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  • Drifter Incursion In amarr Space in EVE Communication Center

    Slight correction, the Drifter Incursion is in Khanid space.

    This will have political ramifications, and the distinction is not unimportant.

  • Upcoming sov changes - Renter empires start to adapt. in EVE Communication Center

    You fail to understand... much of anything what with all that thinly concealed whine.

    Being able to compete with the T/month wallets doesn't mean making it so that any Joe Corp can go toe to toe with them. The current revamp of null that we're seeing is all about restricting the ability to project power, and thus reduce the amount of space that can reasonably be held by X number of players. The biggest coalition with the fattest wallet is still going to control the most place, it's just that that will now be something like 10% of null instead of what was previously becoming 100% of null.

    Joe Corp isn't going to be able to touch any part of that 10%. But unlike before, there'll still be 90% of null filled with now-smaller entities, and they might be able to take a tiny piece of that. And maybe grow. And take a little more. And grow some more. And one day, when Joe Corp has become Joe Mega Coalition, that previously untouchable 10% can now be contested. It's all about creating breathing room for new powers to develop, room that was pretty much non-existent before.

    I think there's a possibility that this breathing room could result in the game becoming more attractive, and maybe with more players the top entities will grow enough to once again be able to control 100% of null. But then CCP will have 10x the revenue, and other options for expansion then appear.

  • Next chapter of PI? in EVE Communication Center

    Mirime Nolwe wrote:
    Should be something to think about but as we have witness with WiS, the vocal majority says that this game it's about spaceships and not about avatars walking and similar stuff.

    Common misconception. WiS is a misnomer, as it's clearly solely a forum function. If it were an actual part of the game, there would be... something to do with it in the game.

    Thus I suggest we rename WiS to something more appropriate.

    How about "Posing on online Forums"?


  • Distance from Sol to Eden? in EVE Communication Center

    Darren Airtex wrote:
    ...move to a different plain of existence.

    Ze plain! Ze plain!

  • how fast is your connection? in EVE Communication Center

    512Kbps down
    128Kbps up

    ...when it's up at all.

    I live in Malawi.

  • (E)Quality in EVE Communication Center

    Mr. Kraid, as a close ally of the State and a prolific slave trader who harbors no love for her kind...

    ...stop being so pedantic. She nailed you folks good.

  • The Rosetta ESA Scientist... in EVE Communication Center

    This is a sensitive topic and I feel this to be an inappropriate venue for such a discussion. And I don't just mean GD, I mean anywhere on CCP's forums.

    I'm also deeply suspicious of anyone using the defense "I'm a woman so you can't accuse me of being a misogynist ***wipe" on completely anonymous forums.

    Also also, if a woman gave him that shirt, that woman is just as guilty for her poor decision as the man is for his decision to wear it.

  • WA------! Site On--- --ed! in EVE Communication Center

    Mr. Antolliere, I see where you're going and strongly advise against such accusations.

  • So who will be moving to THERA? (Jita without Concord) in EVE Communication Center

    Kharamete wrote:
    You'd perhaps be limited to Orcas, and let's be honest – considering how risk averse people are, nobody is going to jump into Thera with an Orca without a big escort. And most people don't bother about escorts. So, no Lawless Jita in wormhole space.

    People aren't as risk averse as is often said. Most of the time, people don't take risks simply because the reward isn't worth it. If this system is as convenient to get to from everywhere as is suspected, then suddenly bothering with an escort to get an Orca full of goods docked makes sense.

    Essentially, the location means demand for goods will be sky high. Supply will be the bottleneck, which means very high margins. Those margins in turn will be determined by the risk involved in creating supply.

    Increase Risk -> Increase Margins -> Increase Reward

    If this is implemented wisely, CCP may have discovered a self-sustaining mechanism for balancing Risk/Reward.

  • Interstellar travel possible? in EVE Communication Center

    Unsuccessful At Everything wrote:

    It would be like finally getting to spend the night with Jessica Alba.. but being a blind quadruple amputee eunuch.

    I could still smell her...

  • The case of the bottomless dress. (updated. Tight tops, CC bug!) in EVE Communication Center

    Oh come on, easy solution that satisfies everyone:

    Panties as bottoms.


  • Dev blog: Introducing The Mordu's Legion Fleet in EVE Information Center

    Have you considered making the Mordu belt spawns not automatically be red to everyone?

    Surely capsuleers with high standing with Mordu's Legion should be seen by these spawns as neutral at least. Otherwise why have standing at all?

