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  • Yapeal PHP API library (2.0) in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Ping just to let everyone know I'm still alive and hopefully some side projects are getting wrapped up so I can spend more time on Yapeal again.

  • EVE API and Public CREST discussion in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Natalia Starr - Main problem in the XML API at least is that everything doing with planetary is only updated after you update/look at it in game so even with the additional end point it might be not as useful as you would think. Not sure how the app you are talking about is getting it's info might have to talk to it's developer to find that out.

  • Yapeal PHP API library (2.0) in EVE Technology and Research Center

    This should fix it for you.

  • Yapeal PHP API library (2.0) in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Sorry been busy with other things so didn't get chance to check forums.
    [20160826 093947.768] yapeal.NOTICE: Element 'ancestry': This element is not expected. Expected is ( allianceID ).
    That's the line pointing to the problem I'll have to take a look at the XSD file and see what's going on probably didn't have AllianceID be optional I'm guessing.

  • Picking a license in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Yeah it let's them license their app however they like but they have to give back and make sure to let people know about the license on your project which seems a good balance for what I was doing. Looking at what your doing it's also seems like a good match to me.

  • Looking for help to make Yapeal-ng work with PostgreSQL, etc. in EVE Technology and Research Center

    65 view and no one interested in helping?

  • Open Market Window / Open Contract Endpoint Scopes in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Actually the chances at this point you'd have an 'unfair' advantage are fairly small as Blacksmoke16 has pointed out you've been able to do something like this for years now all that's been done is lower the bar to the programmers that can figure it out Blink

  • Picking a license in EVE Technology and Research Center

    GPL is usually best and what I've used. If you are looking to release something that is more of an library that a tool or an app might look at LGPL. I decided it was a better fit for Yapeal when I was looking at the same thing.

    As far as the CCP licensing I haven't really dealt with that since I'm not doing any kind of app or anything but made sure you've read through the third party licensing stuff from them and work on the principal that it's better to over do copyright notices etc than to under and you should be okay. Hopefully someone else that has done front-end apps can step in with some more ideas here.

  • Yapeal PHP API library (2.0) in EVE Technology and Research Center

    You got one of my untested WIP pushes I'm in the process of pushing out some more stuff and fixes now. Just pushed 28 commit sure I fixed something in there and broke something new for you Blink

  • Industry Jobs API in EVE Technology and Research Center

    All you have to do is look at how @#$% many attributes there are and no attempt at using elements and attributes like some of the other APIs have done to know that this API has more than a few issues some of which probably would require addition relate APIs really to fix.

  • [CREST] Where is kill board info? in EVE Technology and Research Center

    It's call XML Api for a reason Blink. You'll need one of the existing third party XML libraries to work with it. You should be able to find one if you are using any of the common web server side languages. Most of them have their own thread here in the tech forums.

  • Yapeal Install Issues in EVE Technology and Research Center

    All I can say is Ubuntu did a bad job with their upgrade scripting if this was a system you had Yapeal on before it looks like to me. I'd also look at your application's composer.json because the default is to use Packagist and GIt clone of stuff from Github but it looks like it's trying to grab the zip files instead for some reason if I'm understanding the error messages right. If you can you might give a public link to your composer.json for us and I'll at least try seeing if I notice something off about it. A composer self-update might also be a good idea if you didn't just do a fresh install of it directly from their site.
    Composer version 1.2.0 2016-07-19 01:28:52
    is what I'm currently using.

  • Yapeal Install Issues in EVE Technology and Research Center

    You just need to add curl mod it's not been installed yet. Try doing

    sudo apt-get install php7.0-curl

    and see if that doesn't clear it up for you. I update this for PHP 7.0 as well now

  • Looking for help to make Yapeal-ng work with PostgreSQL, etc. in EVE Technology and Research Center

    As the title says it really I'm looking to move Yapeal-ng away from just being for MySQL database back-end and to something that can be use with other DB platforms as well. I've done most of the work needed to isolate all of the MySQL only code from the rest of Yapeal-ng but I need some help from someone that's more knowledgeable then me about other DB platforms to help tackle a couple known issues plus any other edge cases I'm not aware of. The two platforms I'm most interested in adding are PostgreSQL and possible SQLite but any of the other platforms supported by PHP's PDO would be welcome.

    Skills needed to help in descending order are:

    • Strong knowledge in the chosen DB platform you wish to help with.
    • Working knowledge of SQL-92 standards and writing queries with minimum of platform only code.
    • Good working knowledge of at least one programming language (preferably other than JS) like Python, Java, etc.
    • Knowledge of PHP and PHP 7.0+ or willingness to learn some and work with it are a big plus but not strictly needed.

    Even if you feel your skills might be a little low on some of the list I'd still like to hear from you as you may still be able to help with the stuff I need.

    If you are interesting in helping you can reply to thread but I'd also like to receive E-mail (preferred) or Eve-mail so I have a direct private way to contact you to discuss some of the details.

    If you have any additional questions you can post them on this thread or contact me through my E-mail on Github.

    Hope to hear from some people soon, Dragonaire

  • Yapeal PHP API library (2.0) in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Push a bunch more updates out for Yapeal-ng have a look in the commit messages for what's changes there are some BC breaks again mostly related to Sql settings and how database connection and queries are done. Also some changes to how config files are being processed but shouldn't break anything except if you where using some of the old features(bugs) that existed Blink

    Look for another thread I'll be posting about needing help with converting Yapeal-ng from being MySQL only to something more cross DB compatible you might be able to help with.

    As always thanks for using Yapeal-ng, Dragonaire

  • Yapeal PHP API library (2.0) in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Updated another tool used in Yapeal-ng for PHP 7.0+ thought I'd share it as well for anyone that might want to use it in their own applications.

    Currently WIP on doing updates for PHP 7.0+ in Yapeal-ng and a little refactoring that's needed to add on PHPSpec examples (tests) as well.

  • PI (R0) Link to Planet via Static Data or CREST in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I'm sure it's in the SDE somewhere but you'll need someone with better knowledge of it than me probably to get the query you need.

  • PI (R0) Link to Planet via Static Data or CREST in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Only way to know what is on each planet is to scan it in person in game the most you can get out of game is a list of what might be found based on planet type. It would be kind of pointless to have scanning if they were just go tell everyone which planets are the best somewhere Blink

  • PI extraction status in Crest or API in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Since the API data is only updated when you view things in game it probably will be hard to detect anything after you start things in game. That's one issue with the PI stuff which is different than the other APIs which are updated on API request. The PI stuff is only updated after game server cache data from you viewing it in game. So from your example it might be possible to notice the missing program in ECU but no way to see actual amount being extracted from the cycles as they aren't being calculate until you look at it and realize something is not right.

  • SP per hour from API? in EVE Technology and Research Center

    char/CharacterSheet.xml.aspx has the attributes and implants info so it should give you everything you need to do calculation. Only thing that might throw it off is if you switch clones with different implants etc will force you to recalculate but than the game does as well Blink

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