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  • 100m loan, no collateral in EVE Gameplay Center

    if play the forex market IRL, then you should understand that investments are ONLY made based on ROI and the proof that you CAN get some kind of that ROI.

    post logs that show you're making over 10% as a newb doing missions or mining or whatever.

    Also we need to know WHAT you're going to use the money for overall. what's the collateral and penalty if you fail? that's important too.

    it feels like everyone treats EVE loans like a simplistic thing. it's called spreadsheets in space for a reason -_-'

  • Reprocessing: a short guide on the Eve Newb Adventures blog in EVE Communication Center

    if both of you and other people here don't mind, i'll update the blog post with some quotes from here

  • Reprocessing: a short guide on the Eve Newb Adventures blog in EVE Communication Center

    I haven't blogged in forever and haven't played in EVE in forever either but I thought it was time to cover something near and dear to me; non-combat roles. Namely, reprocessing your loot and other items from the market!

    Check it out, let me know what you think, I'm still a newb at this and not sure if the Eve Cost Calculator is good.


  • I'm about as bad at the Market as I am in combat PVP in EVE Gameplay Center

    If you have enough things to sell, sell them at different price points. I was doing that when there was a big price increase. I had goods at the average price, just above average and waaaay above average. I actually messed up in that instance and didn't have another group even further because the price just kept climbing. Made double the average price, but it could have been triple.

    The only way to profit from a race to the bottom is if you're setting up a whole bunch of buy orders so that you can profit later from the increase that may (or may not) come.

  • Export Calendar to iCal in EVE Technology and Research Center

    You don't need authentication. You just need a private URL for each player that cannot be guessed. That's how Google does itiwth their calendar. You copy the iCal URL to your calendar program and it gets updated. The only authentication you need is to log into Eve Gate to grab the ical url Big smile

  • Export Calendar to iCal in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Suddenly Forums ForumKings wrote:
    Cannot be done because it requires using the Google API which endorses Google.

    No it doesn't. iCal is an open format. It doesn't endorse anything. The extra invite stuff might require the API but I dont think so.

  • Export Calendar to iCal in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Hardly anyone is using the Eve Calendar. The corp I'm in is trying to use it but it's really painful to keep having to go to a separate site. It would be nice to have it export to ical so I can at least view it in Google Calendar if not be able to modify the events. It'd be really really cool to be able to accept/reject invites to mission ops through Google Calendar too.

    Not sure how difficult it is, but it feels like a low-hanging fruit for a jr dev to do to prove their skills ;D

  • EVE-Profit - donate it to another developer... or making it open source? in EVE Gameplay Center

    So the code is gone from sourceforge, anyone have a copy of it? Awesome way to opensource the project; you get one piece of critcism (accidental too!) and you take down the project? Good job.

  • EVE-Profit - donate it to another developer... or making it open source? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Nemo Astrai wrote:
    Well I was using my own local source control and using source forge to host. Been heavily involved with a war but have been looking at making the code better including helping people install the software seeing as I'm so terrible feel free to continue developing. I'm out and will continue to develop for my own install.

    I only meant that the source control hosting that SourceForge provides should be used. If you don't like sourceforge, use github, bitbucket or gitorious or google code/project hosting.

    Didn't mean it as a criticism of your work or your skills. I only expect open-source projects to always have a publicly available repository, a clear README, a NEWS and a ChangeLog file, etc. etc. :p

  • EVE-Profit - donate it to another developer... or making it open source? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Isn't it great that we pushed for the project to be open-sourced instead of relying on a single developer or two to maintain it?

    It's a shame the code is in PHP but I might take a stab at running it as a hosted service, at least I might run it for my corp.

    The code is available here: http://sourceforge.net/projects/os-eveprofit/

    Unfortunately the developers weren't that great, they weren't using the repository at all and I'm not sure what kind of source control tools they're using. I'll be hosting a copy of the source code on gitorious and if I have time, and if it's worth it, I'll be doing some documenting of it and trying to run it.

    I'll post a code inspection/evaluation somewhere just so others know what they're getting into if they download this and try to host it themselves.

  • How can I find mission hubs for trading at? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Tau Cabalander wrote:
    Once in the area though, check the market for where all the orders are.

    Am I looking for any particular market orders? Like dog tags or ammo/charges or drones?

  • How Much Does Mining Cost? (Economics) in EVE Gameplay Center

    Enaid Verrs wrote:
    How do ore prices stay as steady as they do? With so many miners out there, how are these prices kept from being dragged further and further down?

