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  • Do you actually enjoy playing EVE? [Poll] in EVE Communication Center

    Eve has it's moments, but overall, yes I still enjoy playing. I love how different andunique the game is from other games and I love the community (Eve community, best community). :ok_hand:

  • [June] Nullsec Asteroid Cluster and Excavator Drone changes in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Dirk MacGirk wrote:
    The MacGirk-Ayrania Make Depletion Great Again ORE Anomaly Act of YC 119 - Sorry, but we've been calling for this long enough that it deserves a proper name.

    The idea of respawn timers for the anoms is completely sensible and adds a sense of depletion, which is sorely missing from this game in most areas of ISK and resource faucets. Anoms were never designed for a time with mining rorquals in mind and definitely needed to be changed. Not just in terms of material content, but in terms of respawn rates. You clear cut your forest and it takes some time to grow back. So stop whining and be better stewards of the land.

    However, that change was in and of itself sufficient. The addition of a third nerf to excavators is overkill, and makes it harder to determine the outcome from the anomaly change. Why not see where that goes before dumping on excavators and Rorqual once again?

    Well said

  • The Like and Get Likes Thread - Renewed (Again) in EVE Communication Center

    Long time since I last posted here! Hope everyone is having an awesome day!

  • The 2017-2018 CommiNOMNOM Cake Thread in EVE Communication Center

    So, I read the topic and saw cake; I do like cake. Please don't deceive me and tell me the cake it a lie!

  • A Thank you to my Eve Family in EVE Communication Center

    Gneeznow wrote:
    How come every time I see a gofundme it's always someone from America with some critical medical condition that would be covered on a free medical card in Europe. It astounds me.

    This has always made me wonder as well why we can't do what other countries do so well. But the OP replied with the best answer on that part. I have to deal with it as well with my own health issues; it's a stinky situation for us in the US.

    OP, I think it's great that you were able to raise the money to get what you need done! This community really is so wonderful and it has to be the best community that I've even been a part of as well. We are a one of a kind group that really cares about each other (despite us wanting to kill each other with our spaceships; but that's another story^_~).

    Props! Good luck on the surgery! :)

  • Blueprint Havoc in EVE Communication Center

    Do Little wrote:
    If you select the blueprint from the lower pane of the industry tool it loads quickly but it can take a while for the tool itself to launch - also sensitive to the number of blueprints you have. I tend to load it as soon as I log in and minimize rather than close if I don't need it.

    This is true. It is very sensitive if you have a large amount. It happens to me occasionally where it takes a min or two to get in the box. I have over 1,000 unique BPO's - needless to say that it also takes a minor two to load up in the industry window list when selecting "Owned by Me", but yea, lag does happen unfortunately.

  • Dev blog: Color Blindness support is coming to EVE Online in EVE Information Center

    I love this and it's about time that accessibility options are getting added to the game! Would love to see this expanded to other options as well in the future.

  • Dramiel - An EVE Discord Bot (NOW WITH A HOSTED OPTION) in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I debated on writing something here out of frustration. I was encouraged to get the hosted version for a couple reason, which I went ahead and decided to do. The support for paid customers is pretty poor.

    I was able to install the bot on my own server (albiet a pretty poor server that struggles to run it), and I do like the bot and has good features, but my gripe is about the hosted version.

    I have had the hosted bot for a couple months now with the main purpose of having the jabber pings. When I initially signed up, I forgot to tick the box that I wanted jabber pings, but this was fixed and twisted was installed. At least I was told. I poked in the discord about once a week on average but I never got any replies. I understand RL, but what was frustrating was that while I still had not gotten an answer, he was replying to others in the discord.

    At this point I have invested over a bil ISK in payments to keep the bot active and still have not gotten anywhere to get the bot to actually work.

    So, overall, tdlr; good bot, but poor hosted support for paid customers.

