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  • Zkill guide to Running for CSM 12 by rhiload in Council of Stellar Management

    Omega Crendraven wrote:
    Mr Hyde113 wrote:
    As an outgoing member of CSM 11 who, along with Gorski, primarily focused on mechanics, balance, and small gang/solo issues, I must voice my strong opposition to the candidacy of rhiload, and urge those voters who care about these issues to instead back Suitonia, who is vastly more experienced and qualified, to fulfil this role on CSM 12. With the reduction in the number of CSM seats this year from 14 to 10, it is important that 'non-bloc' entities like the small gang/solo community further concentrate their top votes behind serious candidates that can bring a depth of understanding and experience to CCP on these topics, rather than wasting them on charlatans such as rhiload.

    The success and popularity of rhiload's meme video series 'Zkill Guides' this year is undoubtedly impressive and has at long last brought a particular style of comedy video popular in other games to EVE. However, this success should not be misinterpreted as an indicator of his knowledge or experience on the topics of balance and small gang/solo PVP, but rather just as a showing of his ability to entertain and satirise. Unfortunately for him, neither of these skills are valuable or necessary in the role of a CSM member and would actually would detract from the hard work CSM 11 did to restore productive and serious relations with CCP by trivialising important discussions on balance topics.

    Despite his comparisons to me in regards to garnering a CSM candidacy backing from videomaking success, I respectfully disagree with this false equivalency. I would instead draw comparisons between rhiload and CSM 10 member WingspannTT (Chance Ravinne) who demonstrated how youtube popularity without any substance to back it up, makes for a hollow and useless CSM member. Although I certainly encourage his continued content creation which brings a smile to many-an-EVE player, I want to warn prospective voters on the dangers of letting rhiload's comedic success propel him above his station.

    Having spent many hours and days over the past year working with CCP to have game balance taken as an issue seriously, I cannot in good conscious allow an EVE youtube comedian to get away with exploiting his recent popularity to masquerade as an expert on a topic he is not qualified to speak on.

    *I understand that rhiload may take this as a personal insult, however, I only voice this opposition because I care about this game and these topics, and have too much respect for the CSM-CCP relationship to allow a meme candidate to detract from the serious work of the council. I do not know him personally and am sure he's a nice person and dedicated player.

    "I am noob solo pvper who hit f1 and scram with marauder or tank bonused ship and make dank meme video/stream, now im famous, now I am CSM "


    when are you running omega?

    would rather the plebs seek the true wisdom than divide themselves like this

  • WTS Rabisu and Caedes - prices changed in EVE Marketplace

    caedes nuts

  • [March] Damage Control Tiericide in EVE Technology and Research Center

    really though I like the idea of an EHP nerf from damage controls but I question the wisdom of the flat 33% hull resist to compensate. Ship EHP creep is already a problem in this game if you ask me and I'd rather see DCUs - and all resist modules - have their efficacy reduced rather than just their importance. This is a not insignificant stealth buff to armour ships in some ways (and they don't really need one) due to DCUs being effectively less useful, freeing up a slot for an armor EHP module and increasing useable buffer, while shield ships remain more reliant on a DCU. Many popular doctrine fits already did this and so they gain a much-unneeded (minor) EHP boost from this with no drawbacks.

    This slew of (useful) drone officer modules is a good call though and may validate the existence of drone officers more, which is good.

  • Dev blog: The First Citadels: Help Upwell Consortium build the world in EVE Information Center

    This unwarranted aggression will not stand. These colours don't run.

    Nemo me impune lacessit

    edit : i took my monocle off to wash it but i still have it

  • [December] Command Destroyers in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I'd wager the bulk of the MJF's usage is in lowsec and neutering it would be another instance of CCP teasing a bonkers game-changing feature only to completely gut it to the point of uselessness after feedback (see : MJU). If you didn't consider the implications for A BUTTON THAT MOVES EVERYTHING NEARBY 100KM AWAY and how it might be used in station games that's more a problem with your design and implementation process than how the players use it.

    While from the off I thought it was game-breaking and ridiculous, the feature's providing great content and amusement for many. Bluemelon wouldn't have lost his latest tourney ship without the MJF. Why effectively kill a new mechanic that is actually seeing use and is positively received by the bulk of the community and ending the scourge of station games?

