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  • Jayne for CSMX - ELECTED! - Thank you for your support! in Council of Stellar Management

    +1 will vote.

  • Separate the four empires with low security space. in EVE Technology and Research Center

    make it so -- more player content

  • Veto Corp Presents - EVE London - Saturday, July 5th 2014 in EVE Gameplay Center

    xing up

  • An idea to make playing EVE more enjoyable... in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Cloak engaged.

    I would like my engineering team to be Scottish and my gunnery chief to be South African.

  • Suicide Gankers List in EVE Gameplay Center

    Came here expecting a list, all I found was some killmail portions.


  • High-sec ganking in EVE Gameplay Center

    For villains to exist in a game of villains, there must be victims and forums for victims to vent.

  • Official EVE & Valkyrie player gathering – London, March 7th in EVE Gameplay Center

    x'ing up

  • Jayne Fillon for CSM9 in Council of Stellar Management

    Vote for Jayne.

    If ever there were a military scientist in this game, this man would be your archetype.

    Devoted and a technical expert, Jayne has the brains to be on the CSM if not also the charisma to rally people behind him.

  • Sugar Kyle for CSM9 in Council of Stellar Management

    Our trolling/comments/observations here shouldn't be mistaken for direct attacks on Sugar; we are not publically attemptingto shame this candidate as an alliance. Any platform needs to be scrutinised and challenged adequately.

    SC is a voting demographic in lowsec, part of the bloc of lowsec entities who possess titan bridge force projection and capital numbers. We came here in force because we're concerned about the "curriculum vitae" of Sugar. She as a person is fine, we don't question her oratory skills or her ability to seek consultation (which is a very crucial trait to have as a leader/representative).

    Say, you were applying to the job position of Health and Safety Manager in a factory but you had never done any H&S inspections before but had worked in a factory your whole life. As you sit down for the job interview, your employer will ask "Hmm, you appear to have never done a health and safety risk assesment but you have worked in a factory your whole life." That kind of criticsm is not a direct attack on Sugar's person -- we are questioning her experience as her platform is based on her own role and place she has in lowsec.

    As the purpose of any CSM platform thread is to scrutinise and allow candidates to engage with their demographics, we are here to ask how she intends to reach out to us as a particular bloc of lowsec residents. You may ask what concerns we have that are peculiar to us and not to every other lowsec resident (eg. stabbed plexers), I'm sure there are many concerns but off the top of my head: the role of supercapitals in lowsec, do they belong there, how can they be balanced to encourage lowsec residents who want to fly them to not just go off to nullsec, etc.

    We have seen in any kind of political arena that representatives who base their platforms on their character traits of being able to take consultation and listen to advice, and are coming from a labelled "niche" sector, often do not pull the punches. Ergo, convince us to vote for you -- not every voter will be awed by a manifesto or CV, irrespective of how good it is.

  • Sugar Kyle for CSM9 in Council of Stellar Management

    Trolling aside and ignoring cap cruise control=cool over there, Sugar Kyle has answered all the posts in this thread with verbose and eloquent replies. I'm impressed but the experience gap is a problem that even consulting good knowledgeable people cannot necessarily fix. Then again, CSM has always been about personalities and their ability to lobby and present -- not necessarily advocate things that would improve their own playstyle.

  • ressubed to get awoxed for all i've got in EVE Gameplay Center

    Disappointed the vindi was cheap fit.

  • Sugar Kyle for CSM9 in Council of Stellar Management

    I can confirm that Doomchinchilla is an alt.

  • Veto Corp Presents - EVE London - Saturday, February 1st 2014 in EVE Gameplay Center

    x'ing up

  • Check out the new fan made Bootleg on youtube (For Eve Music Lovers) in EVE Communication Center

    Simply amazing.

  • EVE is Real, EVE Dreams: Installment 1 in EVE Communication Center

    Over time a number of players have joked and told highly amusing stories of the EVE related dreams they have. Perhaps we all have deep neuroses that emerge in the framework of this game.

    I have kicked off a series of EVE Dreams on my blog and hope that with the contributions of others I will be able to continue the installments rather than relying on my imagination to produce more episodes of comedy.

    Here it is:

  • The Giant List of Fleet Comps in EVE Gameplay Center

    Pinky Feldman wrote:
    Ezek Price wrote:

    Panzer Fleet: mallers/omens fit with passive resists and t1 logi (aka Fingerbang)


    Panzers use passive resist Mallers and active resist Navy Omens that are both cap boosted. Regular Omens are actually banned because they have terrible resists and bad tank.

    Fingerbang primarily passive resist Omens with a tracking computer without a cap booster because of the cap bonus.

    They're both t1 armor cruiser doctrines, but the similarities end there.

    Sowwwyyyyy, will fix.

  • The Giant List of Fleet Comps in EVE Gameplay Center

    Grarr Dexx wrote:
    Raul Moat: Pulse Absolutions, Guardians, supported by Loki/Proteus tackle (if they'd let me bring my ******* Astartes cause they are clearly superior to Absos that would be swell)

    BBC: Armor Arty Machariels, Guardians, supported by Proteus/Rapier tackle

    Also, pantheons don't necessarily need subcaps to be called pantheon, they are just carriers intricately linked with loads of energy transfers to generate loads of capacitor which is then used to rep **** up.

    Hah, I was waiting for the obligatory Armour Mach to turn up.

    Do you have a batrep for the Raul Moat. I thought it was a just a joke reference.

  • The Giant List of Fleet Comps in EVE Gameplay Center

    Cire Xinehp wrote:

    One of the best responses to the Drake blob that there ever was (IMHO) Lol

    I was just having a discussion about the Firewall. Sure it was used a fleet comp many times but it only involves a small part of the fleet, the rest is DPS, any mid ranged DPS ship really. Does that qualify as a fleet comp, I would put Firewalling as a tactic rather than a comp.

    Correct me if Im wrong, but the distinguishing mark of the Firewall is the smartbombers rather than a core ship.

  • The Giant List of Fleet Comps in EVE Gameplay Center

    Christine Peeveepeeski wrote:
    Not sure what they called it but minny militia used to use SFI's for all the things since they cost **** all. I have seen pretty much every fit in the world for an SFI thanks to that (i'm looking at you, the guys that though ecm thrashers were cool so surely an ecm thrasher was awesome right?)

    You could be sure that whatever fleet we had, at all, the minnie counter was SFI's.

    Were they shield SFIs (baby vagas) or dual rep?
    I know some CalMil groups imitated their Minni counterparts and did dual rep SFI gangs

  • The Giant List of Fleet Comps in EVE Gameplay Center

    Capqu wrote:
    ultrawar - t1 thrashers designed to win the isk war by killing a single real ship in exchange for fleets of 2 mil thrashers. supported by small mobile bubbles

    used by pizza in the killing of elite space guild (rip)

    Does PIZZA have a name for the Pyromancer squad bomber? Pizza delivery?

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