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  • In Game Insurance in EVE Communication Center

    Insurance contracts need to be renewed every 90 days. They are intended for PVP where risk of loss is high. If your corp offers SRP you can make money insuring doctrine ships.

    Risk for PVE or industrial players in highsec is very small if you take a few basic precautions. For new players:
    - mine in .7 security. Asteroids are a bit smaller but CONCORD will arrive a lot faster.
    - fly a procurer and fit a damage control - a bit less yield, a lot more tank.
    - get away from the beacon, if a ganker has to slowboat 20Km to reach you, you have time to warp to safety.
    - set known gankers to terrible standing - they will be flagged as red in local and your overview. Your corp should do that for you.
    - maintain situational awareness. If you're AFK and get killed have the decency not to complain about it!
    - if you do get caught, align to something and spam warp when your ship is near death so your pod will instantly warp when the ship dies. You should never lose a pod to a ganker in highsec (unless they use a smartbomb)
    - don't buy a "permit". This is protection racketeering (perfectly legal in Eve) and they get to decide if you are "compliant". (Hint: it's not possible to be compliant and enjoy the game).

  • Pi p2 vs p3 in EVE Gameplay Center

    The main reason for going to P2 is to save time or taxes if you're in highsec. You can let it accumulate in the launchpad for a week (null) or two (high). P2 requires positioning your colony to harvest both P0 resources in sufficient quantity to keep your advanced processors busy - this is not easy. It may be possible when you first establish the colony but deposits deplete and respawn somewhere else. An exercise in frustration if you're trying to min/max. But, if you want casual low maintenance PI, P2 is the way to go.

  • In Game Insurance in EVE Communication Center

    Platinum insurance will pay 100% of the value of a standard T1 hull. https://support.eveonline.com/hc/en-us/articles/212726885-Insurance. The standard "free" insurance pays 40%.

    The value is determined by a moving average - probably 30 days for the minerals to build the ship.

    If you look at the Zkillboard kill reports for your losses, you'll see that platinum insurance would come very close to covering the retrievers and within 5 million of covering the hurricane. You can't insure a pod but, if your corp has a Citadel you could have jumped into an empty clone.

    There is a rule in Eve - don't fly what you can't afford to lose.

  • [New PLEX System] An Alternative Change in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Aurum had an account wide wallet and I imagine the PLEX vault was the easiest way to consolidate the currencies without a lot of development effort. In my opinion both the more granular PLEX and the account wide PLEX vault are quality of life improvements to the game.

    Skins and clothing are vanity items - 100% optional and they confer absolutely no gameplay advantage. A completely voluntary transaction where both parties perceive themselves better off - not a cash grab. Extractors confer no gameplay value by themselves - a player needs to fill them with earned SP. PLEX purchased from CCP and converted to ISK in game will let you buy shiny stuff but most players don't think of that as pay-to-win since the shiny stuff tends to explode unless you have the player skill to use it effectively.

  • Single-character account for half omega price? in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Basically, what you are paying for is a skill queue and the right to train (and use) Omega skills.
    Only 1 character can login at a time.
    Only 1 character can train at a time with the subscription queue.

    From CCPs perspective having multiple characters on the account is a profit center since a lot of players will use PLEX to train the additional characters. Even if that PLEX was purchased in game with ISK, someone originally bought it from CCP with real money.

  • Idea for gradual development of new space to enable CCP to start now. in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I admit I didn't parse the post word for word but I read about disabled shipyards I need to activate, stuff lying around to build ships and modules. No money except bounties earned in the new space...

    I interpret this as CCP providing the framework to bootstrap the economy in what is essentially Eve 2.0.

    It is far more likely, and I believe far more interesting to assume that new space will contain nothing except resources to harvest and we will need to bring the wherewithal to do that with us from old space.

  • Idea for gradual development of new space to enable CCP to start now. in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Eve currently has over 7000 systems. It would be interesting if CCP Quant could show us a heatmap but I suspect 10% of the systems hold 90% of the population. New space isn't about New Eden getting crowded or any lack of resources - most of the space we have is underutilized.

    The proposal sounds like Eve 2.0 and CCP Seagull has been quite clear that she has no intention of pursuing that path. A clean sheet rewrite would probably be easier than struggling with 15 year old "legacy" code but Eve has a lot of player history that is much too important to throw away. The proposal also involves using tools and loot provided by CCP - that is also exactly opposite the path they are following - player built and destructible is the vision for the future.

    New space doesn't need to be new star systems - it could be a Kuiper Belt or Oort cloud in the outer reaches of existing systems - perhaps lawless, unpoliced space in the middle of highsec! I think it's more likely that any new space we get will be accessed through Anoikis - you need a gate at both ends to jump and the only way to get that gate to the new system will be through a wormhole.

