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  • jEveAssets 4.1.1 (2017-05-20) in EVE Technology and Research Center

    jEveAssets 4.1.1 released

    Bug Fixes:
    -Stockpile manufacturing jobs used blueprint TypeID instead of product typeID
    -Update Dialog showed wrong update times (included accounts without permission)

    Known Issues
    -Eve-MarketData price updates are not working. I think it's an issue with their site, but, I'm not 100% sure. Eve-Central still works without any problems
    -Some people are having problems running jEveAssets after updating Windows with latest major update.
    I'm working on a workaround and hope to be able to release it soon.

  • jEveAssets 4.1.1 (2017-05-20) in EVE Technology and Research Center

    @Johann Hemphill
    Yes, that looks like it's a bug. I will look into it today and see if I can reproduce it.
    Thank you for your continued support for jEveAssets. Both reporting bugs and making good suggestions.
    Bug reports and feature suggestions are just as important as me writing the code :)

    Looks like I found the bug.
    It uses the blueprint TypeID instead of the product TypeID.
    The bug was introduced when I optimized the stockpile tool.
    I will release a bug fix version, as soon as I get the time. I hope to get it done before Monday.

  • jEveAssets 4.1.1 (2017-05-20) in EVE Technology and Research Center

    jEveAssets 4.1.0 released

    New Features:
    -ESI structure endpoint (Resolve structure names, optional)
    -Tracker: You can now add notes (Limitation: 1 note per day)
    -Stockpile: Tags (just like in the Assets tool)
    -Stockpile: Shopping list allow you to hide items above X% full

    -Rearranged the tool menu
    -Creates backup of data when a new version is run for the first time
    -Made the citadel update more resilient to errors
    -Use https for updates and bug reports
    -Stockpile: Optimized
    -Assets: Type count column now counts BPO and BPC separately

    Bug Fixes:
    -Account import: Better handling of cancel and previous
    -Stockpile: Shopping list did not include contract items
    -Tree: Containers and ships was missing if their children was filtered out
    -Tree: Category tool had unknown locations for items without a location
    -Stockpile: All blueprints match both BPC and BPO

  • jEveAssets 4.1.1 (2017-05-20) in EVE Technology and Research Center

    @Zen BraZen
    Thank you for the info.
    I will release a data update later today.

    Update released

  • jEveAssets 4.1.1 (2017-05-20) in EVE Technology and Research Center

    @Tonto Auri
    Thanks for the info. Sadly I just have a cheap php webhotel, that does not allow access to the configurations.
    But, It's good enough for my needs. And works as long as I don't mess with it. As I said before my PHP skills are terrible.
    I do think the problem with the citadel proxy was an issue with my webhotel, but, now it's moved to my other webhotel, so fingers crossed, it should keep working this time.

    I would like you to review the code, though. I will evemail about it tomorrow.
    Thank you for your continued support and help with jEveAssets, much appreciated.

  • jEveAssets 4.1.1 (2017-05-20) in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I figured out I could use my phones internet on the computer.

    1) Update problem: Should be fixed now.

    Extra Info:
    Yesterday, I forced HTTPS via mod_rewrite in .htaccess in the root directory of eve.nikr.net
    All the jEveAssets stuff is in subfolders of eve.nikr.net and uses http (not https).
    Java refuses to redirect between http and https by itself (as a security measure).
    So, you end up with links that are not working as intended.
    Now the update stuff is excluded from the rewrite rules and everything should work as normal.
    I plan to move the update links to https in the next release.

    2) Journals: Because of a bug in jEveAssets 3.0.0 all history for journals and transactions was deleted. I'm very sorry about that. The bug was fixed in 4.0.1, but, the history have already been lost and the damage can not be undone unless you have backups of the profiles. I would suggest you take a look at evekit, if you want to be absolutely sure never to lose any history again. If this is not what you're encountering, please, post again, and I will look into it ASAP.

  • jEveAssets 4.1.1 (2017-05-20) in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Sadly I only have internet access on my mobile phone, at the moment. I hope to get internet again tomorrow, but, I have no way to fix this ATM. I will look into it ASAP when my internet return...

  • jEveAssets 4.1.1 (2017-05-20) in EVE Technology and Research Center

    @Tonto Auri
    Thank you for the bug report.

