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  • CSM December minutes: EVE Online - The Next Decade in Council of Stellar Management

    I'm a solo player, and have been for the 5 years I have played EVE with my 2 accounts. That's not going to change, principally due to RL responsibilities. I'm never going to joing a major corp in nulsec. As an experienced but casual player I have plenty of isk but little time. The effort and time required to get into nulsec & replace ships if lost generally makes it too much hassle. I'm not adverse to risk having dabbled in lowsec exploration, FW, and nulsec pirate faction epic arcs.

    When I started EVE I had a great sense of wonder. Exploring the universe and trying new things was enthralling. And exciting new opportunities came out with each update. However all that stopped a couple of years ago. With updates being focused on an aspect of the game irrelevant to me (Dominion/nulsec), wasted opportunity (Incarna), or fixing bugs and systems (the past year or so).

    I do think CCPs new strategy of ensuring each update offers something for everything is the way to go, and I hope CCP succeed. However I don't think CCP have anything like a decade to play with to work out what they want to do with the game. Probably only a year or so. I the past EVE has really been the only sci-fi MMO on the market. However in the next couple of years that's going to change. There's been a couple of well publicised and successful scifi MMO kickstarter launches, including one with over 100 000 people pre-ordering the game. They might not offer the major fleet battle content that EVE does, but they are much more solo-player focused flying in space games. So I see a risk that CCP may loose a lot of it's most valuable customers (the ones that quietly pay the bills) in the coming year or so so if it isn't careful.

    Really hoping that CCP come up with a decent inclusive plan, communicate it, and deliver it. In the past I have looked forward to several major anticipated releases (Incarna/POS redevelopment), and been let down. Looking forward, knowing that there are other new games coming out soon that may better suit my gameplay style, I'm less inclined to continue to pay my subscription in the hope that the next release offers me something.

    NB I think CCP are missing something by not urgently working on POS redevelopment, including mini POSes. In terms of customer loyalty I believe offering people the opportunity to have a customisable home in space will do more than a NEX T-shirt only available to veterans or whatever. And as far as I'm aware CCPs competition isn't going to be offering POS-type opportunities for players, being more forcused on exploration/trading/PVE/small scale PVP.

  • [Winter] Market changes in EVE Technology and Research Center


    Could you have a look at the structure of the manufacture & research section for the market please. Usually takes me a few attempts to find the kit needed for invention or T2 manufacture. Take tools and datacores. These are both under:

    Manufacture & Research > Components > Research and Invention > Datacores/Tools

    The odd thing is Tools such as RAM Starship Tech are used for T2 manufacture, not invention.

    And Datacores which are used for invention have nothing to do with the other sections in the Components directory: capital ship components, etc.

    Suggest the Research & Invention section is moved a level higher in the directory tree to the same level as components, and tools is moved somewhere else out of invention (perhaps left under components).


  • CSM Chairman Hotline - AMA (Ask Me Anything) non-NDA about EVE, the CSM & CCP in Council of Stellar Management

    Thanks for posting and allaying my concerns.

    Thanks also for posting here in general, as this is the only way I have to know CSM members are doing their job. One CSM member I helped vote into office won’t be getting my vote for re-election do to apparent dereliction of duty.

  • CSM Chairman Hotline - AMA (Ask Me Anything) non-NDA about EVE, the CSM & CCP in Council of Stellar Management

    Do you feel that CCP are putting adequate development resources into Eve, and if not can you confirm you and the CSM are requesting that CCP do so?

    Following the Incarna debacle we the players were assured that CCP were prioritising flying in space and putting more development resources into that than ever before.

    Well it doesn't feel like it. While Crucible and Inferno contained a lot of valuable tweaks, and some improvements to the UI, it certainly doesn't feel like they have put as much effort into Eve as they said they would.

    The published minutes state that the crimewatch team hope to get that development area finished by winter 2012, but no guarantees. After crimewatch is finished that development team will move onto starbase redevelopment in 2013. And as a consequence of starbase redevelopment work, ring mining has been put on hold. It seems to me like there is really only one significant team working one Eve flying in space activities.

    Any comments?