  • Advanced Industrial Ships, are just stupid. *o yea Gallante OP haulers* in EVE Communication Center

    I hear a lot of people complaining about the gap between indies and freighters. (Not in here, this thread is just dumb.)

    The Orca is so flexible (it's really insanely flexible to be honest) that it fills that entire gap AND then some.

    You can make it fast, you can make it wide, and you can make it thick. 2 lows gives it more EHP than a freighter. It can carry general cargo, ore, and ships in spades. It can boost mining ops. For a lot of commodities it can be balanced beautifully between EHP and cargo space to really optimize against for-profit ganking. Toss a 100MN AB on it and you've cut align time in half. Add rigs to make it warp faster.

    The real beauty, of course, is that it's a ship that starts off so well-rounded that you don't have to sacrifice much in other areas when you specialize it.

    Yes, I sell Orcas. They're the new black.

  • Eve Online: Rubicon Trailer in EVE Communication Center

    Nicen Jehr wrote:
    So the CONCORD guy is like 'Stay the f* out, there will be consequences.' But the only consequences are the pirates' response, there are no consequences from the empires.

    If you really are aiming to sow dissension between capsuleers and the empires, you should grant a suspect flag to all capsuleers on grid when a ghost site explodes in empire space. CONCORD's sensor arrays (presumably the same ones that keep Local running) would notice the energy anomaly and punish the capsuleer for disobeying the mandate.

    You missed the ending to this trailer that was strangely cut from the final edit. After the shot of the capsuleer woman's corpse, you see a visualization of data travelling through multiple fluid routers until it reaches a medical facility. Pan to a clone of the woman that lies still on a medical table. Then pan to a nearby computer terminal that reads:

    "Capsuleer clone animation sequence started.

    Neural scan data successfully received.

    Neural scan data input sequence.... interrupted.

    Capsuleer clone animation sequence aborted."

    Pan down to a hand at the keyboard, then up to the Concord official's face.

    He turns and walks out.

  • Dev blog: Ghastly Hotbed Of Spaceship Trauma - Ghost Sites in Rubicon in EVE Information Center

    Fonac wrote:

    However, i think putting hack/analyser modules in as a requirement in order to do these sites, a very very bad idea.
    If you want to do any kind of exploration, and dont want to use a multi billion isk ship, you jump into a covert op.
    This makes you very good at doing the hack sites, and useless at combat sites.
    Vice versa, with pve fitted "dps" ships.
    Someone is not going to do this with a normally fitted pve ship, which means you have to go back and get your covert op, this is a timesink, of more warping around.. this does not make it a better enjoyment - This is boring.

    I, too, have no friends.

  • So, did anything come of that anti-CONCORD protest in Yulai? in EVE Communication Center

    I don't know, Eve has it's own vernacular and I don't see why that vernacular shouldn't or wouldn't be used in-character.

    IC != IRL

  • So, did anything come of that anti-CONCORD protest in Yulai? in EVE Communication Center

    Jandice Ymladris wrote:
    Capsuleers fail to organize a gank on Concord.

    Actually, I think that's a fantastic headline to start off with. Remember, most news outlets are meant for the non-capsuleer market, and baseliners are for the most part not the biggest fans of us capsuleers (to put it mildly...)

    A little spin to make it into a bigger failure than it already was would make for a great story.

    Sorry, just don't want to see you give up so easily. Your last piece was really good.

  • REPORT: Wreckage of Heth’s escort found in Hakonen in EVE Communication Center

    Gwen Ikiryo wrote:
    The weapons suggest ... Khanid Navy...

    We use missiles!


  • Number of pod-pilots in empire navies? in EVE Communication Center

    I think it would be safe to say that all Concord pilots are pod pilots.

  • . in EVE Gameplay Center

    Oh come on guys, it's not that complicated. She's already given you all the hints a monkey would need.

    She's a collateral error exploiter, a perfectly valid and profitable business. Tons of people scour public contracts for courier contracts where it's possible that the cargo value is higher than the collateral. Think of it as the bargain basement of Eve.

    Problem is, there are enough people doing this that it's hard to compete. Solution? Offer haulage for free, and suddenly you have your own private collection of contracts to sift through at your leisure. All it takes is 1-2 collateral mistakes per month, and the toon is making vastly more than through honest hauling.

    No plastic wraps, no containers. Let me see what I'm hauling so I can easily decide which contracts to fail.

    No creativity, but the fact that no one sees the play is even sadder.