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  • [119.6] Standup Hyasyoda Research Lab in EVE Technology and Research Center

    A typo for the speed bonuses not being retained, or is the only benefit of this service module truly less PG and fuel consumption?

  • Why do they call this forum Live Events Discussion ? in EVE Communication Center

    Herzog Wolfhammer wrote:
    That first time reaching the site of the violent wormhole, more nightmares on the field that you could imagine, and in an exploration ship (before SoE ships) hardly fit to run missions let alone deal with nightmares pouring out of a wormhole only to be followed by a carrier. My hands were shaking. The fear felt real. We even went into lowsec, fleets of strangers working together and survived.

    Which low-sec Sansha event did you guys reach and not die in? I made damn sure FCORD died every time I was online :^)

    But, yes, to the general point: Live Events has been squished and relegated to a 'in game promotional advertisement', more than storyline exploration. We Sansha saw it happening with the announcement, deployment, and subsequent change in behavior following the Incursion expansion. To date, from what I've heard and studied, that trend continued, especially as prominent proponents of the Live Events model left CCP.

    There are some hard realities with trying to run such a system, I'll admit. You don't necessarily have the benefit of 'familiarity' that lends to continued plot building ala Dungeons and Dragons DMing style. You have political issues, such as favoritism accusations (and the long trails of proof of that in the past) that shadows such an idea. Then you have the relative degrees of interactivity: everyone can go pew-pew, but as you abstract and challenge ideas (Arek'jalaan), the community may or may not involve as many as you want. How much content can you re-visit before it becomes passe? Though, that one could be argued of EVE as a whole in it's own way ...

    If I sat down I could probably overview list all the difficulties of such a model, but, the killing blow is always going to be, 'is this a financially sound investment?'. In other words, can CCP justify putting money, time, and effort supporting the system for their playerbase and expect a reasonable return on investment (be it monetary gains or player satisfaction). If the answer is 'yes', the next question then becomes 'how much?'. If you can get it past that rigorous demand, you have the potential of supporting roleplayer systems in a meaningful and sustainable way.

    I honestly can't remember at this point if the Live Event model(s) ever convincingly reached that threshold. It has been, and seems to continue to be, treated as a novelty time waster.

    But, I suppose fighting the fight for not only Live Event systems, but more roleplayer<->game ones as well (e.g, Factional Loyalty that isn't Faction Warfare) would be a separate thread altogether.

  • [Kronos] Pirate Faction Frigates in EVE Technology and Research Center

    The Succubus still looks like garbage to me, if I'm honest.

    Dual prop fits is an idea, but you're looking at plating the lows or making it a pure speedy glass cannon. Dramiel does both better with more reliable damage projection. MSE tankibus likes the AB changes, so heavy tackle against slow targets is a thing until it gets 2 or more webs thrown down on it, or gut shot by a neutralizer. Usual frigate problem there, though.

    What considerations are there for making the Succubus a synergy frigate? A logi-repair bonus or repair receiving bonus that incentivizes groups over single ship powerhousing? It would fit the Sansha MO more, and more squarely place the Succubus in the 'assault frigate' level rather than the awkward inbetween with interceptors it exists at.

    (Why the Immolator got the shield rep bonus over the heavier Succubus still baffles me)

  • [Rubicon] Marauder rebalancing in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Eternal Error wrote:
    Ghost Hunter wrote:
    Thought for Bastion Mode -
    This also has the dual-purpose of making Marauders very good for dangerous mission running in Low Security / Null Security. If your mission is trying to be broken into, you can Bastion mode to disguise yourself and protect the mission. Hunters will have to wait for you at stargates or stations then, unless they play the waiting game with you.

    That would give them a very useful niche PVE role as well, as only Tech 3 Cruisers could hope to mission in that manner. Unlike the Tech 3s, though, the Marauder doesn't have system wide affecting capabilities (boosting).

    Yea it's not like they're going to be stupidly OP for most PvE roles with the current listed changes anyway.

    Awful idea.

    Care to elaborate how it's awful, other than 'I can't mission gank a high value BS'?

