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Emiri Aneozomi

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  • Capsuleers! Declare Your Loyalty! in EVE Communication Center

    Corp: Ishukone-Raata Technological Research Institute
    Loyalty: Caldari State

    Individual: Emiri Aneozomi
    Loyalty: Caldari State

  • [NEWS] Quarantine Worsens... in EVE Communication Center

    Agiri Falken wrote:
    See, kirjuun, this is the sort of thing that gives me nightmares. Can't fight an enemy you don't know. That said, I think I'll book a shuttle, grab the battle rattle, and see if I can get a look at what the hell is going on down there. Not like I can't just ditch the clone, right?

    If you are coming to Oijanen, feel free to join the team here. I can send you coordinates.

  • [news] Zainou Owned Medical Center Sealed Off in EVE Communication Center

    Makoto Priano wrote:
    Aneozomi-haani; your offer is greatly appreciated. Our staff should liaise, and I'm also in communication with the rest of the ARC coordination group to ensure an adequate response; shall I loop you in?

    Please do. I will send a message to the rest of our branch to get everyone prepared based. Rikaato, Priano-haani. Hopefully this is not as worrisome of a matter as it seems.

  • [news] Zainou Owned Medical Center Sealed Off in EVE Communication Center

    Should you require it, Priano-haani, our research division of Ishukone-Raata Enforcement Directive is here to offer aid. We can mobilize to help as well, or do work on investigating from the outside looking in.