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  • Eurogamer: CCP reveals master plan to make famously impenetrable MMO accessible in EVE Communication Center

    Interesting interview with Jon Lander on Eurogamer

    I hope the launch of Retribution brings in new players whilst also making existing folks get more from the game.

    Also, some stuff about the future of Eve:-

    'Lander promised new features will be added to the game in 2013, but stopped short of revealing what they are. “Retribution is a great foundation for what I'm calling the second decade of Eve,” he said.

    “We're putting a lot of planning into how we go about getting the right things to concentrate on through 2013 and beyond. But one thing is very clear: we need to make sure as well as doing these great big features we continue to look after the systems we already have. We cannot just ignore that side of things. But also we're making a real play for that simple to learn, hard to master.”

    He added: “I want to try and reduce that barrier of entry to playing Eve. I don't ever want Eve to be nice and fluffy and it's a wonderful place to be. I think there's a place in the MMO world for a dark and dangerous, really good sci-fi world where you can be the goodie, the baddie, a criminal, the Good Samaritan. But it's very important we allow as many people as possible to get access to that game.

    “So some of the things you'll see will be very much around accessibility for all players while keeping the depth of what the game is.

    “But you're right, we will put in some really good big expansive things we've been looking at. We've done a lot of prototyping over the last year, but also we've got a backlog of things which could probably take us through another 20 years.

    “There are some good things coming. We almost have too much choice, which is a great first world problem. As soon as we've prioritised what it is we want to do, we'll start communicating that out.”

  • Information on proposed Destroyer and Battlecruiser Skill changes in EVE Communication Center

    Information on proposed Destroyer and Battleship Skill changes

    Should be Battlecruiser, innit.

  • Unified Inventory feedback thread in EVE Technology and Research Center

    CCP Optimal wrote:
    I'm pretty sure that we now have all such cases covered, but could you give me a step by step repro? If it's along those lines:
    1) Open a wreck in a seperate inventory window
    2) Expand tree and configure width
    3) Close window and open another wreck
    4) Expand tree view and notice that tree width hasn't persisted
    ... then I just fixed that minutes ago.
    Elijah Craig wrote:
    The additions look promising. But please tell me if you have fixed the bug which causes the index tree to ignore its previous width and open at its most narrow when the 'my filters' window is minimised?

    OK steps to recreate:-
    1) Sit docked in a station and open inventory (click icon or use Alt-C)
    2) Expand tree and configure width
    3) Make sure the "My Filters" menu at the bottom of the Tree is closed.
    4) Close Inventory.
    5) Now open inventory again (click icon or use Alt-C)
    6) Note that the Tree is at its most narrow width and the previous width has not persisted.

    The key point for this bug is that the "My Filters" menu is closed. By having the "My Filters" menu open when closing the inventory, the Tree width persists with no problems.

  • Unified Inventory feedback thread in EVE Technology and Research Center

    The additions look promising. But please tell me if you have fixed the bug which causes the index tree to ignore its previous width and open at its most narrow when the 'my filters' window is minimised?

  • Tooltip update today! in EVE Gameplay Center

    Hey folks - I love the tool tips. The initial 1 second delay is great.

    Sure, give folks further customisability if they want to be OCD about it, but I think we are near the defaut which 98% of folks would just take as-is and get on with their lives.

    However, I noticed that once I hold for a second and get that great info, I want to then see what the other module tooltips show. By hovering for that initial second, I am mentally wanting to be in 'tooltip mode' and I want to see tool tip info on all modules quickly.

    Especially if in combat, seconds are critical. Having to wait for ~each individual module~ to wait out the 1 sec timer is I think an issue.

    How about, once that first 1 second pause is done and the tooltip pops up, it should then open immediately over ~all the modules~ that I hover over, until the mouse is taken away from the module area.

    Does that make sense? I'm really forgetful, especially in fast combat situations. I want to remind myself of my range and ammo, then scram range, then web range, all quickly before I land on grid, or something. I want to do all that in one swoop across all those relevant modules, as a reassuring reminder of my fit. So I'd wait out the initial 1 second delay and then the tool tip pops up immediately on each module until moved away.