    Looks like the php code that cache the API is not working correctly.
    I'm not sure why, but, it fails to save the file, it's always empty. What?
    I upload a version downloaded with my browser and now it will work for an hour, at least.

    I can't get the PHP file to run correctly on eve.nikr.net.
    I have moved the citadel proxy to another server. I hope that will fix the problem for good.

    Looks like I have to release a new version to change the server.
    The Citadel API will be static until I get time to release a new version.
    I hope to get it done tonight or tomorrow...

    Finally got SSL enabled on the new cache server, so, now redirects will work.
    Everything should be working more or less normal again.
    The old server will redirect to the new server and the new server appears to be working without any problems.
    I will contact support from the old server on Monday, to see if they can fix the problem.

  • jEveAssets 4.1.1 (2017-05-20) in EVE Technology and Research Center

    @Johann Hemphill
    I have added it to the todo list, I hope to finish it for next feature release.

    @Sibak Armiveshni
    Thank you for your bug report.
    I can reproduce the problem.
    The problem is that you're excluding ships, but, still including items fitted to the ships. The fitted items would have no parent, if the ship was removed from the list. I can't think of a good way to fix this. I'm open to ideas...

    It's possible to filter out single ship types this way:

    [TREEASSETS] [No Dominix]
    [AND] [NAME] [CONTAINS_NOT] [Dominix]

    You can import the filter: Load > Manage... > Import
    It's a bit complicated I admit, but, It's the best I can do ATM.

  • jEveAssets 4.1.1 (2017-05-20) in EVE Technology and Research Center

    The surplus column in the stockpile tool will show how many items you're above or below the current target.
    I think that is what you're looking for?

    The shopping list only list missing items.
    The shopping list is actually more advanced than the stockpile tool itself, as it can handle multiple stockpiles at once.

  • jEveAssets 4.1.1 (2017-05-20) in EVE Technology and Research Center

    @Johann Hemphill
    You're right, the percent full is the same as multiplier in the stockpile tool. I think it's useful, though and I'm pretty sure it was a feature request, from a long time ago.

    It does not fit your needs, as it changes the needed amount. What you need is to hide items that are above X% full.
    I think allowing you to set the percent yourself is the best option vs just a checkbox, what do you think?

  • jEveAssets 4.1.1 (2017-05-20) in EVE Technology and Research Center

    @Johann Hemphill
    It have been a while since I worked on the shopping list, but, I would assume (without looking at the code) that changing the "percent full" would do the trick? So set it to 60% (per your settings) should do the trick?

    Thanks for the high effort feature suggestion. A picture does indeed say a thousand words. And I'm not declining the feature suggestion, just asking if the current feature can be used instead :)

  • jEveAssets 4.1.1 (2017-05-20) in EVE Technology and Research Center

    @Tonto Auri
    Thank you for, once again, providing support for the jEveAssets users Big smile

    I don't know a lot about databases, so, I will ask you:
    Would it be possible to support both MySQL and MS SQL in a single format?
    Or would I need to make a separate option to export to MS SQL, if I wanted to add support for it?

    Keep hacking at it and just ask here, whenever you hit a problem you can't solve yourself :)

  • jEveAssets 4.1.1 (2017-05-20) in EVE Technology and Research Center

    The API data is, as salacious necrosis pointed out, stored in XML, in the profile directory. Some stuff is stored in the data directory, specifically the settings.xml file.
    However, everything is stored in the format returned by the API, that means most of the data are just IDs and not very useful if you want to actually understand the data. It also, does not include any price data. That is why I would recommend you use the export feature, as that data have the IDs converted to names. But, ofc. it's 100% up to you :)

    The export tool is rather powerful allowing for both the use of filters and saved column selections (views). It also support both csv and sql that should make the data very accessible to modify.

    The only real exception are stockpile export, that use the exact same format as in the settings.xml file. and filter export that use a format that are mostly human readable.

    Also, if you want to edit the XML files you will need an editor that supports UTF-16 (the format was chosen to support the Chinese language)

    Feel free to continue asking questions, until you got it all figured out :)

  • jEveAssets 4.1.1 (2017-05-20) in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Edit stockpile > Include
    Let you include market orders etc.
    Only assets are selected by default.
    You can include/exclude for each location in the stockpile.

