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  • Most expensive modules in EVE Gameplay Center

    once you have a couple billion, it's quite easy to make more. especially if you can play the long game or really know a certain area of the game well.

    i have about 80-100b in assets (depending on how you value my BPOs). most of that comes from a combination of trading and industry from which i currently make a couple hundred million per week with about 2 hours of actual playtime invested (i'm not counting afk freightering)

    A smaller part comes from patch speculation. when the citadels were announced and it became clear they would be using rigs i bought salvage from the 2 Billion i had in liquid ISK at the time and threw it in a container. that container is now worth 22b. It would be much much (!) more if i had not sold the contaminated lorentz fluid for 20k/each early because i needed some cash for a plex. biggest mistake i ever made in the game. i could have bought a titan from the money i didn't make there.

    the only reason i haven't sold that stuff yet is that i don't really have a way to invest another 20b in a way that is compatible with my very limited playtime.

  • Planet V Trade in EVE Gameplay Center

    Tipa Riot wrote:
    ... at least he seems to own the Skill Injector market on the sell side and PLEX is a draw. But anyway, blocking potential sellers and a few unwelcome buyer chars does not make much sense economically. Hoping those blocked will beg and pay for access again, sounds desperate. Also PH's trade hub seems to be still open for all, and takes the same fee.

    i wonder if it's now the longest living fort in perimeter.

    btw: security is one of the most important factors when economic thinking goes long-term.

    another one is stability. constant policy changes are annoying.

    i wonder if the dramaqueens in here are aware of that

  • monthly plex=1.3b in EVE Gameplay Center

    since i'm sp farming with two or three characters on all of my accounts, my barrier is quite high, as long as the injectors follow the plex price

    i would actually happily accept a loss on those accounts where i'm farming with three characters.

  • Planet V Trade in EVE Gameplay Center

    🍿 anyone?

    this is better than kugu used to be in the old days. please keep throwing **** at each other, it's highly entertaining for an outsider.

    but at the same time, go back to hiring every highsec merc possible. that's the only way this can get any more entertaining

  • Please explain why i can't fill a buy order from another citadel...? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Alexi Stokov wrote:
    CupKate wrote:
    Areen Sassel wrote:
    CupKate wrote:
    Let the risk be known and it's up to buyer to make sure they know what it means to have a range on their buy orders.

    This would essentially mean that ranged buy orders would have zero utility. That doesn't seem very sensible.

    ummm... so what happens this winter when player outposts go away, leaving large swaths of null with only upwell structures? ranged buy orders will have no utility! There's no point setting a ranged buy when none of the other locations where players can dock will be able to sell to your buy order.

    You actually want to be able to set a ranged buy order in null and have orders filled in stations you can't dock at? How does that make sense?

    most regions have one owner or multiple owners that are blue to each other. ranged buy orders would not be a problem there.

    it's mostly high and to some degree lowsec where problematic behaviour would (and could) happen.

    in fact, i could probably ruin 1-2 of my competitors within a week if i could fill their ranged orders from my personal citadel.

  • T1 Manufacturing appears to be non-profit in EVE Gameplay Center

    why would a mission runner need a fresh afterburner?

  • What do? in EVE Gameplay Center

    100b is enough to set up your own market hub anywhere in highsec (or even lowsec, if you have powerfull friends)

    get yourself a fortizar and do some research about the location

    put it down and start placing buy- and sellorders

    buy ore, minerals, PI goods, Salvage, ...

    Sell common ship hulls, ammo, drones, ...

    100b is definitely enough to create a very interesting place for other players to move in and make a living.

  • Player corporation owned research stations in EVE Gameplay Center

    go to the asset window, right click on the location and move all assets to safety

  • Little things / Small QoL suggestions in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Suggestion: When delivering items to someone (citadel feature), change the preselected window for user input
    Keywords: Citadels
    Note: right now, it's the search by window (Partial Term, Exact Phrase, ...). Should be the search field itself

  • ore compression calculater that allows me to priorize ores in EVE Gameplay Center

    well, the only problem is noxcium, which is only found in one highsec ore (pyroxeres)

    however, it's not very voluminous and i don't mind getting it directly from jita with the other nullsec minerals.

    can you otherwise solve the problem by simply removing kernite and pyroxeres as options for ore? i think i've seen a compression spreadsheet somewhere and i might be able to adjust it.

    however, my math skills are non-existent when it comes to more complex problems. i don't really understand if the specific ratios in kernite and pyroxeres are important in solving the problem as a whole.

  • ore compression calculater that allows me to priorize ores in EVE Gameplay Center


    is there an ore compression tool that allows me to priorize ores?

    i buy stuff in gallente space where kernite and pyroxeres are not easily available, so i would prefer to use them as little as possible in my production, even if it comes at the cost of leftover minerals from other ores.



  • Fuel Block Cost Inflation in EVE Gameplay Center

    rorqual miners tend to mine ore and not ice.

  • Dev blog: Introducing Upwell Refineries in EVE Information Center

    Sassums wrote:
    So if I am reading this correctly you are continuing to cater to the null sec folks while WH people receive no love.

    T3 was our only production option in WH space that didnt require us to leave the WH to produce - with gas reaction BPO's requiring Ice products we will now either have to go out to HS to purchase said ice or roll until we find a shattered that has ice belts (that will almost always guarantee a gank)

    T3 Production should continue to be a W-Space product and should not require K-Space components.

    If this is changing then W-Space should be allowed to harvest resources from the moons of the systems we inhabit.

    If not - remove the stupid ice requirement from T3 reactions.

    care to elaborate how you can run gas reactions without pos fuel?

  • Struggling with Xpath in EVE Technology and Research Center

    my understanding was that / would take my request to a child of a node, whereas typeID and orderState were actually both just attributes in the same

    apparently i was wrong

    thanks for the clarifications!

  • Struggling with Xpath in EVE Technology and Research Center

    seems to be working. i don't really understand why though :D


  • Struggling with Xpath in EVE Technology and Research Center


    This gives me the TypeIDs of all my orders

    How can i only request the TypeIDs of all orders that have an orderState="0" (aka Sell orders)

  • 119.2 - Issues (PC) in EVE Information Center

    safety set to green does not stop you from looting the wreck of the final NPC in the event sites if it's yellow

    Bug report ID EBR-111630

  • Deployment Issues - 2017/02/14 in EVE Communication Center

    you can loot from a yellow angel battlecruiser wreck and gain suspect in the process even if safety is set green

    Bug report ID is EBR-111630

  • Dev blog: The future of probe and directional scanning UI in EVE Information Center

    looking forward to this. quite a few elements that always annoyed me seem to have been adressed :)

  • A few questions in EVE Gameplay Center

    alphas are most certainly not the reason for dropping mineral prices. it's the rorquals