    Otherwise it is:

    -wait 1 sec- Weapons Info
    -wait 1 sec- Scram info
    -wait 1 sec- Web info etc

    so at least 3+ seconds in total, which in urgent combat situations when you are warping onto grid to someone's www's to get tackle is... nervewracking :-D

    Anyway just my 0.02 ISK

  • [Winter] Existing destroyer rebalancing in EVE Technology and Research Center

    CCP Fozzie wrote:
    These changes are for the small class guns. All the meta levels of Medium Pulse and all the meta levels of Medium Beams, all of which take small ammo. Yeah I know the naming can be confusing.

    This was the Dev post by CCP Gnauton that set out to address changes to laser names...

    What happened to that?

  • EVE Online: Inferno 1.2 Issues in EVE Information Center

    I reported this for the 1.2 version on SiSi (bug number 141974) but I'll repeat it here as it is my only pet hate with the Uni Inv (which otherwise works fine for me and I like it).

    Basically, when you open the Uni Inv primary window - if you have the 'My Filters' tab closed/minimised, the Index Tree's width is not remembered for the next time you open it and when you open it the second time, it defaults to ~really narrow~.

    Then, every time I open the Uni Inv, I have to grab the thin divider and widen it. Everytime. It just makes me all :sadface:

    The workaround is to leave the 'My filters' tab unminimized, which I'd rather not have to do.

    Other than that it's all gravy.

  • EVE Online: Inferno 1.2 Issues in EVE Information Center

    Jake Rivers wrote:
    There is a bug on my hulk, I can't change out the crystal, it says there is no room in the cargo hold.

    I checked the cargo hold and it shows my 27 crystals in it, all safe and sound, but shows the capacity at 675/350, clearly there is some mistake here.

    I love this - it's either a massive troll or a slight fail post from someone not keeping up with current patch changes.

    Eitherway I'm all like /popcorn

  • Re-Subbing in EVE Communication Center

    I have 3 accounts that I'm very happily paying for the subs on, and am thinking about rolling an all new 4th account.

    The OP is right and it is not said often enough - keep up the good work CCP, you are doing great things :)

  • New dev blog: Ship Balancing: Mining Barges in EVE Information Center

    Jaques D'Builder wrote:
    So I suppose the question is. Does the ore go to the ore hold after the mining cycle completes, or do you have to manually move it from the cargo to the ore hold.

    If you have to move it, this will drive mineral prices up because AFK miners will be nonexistent.

    It's an ore hold. Ore goes in it. Because it's for the ore. The ore goes in there.

  • New dev blog: Upcoming Tutorial Revisions in EVE Information Center

    I would see these symbols:-

    |<< [speed] >>|

    And think "back to zero" and "go to max".

    Could use those?

    They're used on forums etc to mean start and end of thread, so it's in common usage.

  • 60% Increase in UK subscription charges... ?? in EVE Communication Center

    1 plex does not = 1 month subscription

    Yes, you can cash it in for one month's subscription if you want... but you can also sell it on the market for ISK too. It's probably also cheaper to buy a GTC and break it into 2 plexes and then sell them if you want to maximise your return.

  • New Dev Blog: My OCD said fix this so I did... in EVE Information Center

    Takeshi Yamato wrote:
    Good job!

    The one thing I feel the need to nitpick about is that implant names are unnecessarily long:

    Inherent Implants 'Noble' Hull Upgrades HG-1001

    Only the underlined part of the name actually helps us understand which implant it is (please correct if wrong). The rest is a bit too much fluff. "Roleplay" relevant info should like the manufacturer name should be in the description.

    There was a big debate about this a while ago. Calling everything "Pulse Lasers +1" or "Pulse Lasers +3" would be a bit dry / boring, but also calling them "Medium Modulated Pulse Energy Beams" where 'Medium' should mean cruiser sized but actually it is frigate sized was misleading / overly fluffy / confusing. Same with all the missiles. Implants back in the day were a gobbledegook joke Big smile

    I think there is a middle ground. A name where core info is clear, it can be easily differentiated but there's also a nice little sprikle of sci-fi flavour is best all round, which I think is where we are with this now.

  • [Development Thread] {Project entering Hiatus} Eve Morning Report in EVE Gameplay Center

    All the best! You did a good job here and I was glad to see you return this time around, so I enjoyed it while it lasted!

