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  • Standup Capital Ship Bay in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I love an idea like it, but I think the current version of CCP (no disrespect) would not be a fan of the complexity. You would essentially be creating an exception to a rule. I feel like a lot of the things that CCP of today is doing is trying to make it so that there aren't exceptions to exceptions. My 2 cents.

  • Set Destination QoL Improvement in EVE Technology and Research Center

    That system works great if you are jumping straight from system to system without really doing anything. Also, doesn't quite work 100% of the time and requires trust to a certain extent. I have seen it cost a freighter's life or two.

    However, if you are jumping out of a wormhole, roaming for pvp, or doing scout work during invul timers, that auto select system doesn't work anymore.

    Now you could argue "hey just have gates on all your overview tabs", but that has presented me with a couple challenges:

    (A) Overview Clutter - leads to confusion in new areas when roaming for pvp (especially with newer players)

    (B) requires scrolling in a lot of systems. If you have wrist pain or have suffered wrist injuries, the act of scrolling may not be a comfortable endeavor (also a reason that PI is out for me - too painful).

  • Set Destination QoL Improvement in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Maybe this has been discussed before, but I would personally be very interested in having the next system in route show up radial and right click menus in a similar fashion that mission warpins do perhaps.

    Dirty wormholer and chronic wrist pain. From my point of view, the next system jump requires unnecessary and inefficient wrist motion.


  • Dev Blog: Introducing Clone States & the Future of Access to EVE in EVE Information Center

    I think this is a great, great step in the right direction for EVE. My feedback is you should consider limiting actions rather than SP limits. Let free accounts participate in most if not all pvp and early pve content. Let those free accounts even skill up more if they use their plex. After their paid period is over, allow those skills to be used in free account mode; however, limit ISK making and certain pvp actions to keep things in check.

    For example
    Things free accounts can do:
    1. Train up to the limit you set out
    2. Undock in mining frigates
    3. Activate lower end mining modules
    4. Accept and complete lower end missions
    5. Get reduced ISK from ratting

    Things paid accounts can do
    1. Cyno
    2. Activate cloak
    3. DD or maybe just caps in general. Alternatively, create list of ships that only paid accounts could use to keep things in check. Maybe logi becomes a problem? Ok, only paid accounts can undock and use t2 logi.
    4. Significant money making activities (higher level missions, strip mining, gas huffing, etc.)
    5. Skill extraction

    I think this is the direction we need to go in to make a hybrid system work for everybody.

  • Dev blog: Overlays, ISK Buyer Amnesty and Account Security in EVE Information Center

    Here is an idea. Does your 3rd party software interfere with client code?

    If yes, ban.
    If no, carry on.

    Is a 3rd party software so popular that players are willing to spend real money in addition to subscription? If so, maybe that's the world telling you that your game needs that feature. I think you have listened well when it comes to the game launcher, but window management, in game tools, and in game window arrangements are lacking enough that people are paying a significant amount to fix that for ya.

  • Dev blog: Overlays, ISK Buyer Amnesty and Account Security in EVE Information Center

    I am extremely concerned in your detection methodology. I do not see how you can differentiate 3rd party software influence and gamers with multiple monitors and game instances. I have worked on these issues for close to 10 years, and your lack of assurances for the innocent is quite offensive. You have not laid out anything in how you would differentiate between those 2 groups. Sorry to say, I am not confident in your ability to do so. Also, your graph is cool. Cause...you know...you catch a 100% of offenders, am i right? There is no way that you aren't capturing the full RMT picture.

  • Activate Wormhole hotkey in EVE Gameplay Center

    joystick??? in my experience, shortcut keys like jump/dock aren't always reliable.

  • Looking for a C1 POS fit in EVE Gameplay Center

    (A) Confidence tank. Who needs mods.
    (B) some points and dps but mostly ECM

    Your call

  • Moving in a WH solo in EVE Gameplay Center

    Just curious. Why a c4 over a c2 if the c3 static is the objective?

  • PI - Is it time for change? in EVE Technology and Research Center

    The only part of PI that is terrible is the setup. The fact that you need multiple factories and click each one a bazillion times is dumb. I don't understand why we can't get upgradable factories (like command centers so that 1 would have the capability of up to 5) with automatic routing or popups that eliminate the unnecessary clickfest. It physically hurts me to set up PI. I feel like that shouldn't be part of this game. If CCP can make this happen, it would fix most issues.

  • CCP karkur - you're our only hope - new Little Things in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Suggestion: Upgradeable factories for PI
    Keywords: PI, Planetary Interaction
    Note: Wrist pain inducing clicking to set up multiple factories to do the same thing over and over again on all your planets. Fun? No, let's make factories with an upgrade (similar to command centers - 1 factory can have the function of up to 5 or some other number).

  • Tactical Overlay in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Maybe I missed the reasoning about this change, but used to be that a selected object would project onto your plane. Currently, a selected object line is projected from object to your ship without directional information. Yes, you get distance, but you do not get angle information. It was a LOT more useful when those would projected onto your plane in numerous cases; I am not sure how the new projected lines are useful at all. It counteracts the point of the tactical overlay in the first place. Thoughts?

  • we came, we saw, they beat our a%% in EVE Gameplay Center

    Samantha Elroy wrote:
    Next time please link the related BR, it costs me 2min of my life. Would be awesome when you have a real fight and link every mail.

    Congratulation on finding ships that shoot back.

    Ah man....if only zkill had a RELATED button you could push....

  • [MERC] Guardians of the Galaxy. - Merc/Griefing Service. in EVE Gameplay Center

    Great guy and will hunt your targets down. Always a welcome space sighting :)

  • Goons setup in WH. in EVE Gameplay Center

    this was a great post imo. i loved the part where OP didn't attempt to kick people in HIS wh out and decided to not fight. Followed by calling everyone out that they don't want to fight and evict his problem for him.

    And people haven't been kicking goons out of wh space for free since 2011...as many have pointed out. If you want that pos gone and can't do it yourself, you are gonna have to pay.

  • One among us has fallen! in EVE Gameplay Center

    have we gotten to the "i didn't get the content i wanted so imma cry about it on forums like a lil *****" point yet?

  • C3 wh help in EVE Gameplay Center

    well, i can appreciated the interest in wh space; however, basic scouting is somewhat required. can you get away without having ears/eyes on every wh? sure. can you get away with not scouting the chain down? meh - probably not. and dead sticks aren't really that good of an indicator of system activity for c3 space imo. or most wh's. i think chain activity is more important.

    the other thing to consider is that, i feel, wh space is a bit more active in eutz and early ustz compared to late ustz. so consider when you are running around and doing stuff. i am too lazy to find proof for this.

  • Corp-wise sig database in EVE Gameplay Center

    i felt super bittervet reading this

  • POS to self from corp in EVE Gameplay Center

    Alts. Alts. And then more alts.

  • [Hyperion Feedback Thread] Mass-Based Spawn Distance After WH Jumps in EVE Gameplay Center

    i love the "hey we got a kill so it must be good!" logic used here