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  • Proposal for change mining in EVE Communication Center

    qs II wrote:
    Unit 02335400-A wrote:
    That won't work. People will just spawn more barges.

    The only way to fight bots is to make mining "more intelligent", so it won't be able to mine AFK.

    I do not think that this will work out, the computer will have more problems and the bot will not be able to pay for itself by plex

    Wrong. With skill extractors I could mine 0 ore with an account and it would still PLEX itself. Botter's income goes down by 10% -> botter makes 10% more bots.

  • Built In Warp Disruptor in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Valdr Auduin wrote:
    Scan shielding rigs, each rig hides random modules from incoming scans (full rigging hides 99%, or something ridiculous like that, of your slots from each scan) or has a chance to block a scan and alert the target that they are being scanned

    1. Why would I waste rig slots on that? The vast majority of things will just shoot me instead, and will do so with greater success since I just flushed all my rigs down the toilet.
    2. You run into the blockade runner issue: if you have something to hide you probably have something valuable, and will therefore become a target.
    3. You can already tell when you're being scanned. Look for the beam coming off a scanning ship.

  • Hauling probleem and Citadels in EVE Communication Center

    Danial Qima wrote:
    I like to attend you a bout Citadel probleem atm in game,atm many Industralist/Minners/Traders/..... cant get their items easy from tradehub to their citadels or from their citadels to tradehubs ,the reason is haulers dont
    deliver to players citadels (because of Citadel scamming ),ofc scamming is always part of game but here many players and specialy the new players who bought or own the citadel are dupe I hope you can fix this probleem
    so many citadel owners can easly get their items and deliver their items .

    Second probleem I think you must change little a bout our Transportships ,tradehubs like Rens/Hek/Dodixie are
    less attractieve for players and most of players directly move to jita or Amar area because of that,Hauling risk is not worth to reward ,in EVE risk and reward must be in same lvl ,but when you can destroy Freighter with some cargo of couple of billion ISK with some cruiser that are not worht that much ,is not in same lvl
    also speed of Freighter is very slow and many player dont like sit behind pc for 3 hourse for one delivery of 40 jump ,JF prices is very expensieve and again not worth compare to risk .

    Eve have thousend of systems and all players like to explore this but at same time it must be easier for them to get their items to tradehubs or their items in their systems .

    1. Totally agree. Since there's no real counter to a proper citadel scam short of "don't take any contracts that go to citadels" the response is simply to do just that. Kinda defeats the purpose of citadels if you ask me.
    2. Maybe you should have done one of the many things that can save you from getting ganked with that couple of billion ISK cargo then. Or charge more. Similarly, if you don't want to make a 3 hour trip in a freighter, I'll find someone willing.

  • Tried the game - Here's my Feedback in EVE Communication Center

    Jet Moonshine wrote:
    There is a huge reason why your server population went from an average of 100k a day to below 20k a day. People lost their ships - all that hard work and time they put in the game to get them - AND THEN BOOM!!!!

    Wait, you seriously think that EvE ever didn't have "permadeath" for ships? That it's a new feature that made a lot of people quit? What would be the point of industry if no one bought your ship because they just waited for theirs to respawn? What's the point of all these giant battles if people are always dropping supers because they'll be back in the hangar tomorrow? Why would I play EvE if it's just another space-themed MOBA?

  • Locality -or- I missed my target and struck dead the man next to him. in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Valdr Auduin wrote:
    Daichi Yamato wrote:
    There are fleet fights that cause 10% tidi without this...

    Might want to go on a diet then. Haha. But, more seriously, that's not even really constructive or at all very relevant- of course adding a new core feature to combat would cause further disparity in server load, it's a given and if that's your only complaint... well, trim your corporate waistband.

    Did you seriously just suggest someone purges active members of his corporation because he has too many members for your terrible ideas to not melt the servers? Maybe instead, oh, I don't know, find a way to do this that doesn't generate more load on the servers or just give up?

  • Questions about ice belt rat in EVE Communication Center

    Forest Archer wrote:
    Also never checked the endurance but ice blocks are 1000m3 can you fit thst? Also i do not think they can fit an ice miner would need a drone.

    Endurance is an expedition frigate whose main purpose is to mine ice.

    1. Yes.
    2. Almost certainly not, my Procurer struggles with 5 bonused lights.
    3. You might be able to kill small things and speed tank. Usually rats don't web or scram (although some elite frigates do).