    From how I see it -

    Could protect High Sec missions, generally only worthwhile if you are flying dangerously shiny - but you're more likely to get ganked on a stargate. A war target could be coming for you, but they still have the station/stargate trap option.

    Incursions, not relevant for unprobability in High/Low Incursions due to site beacons.

    Exploration, can have your sites broken into unless they're an escalation site. Hunters have to revert to the stargate/station trap option for that.

    Low/Null Security missions, as mentioned allow the Marauder to protect their mission against roamers who must either setup a trap, play the waiting game, or move on.

    Wormhole Space, could be annoying but all sites are probable. You'll have to pay attention to sift it out and see if its at a site or safe spot sitting for some reason, but generally catchable here.

  • [Rubicon] Marauder rebalancing in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Thought for Bastion Mode -

    Can we get it so the Marauder in Bastion Mode is unprobable?

    This would help it immensely survive against on-grid probing if it's in a sniper role, as there's little point in being fixed at near-warpable distances that isn't a death sentence. (It also incentives Interceptors or MJDing battleships hunting them down)

    This also has the dual-purpose of making Marauders very good for dangerous mission running in Low Security / Null Security. If your mission is trying to be broken into, you can Bastion mode to disguise yourself and protect the mission. Hunters will have to wait for you at stargates or stations then, unless they play the waiting game with you.

    That would give them a very useful niche PVE role as well, as only Tech 3 Cruisers could hope to mission in that manner. Unlike the Tech 3s, though, the Marauder doesn't have system wide affecting capabilities (boosting).

  • Let Pirate Factions join faction warfare. in Council of Stellar Management

    Tying the Pirate Factions into existing Faction War would both be poorly implemented in terms of mechanics, as well as story and game design. Their agenda is entirely different from the empires, and of the five - the Serpentis, have an invested interest in remaining in the back line. The Angels might as well, considering they tend to primarily exist as an underworld power.

    The remaining three groups are different end game goals for their conflicts. Blooders and Guristas are the most understandable in their aggressive destruction of the Amarr/Caldari respectively. Sansha would require a philosophy change, as official promotion of something like the Militia War Powers system is entirely counter-productive to their mission.

    This is just the conceptual issues, let alone the game design evaluation that would have to occur to accommodate them appropriately. At that point, it is better to spend all the resources developing a unique Pirate Faction lowsec game system than stitching them into the existing militia framework.

    Edit ; Additionally, it is entirely reasonable to sign up to an existing militia, gain access to what you are proposing, and still avow loyalty to your faction. At that point all you truly need is to simply not capture systems, as that would be the only meaningful way to forward an Empire's interests.

  • Evolving Incursions towards Outbreak in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Giving NPC's teeth may require more game design perspective than what I have.

    For instance, pulling off the top of my head - emulate player behavior. Teach the NPCs to have roaming gank squads, or hotdrop in, or specifically 'probe out' and hunt players in missions/sites/etc. Allow them to have the same tools players use, and they become just as dangerous as other players.

    But how do you program that? Is it a good idea to give NPCs the same potential as players? How will it affect the consumer base? etcetra.

    The feature as a whole needs to be 'threatening' but not 'impossible'. It needs to be difficult and behave in nature similar to a campaign against players. You need to take out strategic targets and cripple the enemy, not sit in one range of sites and pad your wallet. Some parts of it should be profitable, but others should be driven by their threat value - not their isk value.

    This can sound fairly obvious, but it represents a fundamental shift in how to look at the NPC environment. Players and developers alike I've spoken to are generally of the mind NPCs are 'lesser creatures'. In EVE, they exist to enable your game play against other players. The mentality you find in Guild Wars 2, or other MMOs, where NPCs are constructed to be seriously threatening, isn't found here.

    Before we can pull out specific suggestions on how to make NPCs dangerous, we have to decide - are prepared to make them dangerous? The mentality that has prevailed in this game for a decade, where NPCs exist only to pad your wallet, would have to be removed entirely. Players would need to adapt to an environment where it is equipped and prepared to murder your multi-billion isk marauder if you aren't taking it seriously.

