to anything instead of three cruiser hulls. If the bonuses don't work in synchrony, I will get better performance out of three cruisers each doing one job better than the Nestor can.

    Save the mass reduction for another ship. Balancing around it is hampering the rest of the ship. An uncloaked scanner fifty times the mass of a covops is not useful in w-space. I would suggest ditching the scanning bonus for the ability to fit a single command link and/or give it a ton of base capacitor/capacitor recharge rather than a mass reduction.

  • [Rubicon 1.1] Sisters of EVE Battleship in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Berluth Luthian wrote:
    What is SoE going to do with all of this sudden influx of isk? I'm worried that it is going to corrupt their benevolent institution.

    Having read the chronicles, I don't know if "benevolent institution" really applies...

    CCP Rise wrote:
    We can certainly discuss this amount vs range thing. Can you guys help me out saying specifically in relation to it:

    Do you feel you need added range to be able to run PVE content, or just to PVP, or both?
    Are you asking for bonus to amount AND bonus to range or bonus to range INSTEAD of amount?

    Not sure when it gets to sisi but there will be plenty of time before release to play with it.

    No rep bonus but a range bonus seems decent. At first glance it looks like it and a bunch of its buddies (already a dangerous assumption given its price) dump out sentries and cluster together to spider-tank. Then along comes the analyzing and hacking...which you have to putter around to do.

    It still takes three times the mass of an average cruiser and it's pricey. I'm not inclined to run over to SoE screaming "shut up and take my isk" yet.

  • [Odyssey Feedback Request] New Sensor Overlay in EVE Technology and Research Center

    So now it no longer takes probes to find out whether or not a wormhole has spawned in a system because it'll just pop up on your scanning overlay. That's an awful shame. I can't say I'm looking forward to that terrain change.

  • [Odyssey Feedback Request] Team Super Friends - Probe Scanning and You in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Oh jeez. The locked-in-formation always-seven-probes thing is obnoxious, plain and simple. Not being able to launch probes at all if you have fewer than seven probes in your launcher is ridiculous. You have probes. You should be able to launch them. Probes shouldn't turn into dead weight if you don't have at least seven of them.

  • Dev Blog: Resource Shakeup in Odyssey: Just don’t call it a Cataclysm + Companion blog in EVE Information Center

    CCP Fozzie wrote:
    As for the risk/reward balance in WH ore sites, whether the reward is worth it to you is of course subjective, but most ores in wormholes are increasing in value and a few of them are doubling in value. You can't argue that the reward isn't being increased. I'm confident that the risk can be managed, especially since I know for a fact there will be tricks in the new scanner system that you smart wormholers will be able to twist to your advantage. Smile

    Well...the prices of ores have not come up enough that mining ore is anywhere near as lucrative as mining gas or pewing Sleepers. It will all depend on the terrain of the wormhole in which the grav spawns. The threshold of "this is too hard to defend and it's not worth it compared to other things I can do" is now much lower. Even if you doubled the value of every single ore, it still wouldn't measure up to the other ways of making isk.

    I appreciate that this maneuver heavily favors the hunter (I do so look forward to it), but I worry that the prey may dwindle. I certainly won't be mining nearly as often, and I'm not the world's most cautious miner to begin with.

    CCP Fozzie wrote:
    Cadava Mendosa wrote:
    actually now you mention it. we were told there would be a Dev blog explaining the new system shortly after fanfest. Can I send you over a Charon full of Flu medication if it means seeing that Dev blog? :P

    I can do you one better. The new scanner should be on sisi later today.

    I am excited for party times.

  • Dev Blog: CSM8 Election Results in EVE Information Center

    Well. That sure was something.

    It feels like CCP has taken a hands-off approach to the CSM in public. If you want to increase voter turnout next year, you need to start now. Make CSM 8 more visible. Give them somewhere easy to find to amalgamate their blogs or answer questions. JPSC and Assembly Hall don't cut it. It takes a lot of effort to chase down everyone's blog/twitter/lifejournal/myplace and try to piece together what is going on in the CSM and whether or not I should care. Make it easier. Use it to promote your single-sign-in stuff.

