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  • How would you fit an ANTI Explorer Hound? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Serendipity Lost wrote:
    I've seen a lot of bad hound fits over the years. The two listed in this thread are going on that list.

    If this is for low sex or empire, then the fits are only mostly bad.

    Here's the deal. It's a bomber. If you plan to fly it correctly there is no tank on it. You have a covert ops cloaking device - that is your tank. If you decide to engage - you uncloak and engage. If it's a fight you're going to die for sure - then decide if you want to trade your bomber for whatever the objective is (this only comes into play if you aren't solo)

    Did I mention that it's a bomber? Put a freaking bomb launcher on it. (this doesn't apply for low sex or hs)

    You want to catch scanning ships I would recommend a sensor booster and some luck - they are just difficult to catch.

    Scram on a bomber???? Sure if you're after cloaky haulers or haulers in general, but this guy is after explorers, so a scram is out.

    If you're wasting module slots on tank, you are doing it wrong. Stealth (hey it's a stealth bomber... this is all coming together), cunning, surprise, speed and the crazy high dps for a frigate are your tools. You want to stomp in and tank your way through an engagement the assault frigate is what you want.

    Think about the bonus a ship gives you and how you intend to use it when fitting them out. By all means don't cookie cutter forum fits and not understand what's going on w/ all those modules.

    Hi there.

    I saw this post while I was at work and I was triggered by how little you seem to know about stealth bombers.

    First of all all bombers should have a tank. a tank makes the difference between you surviving long enough to warp out or you dying to a flight of drones. And that tank should not be a small shield extender.

    Second of all a scram on a bomber is pretty legit nowadays with mjd's. If you are solo hunting ratters then its your choice between going after bs's or going after bc's

    Third thing why on earth would you fit a sebo on a bomber? You can start locking as soon as you de-cloak. A sebo is a waste of a mid.

  • [WTS] Space in Delve in EVE Marketplace


  • [WTS] Space in Delve in EVE Marketplace

    daily bump

  • [WTS] Space in Delve in EVE Marketplace


  • [WTS] Space in Delve in EVE Marketplace

    Bumping with amazing offers of great space

  • [WTS] Space in Delve in EVE Marketplace


  • [WTS] Space in Delve in EVE Marketplace

    Today's bump

  • [WTS] Space in Delve in EVE Marketplace

    memnarr Kalfren wrote:
    price list and availability please

    Price's are individually negotiated with our diplo's

    As to availability please re-read the op. You get the entire constellation to live in.

    Also for all of you in cfc's renter program our prices are a lot lower especially for what you get which is 2 stations and a -.9 and -.8 (and a couple of other systems too.)

    Today's bump

  • [WTS] Space in Delve in EVE Marketplace

    Today's bump.

    Our constellation is now the only safe place in delve to make money.
    Further info can be found here http://www.reddit.com/r/Eve/comments/1xajs7/i_would_like_to_welcome_tests_newest_clients/

  • [WTS] Space in Delve in EVE Marketplace

    Today's bump.

    Remember to check out our new ad in the op.

    you have to rent entire system or parts of it ? (example asteroid belts + access to station + anomalies or just anomalies + station access))

    You rent the entire constellation. your corp joins the pasta syndicate alliance and lives where ever you want in our pocket of space

    if i want to anchor a pos what is monthy fee for keeping it, what if someone from your members want to anchor his pos when i my pos is already anchored?

    No fee for pos's. Moons are first come first served.

    what are actual rules of renting space from you

    For that you are best off contacting me in game so I can get the specific rule list, however it boils down to first come first served for anoms, moons and belts. do not travel into cfc space (their renter space is fine if you need to buy something or have an escalation or are just passing through.
    Kinda standard rules iirc.

    when i create a corp and recruit people lets say 20 people , and we would move into rented space, do we have to pay for entire corporation or evryone pay for himself?

    you would pay for the entire corp
    You can raise money from said corp however you like through taxes, trading or industry so in a sense the entire corp shoulders a small part of the fee each.

    We have options available for individuals just wishing to make money in our space and don't need/want to make a 1 man corp.

    what are actual prices of renting entire space or its parts?

    Mail me in game so I can get you chatting to our finance director.

  • [WTS] Space in Delve in EVE Marketplace

    Bump for today and updated the op with our new renting advert.

    Hope you guys enjoy

  • [WTS] Space in Delve in EVE Marketplace

    Bumping for today.

    I am available in game for any questions for the next few hours.

  • [WTS] Space in Delve in EVE Marketplace

    Today's Bump

    Unfortunately EMP have decided that renters are too tough of an opponent and have decided to pull out of delve
    This means no more free kills unless emp come back at some point in the future.

    Anyway we still have places open for those interested.

  • [WTS] Space in Delve in EVE Marketplace

    Today's Bump.

    If you like pvp against easy targets Emp (ex test alliance) are only 10 or so jumps away.

  • [WTS] Space in Delve in EVE Marketplace

    Hello again.

    I'm back with a unique offer of excellent space in Delve. My offer is unique in 2 important ways:

    1. Good space at very low prices
    2. A constellation based program rather than a system one.

    So what does this mean?
    The space we own was fought for and earned by the men and woman of Lovesquad. As such all income from it is only ever going to go to our corp and since corp finances are much cheaper and easier to handle than alliance finances we pass the saving onto you.

    As for constellation based renting what this means is simple. You have full access and rights to all of our space.
    Instead of paying for a -.9 and a station system you pay less for 2 stations, a -0.9 and a -0.8 systems ( as well as a few other ssytems)
    This means that you are free to grow and expand in all areas of our space.
    Want to put a tower of a valuable moon 1 system over? Sure.
    What to swap systems for better anoms? Absolutely.
    Want to seed a market used by everyone in the area? Already done but you can still do it too.

    So now lets go into detail about what your money will get you.

    Pasta Syndicate currently holds sov in the F-I56R constellation of Delve.
    Our space Includes 2 stations, a refining and a factory station.
    Planets include 5 lava, 5 oceanic and 2 storms as well as numerous barren, ice, gas and temperate planets.
    The constellation is home to over 45 belts, just think of all those officer and hauler spawns.
    Fully upgraded -0.9 and -0.8 systems for high end ratting and -0.6's for the newer players.
    136 moons to chose from. Never go without space for a pos again.
    An easily defensible choke point system to prevent those annoying cloaky fags from ruining your money making.
    Easy logistics with only 2 cyno midpoints from hi-sec.
    A well stocked market.
    And of course the famous Delve broken truesec which means that each system often produces better anoms and spawns that similar systems in different regions

    If this has piqued your interest then mail me ingame or ask any questions in this thread.

    Thanks for your time
    Golar Crexis
    My name is in space

  • [Rubicon] Interceptors in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Well looks like its time to start buying up crows and sell my stiletto's.

    Also It may have been mentioned before but I didn't spot it so Have you thought of increasing the lock range?

  • [WTS] Space in Delve in EVE Marketplace


  • [WTS] Space in Delve in EVE Marketplace

    Our constellation is starting to look nice now.

    Market is healthy and everyone one currently renting from us seems happy.

    This could be you :)

  • [WTS] Space in Delve in EVE Marketplace

    Space is still available.

  • [WTS] Space in Delve in EVE Marketplace

    Another bump another day.

    Just to remind everyone you currently cannot rent space in delve unless you do it through pizza.