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  • Price check BPO Gallente Sm Contol Tower in EVE Marketplace


    Can't seem to calculate the worth of this.

    Gallente Control Tower Original Blueprint
    Mat: 8%
    Time: 14%

    Any thoughts?

    Dan Seavey

  • Non Covert Ops Cloaky Warp Trick - Needs Fixed in EVE Communication Center

    Well, off the top of my head I think there needs to be a counter for instalocking gate camps.

    This trick (mwd/ cloak) has saved my ass, and not executing it properly has cooked my ass.

    No everyone can do it , or do it well, or do it perfectly every time so "working as intended?"


  • VOTFXirtam the dark lord of eve has passed away in EVE Communication Center

    Before my time, but anytime we lose one of the old ones...or one of the great ones.....we are all poorer for it.

    Both in Game, and Out.



  • Falling in love again in EVE Communication Center

    Jack Twist: "I wish I knew how to quit you."

    I find I get really immersed when I'm closing in on an EVE goal, like hitting a certain amount of ISK for a large purchase or flying my first Capital Ship type.

    Afterwards I lose a little interest, but with so many choices I find myself picking up a new activity and following it to "end game"

    There's still lots to try and do. Getting bored? Try something completely different.

    kindles the interest pretty quickly.


  • Gambling in EVE Communication Center

    Jonah Gravenstein wrote:
    Zanar Skwigelf wrote:
    Chopper Rollins wrote:

    Anyone who touches gambling is a self-destructive idiot or a greedy idiot or both.

    Or someone else who is ok with "spending" $50 on a few hours of entertainment on shiny lights and loud noises.

    Your mindset is common among people who think the point of gambling is to make money. One look at the odds should be enough to know it's simply entertainment.
    People with gambling problems tend to come from the poorest sectors of society, why is that?

    Because there is a distinct parallel between a lack of education and poverty.
    Not foreseeing consequences is a symptom of that.
    Coupled with financial desperation, the sucker is born.

    Gambling is predatory, and it hunts the poor.


  • Skiff Ore Hold Capacity in EVE Communication Center


    Here is your serious solution.

    Jettison ONE block to round it out.

    Fly back to station, off load, and return Exactly to that spot.
    (You will want to anyway unless your Ice Chunk was depleted.)

    Scoop that one block.

    Now you are all rounded out, and all you are risking is a single block of ice for less than a few minutes.

    Christ, I have a bigger timing micro-management challenge in filling the hulks hold too fast before i can jettison again.

    I wouldn't bring entitled sounding problems to these forums unless you are bolting on some serious thick skin.


  • Keylogger and Malware via Ingame Links in EVE Communication Center

    i agree.

    Alpha clones will be used for this purpose as throw aways.
    One of the downsides of them i suppose, but I'm not against them.

    Treat the links like any other on the net. Click at your own risk.


  • Can we PLEASE get an option to turn off in-station billboards? in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Caerfinon wrote:
    When the hanger vids get on my nerves a quick trip into "Captain's Quarters" eliminates them.... just saying Big smile

    Or perhaps undock and play?

    No one's advertising Apple IPhones, Monsanto Fertilizers, or Burger King so y'all should take your anti corporate agendas to the outside world where they might get more milage.

    For the amount of typing and mouse clicks it takes you to post....another.....post in this thread about how In Station Billboards are causing you seizures, an identity crisis, early menopause, an erosion of your personal space, and other mediocre complaints, YOU COULD HAVE PANNED YOUR SHIP AWAY FROM THE BILLBOARD!

    Which proves to me you like to complain more than you like to better your own environment that you play in.


  • will PI be ever enjoyable???? in EVE Gameplay Center

    I'm running a 6 char 30 planet set up as well.

    I've avoided burnout by running 8 day + 6 hour cycles.

    It's just enough to fill the allotted storage, so roughly once a week I spend an EVE session resetting timers, and
    moving product to Barren manufacturing planets and stations.

    For 2 hours a week, I can literally earn enough ISK a month to plex my two accounts if I so choose.

    Two hours a week is reasonable, I figure but any more and It would drive me bat ****.
    (And I know, because this is my third go at it.)

    Treat it as supplemental income and you will be ok. If you need it to afford the plex, then it's a job and it will suck.

    As ever, if you don't want to tire of EVE, keep mixing it up on a regular basis. Try something new every 90 days.
    Eventually the stuff you burn out on becomes intriguing again.


  • Was Reading An Article... in EVE Communication Center

    Chopper Rollins wrote:

    Just another example showing that when the saucers arrive, we'll make great pets.

    I've never had my core feelings about humanity in general summed up quite like this.
    Thank you, Chopper.


  • Fight for new eden, you were born this way. RISE GOONSWARM in EVE Communication Center

    Wow....dude......less booze, more medication mmmmmmk?


  • Blood Raider prophecy in EVE Communication Center

    Might be just a version glitch. I'd submit a support ticket, and I'm sure you'll get that cleared up.


  • Can I have a rough idea of PI isk/time please? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Here's the skinny on it.

    You can make enough isk in null to pay for your accounts if you are running 2 accounts with at least 5 char.

    What you will soon realize is that it's work. Burnout is a real thing with P.I. and you will soon either choose to plex your chars
    another way, or you will just lose interest in EVE.

    I've found that you can use P.I to supplement your income, but most people go insane clicking for 1.5 hours a day.
    Do it for fun, profit from that fun, and do other things to keep the game interesting.

    Just my 2 cents.


  • Can we PLEASE get an option to turn off in-station billboards? in EVE Technology and Research Center

    TackyTachy1 wrote:
    ....This issue is split between the "Quit whining and move your viewpoint" (bad guys) and the "Please give us an option to turn the vids off" (good guys.