  • Super Carrier Production in EVE Gameplay Center

    For now you can still build in a POS but a rigged Sotiyo will get better bonuses. Later this year CCP will be removing bonuses from POS labs and assembly arrays - anything where new structures have achieved feature parity. See the structure presentation for details https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rhpDLuyScXo&index=8&list=PLQvKSs1k6DLOoOfYu2KajQcbsu1OubQfS&t=12s

  • T1 Manufacturing appears to be non-profit in EVE Gameplay Center

    First question to ask is "are there meta versions of this module that drop as mission loot?" If the answer is yes, the only purpose for the T1 module will be as input for the T2 manufacturing process. The meta versions are better and often cheaper than player built T1.

    A second question to ask "is this consumable?" Stuff in Eve doesn't wear out or go obsolete.

    T1 rigs are easy to make, 1 time use (you can't unfit them) and a lot of them are quite profitable. You're better off as a small producer since you can purchase small lots of salvage at backwater stations at a lower cost than buying from aggregators in trade hubs.

    Containers and deployables like Mobile Depot are usually profitable so are some ammunition and charges.

    Use a tool like https://www.fuzzwork.co.uk/blueprint/ to investigate products you're interested in.

    Once you've made something, you need to pick a trade hub and sell it. Immediate sales to buy orders are convenient but not profitable (at least for the seller). You need to create a sell order and manage it. In general, the more steps in the value chain you participate in, the better your profit margins will be.

    The important thing to remember is that Eve is a game, if you're enjoying yourself it really doesn't matter how much ISK you're making.

  • SoE Capital ships idea(useful comments please) in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Not T3. The Nestor has a lot of seemingly unrelated bonuses - low mass, ship maintenance bay for refitting (other ships), drones, armor, energy turrets, scanning, hacking, remote repair. It's unlikely you'll need all of these at the same time. It's a jack of all trades - not a specialist. You don't get to reconfigure the ship using subsystems or mode shifting to optimize it for a new role. It isn't the best choice for anything but it can pinch hit in a lot of different roles.

    My thought was to extend this philosophy to a capital ship. Before CCP looks at SOE, we'll likely have specialized capitals from the 4 empire and 5 pirate factions. I don't think we need more than that. If SOE or SoCT get a capital it needs to be unique - not something you would choose instead of one of the other ships for a specialist role.

    It took a while to find the right recipe for the Nestor, and a while beyond that for players to figure out how to use it effectively. It's definitely niche but I don't consider that a bad thing. An SOE capital should also be niche.

    As far as I know there is nothing to prevent a capital ship from fitting a standard cloak. I don't think any capital should be given a covert cloak. The ability to warp while cloaked is incredibly powerful. Providing a mechanism to overcome the speed penalty from using standard cloaks - perhaps a hull bonus like Black Ops, could add some tactical interest and doesn't seem overpowered - either way, these ships are slow.

  • Planetary Interaction Factory Planets in EVE Communication Center

    Tipa Riot wrote:
    Don't think the calculation is right. Maybe with a fully researched T2 BPO in an Sotiyo in nullsec optimised for drones you can get close to your 55K (ex PI). Mind sharing yours? My calculation shows selling the PI is more profitable. Getting the stuff out is easy with wormholes, especially the low volume P3 and P4.

    EDIT: you edited the invention costs, but still my estimation shows a ~180K (none decryptor is optimal).

    You are correct. I used 1 unit of Morphite instead of 3; which will increase the build cost by 20K. With invention that puts it in the 175-180K range.

    Assuming 500/M3 shipping it will cost 5K to send the drone to Jita and 18K to send the 6 units of P3

    You can sell the drone to buy order for 855K - 180K = 675K for PI
    Robotics buy order 112K x3 = 336K
    Guidance systems buy order 95K x3 = 285K
    Total for P3 = 621K

    So the drone option will earn an extra 60K +/- after allowance for shipping and job cost.

    I have highsec ALTS who sell the drones in secondary trade hubs for considerably higher prices. Most of them sell very quickly.

  • Planetary Interaction Factory Planets in EVE Communication Center

    The most efficient way to get your nullsec PI to market in highsec is build T2 drones. A Hammerhead II converts 36M3 of P3 into a 10M3 drone.

    With 1 character and level 4 skills you can have 1 planet each making consumer electronics, mechanical parts, water-cooled CPU and transmitters plus 1 factory planet making robotics and guidance systems.

