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  • [Gnosis] Null sec : Serpentis Exploration in EVE Gameplay Center

    Tsukino Stareine wrote:
    are you aware every player only gets ONE per account and eventually after a few years they will be worth multibillions?

    If I were going to explore serpentis null I would use an ishtar or tengu.

    You get a gnosis BPC from the collectors edition, and don't expect that's the last BPCs being seeded into the game either. Gnosis price will probably be attempted kept at a reasonable level by CCP, especially since it's a crappy ship.

  • [Gnosis] Null sec : Serpentis Exploration in EVE Gameplay Center

    Taktar thopom wrote:
    Yeah its not enough, but BS/Marauder is damn slow and i dont want to change my ship after probing.

    And I want to solo complexes in a shuttle.

    You might be able to do some of the ridicolously easy radar, ladar, grav and mag sites in that ship tbf, but it will be a waste of time. Optimally switch the kinetic to EM hardener and go to Sansha nullsec, where your lasers will also be way more effective.

  • Why oh Why did CCP have to make ECM USELESS in EVE Gameplay Center

    Losing a 2v4 fight in cheap ships obviously means the 2 ships were underpowered and need a buff. Good thread.

  • The Micro Jump Drive in EVE Gameplay Center


    ^MJD rokh

    Also useful (PvP-wise) for pipebombing (getaway), baiting (people know it has a cooldown so when you warp away after MJDing they will likely chase you and expect to catch you on the next gate) and possibly typhoon and/or raven in odyssey (cruise buff).

  • Making a Corp a "big deal" in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Create 5 corporations. Switch between them as needed if they get wardecced.

    Price to wardec you has just become 250 million.

    Besides if this change was announced a **** ton of people would make a corporation on every alt before the patch applied and start selling them for way cheaper than the isk to create one anyway.

  • Missile Damage vs Target MkII spreadsheet in EVE Gameplay Center

    Terrific, thank you :)

  • Probe launchers missing the survey probe chargegroup in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Oh right... that ******** "Show only available" button is checked by default... checked the market for a new launcher and had nothing new. Thank you :)

  • Will there be changes to Moon Analysis in Odyssey? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Survey probe stats are still the exact same on sisi :/

  • Probe launchers missing the survey probe chargegroup in EVE Technology and Research Center

    The Expanded Probe Launcher I and II doesn't have the "Survey Probe" chargegroup listed in attributes. I couldn't find any thing to put my probe into (I know...). The survey probes still list "Scan Probe Launcher" as their launchergroup.

    Bug or intentional? (to stop people from analyzing as they have put every mineral on every moon anyway?)

  • Will there be changes to Moon Analysis in Odyssey? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Sorry if I'm just horrible at finding Odyssey announced changes;

    Some guys were talking about how moon analysis is being changed in Odyssey. Is this true? If so, could someone link a reference, explanation or fanfest video?

    All I could find myself was the phrase "At the same time as we seed these new minerals into moons, we will also be somewhat reducing the time required to complete a moon scan, to ensure that players can find the new minerals in a reasonable time period." - source

    Thank you

  • Target painting and typhoon in EVE Gameplay Center

    Vas Unami wrote:
    Great article btw. Helped cleared a lot of questions I had about the general concept of target painting. Follow on question. Is it ever relevant to TP anything your missiles would generally be able to do 100% damage to besides assisting fleet? Example: TP a battleship when you're throwing t2 cruise missiles at said battleship.

    If you have caps they will be able to lock it a few seconds faster. That's about it...

  • Why isn't there a Talocan thread yet in EVE Gameplay Center

    Awesome story, this is textbook arch-villainy as if taken straight from a marvel comic. Make sure you put chapter 2 here in a few years time, would love to hear more Bear

  • Mass-test feedback - April 11 in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Machine Info and Settings

    OS version: Windows Vista 32-bit
    CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q9550 @ s.83 GHz
    GPU: Sapphire HD 4850 1GB
    RAM: 4 GB
    How many clients were you running at the same time? Two, with the other one in a 25man pos bash (oracle ftw)
    Graphic setting of the client (low / medium / high): low
    - Anti-Aliasing: disabled
    - Shader Quality: low
    - Texture Quality: low
    - LOD Quality: low

    User Experience

    Average FPS during the fight at the gate in X-BV98, zoomed out (brackets / no brackets): 1.5
    Average FPS - Zoomed in (brackets / no brackets): tried to zoom in and my grid unloaded, still 1.5 fps
    Memory usage of the client (if checked):
    Was client performance better or worse compared to your TQ experience with the same settings and fleet size? (1=way worse, 5=same, 10=OMG this is awesome) no experience to judge by
    Did you experience any disconnects or crashes? client froze and had to terminate
    Describe your experience, make comments, suggestions, etc.: At some point during the last point everything suddenly disappeared and when I tried to rotate my camera I just saw the same image of space. Although I could still see the two ships I had locked on my screen, and their weaponry firing, it was as if the camera man died and his camera was left floating standstill in space. Eventually I tried to turn my camera with right click which crashed my client.

  • N432 max mass really 3,000? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Shoved a Chimera through a N432 in and back out 15 minutes later... still stable above 50%? How does that work? Even waited over 5 min after the last jump and still fully stable...

    N432: 2700-3300 bkg
    Best case scenario half mass: 1650 bkg
    2x Chimera: 2,376 bkg

    Even if the half mass mark can be off by up to 10% like max mass that's only a maximum of 1815 bkg. Still not possible.

    Was this just a bug or have I misunderstood something about how WHs work?

  • [Odyssey] Tech 1 Battleships - Gallente in EVE Technology and Research Center

    To all the ignorant people who think the dominix is not commonly used; it is the best T1 ship in the game for Sansha ratting. Argueably the second best subcap, bested only by the mach. I know a lot of people who use it almost daily, and I would myself if I could fly one and had drone skills.

  • Battlecruiser pvp in EVE Gameplay Center

    Agree with the previous poster, talos and prophecy are my favorites atm (can't fly talos though). Talos would probably be more suitable for your purpose since it's an incredibly fast ship for a BC. Prophecy has a huge tank while still doing great dps.

  • Scorpion and passive shield question in EVE Gameplay Center

    116291 and 497984 is how much damage your ship can take in total (not taking into account your regen or logi or anything like that). It's a combination of your health and resists. If you have 100,000 raw health and 75% resists, your EHP will be 400,000.

    The EHP/s is basically how much DPS someone needs to do to you to break your passive shield tank at it's peak. If you have a 100 HP/s regen and 75% resists, your EHP/s would be 400. Combination of regen and resists.

    Usually when the word "effective" is used along with health and fittings and stuff like that, it means you take damage reduction in to account. In this game, only the resists.

  • How To : Break/Escape Warp Core Destabilization in EVE Gameplay Center

    What ship do you fly? If it's a boat with a bigger drone bay than drone bandwidth, keeping spare ECM drones in your drone bay is one of the best deals you can get to get out with a pinned down ship, especially if the opponent is a frigate (smaller ships have lower strength to counter ECM in most cases). Fitting a web on your ship is also a decent module for countering ganks because it's not a wasted slot for PvE as it will in most cases increase your dps against frigs/cruiser rats.

  • What is the best Missile ratting ship? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Pirate faction?

  • When did my Drake get nerfed? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Kinetic missile damage went up from 5% per level to 10% per level, so if your BC skill is 3 or higher the damage with kinetic missiles has gone up, but with every other damage type it has gone down. Basically a PvE nerf and a PvP buff. Then there was also some minor adjustement to the ship's attributes but they don't really make a difference.