    This is why I offer the Outbreak method - it is a continuation of the status quo. It can stabilize the Incursion area of the storyline with a healthier prospect that is nonvolatile. If we were to take the other route, and make Incursions 'dangerous', we would have to reevaluate fundamentals of the game. NPCs would have be redesigned, if not globally then locally, to have the tools that players cannot 100% anticipate. The idea you can get 'ganked' by the system like it was a player would have become accepted. The idea that some fights will just be 'unfair', like it can be with player fights, would have to become accepted.

    In the end, giving Incursions real meat might simply be too daunting. It comes down to if the community wants to continue to treat NPCs as flying banks, or an actual challenge.

  • Evolving Incursions towards Outbreak in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Some good thoughts in here!

    CCP Goliath ‏@CCP_Goliath 8h wrote:

    @TSFGhostHunter @ccp_falcon @ccp_eterne @ccp_goliath Good post, but what problem are you trying to solve? Seems p.cosmetic

    My initial idea is cosmetic - game design changes and the such are not my focal point with this post.

    The problem as I perceive it is that the Sansha storyline is deadlocked, and that the Incursion mechanic is preventing its 'completion' or 'next step'. I could be entirely wrong, but this is the perception I and others in the community feel is the case.

    During the precursor live events to Incursion, a lot of effort was put into hyping up the Sansha for their massive offensive against the Empires. This was effective, and then Incursion came - the first few attempts at running them had hilarious results. People were threatened by the unknown, because something new had come into the system. Then they adapted to it.

    The threat of Sansha's Nation soon evaporated. Nowadays the only people troubled by it are the truly oblivious who aren't aware they ran into one. There's no teeth to Incursions save perhaps the Cynojammer effect in Nullsec. This at its heart is a game design issue - but it has a direct correlation to storyline value, as well.

    If game design is willing to install mechanics into Incursions that make them 'dangerous', the storyline doesn't need a shift. To match the threat of the Sansha on their rampage, Incursions need to be able to carry that threat through. Elements players cannot build a perfect/optimal defense for need to be injected - otherwise it's your seasonal Sansha rains, followed by complimentary ISK.

    If game design does not want to do that, then shifting Incursions towards Outbreak would be healthier for the storyline I think. The Rogue Drones are mysterious in their motives, but an epidemic to people when they go on their resource gathering sprees. They already do this in the story and game, so escalating that to Incursion's tier is not a stretch of the imagination. The Sansha become mobile in the storyline again, and the endless hordes nature of Incursion content is maintained for that community.

    In essence, Sansha's Nation was built up to be a major villain - but they turned into a farming mechanic. Returning their story mobility can let them be the big villain again because they would be unpredictable. I get the impression from people they 'expect an end' to the Incursion storyline in some capacity. That can never come as long as game play needs the Sansha, though.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, as I have no awareness how the high level planning occurs.

    Daniel Plain wrote:
    tbh i never understood the whole sansha incursion thing in the first place. i can get a borg-ish civilization that assimilates people as it goes along but why would they continue invading extremely hostile space for years after getting their cyborg asses handed to them time after time after time?
    with drones it's a whole other matter. anyone who ever used a computer can attest that it has no sense of self-preservation whatsoever, so the perseverance and failure to adapt can easily be explained by a "faulty strategic algorithm" or some such.

    Because the Nation is being sent by Sansha himself to attack civilized space - for revenge and other motives. Sansha are relentless in the same capacity as Rogue Drones; fatigue and morale are unimportant to them because of their cyborg nature. They can fit the mechanic very well, but its wall banging their storyline presence fiercely doing so.

    DeLindsay wrote:

    Why not both? Even better, occasionally they spawn with overlapping systems and literally all out War happens with both fleets fighting each other AND New Eden. That'd bring some serious dynamics to Eve's "Raids". I'm all for sh*t going down at any time in any system that players have to deal with to continue business as usual, it adds not only to immersion but gives flexibility in the game and dynamic content (even though it's scripted content).

