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  • [CLOSED] WTA Gallente/Caldari HK Recon Toon with Cyno 5 25.9M SP in EVE Marketplace

    Closing thread, character sold.

  • [CLOSED] WTA Gallente/Caldari HK Recon Toon with Cyno 5 25.9M SP in EVE Marketplace

    I'd like to sell this character to the highest bidder.

    Cynosural Field Theory 5
    Gallente/Caldari Recon Ships and Stealth Bombers trained

    One remap available.

    Located in highsec, positive wallet and security status.

    I will pay the transfer fee.

    http://eveboard.com/pilot/Dradis_Aulmais (pass is 4321)

    Starting bid: 8B
    Buyout: 10B

    Auction closing 72 hours (3 days) after first bid.

  • Eve in "The Middle" in EVE Communication Center

    the middleI like sue, but I relate more to brick.

    Beats the Kardashians any day

  • Eve in "The Middle" in EVE Communication Center

    It's Eve and they will have several shots of eve I a few episodes. The producers asked for a video from CCP.


  • Whiny Pubbie Awoxed by TEST FC. Dope Rage Ensues. in EVE Gameplay Center

    I think CAM is just Xeunira in Pesdo-drag

  • RIP VILE RAT in EVE Communication Center


  • A formal request to the CoCaP in EVE Gameplay Center

    The op is clearly a nitche alt. Fry him and send him to quafe Corp for reprocessing.

  • The kills of 2014: statistical analysis on the zkillboard data in EVE Communication Center

    I'm a dictor pilot I do no damage and honestly that's fine. I can hold you in place forever but that does me no good killing you.

  • The kills of 2014: statistical analysis on the zkillboard data in EVE Communication Center

    Instead of giving equal splits I.e if 100 people on a 200mil kill each would get 2mill kill I would have distributed the kill according to damage done. That way if I take a pot shot I don't get the equal value as the guy who did 99% damage.

  • used Red Frog to move my stuff, all my ships have been striped..... in EVE Communication Center

    I second the flag, I would love to hear this case. Please ISD throw him to the wolfs

  • Dear CCP in EVE Communication Center

    2/10 troll post

    Extra points if CAM post in thread

  • CSRs pls wake up in EVE Communication Center


  • Unbiased Criticisms for the Game in EVE Communication Center

    I think CCP has been very clear with their design philosophy

    CCP Falcon wrote:

    Okay, so what follows is entirely my personal opinion.

    It's not a case of not "catering to the tearfilled entitled", it's a case of us staying true to the core of what EVE was built on.

    Some of the people complaining in this thread have valid points about the fact that they don't feel safe. Simple fact of the matter is, that you're not suppose to feel safe in New Eden.

    Eve is not a game for the faint hearted. It's a game that will chew you up and spit you out in the blink of an eye if you even think about letting your guard down or becoming complacent.

    While every other MMO starts off with an intro that tells you you're going to be the savior of the realm, holds your hand, protects you, nurtures your development and ultimately guides you to your destiny as a hero along with several other million players who've had the exact same experience, EVE assaults you from the second you begin to play after you create a character, spitting you out into a universe that under the surface, is so complex that it's enough to make your head explode.

    The entire design is based around being harsh, vicious, relentless, hostile and cold. It's about action and reaction, and the story that unfolds as you experience these two things.

    True, we're working hard to lower the bar of entry so that more players can enjoy EVE and can get into the game. Our NPE (New Player Experience) is challenging, and we're trying to improve it to better prepare rookies for what lies out there, but when you start to play eve, you'll always start out as the little fish in the big pond.

    The only way to grow is to voraciously consume what's around you, and its your choice whether that happens to be New Eden's abundant natural resources, or the other people who're also fighting their way to the top.

    EVE is a playing experience like no other, where every action or reaction resonates through a single universe and is felt by players from all corners of the word. There are no shards here, no mirror universes, no instances and very few rules. If you stumble across something valuable, then chances are someone else already knows where you are, or is working their way toward you and you better be prepared to fight for what you've discovered.

    EVE will test you from the outset, from the very second you undock and glimpse the stars, and will take pleasure from sorting those who can survive from those who'd rather curl up and perish.

    EVE will let you fight until you collapse, then let you struggle to your feet, exhausted from the effort. Then when you can see the light at the end of the tunnel it'll kick you flat on your ass in the mud again and ask you why you deserve to be standing. It'll test you against every other individual playing at some point or another, and it'll ask for answers.

    Give it an answer and maybe it'll let you up again, long enough to gather your thoughts. After a few more steps you're on the ground again and it's asking more questions.

    EVE is designed to be harsh, it's designed to be challenging, and it's designed to be so deep and complex that it should fascinate and terrify you at the same time.

    Corporation, Alliances and coalitions of tens of thousands have risen and fallen on these basic principles, and every one of those thousands of people has their own unique story to tell about how it affected them and what they experienced.

    That's the beauty of EVE. Action and reaction. Emergence.

    Welcome to the most frightening virtual playground you'll ever experience.

  • A formal request to the CoCaP in EVE Gameplay Center

    Your honor,
    I will be glad to join the Jury on this case as its a whopper. I can't promise i will be fair, but i will give you 15% of what ever bribes the parties in question may give me.

  • Eve offical backburner. MARKETWATCH article New Monetization Aria Sys in EVE Communication Center

    yes EVE is dying thats why CCP is spending big bucks on a whole brand new state of the art server cluster for Tq. Thats why CCP paid off all its Debt. Thats why CCP is developing NEW games based on eve.


    VOTE CAM Troll of the month

  • Nyx for $1800!!! in EVE Communication Center

    It's on sale it was originally $2000 when the page first went up.

  • Reality Check Please. in EVE Communication Center

    CCP Falcon wrote:
    This is a placeholder price. Triforce are testing their website.

    Might be good to wait for an official announcement Blink

    So now I'm scared do I drop the $100 and hold one like some people seem to be doing and hope it goes Down or do I wait. Market pvp man market pvp.

  • Reality Check Please. in EVE Communication Center

    I agree. I am hoping this is just a holder price and the actual price is much less. I was willing to go up to $1000.

  • Corp Thief - John Noland in EVE Gameplay Center

    I will also vouch forJohn. We were chatting in TS and I was watching is twitch feed. Nothing remotely like a Corp theift happened

  • Corp Thief - John Noland in EVE Gameplay Center

    There's no need for a court ruling on this. It's clear what happened. Op in a drunken rage at finding out his mom was sleeping with a fedo, raged reprocessed all the corp materials. He then. Went to bed in a drunken stupor. The next morning he woke up to messages from his Corp mates " wut ? Where the stuff? Grr grawl pigwighion." He then cocked up this story to try and cover his badly pimpled butt.

    A simple kill on sight order is all we need here

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