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  • Ideology in EVE in EVE Communication Center

    Not sure iff you can call self entitlement an ideal... otherwise it is a sandbox.

  • Hack : Invulnerable mode - Caracal of doom in EVE Communication Center

    Had a weird thing happening to me y-day in a drone site. Where the ship was orbiting an imaginary point rignoring my align/click in space commands. Thankfully warping out was no affected. In the next site, same system, same bug. Docked up and logged out and after I logged back in problem was gone.

    Also ran into the bug in the video a while ago, but after a few attempts managed to lock the target. Not sure if server derp or anything else.

  • The final topic of The New Old forums! in EVE Communication Center

    Keno Skir wrote:
    Toxic Yaken wrote:
    New new forums lacks pirate smileys, need to get them out of my system...


    Also my biggest gripe with the new forums Pirate

    My fav emote!


  • The Sol System (The Home of Humanity) To Fly In... in EVE Communication Center

    ...nO iT wouldn'T

  • T3C rebalance question in EVE Communication Center

    Looking forward to the t3c nerf! Is there a date yet for it?

  • Rogue Mess, I mean Swarm... in EVE Communication Center

    The skins and difficulty are just a pretext, maybe competing with other players is the real event...?

  • AbleGamers Stream and twitch question in EVE Communication Center

    These charity streaming events happen from time to time on Twitch. They're not restricted to EvE and all funds raised go directly to the specified charity fund and not to the streamers.

  • Kill this thieving whore [Niran Krynn] in EVE Gameplay Center

    Since when being baited has anything to do with being a CEO?

    Also... tying to 1v1 a stratios in a cat and wondering what went wrong bwahahaha.

  • KR Bug? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Killed a Brutix with a kr, podded the pilot and the after that he got killed by mercs on gate twice while still suspect and trying to leave the system. After all this saga the kr was still present showing the initial value so it is definitely a bug.

    About the changing value the kr is owned by alt and initially set it to 0 on purpose then changed it to a biger value. If you don't leave the cluster and return you'll see the initial value until you try to activate it. If you try to activate it you'll get the message kr no longer available. It's just a scam meant to annoy you into clicking blindly on the kr button expecting you don't notice the change in isk value thus depositing isk into alts wallet..

    If you make a kr you own available to everyone and it gets activated but you do not destroy the ship. The suspect can always dock and undock in a shuttle or rookie ship and get blown up getting rid of it and that is what happened in your case.

    To avoid all hassle with a kr you own, don't make it available to anyone and hunt the ship by yourself. Make sure the target is not in not on gate, station/citadel grid, lock your target, activate the k, scram and shoot. Simple as that.

  • Is your Position being attacked by Vendetta? Help is at hand. in EVE Communication Center

    Shouldn't this be in C&P?

  • Creating more mystery in EVE Communication Center

    Unmapped isk farming space. Available only to a few players who know about it... hmmm..Bear

  • Should i Pod my dog? in EVE Communication Center

    Ask CCP to nerf the dog and change the mail delivery mechanics!

  • Taking Sov from someone. Plan it out. in EVE Communication Center

    Thomas Lot wrote:
    Currently we hear that Sov is unassailable due to varying factors: Citadels, Jump Fatigue, TCU - ADM, timers, Entosis boredom, and other ridiculous mechanics that is Fozzie-sov.

    ok, we all know the negatives. Plan then. How would you overcome the negatives and take Sov from a group?

    Pick a space and present your general plan. Where would you start, where would you base from, what ships do you need, how many pilots, how much time?

    Eve needs war. Stagnation is boredom, boredom is what kills games.


    Arrow lowsec is over there!

    Arrow highsec is over there!

    Stop bothering null bears or they leave the game!!! Bear

  • The Rogue Swarm – the cosmic “Gold Rush”! in EVE Communication Center

    sun Tszu wrote:
    SurrenderMonkey wrote:
    sun Tszu wrote:
    SurrenderMonkey wrote:
    sun Tszu wrote:

    I personally have a set of ethic's that prevent me from 'stealing' from another prize.

    Well, there's your problem, right there. Roll

    LOL well you have a point there. Apparently ethics are a long lost myth on the internet anymore. My bad for being old!

    Well, no, that's not really it. It's not about ethics and "the internet", it's about ethics and Eve.

    You're assigning an ethical value to a normal facet of gameplay.

    If you sat down to play Monopoly and pulled the "Bank Error In Your Favor" card, would you return the $200 to the bank because you've been undeservedly enriched by the bank's error, and it would be unethical for you to keep it?

    Yes and yes but I dont play Monopoly. In my way to many years on this earth I have learned 1 thing ethics are ethics be it in real life or a board game etc. You either have them or you dont and IMHO there are more and more on this planet that are severely lacking them. They feel just because they're not a real person on the net, there is no reason to follow any standard moral code.

    But now we're drifting way off subject from the original topic.

    Consider it a sport in which the goal is to shoot that final spawn. If you can't do it alone team up, the game offers you this option. Also, don't expect to win each time.

    When it comes about isk everyone becomes suddenly ethical. Remember it is only a game. Perhaps the world is a bad place because people asociate only financial profit with ethics?

  • Stealth|Unintended Nerf: NPC Commander/Officer Rate in EVE Communication Center

    RNG is R. Pretty sure any change, besides bpc drops, would have been announced. No reason for a "stealth nerf".

  • NPC Followers: Partners of Construction and Destruction to every pilot in EVE Communication Center

    OP, do you realize drones and fighters are npc followers right?

  • Oi, Oi, Oi - CONCORD Ships in EVE Communication Center

    Cypherous wrote:
    Demonspawn 666 wrote:
    It's all good though.....

    Right now CCP will be panicking and rushing through the code to give us all one or two of these ships so they can say they listened and they are fair.


    Completely missing the point as in doing that they crash the market for the ships, making them relatively worthless and the 1% who ghost trained hundreds of accounts have already cashed in at the top of the market and got richer.

    Very very well trolled CCP!

    No they won't, the release article clearly states that ships were given to each account that was registered to the email address used to purchase a fanfest ticket, they knew exactly what would happen

    "These ships should now be in your redeeming system, one package of ships for each account registered to your email address."


    Working exactly as intended, players set the prices for these ships anyway, if nobody buys them the value goes down until people do start buying them :P

    CCP learns from the player base, the player base does not learn from CCP. Git gud scrubs! Blink

  • Oi, Oi, Oi - CONCORD Ships in EVE Communication Center

    Eternity Mistseeker wrote:
    So this was intentional, and not incompetence?

    I'd call it competence in appearing incompetent! Bear

    You people learn nothing from Jita local?

  • Oi, Oi, Oi - CONCORD Ships in EVE Communication Center

    Mizhir wrote:
    Gimme Sake wrote:
    So that guy has 155 alts?

    To me that smells like marketing. Cool

    Those alts doesn't even have to be subbed.

    Well yeah they don't promote making alts, they sell tickets.

    Market study has suggested Eve players are prone to scam and cheat and will rush to get rich on such an opportunity of making free billions thus the sold number of tickets will go through the roof. Pirate

  • Oi, Oi, Oi - CONCORD Ships in EVE Communication Center

    So that guy has 155 alts?

    To me that smells like marketing. Cool

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