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  • Bane Nucleus for CSM! in EVE Gameplay Center

    I support this.

  • New player - Found a worm hole in EVE Gameplay Center

    Velandil Eto wrote:
    ... Don't act like a child

    Yeah jack, don't act like a child! Nobody trolls the wspace forums, thats like 2013-14 era.

  • PI in a C3 or lower in EVE Gameplay Center

    Anthar Thebess wrote:
    You have the same PI level in C1

    Yes but your self loathing factor is higher then all wh classes short of living in a c6 blackhole.

  • Capsuleers, I am pleased to announce: Oasis has anchored. in EVE Gameplay Center

    Jack Miton wrote:

    people listen to their CEOs....

    Wait this is a thing?

  • Citadel Mirrors & You!!! in EVE Gameplay Center

    Adoris Nolen wrote:
    Jack Miton wrote:
    wait, let me see if im getting this; you think it's a good idea to evict someone on the test server before doing it live to make sure the loot is worth it?
    that sets a whole new benchmark for stupidest thing ive ever heard.

    Is it extra work? Yes
    Stupid Idea? No.

    It doesn't matter how much loot you find in Fort Knocks, you've never gonna batphone hard enough.

  • Capsuleers, I am pleased to announce: Oasis has anchored. in EVE Gameplay Center

    It kind of is if your serious about an incursion.

    If no space to anchor a tower is available you basically have to do a 24 hole control period without a fallback point of refit services outsides of bringing a nestor/orca/cap. With a large tower you can ninja it in and have it online and ready to rock in a few hours time.

  • Capsuleers, I am pleased to announce: Oasis has anchored. in EVE Gameplay Center

    One unused thera isn't enough? you needed to make a second one.

  • CCP considering removing drag bubbles/changing mechanics. in EVE Gameplay Center

    NoobMan wrote:

    So if you bubble a wormhole and you want to warp inside of that bubble to the wormhole you will be dragged from any distance away.

    But if you place a bubble 501km behind the wh and you warp to that wh then you will not be dragged.

    So if your warp destination is inside bubbles you will still be stopped at the edge of the first bubble you hit up to 500km infront of your target...

    When I woke up and saw the CCP post either my lack of coffee or the odd wording of the post through me off.

    Noob's explanation is much more better.

  • [118.7] Warp Bubble Dragging Change in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Just for clarification sake since myself and others seem to be interpreting this several ways.

    Is this change making it so only warps made within 500km of bubbles will effect you OR is this making it so all bubbles in line with desto work provided they are not greater then 500km?

  • [118.7] Warp Bubble Dragging Change in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Kynric wrote:
    While you are at it, why not change bubbles to a one time use 2 hour duration structure that gives a kill mail. The long term nature of bubbles leads to over use.

    If you absolutely HAVE to do something do this.

    Leave dictor/hictor bubbles unchanged and make the AFK deploy and go bubbles last a short time and then unanchor or explode.

  • [118.7] Warp Bubble Dragging Change in EVE Technology and Research Center

    NO, please for the love of bob no.

    The deleterious effect this will have on w-space meta would be crushing. A large degree of w-space pvp revolves around catching/forcing people out of jump range of a hole. Just off the top of my head things that would either no longer be possible or just not useful tactics anymore.

    • Hole control/Eviction style massing of holes. The entire concept of an eviction in w-space generally revolves around denying the opposing party all access and chance to use wormholes via keeping them crit and bubbles up to not allow them to roll/close them. (side note/ this will make holes with direct high sec connections basically impossible to evict)

    • Fire walling via dictor bubbles to prevent reinforcements/capitals from landing in optimal combat range is one of the more effective tactics a smaller well organized force has fight/gank a larger group. Removal of drag bubbles past 500km ensures such fights are just a n+1 affair.

    • Bubble camping W-space/highsec holes to catch people who don't scout. The entire activity becomes pointless if they can just warp blindly to the hole and still land at zero.

    • Placing drag bubbles between pos/citadels/holes to catch people useing as a pipeline.

  • The net result of this change from the perspective of a longtime wormholer and w-space CEO will be less killmails/less chance for interaction with people via pvp and a generally less risk environment


  • CCP considering removing drag bubbles/changing mechanics. in EVE Gameplay Center

    CCP wrote:
    Hi Space Friends,

    The current range that warp bubbles are effective (how far from your destination they can pull you out of warp) is a little unclear. This has lead to some 'interesting' possibilities, such as bubble camping a gate with a citadel.

    With the 118.7 patch, we are considering changing the maximum distance for a warp bubble (mobile, probe or hictor bubble) to effect a warp to be 500km.

    This means only warp disruption bubbles that are 500km in-front or behind your warp destination, which are inline with your warp, will pull you out of warp early or drag you.

    What do you think? We'd love your feedback!


    This would drastically change wspace. For the worse imo. I can't be the only to think this would be a disastrous change.


  • Forbidden FoF Cruise no Jutsu in WH in EVE Gameplay Center

    Lol. I imagine this is what the inside of Andrew jesters head is like.

  • WH Static timer when not opened in EVE Gameplay Center

    Obil Que wrote:

    Point #1 is crucial. You never have to worry about a hole opening automatically if you or anyone else never warps to it.

    umm pretty sure this is dead wrong...but please, by all means keep thinking your statics are closed.

    and yeah https://community.eveonline.com/news/dev-blogs/into-the-known-unknowns/

  • WH Gas in EVE Gameplay Center

    Winthrop owns a chain of Korean nail salons, full service nail salons.

  • Allow Carriers and Capital Indy ships to dock in medium WH Citadels in EVE Gameplay Center

    Bleedingthrough wrote:
    Overlord this is like the only newcomer this year....

    Statements like that is why no one is taken you seriously. You do know that overload this is basically the core people from some very old/established bitter vet wh groups.

    brokenrecord wrote:
    f you can resist the need to double the price of your lossmail for maybe 20% more performance caps never been cheaper for what they do and there is no reason not to use and ultimately lose them

    Not spending that isk for that extra 20 percent is exactly why you are losing those dreads.

  • Lets have a serious talk on failings of the new probe window. in EVE Gameplay Center

    Noxisia Arkana wrote:
    Can we talk about the fact that minimizing the new scanning overlay and then bringing it back up causes you to lose all prior scan results? I.e. the little dot I was working is now a big bubble again and I have to waste another analyze cycle to see where it went.

    Additionally it doesn't update distances to the sig relative to where you are now on a periodic basis.

  • Lets have a serious talk on failings of the new probe window. in EVE Gameplay Center

    Tao Dolcino wrote:

    Finally some CSM members who are doing something for us players. Thank you.

    Two step, James arget and yes even Corbexx ALL did plenty for us.

    Don't blame them for Chitsa "nullsec" J and wingspan.

  • [MERC] DnG is now offering citedal defense for c1-c4 wormholes! in EVE Gameplay Center

    Andrew Jester wrote:
    I think this is the best place to offer my services as a solo forum merc.

    Please pay me 500m for shoddy posting services

    How much for a contract to get bane back to make some real quality ship toasting.

  • Wormhole advice C2 in EVE Gameplay Center

    Amthala wrote:
    ...Have you even considered, for example, what happens to your shiny new citadel when (not if) you get killed while out scanning and get stuck with no scanner in your WH? I mean, i assume you have alts who can scan but what do you realistically think is the minimum number of toons with probes you need in a system before it's realistically unlikely to lose your entry to it? Im sure that number varies with experience but it's certainly more than your corp member count of 2.

    lol brutal

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