    You should take a look at resources in the real-world like Oil prices. They look relatively stable or hover between certain values and then something big happens and they drop or increase ridiculously. Same with EVE, the variation in price of minerals is relatively stable.

  • How can I find mission hubs for trading at? in EVE Gameplay Center

    I've been thinking of doing small volume trading but I can't seem to find mission hubs.

    1. How can I tell if a system or a station is a mission hub?
    2. Will there be lots of trade volume for ammo and drones and little volume for everything else?
    3. Will there be a lot of players in the system?
    4. Can I look at the number of agents and their levels to figure out if a system contains a mission hub?

  • What does it take to become self-sufficient through industry? in EVE Communication Center

    Whatever you're producing, you'll want to add it to the Market Quickbar. Both the item itself and its blueprint (which will look like a folder and list all the items you need to produce for it).

    Every few hours that you're playing, check the market prices and adjust your market orders accordingly. You'll want to do some rounds in a Shuttle to different regions to get a feel for what the volume is. In one region they could be moving a lot of Mining Drone 1's but in another they may not be moving at all. Figure out why. Is it because there's not enough supply? Not enough demand?

    To be profitable you're going to have to ramp up production a lot. A lot of items have thin margins that you can sell at so you need to diversify your manufacturing.

    You definitely need to be as efficient as possible and not waste time. Set a goal for how much ISKs you want to produce in a week, then in a day and keep track of how much ISKs you actually earned from your industrial activities. If you aren't setting targets and trying to meet them yo

  • What goals are you working on? in EVE Communication Center

    • Trying to learn how to use a Myrmidon properly, speed/armor tanking whatever
    • Trying to get enough cash together to move to bigger ships, likewise with skills
    • Training up skills to be an effective hauler, rigs and other optimizations
    • Training up skills to be an effective trader, day trading, etc.

  • Adventures of an EVE Online Newb (new blog) in EVE Communication Center

    *bump* posted again! This time about my loss of a beautiful ship, a bit of resource/planet management tips in there too :P


  • 5 Year Plan looking for casual EVE players, miners, manufacturers, mission runners in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    5 Year Plan is a corporation in EVE Online that is meant for casual newbie players. We don't demand too much of your time and we do missions and mining ops in high-sec and low-sec.

    Goals of 5 Year Plan
    Large-Scale Manufacturing
    Create a supply line from low-sec and high-sec areas to a major trading hub. Manufacture ammunition and ships and sell them along the whole supply line. Make sure areas with level 2 and 3 missions are supplied with everything needed (ammo, ship equipment, upgrades, replacement ships, etc.)

    Large-Scale Mining
    Setup mining operation in low-sec area. Secure the area for mining and ensure that it is safe for solo miners. Seek out high-sec mining corporations that want to move into high-sec and help them in exchange for a percentage of materials they mine.

    We try to get in some missioning and mining ops going together at least once a week.

    Anyone have any questions??

  • Adventures of an EVE Online Newb (new blog) in EVE Communication Center

    Tau Cabalander wrote:
    Fresnic wrote:
    To further lower the costs of production, I did some mining for a few hours. Boring but it does help a bit.

    MIMAF (minerals I mine are free) is a fallacy. Make sure to set a price that covers the cost of the minerals you mined, as you could have just sold them instead of building something with them.

    Also, don't mine what minerals you need but rather mine what ore earns the most ISK, then refine and sell that and buy the materials you need.

    Yeah I got my industry up to level 5, same with Production Efficiency, and a whole boatload of industry skills.

    That's a goodpoint. What's been happening now is that I'm shipping whatever we make and whatever mine to some other area where it's worth a lot more. The discrepency in pricing between regions is a little ridiculous for some items...

  • Adventures of an EVE Online Newb (new blog) in EVE Communication Center

    Thanks to everyone commenting and posting advice for newbs! So freaking helpful and I just started a newb/casual gamer corp, send me a message if you want to join, we're doing missioning mainly, some mining (though I hear there isn't too much profit in that Blink)

    I also wrote up a blog post about how to start a corp: http://evenewbadventures.weebly.com/1/post/2012/02/how-to-start-a-corporation.html

    It really does pay to read through the EVE wiki :D

  • Ruby API? in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I'm a free software/open source junkie, and I've been trying to use as little proprietary software as possible in terms of websites. So I've been using gitorious rather than github since the software itself is not proprietary.

    It's a new years resolution mostly, I'm trying to stick to it but I can see that this will be difficult to do! :p

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