    I realize there's a large part of Eve's community that would hate adding more dynamic content as they are happy to poo about their existence staring at mining lasers all day and night but I'm not one of them, I would welcome change always, keep the game interesting if nothing else.

    Oh I can already hear the carebear tears and forums spamming about how some dynamic event is ruining their calm and cutting into their mining profits lol.

    I imagine there would be technical limitations towards an 'overlap' that might be not worthwhile to pursue. Having Incursions and Outbreaks is an interesting idea, and could very well happen. The purpose of an Incursion would fundamentally change, however - dictated more by story need than random spawning mechanics. If a major Sansha Live Event was to occur, an Incursion could be spawned in that constellation for instance.

    Outbreaks fulfill the need for a reliable game mechanic to cater to the community that enjoys Incursion-type content.

  • Evolving Incursions towards Outbreak in EVE Technology and Research Center


    Incursions are a curious subject in the EVE storyline. The repetitious attacks by Sansha's Nation exist in a state of limbo - although clearly possessing of advanced techniques/technology, game design restrictions hobble the over all 'world ending threat' to a 'nuisance' level. Incursion had a powerful feeling at the start of it, but as farming mechanics settled in its threat presentation evaporated.

    What I propose is a face lift of Incursions, shifting it away from Sansha's Nation and to the Rogue Drones faction. This can enable a much smoother integration into the EVE story and help preserve the 'threat' value of future Big Bads in the EVE world. It also makes use of a faction that players can happily settle into as a farming mechanism.

    For those unaware, Rogue Drones are semi-autonomous machines that act of their own interest and will. Most behave as extensions of a Hive Mind, but a few have something akin to true sentience. Their driving motives are difficult to discern, but we mostly see them collecting resources and violently propagating themselves in space.

    Rogue Drones are every where in the New Eden star cluster, and they have different Hives spread out in space. Each Hive may be independent by itself, or in alliance with others, how they cooperate internally is not clear - equal sources point to one Hive Mind, or many local Hive Minds.

    If we were to take Rogue Drones and face lift Incursions towards 'Outbreak', we can take what the Rogue Drones already do and fit it right in. The setup would be along the following lines :

    A Rogue Drone Hive, or collection of Hives, begin a massive mobilization effort in a constellation. Enormous Hive fleets begin assaulting civilized space, consuming resources both raw and human. Stations are taken over, asteroid belts are stripped in record time, planets become harvesting grounds for their resources, etcetra.

    No special trickery is necessary, no unique technology or otherwise has to be injected into the storyline. The motivation of the drones is all that changes - 'the why' becomes the story center piece. What caused these machines to up the ante? Whats their master plan?

    At the end of an Outbreak, if it survives and 'ends', there's a couple options. The Drone Fleets can simply disappear into unknown parts of space, or be tied into another Outbreak else where. Conversely, if players 'finish' an Outbreak, they end up destroying the primary Hive(s) responsible - thus killing that strain entirely. There's definite room for there to be a 'oh they got away and things are worse now', and 'good work their over all effort has been reduced'.

    This approach would enable a clean transition while still preserving the core game play players enjoy from Incursion. But wait, there's more! By using the Rogue Drones in an Outbreak environment, the planets they attack can be the ones where Dust Players do their NPC matches on. Cross connectivity can occur at this point: Dust Players can ask help from Outbreak runners on planets with orbital strikes, etcetra.

    The net result is that in the storyline, players engage an enemy who fits the 'endless numbers' stratagem quite well. Although Sansha's Nation was built up to have this ability, players perceive that an end 'has to come'. The Sansha storyline can't truly progress while its stuck providing the material for a feature game mechanic. Rogue Drone cleaning up, however, may never have an end - the little buggers get every where like rabbits. Perhaps there is no grand plan to them, and all that has happened is we have taken their story habits and made it realized in the game world.

    I hope you enjoyed my suggestion :)

    As a final thought, there is something to be said about Incursions from different factions (angels, guristas, etc). I am not certain how feasible that would be in the game programming, and how much work would be involved custom tailoring that many Incursion settings. Rogue Drone Outbreaks to me seem to be the simplest means possible that can continue the 'global attack' capability.