  • why are skills locked for alpha clones? in EVE Communication Center

    winterblitz Crendraven wrote:
    i understand that ccp needs to make money but and im no expert they must be making alot more than they actually need it just feels like its a tiny bit pay to win as an alpha clone is no match for an omega one and wont it give new players a bad expirience to get rekt without being capable of fighting back with a chance to win

    1. That "making alot more than they actually need" is called "profit." It is what businesses are usually set up to acquire.
    2. It's not pay to win. A bad omega clone will lose to a good alpha.

  • EVENT SITES NEED FIXING [Dev Response Required] in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Step 1: Get friends.
    Step 2: Kill the guy.
    Step 3: ???
    Step 4: Profit!

  • Make Drones a Legit Active Weapon in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Anton Wiiggin wrote:
    Editing OP to make it more apparent that I'm suggesting a change, not looking for fitting advice like everyone seems to think.

    Your suggestion is useless because the reason for it is predicated on bad fitting choices. If I fit a Thorax with small railguns, do railguns need a massive rework? No, you just have a bad fit. If you're going to complain about low dps, use the properly sized guns and drones.

  • NPC Followers: Partners of Construction and Destruction to every pilot in EVE Communication Center

    Giles Loki wrote:
    Recruit-able NPC pilots (Or clones) would allow for bigger fleet engagements,

    More TiDi.
    Giles Loki wrote:
    faster mining operations,

    Because that turned out so well in Delve with the Rorqual.
    Giles Loki wrote:
    stronger exploration parties,

    If you explore in a group for any reason other than you enjoy exploring with friends, you're almost certainly doing it wrong.
    Giles Loki wrote:
    larger trade convoys,

    Get a freighter or pay someone who does.
    Giles Loki wrote:
    and more powerful "lone wolf" corporations who then wouldn't have to be so afraid of war deceleration from alliance like CODE.

    Boo hoo.

    Get more friends, stop asking for NPCs to do all the work for you.

  • Forgotten drones in EVE Technology and Research Center

    grgjegb gergerg wrote:
    I was musing on that, though, with half a mind to post.

    'Cept I'm hardly a good source for sov stuff. What if players could deploy a rogue drone hive "seed" in nullsec systems? It would start off small and hard to scan, and progressively shrink the asteroid belts.

    Until the belts are gone, and the hive is large enough to need a capital fleet to destroy. And the drones don't have loot or bounties: if it CAN be used to farm, it WILL be used to farm. This would just be a weapon, that goes aggressive to ANYONE, that you would try and sneak in behind enemy lines, so it spreads to an entire constellation.

    The point is pissing people off and wasting their time. :D

    This won't work because people don't mine the belts, they mine the anoms.

  • Make Drones a Legit Active Weapon in EVE Technology and Research Center

    1. File a support ticket with CCP containing all the info you can remember about your old char, from what I've heard they're good at getting accounts back.
    2. You are aware that an Exequeror Navy issue is supposed to be an upgrade, right? Navy issue > standard.
    3. Are you seriously using a flight of light drones on a drone cruiser and complaining about DPS? If I put small guns on a Thorax, does that mean guns need a buff?
    4. Drone launchers sound annoying to code, will have major effects on the economy as you screw up pretty much every subcapital ratting boat, delete the Gecko, and will probably make Gurista ships insanely powerful. Losing all your high slots is probably a nerf to PvP drone boats too.

  • Planetary Fozzie SOV: P-FOV in EVE Technology and Research Center


  • Some dank ideas for the futur of EVE Online in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Mildly amusing. 3/10 troll.

  • Bounty system - where dreads thrive and knights shine in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Belvin Disepret wrote:
    Dark Lord Trump wrote:
    What keeps me from using my Bounty Hunter alt to collect the bounty anyone puts on me?

    I said its fine to have an alt on either side of spectrum. I mentioned there would be limited timer as to how often one person could shoot same Wanted person so they wouldn't abuse alt farming. I proposed 1 hour, but it can always be tweaked.

    You misunderstand. If someone puts a 100b bounty on me, what stops my alt from getting a bounty hunter license and shooting my main's pod to collect the bounty? Why would I place bounties if the money effectively goes to my killer?

  • On the stabilization of empires and renter alliances in eve today. in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Asset Confiscation Officer wrote:
    Old Pervert wrote:
    Asset Confiscation Officer wrote:
    remove reinforcement mechanics instead.