    The shopping list is mostly to copy the values to a human readable format, but, does allow you to select multiple stockpile, making it useful for figuring out how much you need to fill multiple stockpiles.

    The Stockpile Tool allow for a lot of advanced stuff so it ends up being quite complex to use. Please, feel free to ask any additional questions you might have, I'm happy to help, the best I can :)

  • jEveAssets 4.1.1 (2017-05-20) in EVE Technology and Research Center

    jEveAssets 4.0.1 released

    -Stockpile Optimization

    Bug Fixes:
    -Journals and Transactions are missing
    -Better handling of account editing
    -Fixed reprocessing calculation

    Thanks to everyone how reported the bugs fixed in this version.
    A special thanks to Johann Hemphill for making me profile the stockpile tool.

  • jEveAssets 4.1.1 (2017-05-20) in EVE Technology and Research Center

    @Johann Hemphill
    Thank you for reporting back :)

    1) Memory: I forgot to tell you you need Java 64bit, to use more than 3g. Good job figuring out yourself. I'm happy to hear that it's working now.

    2) I will look at the Journals and Transactions code today, hopefully I will be able to find the problem.

    3) The optimization I found for the stockpile, so far, reduce the heaviest part of the stockpile code from 1300ms to 140ms. That is about 10 times faster. I'm very happy about that and hope it will make a difference for you too. I also, have to thanks you for reporting the problem. I would not have profiled the code if you had not reported it and everyone will benefit of a more responsive Stockpile Tool, once the changes are released. I'm planing to release it as a bug fix, as it's such an important change.

    I will try my best to find the Journals and Transactions bug and then I will send you a dev build to test.

    I found the Journals and Transactions bug.
    I will skip the dev build and instead release a bug fix release later today.
    With the following fixes:
    -Stockpile optimization (done)
    -Missing Journals and Transactions (done)
    -Better handling of account editing (done)
    -Fixed reprocessing calculations (will be done today)

  • jEveAssets 4.1.1 (2017-05-20) in EVE Technology and Research Center

    @salacious necrosis
    Yes, 100% optional :)
    The old XML API is still 100% supported and jEveAssets will also support the new ESI API once CCP completes it.
    I think EveKit is amazing. (otherwise I would not have put in all the effort to add support for it to jEveAssets).

    jEveAssets 4.0.0 supports:
    -Getting all history from EveKit for: Transaction/Journal/Market Orders/Industry Jobs/Contracts
    You can change how much EveKit history you get for each of the above in: Options > Options... > EveKit
    -Importing all you EveKit data to the tracker (This uses all the APIs jEveAssets normally uses to create tracker data)

    In the future jEveAssets will (hopefully) support:
    -Looking at EveKit history for assets (by date)

  • jEveAssets 4.1.1 (2017-05-20) in EVE Technology and Research Center

    @Johann Hemphill
    1) Out of memory:
    You can edit "jmemory.properties" to give jEveAssets access to more memory (when running with jmemory.jar):
    Edit the file with WordPad (not notepad), if you're on windows.

    if it still crash, then try:

    If you're on a 32bit operating system the max is xmx=3g.
    If you're on a 64bit system there is no upper limit, except your RAM size.

    2) Slow stockpile:
    The stockpile is inherited slow, because, it checks a lot of stuff.
    The more items (assets/industry jobs/etc) you have the more stuff have to be checked for each item in the stockpile.
    I will take a look at it to see if I can optimize it any further, though...

    3) Missing transactions and journal:
    I'm uncertain if this related to Out of memory problem or I messed up somehow. I would like you to try 1) to see if it fix the problem, otherwise, I will look into it as soon as you report back.

    Thank you very much for the feedback/bug report :)

    After profiling the Stockpile tool, I can confirm, that there is indeed a lot of room for optimization.
    If you're interested, I will evemail you a dev build to try soon :)

  • jEveAssets 4.1.1 (2017-05-20) in EVE Technology and Research Center

    @Johann Hemphill
    Thank you for the kind words.
    It's always nice when your work is appreciated.

    The next step with unknown locations is to add support for the ESI structure endpoint.
    The ESI structure endpoint can resolve all unknown locations you have access to (docking rights).

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