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  • The next step on PI with level 4 cmd cntr upgrades? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Another consideration is the amount of time you want to invest in your colonies. Exporting P2 is relatively low maintenance - update your programs 2-3 times a week and harvest every week or two. Exporting P1 will require more frequent attention.

    With CCU5 you can build colonies in nullsec with 3 advanced processors producing 15 units of P2/hour. You're aren't going to get 100% yield but I'm averaging a bit more than 2000 units of P2/week from my nullsec colonies. I use factory planets to make P3 and P4.

    If you work in highsec train the Customs Code Expertise skill to reduce the NPC component of the POCO tax.

  • any clue to a cargohold rebalance? in EVE Technology and Research Center

    A lot of things in Eve make no sense outside the context of game balance and forcing us to make choices. If cargo capacity is your priority on a battlecruiser fly a Gnosis - basically the same price but a different set of trade-offs.

  • Blueprint Modification in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Ajem Hinken wrote:

    Problem is, you can't modify inherent qualities of the ship - such as a Merlin's lack of a drone bay, or so on.

    Actually, you can - rigs modify inherent qualities of the hull and become part of the ship.
    In addition, T3 cruisers are highly customizable using subsystems, T3 destroyers can change the hull bonuses by switching modes.

    If you customize the hull itself rather than using a skill, rig, implant, subsystem, etc... to modify an attribute, you need to create a database entry for that hull - which quickly becomes unwieldy.

    The current system works quite well. CCP can see which ships are being used and which are not - the latter are scheduled for a bit of love on the next balance pass, the former may get nerfed to reduce power creep.

    While few are happy to see the nerf-bat hit their favorite ship, power creep is not good for the game.

  • Question about travelling to Null in EVE Communication Center

    You can put a jump clone at NPC stations in nullsec or Thera. In Providence you can dock at outposts as a neutral (there may be a docking fee) and you can put jump clones as a neutral in at least some outposts. I used to jump neutral ALTS to nullsec for PI before they jacked the price up.

    You probably won't be able to dock or put a jump clone in a citadel unless you are "blue" to the alliance that owns it.

    In Providence. it is reasonably safe to fly down in a travel fit Interceptor (<2 sec align) and there is a fair size market in F-YH5B. The locals won't shoot at you but everyone else will and, unless you are a member of a Provibloc alliance with access to the intel channels, you can't tell them apart.

    Practically speaking, you can jump between highsec and nullsec once a day - the Infomorph Synchronizing skill will reduce the wait time by an hour per level but it doesn't go below 19 hours.

    If you want to be an explorer in nullsec, your best option is to join a nullsec corporation. This will give you a base of operations, warning if "reds" are approaching and jump freighter service to get your loot to market.

  • Porpoise and Orca in EVE Gameplay Center

    Mining drones give an on-grid booster something to do. These ships are not intended to be solo miners. You can use them that way if you want but you will get better yield from a barge/exhumer for a much lower cost.

    In addition to its primary role, Orca provides a fantastic support ship for mission runners and remains a decent mid-size hauler for those who don't need/want a freighter. It's in a pretty good place.

    I originally thought on-grid Rorquals would get massacred - didn't happen but it may just have taken a while for hunters to figure them out. The Imperium lost a fleet of 7 Rorquals last week despite having a defense fleet ready to help. The exceptional mining ability of these ships needs to be balanced by a commensurate risk.

    I am currently buying Tritanium for less than 4 ISK and Pyerite for a little more than 5 ISK. I don't think I seen prices this low since I started playing the game. The last thing we need is a more efficient way to harvest ore!

  • lowest spec? in EVE Communication Center

    The AMD A series gives you a multi-core processor and Radeon graphics which easily meets the requirements for Eve at a rock bottom price. If you don't need the portability, consider an all-in-one for a much nicer display! https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=1VK-0001-0MYB8

  • How to use ISK in Eve open discussion in EVE Technology and Research Center

    What an ISK is used for is less important than the number of times it changes hands. This is called the velocity of money and is an indicator of a healthy economy. CCP Quant provides this metric in his monthly economic updates and Eve players are spending. In fact, velocity spiked after gambling was banned

  • Missile Guidance Computer/Enhancer - why no higher Meta levels ? in EVE Technology and Research Center

    CCP is currently in the middle of a module tiercide. In my opinion, they should add no new variations to existing modules until this is complete and we have transitioned from loot drops to player built using named components for meta modules.