    The devblog with various employees' testimonials re: the CSM needs to be published when the elections are announced, not partway through the voting period. The voting interface was clunky this year, especially if you were using a small screen. The lessons learned from this year have to be applied.

    Finally, the sentiment that CCP's relationship to the CSM should not go past the login page in terms of advertisement is not helping. That is the most critical area. That is where you will finally reach the people who don't spend their out-of-game time on blogs and forums and sites. That screen in the CQ and billboards can be put to use. Right now CCP talks about the CSM three times a year. That isn't enough if you want people to care enough to vote.

  • Dev Blog: Resource Shakeup in Odyssey: Just don’t call it a Cataclysm + Companion blog in EVE Information Center

    You mean...I'll be able to land on miners in w-space without ever having to drop probes?


  • T1 (and JF) Freighter balance in EVE Technology and Research Center

    ShahFluffers wrote:
    DJ P0N-3 wrote:
    Forgive me if I missed this and it did happen, but no other hauler had an HP buff when the tier 3 battlecruisers were introduced and/or when the cost of everything skyrocketed. If the freighter had a heyday of being invincible in hisec, then it's a good thing that it has come down from those lofty heights.

    FFS... did no one read what I wrote?????? Freighter ganking is as old as the hills and there has never been a time where they were "invincible." Before, people used insured battleships to kill them. Today, people use uninsured tier 3 BCs. Nothing has really charged except that ganking has overall become more expensive.

    Uh...protip, I wasn't responding to you. I was responding to the sentiment of "when freighters were born, they were tougher because the rest of EVE was weaker! It should be so again!" I have nothing against freighter ganking.

  • More NPC's - Randomly Generated Modular Content in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I'm down with anything that lets players interact with the world. Anything that brings players together who normally wouldn't have known the other existed is good. I don't think new PvE content should just bring players together in an adversarial context, though. It should also allow people to encounter each other as allies (and, of course, allow for betrayal in said context). There's nothing springboarding noobs without connections into the social world of EVE. Having something that turns the lore of EVE from a painted backdrop into a way to interact with young and old players is good. It would certainly be better for new players than grinding L1 missions alone. The adventurous noobs will go out and adventure regardless, the connected noobs will use their connections regardless, but the solo noob looking for friends and guidance has next to nothing in-game at their disposal. Noobchat and NPC corp chat are occasionally helpful, but more often than not it's just a headache. The corporation recruitment tool is impenetrable if you're brand new to the game and barely understand the terminology it's throwing around.

    If done right, this feature could hit a lot of different player wishes -- more content and reason to interact for the hiseccers, more/better rewards in various parts of space, and an easy transition from the NPE epic arc to something that will bring them in contact with other players.

  • Outside Corp Logi ship assistnace concordable in EVE Technology and Research Center

    The Reaper J wrote:
    Oh, and i don't hate group content. I hate cheating. If you fight, you fight honorably. Not some back stabbing poor excuse for a human being.

    Then why do you play EVE? Lies, scamming, and backstabbing is what the game is known for. If someone brings neutral reps to an LE, shoot the logi because as soon as the reps land, they're a valid target for you. If you get AWOXed by someone with a logibro, live, learn, and tighten up your recruiting process. If you don't like playing a game where everyone is out to get you, don't play EVE.

  • How to make 0.0 the PVP-Arena its supposed to be in EVE Technology and Research Center

    addelee wrote:
    I'm personally hoping the the whole state of wormholes gets a revamp as so much more could be done with them and that could potentially be the so called "pvp arena"

    Hey now. It feels pretty PvP-arena-ish to me out here, but we like to reap the rewards of defending our territory just as much as you guys do. (and don't say wormhole stabilizers, that makes the baby Jamyl Sarum cry)

    Back on topic: Nullsec doesn't need to be turned into a massive PvP arena. It needs self-sufficiency and reasons to PvE in groups. You can't just wave a magic wand and say "now you have to do it with only a few people!" People will still summon giant CTA fleets to take sov. A surface fix like this won't make nullsec any more attractive to small gangs.