  • Erika Mizune (aka Yumene) Running for CSM XII ~ in Council of Stellar Management

    Freelancer117 wrote:
    Just voted for you Cool

    nice interview:


    Regards, a Freelancer

    Thank you very much! I really appreciate it!

  • Erika Mizune (aka Yumene) Running for CSM XII ~ in Council of Stellar Management

    Cochise Chiricahua wrote:
    07 Candidate!

    First, thank you for your time and effort (both present and future) in representing the capsuleers of New Eden! They’re much appreciated.

    I’m preparing to cast my vote in the CSM12 elections. After reading the information you submitted, though, I still have a question.

    By way of background, I started in Eve as a hauler, moving freight in T1 industrials and gradually working my way up in both ships and cargo. However, I repeatedly found my progress impeded by gankers who would destroy my ship and steal my cargo. In low- and null-sec space, that’s to be expected. You place your bet and take your chances. In high-sec space, however, this is very frustrating. Why have high-sec space at all then? This frustration drove me into anti-ganking, and I’ve been a proud member of Thomas en Chasteaux's High-Sec Militia for several months now.

    So, my question. Where do you stand on high-sec ganking? I’ll concede that ganking is a legitimate style of game play, as CCP has ruled. But I also feel that it should be difficult and dangerous (for the ganker) in the 30% of New Eden designated as high-sec space. In particular, I’d like to see CCP tweak the game mechanics so that the criminal flag generated by looting a ganked freighter in high-sec space follows all players who handle that loot, and otherwise make looting more realistic. (Thomas en Chasteaux's ideas, not mine.)

    As a member of the CSM, would you present such an idea to CCP? Would you push for its adoption? What other game changes might you consider to make high-sec ganking more difficult and less profitable?

    Cochise Chiricahua.

    I've been a victim of high-sec ganking myself, where one you can see here. The more recent one have happened on my neutral hauler (which I can't link ), but with that said, I do think thank ganking, as you said too, is a valid style of gameplay.

    As a hauler you have to take your own precautions; like only carrying so much value (ie: don't stuff your freighter to the brim of shiney goods), and make more than one trip if necessary, and even go as far as having a buddy with you to web you on gates so get yourself off the gate and in warp faster. JF's also have their own defense as well with being able to bail if you sense danger. We have the tools and knowledge we need to protect ourselves.

    The idea of flagging loot that was a part of a gank is an interesting idea, but I'm not sure how that will work overall and it doesn't seem ideal. I tried to search for the ideas that you mentioned by Thomas on the site you linked, but I didn't see anything, perhaps you can link it?

    I think it's hard to find the right balance of risk vs. reward - though in regards to ganking what I would like CCP to look into is the bumping mechanic again as it's still very possible to keep a freighter bumped nonstop.

  • Erika Mizune (aka Yumene) Running for CSM XII ~ in Council of Stellar Management

    Veyreuth wrote:
    Do you have any thoughts on changes to moon goo production/ T2 industry?

    Personally, I think it's still too early to really say. We don't really have too many details to go off of to speculate on how it will impact the market yet. I'd like to see more information on the drilling platforms before I guess/speculate.

  • Erika Mizune (aka Yumene) Running for CSM XII ~ in Council of Stellar Management

    Still open for questions/comments

  • Erika Mizune (aka Yumene) Running for CSM XII ~ in Council of Stellar Management

    DeMichael Crimson wrote:

    No problem.

    Having negative Faction standings affects a lot of players in-game and repairing those standings is definitely a large task to complete. Most players in-game don't read the forums so they don't even know about the 'Faction Standing Repair Plan' guide. Also new players can easily mess up their Faction standings right at the start without even knowing it.

    These are some options I think would help players in-game.

    Faction standing repair be implemented in-game to be very intuitive, not obscure (tutorial perhaps).
    Changes to Faction standings be brought to players attention with on screen pop up message (option to deactivate).
    Any action that would cause negative Faction standing will trigger on screen pop up warning (option to deactivate).
    All Anti-Empire missions should have a warning alerting players that those missions will incur negative Faction standings.
    Your idea to have Tags for Standings is acceptable if similar to Tags for Security.
    CCP add NPC Agents to in-game Agent Finder for Faction standing repair (similar to proposal in my forum signature).

