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  • Inaccessible Blueprints in EVE Gameplay Center

    Check the safety tab under personal assets. If the Raitaru was destroyed or unanchored, your stuff will have been moved to asset safety.

    There is a 5 day delay before you can access it but it can then be moved to any station in the same system free of charge.

  • Standard Pack in EVE Communication Center

    Keno Skir wrote:
    Do Little wrote:
    though they got some cash from a player who can pay his subscription using PLEX earned in-game.

    They make more money when you use PLEX.

    They get cash for the PLEX when the original owner buys it, not when a player redeems it. Until it is redeemed it is an accrued liability - a service that has been paid for but not delivered. Basically an interest free loan!

  • Stealth Coating - Low Power Module and/or Rig in EVE Technology and Research Center

    A full set of high grade halo implants will give you a 20% sig reduction for a modest 460 million ISK. These will work on any ship you fly and require no fitting room. The downside is they are destroyed if you get podded. Seems like a reasonable risk/reward balance to me.

  • Data Mining: What ores do you think yield the most ISK per hour? in EVE Gameplay Center


    Mexallon is in short supply at the moment. Highsec ores that are rich in Mexallon include Plagioclase and Kernite. You can usually find Jaspet anomalies in highsec as well.

  • Standard Pack in EVE Communication Center

    It would be most unusual if CCP let you stack the promotions. The intention is to encourage new subscribers. Not even sure why they let me use the promotion, though they got some cash from a player who can pay his subscription using PLEX earned in-game.

    Log a support ticket. The GM's will know, or can find out. You also might ask on the new forums https://meta.eveonline.com/ CCP staff are fairly active there.

  • Standard Pack in EVE Communication Center

    I bought a Premium pack from Amazon ($24.99) and successfully applied it to a 3 year old Omega account. The Multiple Character Training is provided as a certificate that you can use or sell as you see fit. It's a good deal at the sale price.

  • Weapons selling in EVE Gameplay Center

    Based on your character age, I'll guess that you're building T1 product.

    For most weapons, meta module that drop as loot are superior and often cheaper. T1 are primarily used as input for T2 manufacturing. Use a tool like https://www.fuzzwork.co.uk/blueprint/ to access the profitability of whatever you're planning to build.

    Don't assume that your minerals are "free" just because you're mining them. Compressed ore has value and that value will probably increase now that CCP has nerfed the Rorqual back to a sensible level and Nullsec entities need to purchase more of it in highsec. Makes no sense to build modules and sell them for less than the value of the ore.

    In the hopefully not too far distant future meta modules will be player built but CCP needs to complete module tiercide first. That will create a lot of opportunity for newer players to build useful stuff. For now, T1 rigs are a good choice something like https://www.fuzzwork.co.uk/blueprint/?typeid=31716 is usually quite profitable and easy to build for new players.

    Note that Eve is a cyclical commodity market - study the cycle for any product you sell and make sure you stay in the top half of the cycle!

    That said, Eve is a game. As long as you're having fun, you're doing it right. If you enjoy building and selling stuff, it really doesn't matter how profitable it is!

  • an idea let me know what you thank, thank you for you time in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Fot the most part, the Eve community has embraced the Alpha concept and there are a lot of new player corporations working very hard to integrate them into the game.

    As an Alpha you need to respect the fact that Omega players are paying for your free ride. Eve is a subscription game, not a micro-transaction game. The Alpha accounts skillset was carefully chosen to give free accounts the ability to participate without undermining the value of a subscription.

    You can mine and actually make a decent living gas harvesting, but you are limited. Likewise there is a place for Alphas in fleet but you won't be flying the big ships.

    Enough of the game is available to let you figure out if Eve is worth the cost of a subscription to you. It isn't for everyone but I consider it the best investment in entertainment I've ever made and, after paying my subscription for a couple of years, I'm now earning enough in-game to play the full game for free.

  • Pirate Battleship Prices in EVE Gameplay Center

    Simply find the ship in the market, open the info sheet and the industry tab. For Machariel there is a 33% increase in the amount of tritanium - from 8419591 units to 11225438 units. Other minerals look about the same but I didn't do the calculation - can't copy/paste from the info sheet (or at least I haven't figured out how to do it).

  • Question on multiple accounts in EVE Communication Center

    Input automation and input broadcasting are the bits that violate the EULA and TOS - automating a command sequence or sending the same command to multiple instances of the client at the same time, or both. If you are manually controlling all clients independently, multiboxing is OK. Eve is intended to be a game played by humans, not robots.