    Jonas Sukarala wrote:
    an idea i thought of for 0.0. For fighting and taking a POS

    A POS has be built in space well away from moons or any easily warpable or probable area.
    A POS when built has 2 circles of location relays that shield its location.
    -A relay is in a complex that has to be scanned down
    -relay can be hacked or destroyed
    -mass or number limits like FW to keep fights small which could scale as you get into the inner circle of relays.

    After a certain number of relays have been accessed or destroyed in the outer circle the inner circle locations become scanable or if hacked bookmark is dropped depending which route you went.

    Then the same with inner circle until you get the POS location/ scanable.
    The POS complex would limit on a higher scale also depending on the size of the POS. this would make fights more equal in size and allow smaller alliances/corps hold some sov.

    Whoa whoa whoa. I have to hack/destroy a complex with a group of people before I can even look at a POS? Goodbye scouting.

  • T1 (and JF) Freighter balance in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Instead of asking for the ur-freighter, the alpha and omega of freighters, that which lines its walls with isk to reduce damage and blots out the sun, ask for multiple sizes of freighter. It would be better to have more choices in cost/cargo capacity than to try to balance one single ship against the rest of EVE.

    You have a great array of choices up through Iteron V cargo capacity (up to 42k m3, costs pennies to 150m depending on whether you go for a vanilla hauler or a T2 hauler). Then you can either detour from the hauler skill tree to the Orca (140k general + 50k ore + 400k SMA, 670m) or just make a giant leap in cargo capacity straight to the freighter (981k m3, 1.4b). There's plenty of room for more haulers in the hauler skill tree regardless of whether or not you consider the Orca.

    Forgive me if I missed this and it did happen, but no other hauler had an HP buff when the tier 3 battlecruisers were introduced and/or when the cost of everything skyrocketed. If the freighter had a heyday of being invincible in hisec, then it's a good thing that it has come down from those lofty heights.

  • Empty Yellow Wreck Crime in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Feliz Wag wrote:
    I just think Concord Kill intervention should just be trigged buy ship atack not itens.
    You can for example, atack an wreck buy mistake, you should not be killed because of that.
    If you can get the loot with out beeing killed buy concord ( flagued as suspect ) , why not do the same if you atack it but not destroy it ?

    If you don't want to get concordokkened by accidentally shooting a wreck, leave your safety on green or yellow. If you attack a wreck at all, it's going to be destroyed. They have next to no HP. Maybe a noob in a noobship wouldn't be able to volley a wreck, but I've never seen one take more than one shot.

  • Improve Scanning and Cloaking all in one suggestion. in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Officially suggesting that all cloaks receive an additional effect of "5% chance of causing a forum post in F&I".

  • [Odyssey] Tech 1 Battleships - Amarr in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Hm. So the overall tack of the T1 revisions is that it's a touch harder to get into battleships, battleships and battlecruisers won't really shine without good to excellent skills, but the cruisers and frigates are strong enough to support newer players. Cross-training has been whacked with a giant nerfbat but there are more weapon systems available within races.

    These changes are growing on me now that I am looking at them in the light of the hulls being intended for higher skill players. They still need to be accessible to people without perfect skills: beams need work, and if Amarr cap bonuses are going out the window then lasers and the capacitor of ships that use them should be re-evaluated. If you can't put a full rack of tachyons on any Amarr battleship without fitting mods, the Oracle shouldn't be able to fit a full rack of them without fitting mods either.

    The bigger T1 ships will demand better support skills. That's fine. It makes more sense than the way it used to be, where battlecruisers and battleships were better at cushioning a noob with poor skills than cruisers or frigates. But if this truly is where tiericide is heading, it needs to go hand in hand with improving the NPE. Noobs need to be educated about things other than missions, because getting into a battleship and running L4s is the be-all and end-all of what it encourages them to do. Now they're going to need to tread water in a cruiser for longer if they don't want to be that tiny noob in a big ship.