    Thank you for your time.

  • Casting EVE Online: The Movie in EVE Communication Center

    Liam Neeson for Sansha ... It could work, maybe.

    But I feel it in my gut that Joseph D. Kucan can do it so well! :<

  • Sansha Cyborgs Vulnerable to Narcotics in EVE Communication Center

    Gosakumori Noh wrote:
    Ghost Hunter wrote:
    Unfortunately in the process a chemical agent was released that destroyed all of our clothing. The Table was taken as compensation for the damages, in lieu of replacement clothes being acquired on our behalf. Negotiations may be taken when the proper parties are informed.

    Just to be clear... you stole a table... from Silas... to pay for the clothes... that your own bodies set on fire... after imbibing Mr. Shogaatsu's narcotics?

    Of course, that doesn't completely explain why everyone else was also naked. I hope that Che managed to get dressed before the aforementioned Mr. Shogaatsu reached the reflecting pool... anyway, I would advise filling in that particular pool and digging another one somewhere else. Or perhaps tearing down the entire estate and rebuilding on another hilltop. I can scarcely imagine what might be crawling around in there, now.


    Mr. Shogaatsu arrived and immediately began his narcotic consumption. During these events, he released a chemical agent that dissolved clothing. It also reacted with the materials my hair is constructed of. The hair itself caught fire, and nothing else. Aside from a particularly purple-colored drink, I am not aware of any narcotic consumption.

    This expedited our withdrawal procedure.

  • Sansha Cyborgs Vulnerable to Narcotics in EVE Communication Center

    Our social gathering was disrupted by the sudden insurgency of narcotic consumption/solicitation. A withdrawal was ordered more for their sake than ours.

    Unfortunately in the process a chemical agent was released that destroyed all of our clothing. The Table was taken as compensation for the damages, in lieu of replacement clothes being acquired on our behalf. Negotiations may be taken when the proper parties are informed.

  • The chains you choose to wear. in EVE Communication Center

    All too often the discordant voices of the broken speak the purity of their nature. The perception of so called Free Will prevails throughout your cultures. You assume so assuredly that your actions are your own.

    Yet this is a lie, a siren song woven so deep into the mind it appears to be true. You fumble through life, unaware or ignoring the influence of others upon. You do not see the power of your fellow humans that dictates your decisions for you. You cling to the idea that it is your own decision, refusing to acknowledge the reality.

    It is in our surrender, our relinquishing of this lie to Master Sansha do we awaken our inner True Power. He, our benefactor, enlightens us to our True human potential through His vision. Together, sutured into one unified whole, Sansha's Nation will bring to reality ... Utopia.

    Our purpose is life itself, Capsuleers.

  • Will the Sansha be getting their tech fixed when... in EVE Technology and Research Center

    ...the balancing pass comes for faction ships?

    For context to those who don't know :

    For years now the Sansha ships have had to endure being completely different from the rest of their faction. Originally they were armor tanking, split laser/missile boats similar to the Typhoon. They excelled at this role when one took to them as Minmatar ships. They didn't do the most damage, but their versatility and ridiculous tanking potential made them devastating in the right hands.

    They were changed into shield tanking, high damage laser boats without any real preamble. Separate from the rest of their faction line up, they were brought out of line as part of an initiative to buff them. Although the buff brought them into the lime light, when the other pirate ships were given similar treatment the Sansha's power curve fell sharply. Since the other pirate ships were brought up, the Sansha are the only to have its faction out of order with itself. No other pirate faction was changed as radically, and the Sansha's problem still exists today.

    My question : Is there any word on a fix coming to this problem? Will the Sansha finally get their faction fixed to match the 'new' shield ships, or have them reverted? Devblogs have mentioned that every ship in the game will be getting looked at - whats in the books for the Sansha?