  • new clothing suggestions in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Proposal for new clothing items

    The price of current items in the store are excessive, but there are some items I might consider purchasing if priced sensibly:

    Provide a range of clothing items such as t-shirts with faction war militia logos.
    Provide a range of clothing items with company logos. caldari navy, creodron, brutor tribe, roden shipyards t-shirts would I think be popular if sensibly priced.
    Sell hoodies with hood up and down versions, like is possible with amarr robes, and apply pirate faction logos such as gurista or thukker tribe.
    Sell better version of the amarr robe, in a wider color and pattern range. Don't understand the function of all those tubes around the neck of the current robes. I expect red ones or blood raider themed ones would be popular.
    Sell a range of sansha themed clothing for the pro and anti sansha lobby.

    People with a rp interest would be most interested in this I think, and would work best when ccp reinstate public display of Corp and faction standings, which ccp promised to do a while back, as you could buy the clothing to match your favorite Corp.

    I would expect just adding logos to existing clothing models should be relatively easy for ccp to accomplish without too much work.

  • New ship proposal - flag ship in EVE Technology and Research Center

    New ship class proposal: flagship 

    Here's the concept- jump capable capital class ship specializing in use of gang booster modules. I realize cap ships such as carriers can already use gang links. To go with the suggestion for this new ship class I propose a new class of gang boost module which boosts fleet navigation, ie jump range, etc. I see this combination opening up new fleet tactical options, particularly if super carrier jump range is reduced as I've seen suggested. A fleet with a flagship would be able to travel further than one without, but would now have a ship that is essential to protect. Furthermore it could compensate for different jump ranges of different fleet classes, eg make a mixed fleet of carriers and dreadnoughts more viable, and may result in an effective limitation on the size of blobs jumping a long distance from home. Given that gang boosters switch off when a ship warps, application of this concept may require either a code change by ccp, or careful timing and coordination of fleet maneuvers.

    Suggestions for ship bonuses are boost to racial smart bomb damage, smart bomb range, smart bomb cycle frequency. Thus armaments are largely defensive in nature and effective against smaller ships, so the ship function does not overlap too much with the high dps capital ships already in the game.

    To further avoid overlap with existing cap ships, the ability of carriers to fit gang links might be removed.

  • eve marketing suggestion for ccp in EVE Communication Center

    It seems to me that eve is loosing players. Which is a shame because it's a great game. Anyways I was thinking ccp is missing a trick with their marketing. I remember when I was a newb one of the most awesome impressions I got of eve was approaching station in Amarr or Jita and seeing such a variety of ships flying past every second, and thinking there's another pilot just like me in each of them. At the time most of the ships were new to me, and seeing a marauder made my day.

    Anyways ccp release some nice videos but they are staged. And I've seen eve banner ads on a few websites, but they tell you nothing of the game.

    So ccp my suggestion is you work out how to provide a live feed on your website to a point off jita and amarr stations, and maybe some other places too. I'm not a programmer but I can't imagine it is too difficult. Doing so would show a visitor the wonder of the eve universe, and showcase eve's strengths - the diversity of players and starships and their various activities. I don't believe there's another mmo out there that can compete with eve as far as spaceship gameplay goes.

    You could anchor a structure off each station and call them customs monitoring posts or galnet media post or something, and record from that viewpoint using a modified client for each (just don't show Jita local chat - that rubbish would put anyone off).

    Just a suggestion, but I think it would be impressive, well received, and differentiate eve from everything else out there. Take the various fantasy games, screenshots of them tend to show pretty much the same thing regardless of game: a couple or warriors and a man in a dress fighting a goblin or skeleton or something.

  • Vampire mmo sucking life out of eve in Council of Stellar Management

    I've read that at the recent grand masquerade convention ccp released a lot of info and plans on the wod mmo, including a planned 2012 release date.

    It seams clear that ccp have been putting a lot of resources into that game. Conversely eve updates over the past couple of years have been lame, and most likely a byproduct of wod or dust development.

    I'd like to request the csm demand from ccp a development plan for eve with timetable. I want to know whether to bother continuing my subscription. As it stands I'm inclined to let it lapse and check back in a year or so if anything worthwhile has been added.