    With limited resources I would rather they invest effort cleaning up the loose ends from all the stuff they added to the sandbox last year rather than balancing new modules that will probably need to be rebalanced when tiercide is complete!

  • Gosh this game is intense in EVE Communication Center

    Perhaps he was simply hunting you - a perfectly legitimate form of player interaction in Eve. The cat and mouse game can be intense, it can take a long time in game or if you are hunting game in the woods. It can be very satisfying when you succeed.

    If he continues to stalk you, that might cross the line into griefing but there is nothing unusual about a hunt in Eve.

  • I shot another capsuleer for the first time and have questions in EVE Communication Center

    A suspect flying a Nereus was probably scooping loot for a ganker. As long as your safety is green, the game will not allow you to do anything that would elicit a CONCORD response.

    By initiating hostilities, you authorize a limited engagement - meaning he can change to a combat ship and shoot back legally. This kind of bait and switch does happen. If he has a Bowhead nearby, he can change ships almost instantly.

  • Corp VS. Solo in EVE Gameplay Center

    Most nullsec and lowsec alliances will have industrial activity. This may be a few players in otherwise PVP centric corporations or an industrial corp in a PVP centric alliance. Larger projects like capital ships and structures will involve many players - some to harvest raw material, some to build components, some to build the end product.

    Miners are welcome in most sovereign alliances both to provide raw material and to help maintain the ADMs.

    You can create a successful industrial operation in highsec with 1 account but you'll want 3 characters on that account, all trained for research, production and PI. Create your own corporation and rent an office in an engineering complex. Since PI, manufacturing and research are all largely background activities, you should still have time to PVP on your other account.

  • Alpha to Omega, Upgrade or Create New ??? in EVE Communication Center

    I would recommend keeping your existing character unless you have a good reason not to. No sense retraining all those skills.

    The main difference between Alpha and Omega for the first few months is training speed - not the skills you train.

    CCP is currently offering a nice promotion: https://secure.eveonline.com/upgrade/

  • Gas Cloud Harvester blueprint in EVE Gameplay Center

    They are available in highsec from Thukker Mix. One example
    333/333 1 16,500,000.00 365 Totkubad III - Thukker Mix Factory Metropolis

  • When will they add more systems? in EVE Technology and Research Center

    New Eden currently has about 8000 star systems. A few of them are inaccessible (Jove Space). That may change once we get player built stargates but it will take a fairly large organization to build and deploy those stargates - not much for a solo explorer.

    The Inheritance chronicle documents a Jovian wormhole drive that might allow access to space that isn't connected to the stargate network - Sansha stole this technology and use it for their Incursions - maybe someday it will be available to players but ships that can jump without gates or cynos would definitely change the game!

  • Looking for Suggestions on how to Finish off 2 PI alts skill plans in EVE Gameplay Center

    PI with 3 characters on 1 account gives you up to 18 planets. The ALTS only need to login for a few minutes every couple of days to update their programs and once a week or so to harvest. They can easily produce enough PI to PLEX the account in nullsec.

    I have trained mine to also do research/copying - a second income stream that runs in the background. Gallente industrial 1 is the only ship related skill the ALTS really need if you're flying in reasonably safe space - highsec or sovereign nullsec. A nereus to establish colonies and an epithal to harvest PI. Additional navigation or tanking skills won't hurt, but neither will they help all that much. Use your main to move stuff to market.

    Trading stuff between ALTS on the same account can be a hassle but it's easy to station trade if you have a second account. If they're all in the same corporation you can share a container in one of the corporate hangars.

    I disagree that you are better off training your main - you can train an alt to level 4 in less time than you can upgrade your main to level 5. Getting 5 planets instead of 1. This math also works for research and manufacturing, they all scale well for multiple characters on 1 account. Get everyone to level 4 before you start working on level 5.