    There used to be mining fleets with 50 or more exhumers - I've watched them strip an ice belt clean in a few minutes. I was not sorry to see that activity go!

  • Skill points lost in time! in EVE Communication Center

    As far as I know, if your account stops training while still subscribed because you didn't replenish the queue, those skillpoints are lost.

    This is the first I've heard that CCP might even consider reimbursing points unless something they did caused the loss.

    Be thankful we can now load 50 skills into the queue with to time restriction - it used to be 24 hours (and still is for Alphas).

  • Opinions needed: 2 billion isk on a 1 million SP old timer in EVE Communication Center

    2 billion ISK is pocket change these days. Hang on to it so you have someinvestment capital when you see an interesting project. On a 1 million SP character skills will still be trainng very quickly - a few hours to a few days. It can be frustrating to buy 2 or 3 injectors and then change your mind about what you want to do.

    Find a corp that supports your play style and learn from them before you consider starting your own.

  • How many skillpoints per skill level in EVE Communication Center

    As others have said, Evemon is an excellent tool but it is somewhat out of date with no significant updates in a year.

    To see what is needed to fly any ship in the game open the in-game ship tree, cllick the info sheet for the ship you are interested in. The requirements tab will tell you what skills are needed and how long it will take to train them. That is basically to "sit" in the ship

    Support skills are found on the mastery tab. Aim for level 3 mastery to fly the ship effectively.

  • Player ideals, problem is most don't understand eve's limitations. in EVE Communication Center

    Adding a new feature to a game is an investment. Not much different than any other company considering a new product or service.

    You start with a business case. What will it cost to develop, operate and maintain? What benefit, likely in terms of subscription revenue, will it provide. Is it aligned with business strategy?

    Step 2 is capacity planning. You will always have more good ideas than resources to implement them. They need to be prioritized.

    The highest priority features that are within capacity will get approved. The others - better luck next year.

  • Brand new Alpha player. some questions in EVE Communication Center

    Dave Winterbottom wrote:
    Thanks for the replies

    I have not been to providence yet

    I started in Aridia then went to Delve and finished in Stain before going back on myself to find a training book so i could form a corp.

    Lots of systems with Bees in them. no one came anywhere near me

    DPS up to 104 so i started taking out 650k battleships.

    Only once did i run into a giant bubble that stopped me but no one was around so i went around it.

    Wow! Goons must be mellowing out in their old age! The most densely populated region in nullsec and, the last time I checked, NBSI.

  • Citadels and ECs not showing under "Facilities" in EVE Gameplay Center

    Only public structures are visible. If you keep your structure private, it is visible in space but only people with access rights will see it in their overview, facilities tab or structure browser.

    Edit: private structures will be visible in your overview if you are on grid with them.

  • Hauling probleem and Citadels in EVE Communication Center

    Under no circumstances should CCP make it easier or safer to do business in Jita. Having a third of the online population in the Forge (and another third in Delve) is not healthy. I could make a case for dropping Uedama to 0.4 - forcing people to take the long way around. Might help balance activity between the trade hubs.

  • Mineral changes to pirate BS on SISI in EVE Communication Center

    Combined with reduced availability of blueprints this should, and indeed already has, doubled the price. If that isn't enough to close the price/performance gap, they will likely reduce the drop rate even more.

  • Brand new Alpha player. some questions in EVE Communication Center

    If you're running around nullsec unmolested, I'm guessing you are in Providence as a neutral.

    You won't find people mining in belts because sovereign systems have mining anomalies that have much higher quality ore.

    Nonetheless, if you are killing battleships in nullsec as a 2 day old Alpha, I guarantee there are a lot of nullsec corporations who would love to recruit you - resumes like that aren't seen very often!

    Talk to Karmafleet, Pandemic Horde or Brave Newbies. All are Alpha friendly. An idea of what to expect: https://wiki.braveineve.com/public/dojo/wiki/alpha-clones

    Good luck

  • Tried the game - Here's my Feedback in EVE Communication Center

    Wrong. Eve has survived 14 years because choices have consequences and loss matters. Turning it into yet another theme park ride where everything is "soul bound" and nothing you do matters would kill it. There are hundreds of games like that but there is only one Eve. It's not for everyone but those of us who like it, like it a lot!