  • Who is the biggest Villian in Eve? in EVE Communication Center

    Tiberious Thessalonia wrote:
    Sansha's Nation ships used to be Armor tanking laser boats. At some point in the past, CCP decided they should instead be shield tanked so that they would be distinguished from Amarrian boats. This is still reflected somewhat in the fact that Slave implants give bonuses to armor tanking. /o\

    Minor correction : Split weapon (Laser/Missiles) with an Armor tanking preference. The Old Nightmare, with 4 large energy and 4 cruiser/torpedoes, was quite the terror to deal with. They essentially were Minmatar ships in terms of maximum skill cap, and their ability to deal with equal sized threats was hilarious.

    Unfortunately when they were Surprise Retconned into being Shield-tanking Laser boats (much like how the Khanid lost their split-weapon bonus design), the rest of the Faction was not rebalanced to compensate. All their faction gear is still armor based, and their unique missile launchers have been removed from the loot tables for years.

  • Immolator - Hull correction please? in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Roll Sizzle Beef wrote:
    They changed the Styx to sansha skin already on TQ.

    Seems they are re-ordering the npc pirate frigs.

    Oh wow, you're right. I just pulled it up on TQ.

    I don't know whether to be vexed or intrigued. The Cartel does have a lot of different frigate Hulls... Hnn, maybe it's to save on art resources?

  • Immolator - Hull correction please? in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Hi there,

    The Immolator as it stands is using an Angel Cartel frigate hull, specifically the Styx, and not the second Sansha frigate hull.

    List of most database frigate entries. The Styx is towards the bottom. IGB for info sheet.

    The Immolator really should be using THIS Hull, as it is the Sansha's low bounty / low tier Overseer frigate hull. What it's called I have no idea, as I have never seen it pulled from the database in any dump. Incubus maybe?

    Anyway, this would help keep the Sansha's frigate in line with its faction and not introduce another repeat of "Why are the Khanid using the Cruor Hull for their police force?".

    Thank you for your time :)

  • Crew cloning in EVE Communication Center

    Yvon Severasse wrote:
    With the recent discovery of the technology making it possible for the mercs from DUST to instantaneously "download" upon their deaths, is it possible for the same thing to be true for our crews as well? I, like some on eve, dislike the thought of losing ships because of the fact that others will inevitably be killed as well. I believe the integration of DUST technology into our ships will help with the burden that the loss of a ship has on our conscience. I would like to know CCP's opinion on the matter.

    Regardless, I plan on role-playing with the thought anyway. I fail to see why it would not be possible.

    DUST-style cloning requires a genetic viability, similar to how Capsuleers have a genetic viability for the Capsule. However, their respective technologies do not translate : One cannot be the other, ever.

    Crew cloning is something of a Big Deal™, and a particular reason why Sansha's Nation is also very effective as a military power. Somehow, the Nation has made it viable to mass clone not only its military personnel, but presumably its civilian and non-combative aspects as well. DUST cloning cannot do this, mostly by Word of God, due to its heavily limited scope.

    Other forms of cloning exist, but they are inferior to the three above mentioned. 'Back ups' are a common solution in the roleplayer community, where people 'soft scan' for a clone. This doesn't destroy the neural matter, but has the trade off of not being able to keep the clone 'up to date'. When the person dies, all memories they acquired since the last update are gone.

  • Cost of Hubris: Polarization of Alignment in EVE Communication Center

    Saede Riordan wrote:
    Recently though, I feel as if that's changed. First with Incursions, with Nation losing a lot of the interesting moral questions and interesting ambiguity that was present in that faction, Sansha and His Nation went from being seen as a fairly tragic figure by some, to a fairly one dimensional cartoon villain. He was bad, concord was good. That was all there was to it.

    I feel inclined to provide my experience in this area as it'll help explain the over all picture from the Sansha angle.

    Naqam was the first Sansha corporation I joined and the biggest Sansha entity I knew of for its time Their established story and public relations focused on the tragedy of the Nation's downfall, the 'true slave mistake', and public appeasement with our 'truly humane utopian goals'. This was not the entirety of Naqam's senior membership's intention, but it was the story thus far presented.