  • Why In the World is The Excavator Mining Drones Still Obsuredly Priced in EVE Communication Center

    The big ticket items are Rogue Drone components. Current selling price is roughly 12% more than build material cost.


    CCP needs to give us a rogue drone event - Drop some Elite Drone AI and Drone Coronary Units! Those 2 components make up 2/3 the cost of the drone.

    Edit: That assumes CCP wants more Excavator drones in the game. At the rate they are vacuuming up ore, the supply constraint may be deliberate!

  • Looking for Suggestions on how to Finish off 2 PI alts skill plans in EVE Gameplay Center

    If these PI ALTS will work in highsec train Customs Code Expertise

  • Planetary Interaction in EVE Gameplay Center

    Taxes affect everybody. I'll assume you intend to do PI in highsec - at least initially.

    A player owned customs office (POCO) in highsec has 2 tax rates An NPC portion which is 10% export / 5% import and a player portion which is whatever the POCO owner wants to charge and can vary depending on your standing with the owner.

    You can also export small quantities from the command center. This is subject to an NPC tax of 15%

    The NPC tax can be reduced (10%/level) by the Customs Code Expertise skill - not sure if this applies to Command Center launches.

    The NPC component of the POCO tax does not apply in lowsec or nullsec. The tax uses the base price of the commodity which, I believe, is based on a 30 day moving average.

    A combination of high taxes and poor resource deposits means it is difficult to make P3 and P4 profitably in highsec. These are best made in nullsec or lowsec where your corporation/alliance owns the POCO.

    Most P2 products can be made efficiently on a single planet in highsec and quite profitably as long as you train a few levels of Customs Code Expertise and look for a reasonable POCO tax rate. I am paying 10% export tax for most of my highsec colonies. Products to consider:
    Coolant - Storm planet, used for fuel blocks
    Mechanical Parts - Barren planet, used for fuel blocks and T2 manufacturing
    Construction Blocks - Lava planet, used for T2 manufacturing
    Miniature Electronics - Lava planet, used for T2 manufacturing
    Transmitters - Lava Planet, used for T2 manufacturing
    Superconductors - Storm planet, used for T2 manufacturing

    In nullsec, I pay lower tax and the planets have much richer deposits. I make a selection of P3 and P4.

    I use all the PI I produce in my own manufacturing operation - it's a relatively low effort way to improve profit margins on the stuff I make. PI is a lot more valuable than it used to be because the new structures require a lot of it but should still be considered a secondary source of income unless you scale it across multiple characters. Setting your harvest planets up to make P2 is the low maintenance choice. Exporting P1 and making P2 on a factory planet will result in higher yield but requires a lot more work.

  • So I guess I need friends as an Alpha? in EVE Communication Center

    The events are designed to be competitive but the rewards are modest. For the first few days people will be trying to collect complete sets of skins but the second week should be OK. By then the market will be saturated and the rewards will (temporarily) have little value. Most of the hijackers will get bored and move on to other things. Once the event is over the rewards should appreciate over time because they are unique and no more will be added to the game.

    You can also try talking to them in local. Explain that you're an Alpha who hasn't been able to complete a site because of hijackers and ask for advice. No guarantees but it works a lot better than cursing at them!

  • Need a PVE area to learn game in EVE Communication Center

    Your normal progression in Eve will be the NPE, followed by the career agents http://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Career_Agents followed by the Sisters of Eve Epic Arc http://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Sisters_of_EVE_Epic_Arc_-_The_Blood-Stained_Stars

    If you loot the wrecks in the career missions and epic arc you will usually get a decent set of meta modules, weapons and ammo to fit the frigates they give you. You will also get enough ISK to buy and fit a cruiser and enough standing to run level 2 missions.

    Later missions in the epic arc will require a cruiser or a friend - there are usually people in local willing to help.

    Longer term, the user manual for Eve isn't written down anywhere - it lives between the ears of experienced players. The best way to learn Eve is join a new player friendly corporation and let them teach you.