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  • Idea For "Fixing" Afterburners in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Kinetic energy increases as the square of the velocity. Think of it as the energy required to stop the object rather than the energy required to keep it moving.

    Friction matters in Eve - turn off your AB or MWD and you slow down. It works more like submarines than space ships.

  • Training to fly Naglfar in EVE Gameplay Center

    Look at the requirements tab on the info sheet for the ship - it will show you the skills you need to fly it and how long it will take you to train them.

    Then look at the mastery tab. You should aim for mastery level 3. If you are primarily subcap skills to cruiser level it will probably take you 6 months

  • Idea For "Fixing" Afterburners in EVE Technology and Research Center

    You can get the ridiculous speed boost you are seeking by fitting an oversize afterburner. While the agility penalty is substantial. there are fits where this actually makes sense. You also have the option of fitting a MWD if you want speed albeit with a signature penalty and substantial capacitor load.

    2 afterburners would seem to offer the ability to get a modest straight line speed boost without penalty. Run 1 AB and pulse the other when you need it. The agility penalty only applies when it is running. The drawback would be tying up a mid-slot.

    I say a modest speed boost on the assumption the laws of physics will apply - you need 4 times as much power to go twice as fast.

    It's interesting but I'm not sure it is worth the development effort. Perhaps you can present a use case where it offers useful gameplay options without being overpowered.

  • Remove missile explosion velocity? in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Trying to reconcile Eve physics and real world physics doesn't work. Best to simply suspend disbelief and enjoy. Tying destructive power to missile velocity won't help. A Machariel can ram a freighter at 1500 m/s - releasing roughly twice as much energy as the bomb that destroyed Nagasaki. Yet neither ship is damaged.

  • What is the use and meaning of "sov" in EVE? in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Some people want the ability to "plant their flag" and own the space they live in - irrespective of whether it confers any significant gameplay advantage. In real life, people want to own their home even in situations where it makes economic sense to rent.

    If you perceive no value in SOV you can live in NPC nullsec or wormholes and get most of the "advantages" you've listed. Eve gives you that choice.

    That isn't a reason to remove SOV from the game - those of us who enjoy it should have the choice to do so.

  • few questions in EVE Communication Center

    When you purchase a character you pay the asking price in ISK - seller pays the transfer fee of 2 PLEX. You can purchase PLEX from CCP and sell it for ISK on the in-game market to raise the ISK for the purchase. Seller will then transfer character to an existing Omega account. It will take 10 hours for the transfer to complete.

    Only purchase through the character bazaar. Most character on offer will have a listing on Eveboard so you can confirm skills.

  • Proposed Moon Mining Changes in EVE Gameplay Center

    It's unlikely there will be an abrupt transition. More likely, Refineries and POS will coexist for a while - similar to Engineering Complex and POS. Bonuses will encourage a transition to the new process.

    While CCP wants to encourage more social gameplay, I suspect these new asteroid fields can be cleared fairly quickly by a Rorqual or multibox fleet of exhumers protected by the refinery defenses.

    If I'm right about the gradual transition, I don't expect any significant change in supply or demand - speculation may cause the price to bounce around a bit but, with no change in fundamentals, it will be short lived.

  • New at Indy in EVE Gameplay Center

    https://www.fuzzwork.co.uk/blueprint/ is an excellent tool for determining the current profitability of specific items. Be sure to change the system you are building in (it defaults to Jita) so the system cost index is calculated properly. Also set the ME and TE for your blueprints.

    Personally I don't use spreadsheets or the more sophisticated tools. I sell a fairly small number of products in smaller trade hubs and have a "floor" price for each of them. If the market drops below my floor I simply let that product sit until the market rebounds and focus on other products that are still profitable.

    Eve is a cyclical commodity market so your most profitable product this week could be selling below cost next week.

  • Low Amount of Sites in Lowsec in EVE Communication Center

    There are corporations in Eve dedicated to exploration where you can find expert advice on how and where to look. Talk to https://www.eve-scout.com/signal-cartel/

  • Manage ISK Better in EVE Gameplay Center

    The price of PLEX purchased from CCP has remained constant for years. All that's changed is the exchange rate between PLEX and ISK. As Tipa pointed out, this is driven by supply and demand on the in-game market. For the most part this is beneficial for new players who typically want to sell PLEX for ISK to fund in-game activity and detrimental for old players who typically have lots of ISK and want to exchange it for PLEX to pay for game time.

    If you look at the economic indicies in CCP Quants monthly economic report http://cdn1.eveonline.com/community/MER/Feb_2017/9d_economy.indices.png you will see that the CPI (consumer price index) has been falling steadily since 2005. Things are not getting more expensive!

  • Ship/Weapon and Skill Selection in EVE Communication Center

    Nothing wrong with brawling in a rattlesnake - consider using a Gecko, the role bonus effectively turns it into a heavy assault cruiser with ~ 700dps. They're expensive at 70 mil but a lot cheaper than an assault cruiser! With RHML and a T2 fit 1400 dps and 150K ehp are not difficult to achieve.