    I'm sure there's a 'silent majority' out there who didn't comment in this MD thread or give you direct feedback, but they nevertheless appreciated the episodes popping into iTunes eachday and enjoyed the cast, especially the weekend shows. I'm sure they'll start to wonder why the episodes dried up on their feed and eventually come here to see what's up - I was one of those folks :)

    Thanks again and hope to see you back again sometime.

  • The future of Community and CCL in EVE Communication Center

    CCP Navigator wrote:
    I have deleted posts which are off topic for this discussion. Jade and Goons, cut it out on this thread.

    Thank you.

    Thanks. About two weeks too late (many recent threads around this forum have been selfishly ruined by childish and inane one-upmanship between these two sides), but welcome here nevertheless.

    I, for one, welcome our new firm moderation overlords.

  • UI Tree behaviour: Adjusting window width adjusts tree width? in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I am encouraged by the progress of the Unified Inventory and the 1.1 improvements are strong. It's good to see CCP supporting its gradual improvement.

    However, the functionality of ~The Tree~ niggles me.

    1) When you adjust the whole UI window, the width of The Tree adjusts. Why?

    It looks like some funky 'proportional width' design choice has been made, where you widen the window and the tree widens proportionally to that.

    Please have The Tree width be static. I choose it's width, and I would like it to remain so when the window size is adjusted.

    Whereas the Market widow acts as it should do, where the item selection tree window stays the same width when the whole window is adjusted.

    2) The width of The Tree is only remembered if the 'My Filters' pane is not minimised. If it is minimised, the width of The Tree is not retained when it is closed and openend again.

    Just a couple of points! Keep on keeping on.

  • Punkturis - UI Request in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Rrama Ratamnim wrote:
    Punkturis, what about showing damage in the fitting window, or pretty much anywhere without having to undock and create a contract its just nuts lol

    I thought % remaining is shown in the fitting window? Hover over the 4 white squares above each turret with a crystal loaded and the tooltip gives you a %.

    I am not logged in so I can't check, but I'm sure this is the case.

  • New dev blog: Inferno 1.1 Changes To the War Dec System in EVE Information Center

    Does anyone here ~seriously~ think the Goons care about lots of folks being at war / allied against them in highsec?

    The changes look like common sense to prevent silly, infinate, sprawling war decs which clearly are not the intention of the system.

    Frankly I am hella bored of reading about this tedious tinfoil hat topic.

  • Inferno 1.1 Sisi features in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Jade Constantine wrote:
    This is why I'm disappointed with these changes - it seems the reverse of encouraging emergent gameplay and simply a thoughtless nerf of the Inferno wardec system.

    I appreciate your frustration at feeling like your gameplan has been nerfed, I really do, but at the same time your plan was to just have ~everyone~ in high sec join certain wardecs? Do you think all those folks would ~actively~ fight the aggressor on your behalf? In reality, they won't.

    In fact, the emergent gameplay here is that you now need to choose and prioritise your Allies and work with those that are most effective.

    Rather than going "Hey! Everyone pile on for free wardecs!", you are now going to have to consider who are the best partners to have in the war and, every two weeks, you can look at their effectiveness and reward those that are actually helping you and extend the deal, whilst weeding out the time wasters.

    Imagine being a tight, well skilled Merc corp and seeing your entire business model be flooded by jokers looking to pile in on wardecs? How can you make a living when everyone is giving it away for free?

    I figure that a single professional motivated Merc corp would do more harm to a large alliance than a huge bunch of dudes who don't do anything and dock up when it comes time to fight (see: Noir during Burn Jita). And one motivated corp defending his home, or being paid to do so, is more powerful than a 100 empty wardecs.

  • New dev blog: Next Unified Inventory Update in EVE Information Center

    The tree-panel is automaticly resizing when i resize the whole inventory window. This is really annoying. I'm not resizing the whole window to see more of the tree panel, I'm doing it to line up the columns of the items or to resize the tems view.

    I fear this is some funky "UI Design" thing and is intentional as it proportionally resizes the whole window for me. Please keep the tree panel width static and only adjust it when I adjust that pane, not when I resize the whole window.