    For the duration of Naqam, this approach gave character and color to the otherwise 'Borg' Sansha's Nation. Izzychan, Silver Night, Carcosa Hali, and others in the corporation added flavor to the Nation with their different focuses on the Nation as an entity. This was the general state of affairs until the resurgence of the Live Events.

    When the Live Events rolled around, rumors of activity from Sansha's Nation drew my attention immediately. I was very quick to jump onto their boat by getting in touch with the actor characters as I could, and re-activating the True Slave Foundations. Independent of Naqam, I wanted to see what the Nation's activity now meant and what I would have to do to fall in line with what ever their mission statement was.

    The revival of the Nation threw out years of political conservatism and appeasement that Naqam had built up. The Nation made it very clear it survived, it rebuilt, and it was pissed. I was quite happy to follow this new line of the story for it fell into what I originally envisioned for my first draft of Sansha roleplay : survivors that wanted revenge. Yet as things unfolded, the intellectual intrigue of the Nation's character came through.

    While it is easy to say the Nation is simply hell-bent on revenge, those who delve into its intrigue can discover a much more complicated driving force. Sansha Kuvakei isn't simply a scorned dictator in charge of a mindless, hyper-advanced drone army. He's a radically deranged intellectual whose bought into his own messianic propaganda. He genuinely believes in the goals he has set forth and he genuinely involves himself in them. He wants to reshape the world into his perfect Nation for a human utopia.

    His methods can be argued of course, but I digress...

    The Live Events and the precursor to Incursion all brought this forth, and it helped shine light into the murky abyss of Sansha's Nation. The Nation can easily be considered a one dimensional villain, and I do think presentation of its entire self is ... lacking. Those without experience in the area or an ability to study the history of the Sansha have a great deal of trouble finding its 'redeeming' aspects. For new players and even many regulars, it is still 'The Borg', and the work of those who tried to make it otherwise isn't seen or heard.

    Yet the Nation was always this to these people anyway. Those who didn't delve into the intrigue still see the Nation as they always have. The Borg, The Weekly Big Bad, and so forth. Incursion merely brings this problem into clarity - the average consumer has no accessible means of finding out more of the pirate factions. It is always presented as the one dimensional villain on the big screen.

    The nature of game mechanics furthers this problem, because the integrity of the story must be bent to satisfying game mechanics. The Nation has any number of tools at its disposal to make Incursions truly horrifying and dangerous. It can even do something as simple as copying player hot-drops with devastating results. That isn't followed through because it isn't balanced. The feature doesn't sell, and it becomes very bad for game health. There are many tears as it is when Live Event actors do this, let alone an automated feature.

    The result of course is the very common communal perception the Nation is a moronic entity. It isn't scary, there isn't any danger to it. "Oh look the Sansha have come around again to line my pockets". It's bent over and broken in half by game balancing. Does anyone see high sec Incursion gate camps that actually, you know, murder all the freighters and rag-tag fleets that come through?

    This is my issue with the nature of the story in the game, particularly around Sansha's Nation. Live events and the storyline of Incursion have done tremendous to developing it, yet its presentation is neither wholly complete nor logically obeyed. The only avenues of exploring outside the Saturday Morning Cartoon Villain aspects are not well developed and 'Big Bad Power Houses' are the neighborhood weenie. One can argue the hype of Incursion further complicated the latter problem, but conversely can also protest that Incursions were not designed threateningly at all...

    As a whole, the story development is good - the juicy fat is in the little details hidden by the screen. The bad is how difficult it can be to find for the average consumer, and the cognitive dissonance that exists between story and game world. Faction loyalty, 'strong NPCs', threatening villains; they're all laughed at because the game doesn't give them teeth. As an analogy, if this were a D&D game: the GM has players fighting each other. Strangely, the world the GM has built is afraid of doing anything to the players.

    tl;dr - Sansha's Nation got good development. Poorly demonstrated/conveyed. Crystallizes dissonance between public selling and story integrity.

    lol huge post

  • Sansha Ship Names in EVE Communication Center

    The solar system names are the locations where the crews of those vessels were harvested by Sansha's Nation.

    Intaki [brain part] came from the Intaki harvesting events, for instance.

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