  • Ship/Weapon and Skill Selection in EVE Communication Center

    The nice thing about drones is they give you 2 weapon systems which can be important as you move to larger ships. Cruise missiles and torpedoes do very little damage to small ships like frigates, especially when they are close. It's useful to have a squadron of light drones available to deal with them.

    If you prefer to engage from long range with missiles the Rattlesnake probably has a place in your future. Typically fit with sentry drones and cruise missiles, you use a micro jump drive to pull range on your opponents, drop sentries and slaughter them as they burn toward you with low angular velocity. If any get too close, recover your sentry drones and jump again. This blog post is a couple of years old but still relevant - little has changed. http://nevillesmit.com/blog/2014/6/8/revisiting-the-rattlesnake-lmjd-pve

  • Publish Ship Wreck Salvage Drop Rates in EVE Technology and Research Center

    The salvage is determined when a ship is destroyed - not when it is salvaged. The act of salvaging has no influence on what you get.

    Skills and modules only influence the probability that the current salvage cycle will be successful. Noctis also has a per level hull bonus for cycle duration.

    Different salvage drops in different regions. You're more likely to get armor plates in Amarr space and more likely to get malfunctioning shield emitters in Caldari space. Salvage also drops from exploration sites. CCP controls the drop rate and can adjust it as they see fit. They also have a big influence on demand - rigs for the new structures use a LOT of salvage!

  • Gank Multiboxing in EVE Technology and Research Center

    It works both ways.

    Haulers often use multibox ALTS to scout their route or web a freighter into warp. Jump freighters require cynos and this will usually be a multibox ALT.

    Other haulers play the probabilities - launching several freighters on autopilot before going to work or sleep. A bulkhead fit freighter with less than 1 billion in cargo is not a profitable gank and there are no tears to harvest so these ships have a very high probability of arriving safely at destination. You will experience an occasional loss but so what - as long as most get through and the business is profitable.

  • Mining Fleet requests from other players in EVE Gameplay Center

    A couple of years ago when I was running fleets it was fairly normal for people offering public boosts to provide that information and the price in the Orca pilot bio. Not sure if it is still done that way in the age of bursts but the burst charges aren't cheap so I assume boosters will want a fee to offset the cost.

    It doesn't take much effort to check the bio.

  • More astrophysical features in EVE Communication Center

    We know that our best theories of how the universe works - General Relativity and Quantum Field Theory, are mutually exclusive - they can't both be right. Both continue to work at the limits of our ability to measure but there is new physics to be discovered and who knows what will be possible in the new paradigm.

    Remember Clark's laws:
    1. When a distinguished but elderly scientist states that something is possible, he is almost certainly right. When he states that something is impossible, he is very probably wrong.
    2. The only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them into the impossible.
    3. Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

  • Question about Pi production in EVE Gameplay Center

    My interpretation of your question is that your factories are idle because you can't harvest enough to keep them busy - this is a normal fact of life, particularly if you're making something complex like P4. Your factories will pause all by themselves when they run out of material and it won't hurt them to sit idle for a while. I have given up trying to balance my harvest - if I am short a commodity, I buy it and import it to my factory planet. If I have surplus - I export and sell it.

  • More astrophysical features in EVE Communication Center

    There are a lot of interesting places to visit in New Eden https://evetravel.wordpress.com/

    A frigate in Eve warps at 5 AU/sec - roughly 1700 times C (speed of light in a vacuum). Realistically you shouldn't be able to "see" anything!

  • Fitting for Hauler Ships (Iteron Mark V) in EVE Communication Center

    Suicide gankers will usually have a hauler with them to loot your wreck and a scout to scan your cargo to make sure they have a reasonable chance of profiting from the gank. If the value of your cargo is substantially greater than the value of their ship, you are a potential target.

    My recommendation is to fly a Nereus which is a lot faster and more agile than the Iteron V.
    - Fit enough passive tank to absorb an Alpha shot from a Tornado. A DCU2, EM ward amplifier and a couple of Extenders should do it.
    - Fit enough cargo rigs/modules for the cargo you intend to carry, if there are any slots left over fit agility modules.
    - Never carry more than you can afford to lose, don't carry more than 100 million ISK in a T1 industrial even if you can afford to lose it.
    - Don't autopilot. You will be a lot harder to catch if you are actually flying your ship.
    - Build an occasional loss into your business plan - it will happen.

    Remember that destruction is a necessary part of the Eve economy - things don't wear out or go obsolete!

    Note that these recommendations apply to highsec. If you intend to travel in places where CONCORD won't come to the rescue you'll need a T2 Nereus (Viator) to travel with any degree of safety. You'll also need a subscription since Alphas don't have access to the required skills.

  • Moon Mining Q in EVE Communication Center

    Yes - you will need corp roles. The POS will be a corp asset.

    No - only 1 POS per moon. You will not be able to anchor your POS if there is already one there.

    Rest assured that every R64 moon in New Eden is already spoken for!

    Moon mining is getting completely new gameplay later this year https://community.eveonline.com/news/dev-blogs/introducing-upwell-refineries/