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  • Struggling with Xpath in EVE Technology and Research Center

    my understanding was that / would take my request to a child of a node, whereas typeID and orderState were actually both just attributes in the same

    apparently i was wrong

    thanks for the clarifications!

  • Struggling with Xpath in EVE Technology and Research Center

    seems to be working. i don't really understand why though :D


  • Struggling with Xpath in EVE Technology and Research Center


    This gives me the TypeIDs of all my orders

    How can i only request the TypeIDs of all orders that have an orderState="0" (aka Sell orders)

  • 119.2 - Issues (PC) in EVE Information Center

    safety set to green does not stop you from looting the wreck of the final NPC in the event sites if it's yellow

    Bug report ID EBR-111630

  • Deployment Issues - 2017/02/14 in EVE Communication Center

    you can loot from a yellow angel battlecruiser wreck and gain suspect in the process even if safety is set green

    Bug report ID is EBR-111630

  • Dev blog: The future of probe and directional scanning UI in EVE Information Center

    looking forward to this. quite a few elements that always annoyed me seem to have been adressed :)

  • A few questions in EVE Gameplay Center

    alphas are most certainly not the reason for dropping mineral prices. it's the rorquals

  • price dumping... or jacking up. I don't understand..... in EVE Gameplay Center

    it's simply not true that "all traders" follow the 0.01 isking.

    if i want ot sell my stuff quick, i undercut agressively. that way i can often sell in a day what would otherwise have taken me a week to get rid of.

    that frees my money for another activity that can get me additional profit in that week.

    i also often trade outside of jita. if some random scrublord moves in to make use of the established market with healthy 30% margin compared to jita i agressively drive him out of business by going right to production price +5% or so. If he starts buying my stock i simply flood the market with more than he can swallow just to make a statement. I don't even mind going to production price or even lower. i want him gone and i'm willing to pay for that.

    i had someone try to enter the rig market in a lowsec pvp hub once. he stopped once i made sellorders that could have supplied jita for a week or longer.

  • Why did structure rigs skyrocket? in EVE Gameplay Center

    mostly because of people like me who sit on huge amounts of salvage while watching the salvage prices go up and up and up :)

    the day they kill manufacturing in POS is the day i'm waiting for Cool

  • T2 Invention with ships... in EVE Gameplay Center

    a surprisingly huge part of the demand for T2 ships can be satisfied by production from T2 BPOs

    the ones that can not be made that way have always, and will always be profitable to make

  • Fuel production? Food production? in EVE Gameplay Center

    for a low-level industrialist, fuel blocks are not a very good product to start with.

    the profitmargin might be high in absolute terms, but it's rather low in relative terms. that means you need money to make money.

    you also need the ability to transport huge amounts of material across the galaxy, since making them close to jita is killing almost the entire potential profit through taxes.

    if you want to start as an industrialist on a shoestring budget, i'd recommend getting into rig production.

    the final product is in high demand in all markethubs across new eden.

    the materials are easy to find and definitely don't need a freighter to transport

    the blueprints are cheap and fast to research

    at the same time, the margin is okay, in both relative and absolute terms

  • How to tell what rig bonuses are available in an engineering complex? in EVE Gameplay Center

    T1 rigs give 2%

    T2 rigs give 2.4%

    oh, and btw: you are correct about components. they do not seem to appear on the list. i'll try and remember to file a report later once i get home to my PC. but you should do aswell, i'm a rather forgetfull person every now and then

  • is it profitable to build fuel in a citadel? in EVE Gameplay Center

    you can produce waaaay more fuel than you consume.

    it's like eating. a hard day of work might consume a few thousand calories. but it's not hard to imagine that you can pluck a literal ton of apples that day (which would provide approximately 450.000 calories)

  • Need an example in EVE Gameplay Center

    James Zealot wrote:
    Tipa Riot wrote:
    Another option is to watch the market for manipulations by others and just jump on the train.

    The only problem is I don't have the stock lol

    jita is not the only markethub ;)

  • ME Formula with Engineering Complex ME modifier in EVE Gameplay Center

    it is applied per job.

    however, it's not possible to reduce it to less than one per run of the job.

    it's in order to make sure that you can't (for example) build 10 anathemas from 9 magnate hulls.

  • ME Formula with Engineering Complex ME modifier in EVE Gameplay Center

    you can not reduce the required materials to less than one per run.

  • Vince Draken for CSM XII in Council of Stellar Management

    i endorse this product and/or service

  • Trading Questions for the big players... in EVE Gameplay Center

    About the buyorder range:

    In most cases, regional buyorders make very little sense. You will end up with small amounts of items all over the place. Flying there to get your stuff is super annoying and in many cases, not worth your time.

    I always place my buyorders for materials in the trusted fortizar in Perimeter. I own random amounts of minerals, datacores, salvage and various other things in pretty much any station within one jump of perimeter. It's extremely annoying.

    Trading outside of the big markethubs is a different beast. In this case, things change a bit.

    Let's say i want to buy all kinds of minerals and ore in a region that does not have a major tradehub. In that case, i would place two orders. One for the system where i actually want my ore and another one for the entire region.

    I would offer 5 ISK for any amount of Tritanium in the place where i want my minerals and 4 for the entire region, with a minimum amount of 1 million for the latter. This way, i can make sure that picking up any amount of tritanium that was sold to me in that region is always worth at least one million ISK. (i'm using example values here, i don't even undock for a million :P )

    this works especially well for products that can be found pretty much anywhere (Minerals, Salvage, Ore, PI Stuff, Datacores, ...)

    Don't use regional buyorders for things you want to trade in a markethub. it's just waaaay to annoying

  • Where to sell produced ammunitions? in EVE Gameplay Center

    in highsec, producing ammo has always been a terrible idea. the margins are next to zero if you source your materials at a market hub and sell your ammo at the same place.

    if you actually want to make money of ammunition, buy it directly at the markethub and sell it elsewhere.

    if you want to make money from manufacturing, try a different product. small rigs have always been a solid starter project, the BPOs are cheap, the materials are easy to find and they sell really well.

  • NPC Mining Operations have now begun on Singularity in EVE Technology and Research Center

    will they avoid dangerous areas?

    or do they show up again and again and again, only to be killed again and again and again?