    Reconsider and don't ban the MJF in lowsec.

    edit : Rise just tweeted that they're not removing them and it's a mistake??? Well okay

  • Xavier Azabu for CSM 11 in Council of Stellar Management


    good luck

    MtnDo Me wrote:
    literally who

    a god among men

  • [Aegis] Missile balance package in EVE Technology and Research Center

    looks a little strong, the few armor tanked missile ships are going to be disgustingly good with these changes. heaven knows missiles need some love though, glad something is being done about it.

  • WTS: RARE ITEM! in EVE Marketplace

    I offer 5m for this rare piece of eve history

  • [WTS] Low tier officer modules in EVE Marketplace

    to the top

  • [WTS] Low tier officer modules in EVE Marketplace


  • [WTS] Low tier officer modules in EVE Marketplace

    bump, thanks for your custom so far - plenty remaining, tell your friends!

  • [WTS] Low tier officer modules in EVE Marketplace

    I have a surplus of lower-tier officer Modules (mostly meta 11 and 12) which I am attempting to get rid of to raise funds. The list is as follows :

    Brynn's Modified 100mn Afterburner (x1) SOLD
    Brynn's Modified Dual 250mm Railgun (x2) x1 SOLD
    Brokara's Modified Thermic Plating (x1)
    Tuvan's Modified Kinetic Plating (x1)SOLD
    Setele's Modified Thermic Plating (x1)
    Kaikka's Modified Rapid Heavy Missile Launcher (x2)
    Thon's Modified Rapid Heavy Missile Launcher (x1)
    Tairei's Modified Dual Heavy Pulse Laser (x1) SOLD
    Raysere's Modified Mega Beam Laser (x1) SOLD
    Mizuro's Modified Large Armor Repairer (x1) SOLD

    Please post in this thread or get in touch via evemail if you are interested in any of these modules. Should you wish to have it, discretion is guaranteed.

  • [Rhea] Corp Invitation Changes in EVE Technology and Research Center

    In and of itself (notwithstanding talk of invite spam exploits) this is a better, more logical system than what we have today. It especially makes inviting alts a lot easier but that's kind of an ancilary benefit.

    However it makes auditing corporation recruitment even more of a pain. I'm hoping this is a part of a total overhaul of corporation mechanics and especially of recruitment mechanics.

    what I'd like to see in terms of corp recruitment mechanics :

    • some kind of in-game log of who let people into the corp, at what time, at what time the invite was sent, and with a popout including the application text
    • a way of copy pasting elements of the application text straight from the application rather than having to go to the notifications to find it

  • sold in EVE Marketplace

    53b, to own such a prestigious character with a long, storied history of being part of some of the most notable conflicts in eve must surely be worth this much or more.

  • 250mm Railguns. Ishtars. Heavy Missiles in EVE Technology and Research Center

    FT Diomedes wrote:
    I think he meant the always popular Ferox fleet?

    Feroxes actually aren't too bad in general, they tank like a drake but actually do damage (thanks 250mm railguns), but they are after all battlecruisers so they're slower than molasses and only really useful for close range, and watch if ishtars let you stay close to them for long.

  • 250mm Railguns. Ishtars. Heavy Missiles in EVE Technology and Research Center

    afkalt wrote:
    BRB. Defending pos with inty fleet from ishtar blob.


    back. in station. podded.

    should've brought your MJDing drake fleet so you can do a sick nasty 450 raw DPS to something with natural resists against your best damage type and a 50% MWD sig bloom reduction, or your MJDing AC canes that need 2 fitting mods to get a full rack of 720s and die to a stiff breeze

    that'll show those ishtars

  • 250mm Railguns. Ishtars. Heavy Missiles in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Omega Crendraven wrote:
    Lets not forget the RLML Genocide
    the slaved Caldari race to the kinetic damage
    the TE nerf
    Where is the strong HML, the independent caldari who needs no scourge?

    now you make "scorch rebalance", the "light missile rebalance", but what about the Ishtar, the 73km Rep range without falloff and siqq t3 subsystem resistance. Listen to valuable feedback dumb brutors, this thread is full of serbian wisdom. fukk thera, fukk the confessor and the scorch, I want the ishtar beheaded and the HML king to return

    xaxaxa 6pytna yes one day railgun rascal wil returned to the zoo and hml/scortch overlord reign supreme

    ishtar spels no match for strong CJIABA tactics

    fozzie may live in a yurt XAXAXAXA

  • 250mm Railguns. Ishtars. Heavy Missiles in EVE Technology and Research Center

    St'oto wrote:

