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  • Limit on orders per station in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Rawketsled wrote:
    If it's market orders per-toon-per-station, then just make more market alts. Keep all the market alts in the same station.

    Achieves nothing, and infuriates traders.

    If it's total market orders per-station, then just monopolise a station with your orders. Find market hub stations, put your important orders up, then fill the dtation with dummy orders that won't filled. You'll deny access to everyone else. That reduces market PVP.

    I think it's a bad idea, no matter how you implement it.

    I'm curious how encouraging more stations to open up for trade would reduce market PvP

  • Hi Resolution Texture Pack - Show Your Support!!! in EVE Communication Center

    Of course yes

  • DELETE in EVE Marketplace

    Bid is good for a week.

  • DELETE in EVE Marketplace

    6 bil bid

  • Moon Clearing Service-Close to Jita in EVE Marketplace

    I kinda miss Otela.

    brb making rvb alt

  • WTS Falcon Pilot w/ fantastic jamming name in EVE Marketplace

    Transfer initiated! Thanks boss


    Alyss Mavi wrote:



  • WTS JF Rhea JDC5 JFC5 JF 4 perfect Hulk Pilot+P.I.+R&D+Good Manufacture/reproces in EVE Marketplace

    What is this thread 67?

    8 bil offer still stands I guess

  • ... in EVE Marketplace

    Check evemail

  • ... in EVE Marketplace

    What is your minimum? I tried snagging this guy last time

  • If you could write a new skill book for Eve what would it be? in EVE Communication Center

    What the hell kind of alternate universe is this?

    I actually kind of liked the first two ideas.

  • WTS Falcon Pilot w/ fantastic jamming name in EVE Marketplace

    And I'll do something totally uncouth and reveal my elusive main.

    Contact me on Degren if you're interested in buying Bob Marley.

    Like I said, legitimately sad to see him go but I just don't think I'd ever use him.

  • THe BitterVet skill tree? in EVE Communication Center

    Can we please just agree that 99% of Eve related jokes are bad?

  • Immolator on sale in Jita! in EVE Communication Center

    Hells yeah!

  • NYX SALE SCAMM in EVE Gameplay Center

    Dear Sir,

    I am Chief Accountant with the National Oil Nigeria
    PLC (N/Oil) and member of 5 MAN Contract Executive
    Review Panel (comprising 2 Snr.Staff of CBN and 3
    Snr,Staff Of (N/Oil) set up by present Civilian Regime
    of President Obasanjo. So far we have come across a
    surplus of the sum of US$27M.(Twenty-seven Million
    Dollars)which was as a result of deliberate
    over-invoicing of certain contracts awarded by
    Contract Award Committee of the cooperation.

    The last installments due has been paid to the various
    Contractors, while the said surplus still floats in
    our Apex Bank waiting Off-shore remittance which we
    want to carry out right now. As civil servants we not
    allowed operate foreign account, therefore seek your
    assistance in providing enabling Bank Account where
    the Fund would be lodged.
    25% of the total Sum is for you 5% for expenses during
    transaction, and 70% for my colleagues and me.

    A friend who is a Staff of World Trading Center (WTC)
    here in Lagos made your contact available. Please
    notify me of your acceptance to carry out this
    transaction through the above E-mail address or fax

    I decided to contact you base on the fact that I have
    no foreign partner to assist me in executing the
    transaction. If you accept to carry out this business
    with me, please note that my colleague and me will be
    in your Country to receive the fund together with you,
    the moment we secure all the necessary approvals.

    You should also note that the transaction would only
    take (14) fourteen working days.

  • Immolator on sale in Jita! in EVE Communication Center

    Angelique Duchemin wrote:
    Light Side Points wrote:
    Did you ever collect?

    No I had to drop the contract to make room. Had it been an NPC station in a hostile territory then sure it would have been a fun and challenging trip but when you know the station is locked beforehand. It kind of takes the fire out of the adventure.

    When I get home I'm doing exactly this.

    If I lose a few on the way it just makes it even better.



  • a in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Should have done original mario brother lives



    random ass symbols

  • Can I get a refund? in EVE Communication Center

    You don't find tackle fun to fly?

    You're not gonna find much else fun to fly, really. Not in a fleet, anyways.

    Maybe logistics...that's a long train.


    They just added logistics frigs/t1 cruisers that are actually pretty ******* good.

    Give that a shot before rage posting on the GD forums.

  • Why PayPal? in EVE Communication Center

    Sorry, boss, simplified is becoming the norm.

    The norm for an ancient written script based on cave drawings.

    Try to take it in stride.

    Edit: Read the PS, it basically agrees with you.

  • Clean Slate Programme? in EVE Communication Center

    I didn't read the rest of the post.

    Let me preface this next statement by saying **** isn't funny.

    "Struggle snuggle party" had me in tears.

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