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  • Raven State Issue in EVE Communication Center

    Nalelmir Ahashion wrote:
    not worth it. you will die 2 seconds after you undock.

    All above answers but especially this. I'd attack you with whatever I was in just to have a Raven State Issue on my lossmail.

    However, OP, I do actually know somebody who owns one. Granted it's been about a year since I last talked to them but they still exist.

  • The Orthrus... in EVE Communication Center

    Maximillian German wrote:
    The reason I ask is that i'd like to invest in said ship, but i'm a bit weary of an over-nerf coming in the future.

    So what did you lose to the Orthrus then?

  • Multiple point tackle ship in EVE Communication Center

    Christina Project wrote:
    Was it too complicated to just buy a few and find out yourself? :/

    And why wasn't it obvious that it's possible in the first place? :\

    "Look at me, I'm an obnoxious 'holier than thou' forum poster."

  • Need a new forum filter "NEXT Dev Post" in EVE Communication Center

    News at 11: Goons can't post.

  • Whatever Happened to Thin Client? in EVE Communication Center

    Except most of the lag EVE clients experience comes from serverside, so really it wouldn't make much of a difference at all. That's as far as I understand it anyway; could be the reason CCP have neglected to release it as it simply isn't going to make much of a splash.

    That, and who wants command-line EVE? I get that we're spreadsheets online, but still.

  • There will never be a CSI: New Eden in EVE Communication Center

    ISD Dorrim Barstorlode wrote:
    Xavier Liche wrote:
    They could be skilled at Closing Arguments, a way of making threads die.

    I'd train that skill to V.

    And yet you still haven't learned to lock Tom Gerard threads on sight. Blink

  • sell plex from subscripsion in EVE Communication Center

    So we know from OP's post that the "Interstellar Gallente Industrial Group" are strapped for cash and desperate. Protection racket, anyone?

  • Micro Smartbombs in EVE Communication Center


    ...albeit not to very good EFFECT, but still.

  • So who is Eve's biggest customer? in EVE Communication Center

    Ralph King-Griffin wrote:
    and so on.

    EU =/= country, meight

  • Hotdropping is a big problem: CFC regularly interfering with FW? in EVE Communication Center

    Gallentiuz Thellere wrote:
    My proposal to remedy this problem is as follows: First, only the faction in control of a fw system is allowed to light cynos within those systems. This ensures that there is a reason to fight for system control aside from taking stations which is a really trivial thing that nobody cares about.

    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA oh my god imagine if they had this mechanic in nullsec

  • Al Hail to Plex in EVE Communication Center

    Sintiar Loffwagea wrote:
    7 month ago price per PLEX is 600 each and at this time it 200mil extra in just half year .

    And when I joined EVE it was 365mil. Man up. Blink

  • Can I just say in EVE Communication Center

    *Reads title*


  • Fw Mechanics Actively Discourage Elite PVP in EVE Communication Center

    I agree with the OP. Supercarrier drops and titan bridges would fix the issue that is FW.

  • Ship bumping before undock Invulnerability timer expiration. in EVE Communication Center

    It could be because Jita is a wretched hive of scum and villainy?

  • On the launcher, which ship in EVE Communication Center

    Shederov Blood wrote:
    A Templar!

    You had one job. ONE job. You messed it up. Straight

  • Check your buddy program in EVE Communication Center

    Mr Epeen wrote:
    Most of the words you wrote seem to be English, but the way you put them together just makes no sense to me.

    Mr Epeen Cool

    It's almost as nonsensical as signing your posts but not using the signature function

  • Jita Player Cap - An Increase is possible? in EVE Communication Center

    Gryphon Infinite wrote:
    Is Jita on it's own server / node / shardQuestion

    Is this a haiku? A really bad haiku? All I'm reading here are line breaks.

    "Sh*tty trading hub/
    Hive of scum and villainy/
    Player cap is fixed"

  • Your friend upgraded an account with an ineligible payment method in EVE Communication Center

    Knights Armament wrote:
    Tippia wrote:
    Knights Armament wrote:
    I bring lots of people to this game, and they pay for it, ccp can't even keep to an agreement.

    Did you read the agreement in question?

    If someone keeps playing past 1 month after upgrading, why shouldn't I get my reward?

    Because you didn't read the agreement.

    EDIT: Damn, third person to slam this comment in the same like ten seconds.

  • Dealing with bigger entities in EVE Communication Center

    Here's what Sun Tzu had to say about fighting outnumbered, in a nutshell:


    Here's what Clausewitz had to say about fighting outnumbered, in a nutshell:

    "Please don't."


    "I might be French but I'm not THAT drunk."

    Why were Napoleonic tactics so successful? Two hunnet thousan' man armies against smaller forces.

    In conclusion? Wardec highsec mining corps instead.

    You can be successful fighting outnumbered if you have access to shock and force multipliers. In 18/19th century terms, this would amount to cavalry and cannon batteries with canister shot. In EVE, this amounts to dropping shite on the enemy they didn't expect and falcons. For example, you could bait them, wait for them to drop the supercarriers, then call in PL or some other supercap-busting entity. And the falcons would probably help with smaller fry; combine them with taloses and rapiers for some hilarious fun. The new mobile cyno jammers are also incredibly useful for making supercap pilots regret their actions.

  • You might be a 'Blueneck' if...... in EVE Communication Center

    Jenn aSide wrote:
    If you think that the part of space with the most ship kills is somehow 'safer' than the space that has magical space police who ALWAYS get the bad guy, you might be a High Neck.

    Opps, wrong thread, sorry.

    If you regard that portion of EVE where frightened carebears rely on intel channels to keep them alive and warp to a POS the second anybody unfamiliar pops up in the next region over's intel as anything but safe, yooooooooou might be a standard EVE nullbear.

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