    I understand that you all want to get the T1 rebalances underway before changing the rest of EVE to match, and I imagine you're functioning independently from the NPE team, but the rebalances are showing up some of the flaws of the design for a young player with no connections. But, as someone said in one or other of these threads, your team is basically doing God's work and I'm saving up my serious tears for the command ship rebalance. If your changes highlight flaws in other parts of EVE, at least there will be more attention paid to those flaws.

  • [Odyssey] Tech 1 Battleships - Amarr in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Templar Dane wrote:
    Tonto Auri wrote:
    Gabriel Stipp wrote:
    Ok ok for all the guys out there hating me for liking the new geddon:
    I don't like loosing it as a laser ship. Just wanted to find one good aspect in the new ships.
    Maybe it would be ok to have the old ship with a drone bonus in exchange for the cap Bonus......
    Just an idea don't hit me ^^

    Armageddon don't need bloody drone bonus. (As much as I love drones, I'm not a moron.)
    Armageddon is a clear example of how Amarr Attack Battleship should work. It have mobility issues, which can be helped by moving one of the slots to the mid, and need some PG/CPU love to help fitting prop mod, but othervise it is ALREADY FREAKIN' GOOD ATTACK BS. Why everyone so blind as not seeing it, tell me?

    Because of tiericide it would be about the same price as an abaddon. Even if they did what you ask, who would fly the geddon over the abaddon?

    And if they changed the slot layout to what he wants on top of that, then the Armageddon just turns into an inferior Abaddon anyway. All it will have going for it is player affection.

  • [Odyssey] Tech 1 Battleships - Amarr in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Question: are we heading in the direction of the T3s with the racial slot layouts? Right now it's awfully common to see a Legion with +1 mid -1 low relative to the Proteus. Now the battleships are moving in that direction. Is giving the Gallente more lows an attempt to breathe life into active armor repping?

  • [Odyssey] Tech 1 Battleships - Amarr in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I am growing more and more confused about the Armageddon's role given the changes you're making. At first glance it looks like a competitor to the Bhaalgorn. The Bhaal will still be king because of its drain amount compared to its mass (at least as far as wormholes are concerned) but the Armageddon becomes an option if you want to harass logistics and don't feel like fielding a 1b+ isk ship.

    But then things get weird. The ship bonuses encourage filling your highs with neuts and relying on drones for damage, but its powergrid limitations discourages filling your highs with neuts. Given that in the wake of the "zomgop" backlash you took another chunk out of its powergrid, I am guessing that you envision this ship with three or four neuts and a bucketful of utility highs that are less powergrid-intensive and most of its power in its drones. It won't be known for its DPS, but few neut ships are. And hey, that makes it super flexible, just as a T1 ship should be. Anyone who wants a super neut boat can still make it happen, and anyone with the skills to make its weird hybrid-ness excel will probably have fun with it. But it also makes it hard to love for many.

    I like the concept. I'm just not 100% sold on the actual ship at a second, longer look. It seems to be trying to do too much with too little. Of course, I am looking at the battleships with an overcritical eye because I have to weigh their mass and assembled volume against their utility. I would be delighted if we got a new neut battleship, any neut battleship, in this patch! I am eagerly awaiting its deployment on Sisi so I can see how much utility I can wring out of it despite its fitting limitations. But I have this feeling that it's just not going to live up to my expectations of its usefulness. I hate to agree with the rage in this thread, but I think the ship needs a rehaul. It just feels a little off somehow, as though you need a ship in that role but don't want a ship that flourishes in that role at battleship size.

    Perhaps I'm being too picky, but I was hoping that this overhaul might start to make battleships worth their mass and volume to me because I'm staring down that dread tunnel of imminent nerfbats descending on T2 and T3 cruisers, not to mention the command ships.