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  • Extreme FPS drop when moving the cursor in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Anyone else experiencing this strange issue? If I sit still in space or docked in a station/citadel, I pretty reliably get 30-40 FPS, but just moving the mouse around causes it to grind almost to a halt, although the FPS indicator claims it sits at around 13 FPS or so. The weird thing is that I do NOT get a drop in FPS if I click and drag - only moving the cursor on its own causes the issue. I have cleared my cache from the escape menu, deleted my wine folder from ~/Library/Application Support/EVE Online/p_drive/Local Settings/Application Data/CCP/EVE/SharedCache and experimented with different graphics settings (fullscreen, fixed window, windowed mode, and all the various quality settings) and the issue persists. This only just started today - was playing for several hours yesterday with no issues. Any advice would be appreciated!

    EDIT - issue went away after I toggled back and forth between fullscreen, windowed, and fixed window a few times. Not sure what the root cause was but it seems to have done the trick.

  • Checking interest in a New Eden Death Race event in EVE Gameplay Center

    Every so often, I see a post showing off a PYFA fit for "the fastest X in the north" but there is no venue for showing off the blistering speed potential of some ships. I aim to change that!

    New Eden Death Race!

    How it would work: a long route through hisec, lowsec, and nullsec with a few (maybe 6 or so) checkpoints along the way, where racers would have to fly at sub-warp speeds through a small course marked out by cans, mobile depots, or MTUs. Warp speed will matter a great deal, but the sub-warp courses would be designed to make this contest matter enough that it wouldn't be enough to simply have the highest possible warp speed to complete the route.
    Racers could fit any ship in any way they want, and make use of any implants, rigs, storyline/faction/deadspace/officer mods to maximize their speed. BUT: fitting for pure speed may have some dangerous implications. This is where the DEATH part comes in.

    The race route would be published in advance, and likely run through multiple systems frequently camped by smartbombers (thinking Rancer and Tama here, maybe some others) so fitting some kind of tank would be necessary. Additionally, racers would be allowed and encouraged to engage their fellow racers, and killing other racers would be worth some kind of prize.

    Prizes, you say?!

    Yes! In order to enter in to the race, participants would pay an entry fee (let's say, for the sake of getting the ball rolling, it's 50 mil to enter) with the money collected going in to a prize pool. The pool could be managed by a trusted third party (Chribba probably) and prizes doled out to the first, second, and third place finishers, with extra prizes for those that kill enemy racers.
    Having the route published in advance would encourage unaffiliated groups to set up camps along the route to attempt to kill some shiny ships (probably lots and lots of interceptors) and might just provoke some fleet fights between rival campers, or roaming hot droppers.

    The winner could claim the undisputed title of "Fastest Capsuleer Ever" and enjoy all the fame and glory that accompany this made-up title.

    What I need to make this dream a reality: enough genuinely interested racers to make the race worth running, streamers and other Eve celebrities to promote it, broadcast it, and commentate on it, and volunteers! Someone would need to be present on grid at each checkpoint to confirm that racers complete the courses.

    So, who's up for some high-speed, high stakes, high drama action?

  • A new role for Assault Frigates: anti-drone flak cannon? in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Let's take a look at a practical, real-world example. Tristan vs Wolf.

    Assuming all stats at 5, our Wolf (fitting 280 howitzer artillery) gets 216 paper DPS, goes 2.8km/s cold, has 5k EHP and a small ancillary rep. It is cap dead in 50 seconds.

    Our Tristan gets 104 paper DPS, goes 3.2km/s cold, has a 6.6k EHP tank and no rep, with just under 2 minutes of cap.

    The Tristan will comfortably outrange the Wolf, who will have to switch to Tremor ammo to have any hope of hitting the Tristan, dropping its DPS to 123. Meanwhile, the Tristan's Warrior II's are easily able to keep pace with the Wolf, applying terrific damage into the Wolf's explosive resist hole, and if the Wolf decides to shoot at the drones, even it's tracking bonus won't provide meaningful damage against the fast-moving drones. The Wolf will cap itself out trying to chase down the Tristan and running it's rep to account for the incoming drone damage. Wolf is forced to withdraw, or finds himself tackled as the Tristan sees the Wolf entering low armor and slips into heated point range. Tristan wins.

    This IS a real problem for assault frigate pilots. If we switch our Wolf fit to autocannons, we have a better chance of killing off the drones, but that means the Tristan is unharmed and can replace lost drones until the Wolf caps out. The purpose here is to make the engagement more even, since the Tristan can comfortably out-range the Wolf and the Wolf cannot reasonably counter the drones. Even if we overlook the Tristan's bonus to drone hit points, having one utility high slot available to help push the drones off means the Wolf won't need to run the rep as frequently, allowing it to overheat its MWD at the right moment to close the gap with the Tristan and apply damage directly.

    Here's another practical example: Worm vs Retribution.

