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  • [March] Mobile Warp Disruptor changes in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Is now the time to bring up the real issue with deployables.


    People in space, like on earth are swine, filthy disgusting swine.
    Jita, the once beautiful home of trading and prosperity, has turned into a disgusting smelly landfill. Junk and garbage is littering the busy spacelanes serving a real risk to innocent space travelers.

    Because of this, I suggest to you CCP Fozzie, and to all the distinguished gentlemen representatives of the CSM, a complete ban on launching deployable structures in Jita, let's make Jita safe again and end these dangerous collision hazards.

    Oh, and also, fix the goddamn retina burning eye cancer from intersecting bubbles

  • Commander Aze for CSMXII, Make Eve Great Again in Council of Stellar Management

    commander aze wrote:
    Tetsel wrote:
    As, at least, 2 other useless people like you, used this meme, can you post a pic of your hands (banana for scale) to determine if you're legit to make anything great again ?


    Delivered. Good thing I needed groceries today :)

    Those look like fingers belonging to someone who sits in a basement waiting for mom to bring more hotpockets.
    When was the last time you felled a tree with an axe ?

  • Mikal Rotineque CSM XII in Council of Stellar Management

    mikal Rotineque wrote:
    Aram Kachaturian wrote:
    > 75% of his kills are POS modules
    > Confirmed F1 pusher
    > "I will be representing a PVP view point to the CSM and will do my best to represent that play style to the council and CCP."

    Embarassing candidacy with an embarassing portrait.


    You quite obviously do very little research before you comment, thanks for the bump to the top of the forums though. yes we have been killing alot of pos's and modules, but if you knew anything of CO2 then thats kinda expected at this time. additionally, not a F1 monkey due to the fact i am usually FC during my timezone, which mean 3-4 characters logged in, 1 anchor, 1 cyno, 1 capital. alot more than F1 being pushed. click that magical button on zkill that goes to the next page and BE AMAZED.

    Nah dude, Sir Katchaturian is 100% correct.
    If you wish to represent pvp, start by representing your own way out of that pit of mediocrity you call a killboard.

  • Dancul1001 for CSM XII in Council of Stellar Management

    Dancul is one of the most knowledgeable pilots on the tournament scene and an all round good man.

  • [service] Drawing EVE-related and not EVE-related stuff for ISK in EVE Marketplace

    I would like you to draw me, naked, riding a thorax(bonus points for phobos or vigilant) into battle while swinging a severed head in the air above me. Keep it classy though please.

  • Corebloodbrothers' resignation in Council of Stellar Management

    Phoenix Jones wrote:
    Welcome back Gorski Car, the Slayer of Sky-net and farmer of capital tears.

    you forgot to add the #1 cutie pie to the list of Gorski traits

  • [Rhea] Corp Invitation Changes in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Dunno about the rest of y'all, but I think the current system works just fine.

    1: Apply to a corporation. (hi guys, you seem cool I'd like to fly with you)

    2: Approve application and send invite. (hey dude, you seem like a cool guy, we'd like you to fly with us)

    3: Accept invitation.(Sweet, I'll just tie up my loose ends and accept when I'm ready)

    I don't see anything wrong or overly labor intensive with that.

    Like homeboy above me said, eve has enough issues with unsolicited contact.