    Just wanted to pass that along to you. Once again good luck with the up-coming election.


    Thank you once again, and for sure, would love to have better options at repairing the standings as well.

  • Erika Mizune (aka Yumene) Running for CSM XII ~ in Council of Stellar Management

    Skia Aumer wrote:
    Erika Mizune wrote:
    What I proposed won't be able to get rid of all the clicking, I don't think anything can. PI will, I feel, always will be the click-fest that it is. With that said tho, PI is also one of the areas that has been pretty much untouched for years, and it really is time for a overhaul - Time to upgrade!

    No it's not. Some UI facelift - yeah, sure. But dont touch the system core. It's very robust, it survived Citadel and Ascension, please dont ruin it now. I honestly dont think CCP has developers pool that can work with such features atm. Let them first clean the mess they made in the mineral market. And we're yet to witness the maihem in moongoo. Also, combining engineering complexes with Crius production was not smooth at all. If you add PI on top of that, it'd be a perfect storm.

    Just dont do it.

    PI does need improvement overall in my opinion; and many others do agree as well. I don't see what I mentioned ruining it, but a few things that could improve it's overall 'quality of life' - which that said tho, I do agree that we haven't seen yet what the new moongo changes are going to do to the moongoo market and I'm still very anxious to hear more details on the drilling platforms as we don't have too much info on them just yet.

  • Erika Mizune (aka Yumene) Running for CSM XII ~ in Council of Stellar Management

    DeMichael Crimson wrote:

    Thanks for the reply again.

    Sorry if my copy and paste offended you, it's merely done for time efficiency since there's a lot of candidates to review.. Also most answers to my question are very similar.

    Anyway, I agree with what you've posted here and once again I wish you good luck in the upcoming election.


    It didn't offend me, but more curious since some of the mentions were stuff that I did talk about.

    Thank you very much for the questions!

  • Erika Mizune (aka Yumene) Running for CSM XII ~ in Council of Stellar Management

    I'm slightly confused at your response, you brought up things that I did talk about. Tho I noticed that you are copy and pasting the same response around. That aside, I did talk about the consequence that you face and how I do feel that the feeling of reward isn't the same as it used to be. That's my viewpoint.

    What changes I would bring up? To make it easier to regain standings (perhaps simular to tags like we have for sec. status?) or/and to bring back a way to have that feeling of reward again someway (ie. having standings matter - bringing back a sense of reward when you work up your standings). How exactly - well I'm not sure how to 100% answer that. CSM aren't mini-developers, and to try to 'promise' something isn't right. What I can do provide the feedback to CCP on the topic.

    Thanks :)

    *Edited for clarification

  • Erika Mizune (aka Yumene) Running for CSM XII ~ in Council of Stellar Management

    DeMichael Crimson wrote:

    My question - what is your viewpoint regarding Faction standings and as a CSM member, what changes will you propose to CCP pertaining to game mechanics for Faction standings ?

    Good luck to you in the upcoming CSM election.


    I think it's a hit and miss with regards to faction standings. In my time with mission running I have always personally avoided missions that would result in standing loss - as someone who does logistics around the map in high sec I am very careful in that respects with what would happen if I were to dip my status with a faction too low and end up getting shot. Risk vs. reward.

    It's a pretty steep consequence to have standing hits from missions - but at the same time, there has to be some risk involved with shooting other factions - Obviously if you shoot at Caldari NPC's, it's only natural that your standings would get messed up, I mean, you shot their friends!

    I also remember back when standings effected if you could make jump clones or not and how I busted by butt in missions to get the standings needed for NPC corps to make those clones in high sec only to have them not matter later on - don't get me wrong, I love that you can make jump clones anywhere now regardless - but there was also this rewarding feeling when you finally get to that point where you have reached your goal past from what you could get in the LP store.