    Give the second and third characters on your account the training queue for a couple of weeks and you can triple your PI income. Trading between characters on the same account can be a hassle unless your corp allows you to put a password protected station container in one of the corp hangars - otherwise you'll need to use contracts.

    Current Jita buy order for Hammerhead II is 855K. Build cost is roughly 55K plus PI

    Edit: forgot to include invention cost which is an important factor for T2 manufacturing. Cost per invention attempt for datacores is 440K and probability of success will vary depending on your science skills around 45% with level 4 skills which works out to 98K per drone.

  • CCP could you please stop info popups blocking UI elements? in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Go into settings general tab and move the tooltip delay slider hard right. That will get rid of most of them including, unfortunately, the few you find useful!

  • Refining and Redeploying Ship Masteries in EVE Technology and Research Center

    The certificates are generic and apply to your mastery of some aspect of the game. The resource harvesting certificate applies to the character, not the ship.

    That said, the certificates recommended for mastery level III of a ship you want to fly are a pretty good indication of the skills you'll need to fly that ship competently. Since the certificates are generic, once you have Core Spaceship Operation level III for 1 ship, you have it for all of them. Ice mining may not be useful for a Venture but, someday you may want to fly a Procurer - same resource
    harvesting certificate applies to mastery of that ship.

  • SoE Capital ships idea(useful comments please) in EVE Technology and Research Center

    SOE ships are designed for extended deployments in dangerous places. Astero and Stratios are explorers. Nestor is a wormhole "jack of all trades" that struggled for a while trying to find its place in the game but Eve Central data shows sales volumes are now comparable to other pirate battleships.

    If I was designing a capital ship for SOE it would be optimized for wormholes - one very flexible ship rather than 3 highly specialized hulls. Fighters and logi aren't new - we've had that combination before but, add in lasers and you have something unique. Nestor combines drones, lasers and logistics in a battleship hull without being overpowered - capacitor constraints make it difficult to fit guns and logistics at the same time - should be able to work the same way with a capital hull that combines characteristics of carrier, dreadnaught and force auxiliary.

    Fun to think about anyway.

  • SoE Capital ships idea(useful comments please) in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Blood Raider capitals arrive in a couple of weeks and Guristas have been announced - we'll likely hear more about them at Vegas. Angel Cartel will probably be next on the list and the Sansha capital line may be extended beyond the Revenant.

    These ships will be rare but it still represents a lot of power creep and power creep is not good for the game. They are also aspirational which can justify the power creep if CCP does a good job balancing capability and availability.

    SOE capitals are problematic - you need to start with a unique role that fits the lore. The sisters are explorers and scientists - why are they building power projection ships? Do capitals make sense in a purely defensive role?

    Once you've figured out where they fit in the game, you can work back to the capability they need to accomplish that role.

  • Few questions on experts in EVE Communication Center

    You will find a structure browser in the business folder of your neocom. You can filter by structure type, service and range.

    Most public Citadels (Astrahus and Fortizar) will have reprocessing plants The browser will show the reprocessing tax but not the yield. Most will advertise yield as part of the structure name. Base yield will be 50%, 52% with T1 rig or 54% with T2 rig.

    The reprocessing service module also compresses so any structure with reprocessing can also compress and that is always free.

    Unless you have perfect reprocessing skills, you will usually be better off selling compressed ore than minerals.

  • Alpha/Solo flying in EVE Communication Center

    CCP Rise created an Alpha character last fall (before they were available to the rest of us) and spent 3 weeks testing its capability in game. He presented his experience at Eve Vegas last fall: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yWuk7GDZsqs

    As you'll see, Eve is more about player knowledge than character skill. In the right hands, Alphas are very capable!

  • New player looking for help fitting my first cruiser in EVE Communication Center

    Vexor is the standard PVE platform for Gallente. Some tips on flying the ship for nullsec ratting can be found : https://wiki.braveineve.com/public/dojo/vexor-newbro-edition

    Highsec level 2 missions are a lot easier but also a lot less rewarding. The basic concept is similar - orbit something at high speed to speed tank the damage and let your drones do the work. For level 2 missions you won't be facing battleships and can skip the heavy drones.

  • When Does Blood Raiders (Crimson Harvest) Start? in EVE Communication Center

    The shipyard event requires finding and killing a well defended Sotiyo XL engineering complex. It only has 1 timer so you'll need a fleet to take down the shield and then come back in 24 hours to take down the hull. There will never be more than 1 shipyard in the game at a time and they will only spawn in nullsec.

    I gather the blood raiders have spawned up to 800 ships to defend on Singularity and capital escalations are possible. This is not solo or small group content. It is basically a beta test of the new AI - when the AI behaviors encounter innovative players strange things are going to happen!