    Again, assuming all stats at 5, a slightly bling Worm (which is a reasonable expectation) gets 214 DPS (158 from drones), goes 2.9km/s cold, has 17k EHP, and is cap stable.

    The Retribution gets 214 paper DPS with Conflagration at 6.5km optimal, or 153 paper DPS with Scorch at 18km optimal, or 192 paper DPS with Imperial Navy Multifrequency at 6.5km optimal. It goes 1.9km/s cold, has 14k EHP, and is cap stable.

    Again, the Worm has no trouble keeping at range from the Retribution. Even if scrammed, the Worm still has a higher base speed, allowing it to close inside the Retribution's tracking range, while applying full damage with rockets and drones. If neither ship is scrammed, the Retribution is again forced to switch to Scorch to apply damage at range, or attempt to shoot through the drones, with their 300% bonus to drone hitpoints while taking full damage from the drones and an additional 67 DPS from Javelin rockets. Worm wins.

    Again, if the Retribution has the option to put pressure on the drones without taking damage off the Worm, this could be a different story, but any hope the Retribution has is gone if he makes the decision to go for the drones with pulse lasers.

    I am interested in your interpretations. I conclude that drone ships are unevenly matched against a ship class that is supposed to be specialized against frigates, with their tracking bonuses and strong tanks, and that it is necessary for some type of counter against drones, just as energy neutralizers exist as a counter against active tanks and cap-intensive weapons.

    Edit to add: in neither of these potential engagements does the module I propose become an instant "I win" for the assault frigate. Both the Tristan and the Worm get bonuses to drone hit points and have ample room for spares, but it makes the fight not an automatic "I win" for the Tristan or Worm by forcing them to decide if and when to recall drones being attacked, or be more careful about dictating range.

    2nd edit: There is precedent for balancing things around having a skill at level 5. Logistics, for example, generally REQUIRE at least level 4 to work effectively, with most fits requiring level 5 skill. Force Recons are also geared around their ability to fit Covert Ops cloaks, with level 4 being a requirement for most fits and 5 being required for plenty of others. Blockade Runners and Covert Ops frigates also have cloak CPU requirements tied to skills, although they are somewhat easier to fit without a mandatory level 5 skill.

  • A new role for Assault Frigates: anti-drone flak cannon? in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Interesting arguments. A few counters:

    In solo or even small-gang engagements, frigate and assault frigate pilots often find fights with dedicated drone boats like the Tristan un-winnable, since the drone ship will reliably be able to project damage with minimal effort while a non-drone ship will be forced to think more about positioning and application. Forcing the drone ship to manage their drones more carefully creates more to do for that Tristan than simply keeping at 20km range with a long point on.

    Second, as I mentioned, this would be a utility high slot module (and all assault frigates have a utility high that is often unused right now in favor of bigger guns or bigger tank), which means more interesting choices available for the assault frigate pilot. The fitting cost could be tied to the Assault Frigates skill, rewarding players who choose to specialize in this role.

    Third, upon reflection I agree that an auto-target function would take away some of the fun from this module. Forcing the Assault Frigate to target the enemy drones also helps prevent these ships from being used in large quantities to be a hard counter to all drone ships, as you point out could limit the usefulness of drones in PvP at all scales.

    Finally, I envision the purpose of this module to make Assault Frigates a reasonable option to fight outnumbered against drone-based frigates, or to have a reasonable chance of winning an engagement against, say, a Worm, and Algos, or a Dragoon, particularly in FW small plexes where those ships see significant use. By allowing an Assault frigate to continue applying damage to the host ship and forcing that pesky Worm to do more than simply keep at range, you make engagements less lopsided and help reinforce the importance of good drone management. I don't think many people truly find "lock target, keep at range, press F" gameplay to be particularly challenging or engaging.

  • A new role for Assault Frigates: anti-drone flak cannon? in EVE Technology and Research Center

    The drone meta is extremely popular these days, and assault frigates need a meaningful, specialized role to make them useful and competitive with the T3Ds all over the place. How about a specialized anti-drone weapon system?

    How I imagine this would work: a high-slot module (let's call it a Flak Cannon for the purpose of this discussion) with a range of around 7km or so that can apply damage to enemy drones and only fits on assault frigates. I'm not sure if it should require a lock on the drones or not, but I wouldn't hate it if it did require the lock, since assault frigates all have decent scan res already. Each assault frigate also already has a utility high slot available as well. PG and CPU on assault frigates is pretty tight already, so even small fitting costs would require you to make a choice about reducing your DPS or tank to accommodate it. Cap usage is negotiable, but I'm in favor of little or no cap cost (to make it meaningfully unique from smartbombs) and using a low-volume ammo with a extremely high rate of fire, and around a 20 second reload. This would allow you to kill a single light drone fairly quickly, but give your opponent a chance to recall drones before you could shred the whole flight. Damage should be omni to apply equally well to all racial drones without having to carry multiple ammo types. If it works out to around 40 DPS against drones only, then it would be able to kill a single light drone in about 10-12 seconds, a single medium drone in about 20-25 seconds, and a heavy drone in around 40 seconds (all calculated before Drone Durability skill or any hull bonuses are applied).