    The rewards you seem to only get now that matter are the LP store credits and less of the feeling of accomplishment like how I felt when I got my standings for the clones, or even a corp working together to place a POS up in HS. But if you loose enough standings you become a target. I would like to see there be a easier way to regain those standings.

  • Erika Mizune (aka Yumene) Running for CSM XII ~ in Council of Stellar Management

    Still open for questions/comments.

    Thank you so much for the support so far from everyone! Voting is just a few days away and I hope to be considered to be on your ballot!

  • Erika Mizune (aka Yumene) Running for CSM XII ~ in Council of Stellar Management

    Fancy Looking Ganker wrote:

    Thank you for your questions!

    To first point out about the 'gamer girl' bit. I want to clear this: I do not like the term 'gamer girl' - and when you hear my Talking in Stations interview, I actually cringed when Materall brought it up asking how me being a girl effected me - but I answered anyways because I'm not wanting to turn down a question, I also mentioned in the interview how I dislike the term. To me, it doesn't matter if you are male of female, we all play together as a whole. I do admit that during interviews I do get a little bit 'giggly' but that is also my nervousness and anxiety kicking in. This happens to me IRL as well - it is a hurdle that I have to try to overcome - but I can assure that once I am over that hurdle of interviews - It's a whole other ballgame and I am a very hard worker and focused.

    This is the same for the CSM watch interviews - anxiety and panic came over me on top of hearing difficulties - it was pretty much a disaster and I wish it would have went better. So I have nothing really much to say on that bit other than jumping over that hurdle to overcome this. Despite the anxiety and panic ridden interviews, I am 100% confident that once I can get past the interviews/debates/ect, I will have no issues working with CCP and doing the job at hand. I am hearing impaired, however, I do not feel that will hinder me from being able to still do the work - I just may have to ask someone to repeat sometimes if I don't catch something.

    I am a moderator for B4R, yes, but I also do a lot more than just virtual hugs and cookies - a lot of my time on there is also spent listening to people and just being there for people who need it. There is a lot more to that. In regards to banning, I first have to say on the note of B4R, it is a channel that is held to a higher standard because of the nature of the community. But with that said however, it takes a lot more than a few 'bad words' for me to actually ban someone - and anyone who knows me can vouch for me on that regards.

    The reason I keep running? Because this is something that I want to do. Yes I want to give back to the community. Being a part of the community has helped me so much - from when I first joined and having people taking the time to help me out, to being able to actually open up more. Before I came to Eve, I was basically a hermit - I would never talk on voice unless absolutely needed because I used to get anxious just at the idea of speaking - but being with this community has dome something for me - it's changed me for the better. I can't explain it. I went from being a quiet fly on the wall to being someone that sometimes my own corp mates have to tell me to shut up. So yes, I want to give back to the community that has done so much for me - and having this opportunity to be able to do this as a voice for the community that I love would mean a lot to me. So this is why I will keep running and won't give up despite the hurdles that I have to go through.

    I also feel that my reason is good enough - I feel that I am knowledgeable about the game to be able to provide the feedback to CCP. I also look at things differently, and by that, meaning accessibility. I go over in my head how things can be improved or worked on to better be accessible to other players of other walks of life. I feel that this type of mindset would be very valuable - it's also a area that has never had any real representation. I also feel this answer goes over how I would be able to provide constructive feedback for CCP as they progress through the road-map.

    I am also more than willing to talk on voice and I also frequent Eve Radio's public TS at voice.gamingradio.net if you wish to join to get to know me a little bit more.

    Thank you!

  • Erika Mizune (aka Yumene) Running for CSM XII ~ in Council of Stellar Management

    Mynxee wrote:
    Erika is smart, thoughtful, knowledgable and enthusiastic about EVE. I believe she would be positive and productive CSM member. I'm planning to give her a vote from all my accounts.

    Thank you so much Mynxee, that means a lot to me!

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