    And the bad guys can't stop posting all about the good guys being a whiny bunch of losers, which is pretty well making this thread immortal, kind of like a capsuleer, huh?.

    Yup. Nailed it on the head, Tacky.

    Nothing screams entitlement like when we scream for a **** tonne of work to be scrapped, or more work piled on for an unnecessary toggle. Because that's so ******* realistic, especially when we couple it with the REFUSAL to .....
    wait for it........Turn.....the....camera....20.....degrees.... OmfG!!! a click of the mouse and 3 seconds.

    Jesus wept.

    What pisses me off about dumb complaints like this is it Detracts from the validity of more serious issues currently or in the future affecting interactive gameplay.

    So cram your "valid permanent solution" It's threads like this that undermine the voice of the subscribers on serious issues.
    Pick and choose your battles FFS.


  • Oldest player (not character) in EVE Communication Center

    What a pleasant surprise to see people my age and significantly older rocking New Eden.

    I always had this false notion that I was in the mix with primarily university students or twenty somethings.

    I'm in my late 40's and it's great to see players still captivated in their 60's.
    I look forward to enjoying many many more years undocked.


  • Can we PLEASE get an option to turn off in-station billboards? in EVE Technology and Research Center

    This thread is still on page one????

    For the love of God........


    problem solved.

    It's like you guys are complaining about the smell of dog sh;t and want it scented like roses but won't make the effort
    to wipe it off your mustache.

    I'm torn between pity and disgust.


  • RIP Robskiwarrior in EVE Communication Center


    Prayers for his loved ones in this difficult time.


  • Currently in the land of Goondom in EVE Communication Center

    DeMichael Crimson wrote:
    TigerXtrm wrote:
    Evasive Shadow Assassin wrote:
    Nah ur done bro, people have had enough of goons ******* **** up, destroying the markets and generally being tards

    Your done :0

    Enjoy high sec, it's fun here

    You don't want us ruining high sec full time, believe me.

    Really don't think that'll happen. For a long time it was said that Goons would ruin the game. In my opinion CCP is the one who's ruining the game, not Goons.


    Just for clarification, which Vet would you categorize yourself, the bitter, or the salty?

    So a large pack of Space Monkeys set up shop.....or have tried to...in my home system in Cloud Ring.
    The Amish Mafia have generally farmed them non stop for content to the point where undocking for them is a rarity.

    I know SMA isn't in the Imperium anymore, but man that ingrained behavior seems to have stuck to them like glue.

    I'll tell you one thing though: There will always be a fanatical group of goons that will hang tough. Nursed on kool-aid, those guys will float around for as long as it takes for the spotlight to drift off of them to somewhere and someone else.
    They will sink in their roots somewhere like a cancer and regrow the pustulent tumour that their past empire was.

    This will be a good thing. Because you need a bad guy, a villain, an evil overlord to overthrow. Mittens is like Trump.
    You love to hate the living **** outta that guy, but you certainly would like him to stick around for the over the top side show he brings to the table.

    This last 5 months has been the most interesting time I've experienced in EVE so far..

    So Bravo, Gentlemen.

    Do carry on.


  • Epic Fail in advertising EVE online as a game. in EVE Communication Center

    Dracvlad wrote:
    The issue here is simply what I touched upon before, to play this game to not be an easy kill you have to have two accounts, this means that many casual players give away easy kills because they don't, which means that they get disillusioned faster. I will not play Eve with a single account, so when I go and play another game I de-sub as I have said that €30 is my limit per month on MMO's.

    I am not going to grind for plex and the like because I play a game and get the assets in game not to use that to pay for an account. In my opinion CCP would be better off doing a discount price for a second account which is linked to the main account which will deal with another issue with Eve. I think that would gain and retain a lot more casual players.

    Here's a quick solution. (one of many, but this one fits my play style)

    Both of your accounts can be maxed out to provide you with 6 toons.

    Your two mains need to sacrifice two months of training time each for it's two spares, training them strictly for P.I.

    Even doing crappy P.I. in high sec with 4 alts will allow you to plex one of your two accounts.
    Low sec P.I. will let you plex both.

    Your Sacrifice:

    - Burning 4 months of training cue per main. A one time event
    - 1 hour per week of click fest P.i. This includes hauling. ( On 8 day+6 hour extractor timers)

    Your Reward:

    - Never pay CCP again for your two subs.

    Honestly, if you call that a grind then you should hush and pay the coin for the entertainment you are receiving.
    If the extra 15 pounds is a hardship, then you need to make the choice to earn an extra 15 by mowing laws, ect.
    OR : 1 hour per week click fest that will SAVE you 15 pounds for other game subscriptions or a few pints at the pub.

    its all choices.

    I disagree that one needs two accounts to "Win" at EvE. However, your fun triples if you have 2.

    I've heard that the only way to "Win" at EvE is to have zero accounts, but i think that was just the salt talking.



  • DO NOT WANT TO PAY NEARLY 1 MIL TO JC in EVE Communication Center

    Charley Varrick wrote:
    You guys should go back and start EVE over from scratch where lev1 mission payouts are like 150k including the bonus and the cheapest frigs are 1mill+. To a new player 900k is a fortune. Just say'n....

    I have gone back and started eve from scratch.

    I was grumpy because i couldn't afford snake implants from the get go or fly a Vexor on day one. Roll

    You shouldn't need to use jump clones until you can do enough stuff on the learning curve to afford jump clones.

    These instant gratification marshmallows need to enjoy the Journey, not just the achievement.


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