  • Exploration in EVE Gameplay Center

    If you have jumped into a camped system, there are two options to attempt to escape:

    1) When you break your gate cloak, activate your own cloak (should be an Improved Cloak or a Covert Ops cloak if your ship can use it), activate your microwarp drive (this is required, it really doesn't work with an afterburner) and align out towards a random celestial. Assuming it's not a covert ops cloak, wait for the MWD cycle to complete, then drop your cloak and initiate warp. You should already be at enough speed to get into warp immediately.
    2) Crash the gate. Overheat and activate whatever prop mod you have and approach the gate you entered through. If you are doing exploration then I'm assuming you will be in a frigate, which should be able to cover the 15km back to the gate pretty quickly. It won't always work, but it might just save you.

    In either case, wait for the right opportunity to make your move. You have a 30-second gate cloak and if the campers are moving, you might get a window where the fast tacklers are far enough away that they won't be in range to tackle you. Take your time, examine your surroundings, and don't panic.

  • Got scrammed, with two WCS's - How come i couldn't warp? in EVE Gameplay Center

    I couldn't find your kill on zkillboard, but I have a few theories:

    1) Could have been using a faction scram, which means 3 scram strength, enough to defeat your stabs.
    2) Could have been flying a ship with a bonus to scram strength, such as a Maulus Navy Issue.
    3) Could have been fitting multiple scrams, or a scram and a long point as suggested by other posters.
    4) Could have been in a heavy interdictor using a scripted warp disruption field generator, which has infinite scram strength.

    If you would link the kill we could have a look and tell you for sure.

  • Vigil Fleet Issue missing trait description in EVE Gameplay Center

    So it seems that the Vigil Fleet Issue gets a web range bonus described in the description, but is missing from the traits tab. Is it a flat bonus, or is it tied to some skill?

  • Swiggity swooty, come and get some booty [Wormhole USTZ corp] in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    Daily bump and grind! Come check us out and see what wormhole life has to offer!

  • Swiggity swooty, come and get some booty [Wormhole USTZ corp] in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    Still looking for new members! Come experience wormhole excellence!

  • Swiggity swooty, come and get some booty [Wormhole USTZ corp] in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    We are Secret Wormhole Authority Group [SWAG] and we live and die in pursuit of dat booty.

    What We Do: SWAG is a C3 wormhole corporation operating in USTZ. With our dank citadel and fresh as f--- POS we do all sorts of SWAG life actives, including:

    - lowsec PVP roams
    - Sleeper combat sites
    - Ore drilling / Gas huffing / Ice picking with some pretty fly fleet boosts
    - Exploration, Data / Relic sites
    - Manufacturing / Research / Reactions
    - Planetary Interaction

    We are a small corp, but actively looking to grow our group. Some of what makes our home wormhole, the SWAGosphere, so awesome to live in is:

    - Access to a Citadel to securely store your ships and items and know that your corpmates couldn't steal from you (swiggity sooty, always check your booty)
    - Access to a POS for industry purposes
    - Access to lowsec for all that dank PVE and PVP content
    - Access to pretty much anywhere through the magic of roaming connections
    - Tripwire for mapping our chain and scouting
    - Discord for voice chat and messaging out of game

    Who We Want: Think you have enough swagger to be a SWAGstar? Wormhole living demands a few particular skills, and so we require at least the ability to scan and a willingness to help map our chain. Other things that are good to have, and very important to work towards if you don't already have:

    - Covert Ops or Astero
    - A ship with enough swagger to handle C3 combat sites
    - Battlecruisers and down for PVP antics
    - A scanning alt

    Come chat with us in our channel, SWAG Public!

  • New England EVEMeet: Meet @ Charlie's in EVE Gameplay Center

    I'll be there!

  • PAX EAST 2015 Eve Online Meetup! Saturday March 7 - JJ Foley's in EVE Gameplay Center

    X'ing up! I have only been to one of these before and it was a blast! Looking forward to it!

  • That 1300 dollar raven kill and the 1330 dolalr scam. in EVE Gameplay Center

    I take issue with the idea that it is CCPs responsibility to inform every new player of every potential danger they face. Can you imagine how terribly unpopular the game would be if new players were told "welcome to our massive, collaborative universe. It is important to find other people to play with to enjoy this game to the fullest. However, literally everyone everywhere is out to kill you, or scam you, and there is nothing we will do to punish them/stop them/reimburse you. Have fun!"

    I prefer a game experience that unfolds more naturally. I learned more getting scammed and ganked as a noob than any tutorial from CCP ever taught me.

  • PAX East & Boston Meetup! April 12! in EVE Gameplay Center

    Looking forward to it! I've missed the last several meet ups but not this one!