    So repeating "destroyable damage" in every post means nothing. As it has never been a REAL WORLD problem for as long as I've been playing EVE. And that's been 11 years now. Yes missiles can be destroyed - but hardly anyone bothers to do so. They either fight the missile boat and win, or die. They don't bother to mitigate damage with a smartbomb.

    as viribus pointed out in the post above firewalling used to be an incredibly common counter to drake/thundercat tengu/cruise missile fleets and has even been used recently against anyone unfortunate enough who attempts to use missiles in fleets for some reason (source : i was in one of those fleets). I don't know what you've spent the last 11 years doing but whatever your area of focus in the game, taking five minutes to learn anything about mid-to-large scale fleet fights is not it.

    of course not everybody fits smartbombs just in case they encounter a heavy missile user in small gang or solo situations because A) nobody uses heavy missiles in small gang or solo (or any) pvp situations and B) fitting reactively to something you aren't certain will be there "just in case" when it gimps the rest of your fit so hard would be ********. It's not the same as fitting ECCM in lowsec because at least in lowsec you're certain to find a falcon(s). None of that says firewalling isn't still a weakness of heavy missiles in large scale encounters, because it quite emphatically is.

    St'oto wrote:
    EDIT: I mean hell even "guaranteed" utility slots in the case of Marauders usually end up being filled with Neuts/Nos. Not Smartbombs. So the ONE ship in the game that usually has room to put a decent rack of smartbombs - hardly ever does. So please stop using "but they can be destroyed" as a point in your argument.

    Actually I have a smartbomb fit to my Golem right at this very moment

    see i can bring up an edge case to deflect an argument too

    but yeah smartbombs are fantastic for killing drones on a marauder and you have the capacity to comfortably fit one alongside a neut and a cyno, so I do. I guess I could also use it to near-totally neutralise a HML drake fleet but if I encounter one of those I'd be more concerned with working out how I'd gone back in time to 2011 and telling my past self not to give away my first character.

  • 250mm Railguns. Ishtars. Heavy Missiles in EVE Technology and Research Center

    BadAssMcKill wrote:
    Also make battlecruisers not suck thx

    lets be realistic

  • 250mm Railguns. Ishtars. Heavy Missiles in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Lugh Crow-Slave wrote:
    afkalt wrote:
    Warde Guildencrantz wrote:
    rails are not broken, if they are OP it would be by a very small margin. Their lack of damage choice and tracking is their weakness.

    heavies suck indeed, but only in comparison to how OP they were before, they still have obscene projection and reasonable damage.

    Neither of these statements are true.

    Medium rails hit too hard and heavy missiles are a complete joke.

    I mean, I do more DPS fitting rails on hulls bonused for other weapons for gods sakes.

    Heavies do apply damage exceedingly well you just need to team it up with a bonused painter

    that's a key difference, heavies will apply a decent (I still wouldn't say they do it exceedingly well) portion of their abysmally low raw damage potential when paired with outside help. Railguns will benefit quite a significant amount when helped by webs to hit a moving target but it's hardly essential to them to hit it, and they certainly don't need a god damned EWAR module to apply full damage to a stationary ship of a similar sig to them, something that can't be said for heavy missile boats. HMLs are single worst weapon system in the game, even worse than medium autocannons.

    The supposed pros of heavy missiles ; "guaranteed" damage at whatever level (assuming HMLs can catch up to the target), selectable damage type (when many of the hulls they can be used on will punish you for not using kinetic because they only have a hull bonus for scourge), good range (compared to competitors far inferior, are all outweighed by the cons : anaemic DPS even at best and poor application which is mitigated further if the target sneezes in any direction and doesn't just sit still, and excessive vulnerability to smartbombs (shared with cruises and arguably light missiles but more apparent on Cruise/HML boats).

    HMLs are straight inferior at the moment to all of their competitors both on paper and in a realistic scenario and the playerbase is demonstrating their understanding of this by not ******* using them in pvp, but Fozzie still doggedly sticks to the stance that because they were utterly broken once back when every idiot had a HML drake they don't ever deserve to be viable, let alone competitive.

    Anhenka wrote:

    If turrets need to worry about tracking, the least missiles should have to deal with is that one or two people carry a TP. Not a massive bar FFS.

    If missiles need to worry about explosion velocity and explosion radius, the least railguns should have to deal with is that one or two people carry a web. Not a massive bar FFS.

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