    The first timer, sure. But if you want to encourage PVP you need to give the owners of "the thing" time to respond. Otherwise it will just be people blitzing into other people's space during their low activity period, popping assets, and then withdrawing. That's not PVP, it's just boring structure bashing.

    Does a freighter pilot being ganked get a reinforcement timer so he can comeback 3 days later with help of friends to fend off an aggressor, no he does not, he just dies.

    In a pvp game the same concept should be played out across the board.

    The ultimate standard of EVE should be, are you strong enough to take and hold some asset be it a freighter or a chunk of space or are you the prey that dies to those people that do have the power.

    As, the blue doughnut is so fond of saying, you should not expect the game to hold your hand and accomplish things for you, if you cannot do it on your own or in conjunction with some group you should not get to keep it.......PERIOD !

    The freighter pilot gets to control when he is attacked by virtue of deciding when he should undock. He is allowed to bring as many friends as possible or as deemed necessary for his trip. By contrast, a structure must stay anchored at all times, and although Citadels are invulnerable to attack except at certain times, POS and POCOs are vulnerable at all times and thus could be destroyed while you're asleep. Furthermore, this wouldn't ensure that the "strong" win, but rather the aggressor, as the defender has about 30 minutes from the first round fired at their citadel to it being reinforced. A reinforcement timer allows both the attacker and the defender to marshall their forces and have a proper battle.

    On an entirely unrelated note, it would certainly be interesting to create a module that gives a freighter a reinforcement timer. It would massively reduce cargohold, and when the freighter would be reduced to a certain HP it becomes invulnerable and enters a timer. Once this timer comes out after a few hours, anyone may freely shoot or repair it. I'm neither for nor against this idea; it would probably make freighters too safe, but the idea is intriguing.

  • The Alliance Experience: The PanFam Scam in EVE Gameplay Center

    StarterrorPrime wrote:
    Flaming Butterfly wrote:
    I can tell that while you can use fancy words you can't seem to read what alliance people are part of (hint the spot to see what corporation and alliance someone is in happens to be underneath their portrait). I can say that HORDE is a bit more pvp focused and while you may dream of having a reason to actually complain because the big bad horde decided to do a war dec on you that would be a waste of time.

    Just join a mining corp and stay there, at least then you could complain about pvp and no one would have the knowledge to argue with you.

    On a proper note, thats something that should be stated beforehand on your corporate profile

    It's not our fault you asked 0 questions and basically did no research at all.

  • Why I see ships on DS, when there's nobody in local in EVE Communication Center

    Sophia Filkova wrote:
    Thanks for the answers Smile
    But why would they leave ships in POS? Wouldn't it be safer to dock them?

    1. If it's a super, those can't dock (although if you have a super you should be logging it out so it disappears from space)
    2. It may be to confuse invaders, since they'll see 'ghost' ships on dscan.

  • The Alliance Experience: The PanFam Scam in EVE Gameplay Center

    StarterrorPrime wrote:
    Flaming Butterfly wrote:
    So son let me describe politely why you should not of called out a whole alliance, that turns everyone in that alliance against you since it is their home and their EVE family. The better action would have been for you to keep the complaining on the forums to at least save you some face instead you jumped face first into a metal fan and seem to be lost at why it hurts.

    I hope one day you will find a corp that can handle your constant bitching.

    If you want to prove me wrong, show me you can make the top on CCP's monthly economic report in mining and production, and come crawling out of nullspace to Hunt me down because I will gladly accept a war declaration from the horde. Show me how far your influence goes out towards instead of cowering behind the gates of the pure blind, show me that your newbeans can handle operating far from home base without suckling on the infected teat of your alliance, because I would love to see decent show. As they say, "Come at me Bro", come and send your alphas at my doorstep if they can find it.

    #1: Goons are twice as big as us and they're much bigger krabs. No one is out-mining Delve anytime soon.
    #2: We're a PvP corp. Industry is not our focus. We support it because it makes Hordelings money and provides cheaper stuff, but there's really no reason for us to want to top the MER.
    #3: You're not worth hunting down (especially with the crap that is locator agents nowadays).

  • How do I handle bribery? in EVE Communication Center

    Step 1: Make sure that your briber or the fact that you've been bribed is not easily connected to you. Forum alts work wonders.

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