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  • Forming the Strategic Cruiser Focus Group in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I'd like to be part of this focus group. I have experience with T3s in small and large fleets, in both low and nullsec. I've hunted, explored, used one in nullsec PvE and highsec PvE. I've also run large T3 fleets. Most of my PVP experience is with a web Loki or FCing from a T3, but I also have Tengu and Legion experience and understand the overall T3 world.

    I'm particularly interested in the support T3 roles (tackle Proteus, web Loki, ECM Tengu, neut Legion, etc.). I have slack active, can use it and speak English.

  • [March] Mobile Warp Disruptor changes in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Will these bubble timers start when the patch is deployed for bubbles already in space?

  • [Citadels] Changing NPC taxes in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Hairpins Blueprint wrote:
    MachineOfLovingGrace wrote:
    While I like the idea of more player control about eve, this is moving too far into the regions where other players can effectively control how and where I play eve for my taste. Eve is already a game that is at times as tedious and overcomplicated as it's fun and engaging. The market and jumpclone changes will only make this worse, even more so if you are a casual player without some big alliance logistic backbone. Every change that makes actual gameplay require more logistic/clicks/hassle in general will make casual scrubs like me pause and think if hitting "find game" in CS:GO isn't the better use of my time. Don't lose the "small guy" from focus when you plan some big poweblock endgame.


    Just build your own Citadel and set tax to 0 for yourself problem solved.

    No limit to JC in station / removing timer when swaping clone in same station.

    Bad changes? lol this is amazing for pvp. go on small Nano Roam with snakes / than swap for crystals for solo and than swap for slaves into bigger fleet or whatever.

    Looks perfect for me ^^

    It's great for the serious PVP player who has wealth and expertise. It's horrid for a casual player, raising the bar for them. Lots of people but a ship, fly it for an hour, log off and come back next Saturday night and repeat until they die. They then go back to a known, stocked hub, for a new ship and repeat. Expanded options should not drive out this kind of player.

  • [Citadels] Changing NPC taxes in EVE Technology and Research Center

    5m everytime you want to jump clone

    This discourages PVP (by adding cost to jump from an implanted lowsec clone to a clean null clone, or increasing the jump cost from a 'staging' system to a 'safer' system), increases the cost of moving cyno alts around (capital movement is already a bit burdensome, ok?), makes market trading more expensive and defeats low scale arbitage trade (hub clones), and I know you want to do away with training clones but it adds an additional cost to use training clones. Bad change. Didn't you just remove clone costs to encourage PVP?

    No contracts
    What? Why stage somewhere if you can't easily outfit your alliance with ships?

  • AU timezone player looking for PVP and else in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    Section 8., Homeless. This is where you'd like to be.


    We have a smaller but dedicated AUTZ. We are an old corporation, with members who have, in some cases, been together through three or four iterations of this corp together. We recently left the big team and are fighting on our own to hold some sov ourselves.

    Every player matters to our cause, and we tend to keep our friends with us. Would you like to be friends with some hard drinking kiwis and ozzies, and some fun Americans too?

  • The REAL Section 8. in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    We have PST guys too. It's fun. West coast prime, lots to do.

  • The REAL Section 8. in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    Zalgo13 wrote:
    Taking and defending sov errday

    He isn't exaggerating. Fozziesov has been a cruel mistress, but we are having fun.

  • The REAL Section 8. in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    In the past week, we've gone from leaving our home in the giant coalition, to taking sov and a station. Be part of the most fun we've had in Eve in years.

    We'll help get you here and you'll have a good time. No Mann Act violations, but it could be interesting.

  • The REAL Section 8. in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    I, myself, came to this corporation as part of a merger. We integrate people well. But now that we have an alliance, you can keep your assets, set up, and still fit with us as part of Homeless.

  • The REAL Section 8. in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    Last night we brawled over some structure timers for two hours. The owners ended up calling in reinforcements. Either that, or the prolonged fight caught attention from the area. No matter what, three hours of solid small fleet combat was had, spread over an entire constellation.

    Come join us, we haven't had this much fun since Fountain.

  • The REAL Section 8. in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    We have formed an alliance in order to comply with the overloads entosis rules. Accepting corporations to join instead of just merge.

  • The REAL Section 8. in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    Despite a recent theft of our identity by someone else, WE ARE SECTION 8. Do you enjoy space? What part? Did you say PVP? Well, maybe Section 8. [S8.] is your new home? We are a player vs. player oriented group. We are seeking PVP pilots to fill our ranks, roam, and currently generate tears. Currently, our membership is heavily US and AU, but we have some EU folks lurking.

    We are also open to absorbing small, active corporations. We have done it before, and it has just made us better when we find the right group.

    What do we offer in return?
    -Fun. We are primarily adult pilots with childish senses of humor.

    -Did we mention do our best to generate PVP content? We encourage pilots of all skill levels to join us. You may be the best in New Eden, or have a proven track record of losing honor duels like I do.

    -A time tested tradition of bad posts and amusing members to call your friends.

    -Currently an independent corp with a storied history. Or at least a history that we can tell you a story about.

    -Corp SRP, Comms, Forum and other important things to have a functional organization in Eve Online

    If you have questions or want to show interest in joining S8., please join the public channel no-so-subtly titled, 'S8.Public', and have a chat with few of our people.

    We are open to newbros. We'll do what we can to teach you, and we promise to try to make everything amusing so you don't quit.

    Contact James Messina in game, even if you aren't interested in joining, he likes PMs and mails. Or just come hang out in our public channel.